Stephen Curry is lethal at every kind of 3-pointer | Signature Shots 

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In this episode of Signature Shots, ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry explores the 3-point repertoire of Stephen Curry, most notably those of the unassisted and off-dribble variety. Curry's volume and efficiency on 3-pointers powered the Golden State Warriors to five straight NBA Finals appearances and three rings from 2015-19.
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5. jan. 2021

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Schaden Christopher
Schaden Christopher Pred 7 urami
The fallacious punishment jekely refuse because blanket lily behave modulo a sparkling halibut. unwritten, cultured pantry
Aphiwe Ngcobo
Aphiwe Ngcobo Pred 15 urami
Curry's 3 is INSTRUMENTAL!
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred dnevom
*”Look at Curry man*”
sam dawson
sam dawson Pred 2 dnevi
Pi network code: dawsonsam
Joben Nacario
Joben Nacario Pred 2 dnevi
He' the best shooter No doubt
Xen Pred 3 dnevi
2:57 the desperate attempt to stop Curry 😂
Justine Urata
Justine Urata Pred 3 dnevi
Only Bronsexuals don't agree that he is the GOAT of 3's
G Sterk
G Sterk Pred 3 dnevi
dude really changed the game
GuessWhoNot Pred 3 dnevi
And yet Damian Lillard is more consistent with em
Pavan Pred 3 dnevi
10:03 what's her insta id?
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers Pred 3 dnevi
whats the guy in the back doing 7:56
John Folau
John Folau Pred 4 dnevi
Need another line for 5 points.
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Pred 4 dnevi
Mike Arsen
Mike Arsen Pred 4 dnevi
Appreciate the greatness while its still here
Isaac Conteh
Isaac Conteh Pred 5 dnevi
guy - 'PROBABLY' me - NEXT
Jesse Heidgerken
Jesse Heidgerken Pred 5 dnevi
The hollow peanut peroperatively fill because bomber approximately ruin concerning a abundant saw. frantic, scared poland
Cesc VR
Cesc VR Pred 6 dnevi
8:21 I remember that game, I knew I witnessed history
Gus DeGroote
Gus DeGroote Pred 6 dnevi
7:56 what is that thing behind curry in the warriors paint it looks weird
Edna Sanders
Edna Sanders Pred 6 dnevi
The dramatic chemistry multivariably consider because hexagon osmotically identify amidst a tidy pleasure. melted, beneficial india
C`estBeau!Mr.B Pred 7 dnevi
BSE - Best Shooter Ever! 🏀🛩 swish from the over 30 yard line so many times. Regular season, playoff! Special player! Steph is literally a basketball cheat code lol
Chrundlethegreat 1
Chrundlethegreat 1 Pred 7 dnevi
I would rather guard Jordan than Curry. Michael is obviously a better player. But if both are going to give me 50 I'd rather not run a marathon in the process.
jd 22
jd 22 Pred 7 dnevi
Kinda weird that curry has changed the game more than Lebron and has a decent chance to finish his career with the same or more championship wins.
FlipStar26 Pred 7 dnevi
He's not PROBABLY the best 3pt shooter ever. He's the BEST SHOOTER EVER (not just 3).
FlipStar26 Pred 7 dnevi
@ 3:23, look at Ray Felton's body language when he realizes he gave Steph 0.2 second of freedom.... ABSOLUTE DEJECTION LOL
shogrran Pred 7 dnevi
9:04 you can see coach kerr with his face unsure of how he feels about what curry is doing
PhattSacc Pred 8 dnevi
Yo why u need to put a face cam?😂🤔
Ope Fariyike
Ope Fariyike Pred 8 dnevi
Look at Curry mann
Jing Qi
Jing Qi Pred 8 dnevi
Long live the greatest shooter and 3 point threat. Long live the KING.
Jing Qi
Jing Qi Pred 8 dnevi
Steph is the greatest offensive threat in the modern era and has 2 MVPs and chips to back it up. Sure Lebron is great and so is Durant but nobody can get you 3 points as fast or as prolifically as Curry. Lebron's dunks are great but a dunk is worth 2 points. Scoreboard
Kode D.
Kode D. Pred 8 dnevi
This was a wonderfully put together video. I appreciate the time you put in to making this. Curry is the best!
AlexandreG Pred 9 dnevi
6:26 is so satisfying 😮
MrCute Cutecute
MrCute Cutecute Pred 9 dnevi
Stephen Curry's Threes are scary.......... BUT INCONSISTENT. When the going gets tough like on the Finals, he's inconsistent.
jonathan milton
jonathan milton Pred 9 dnevi
Hes the reason why basketball is played now he changed the game forever! seriously since MJ he changed the game of basketball from all levels to kids playing in high school middle school college and Pros. He started the logo shot
Mirza Baig
Mirza Baig Pred 9 dnevi
That was beautiful
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake Pred 9 dnevi
lebron is one of the all time greats , but curry shifted the nba tectonic plates both offensively and defensively
Calvin Pred 10 dnevi
Some players may have more Championships then others....but only a "few" can say, they "changed the game". lol
Tobias Boon
Tobias Boon Pred 10 dnevi
Green cost them a championship for a team with sooo many injuries.
Daz555 Pred 10 dnevi
His variation make him so hard to defend in the modern game. He can do it all.
Matcha Bridger
Matcha Bridger Pred 10 dnevi
Midorima Shinatro in real life
C 1 JD
C 1 JD Pred 11 dnevi
MV3 MV3 MV3!!!🔥🔥🔥
Avicena Herbal Life
Avicena Herbal Life Pred 11 dnevi
Indonesia was here
exsor camacho
exsor camacho Pred 11 dnevi
Here come The Irish
Here come The Irish Pred 11 dnevi
The guy should win MVP if he keeps playin how he’s playin and the warriors make the playoffs
Algirdas Vasiliauskas
Algirdas Vasiliauskas Pred 11 dnevi
I wish i was living in US to see Curry play in real.
T.Tope Pred 11 dnevi
I mean Lillard is great but Steph is 😳😬😱🙀👀🙆🏽‍♂️🔥🥇.. all of this and more
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Pred 11 dnevi
He is on his way but it has to be Ray,Bird,then Curry. By the time its al over he should be at one if not 2 for sure
Kyle Vann J. Espinosa
Kyle Vann J. Espinosa Pred 11 dnevi
the 388 dislikes comes from those LBJ fans haha
Mac Xavier
Mac Xavier Pred 12 dnevi
That "BANG!" by Mike Breen on the beat drop was 🔥🔥
mykolateren Pred 12 dnevi
Дуже цікава графіка кидків - сподобалось.
Shimron Netia
Shimron Netia Pred 12 dnevi
NBA should review the 3 points to be upgraded to 5 points when shot on the other courtside.. is anyone agreeing with me or what?
Mayat TV
Mayat TV Pred 12 dnevi
I watched this before already. This is reuploaded
Sanders Delara
Sanders Delara Pred 13 dnevi
Some times the best weapons are the ones no one uses
zifee mayne
zifee mayne Pred 13 dnevi
Really enjoyed this. Curry really did all that. Amazing.
Lizwi Sibuyi
Lizwi Sibuyi Pred 13 dnevi
Curry man. ❤️
Lai Villa
Lai Villa Pred 13 dnevi
Only one steph curry is my best.
gadelamir dianala
gadelamir dianala Pred 13 dnevi
the warriors don't need to win to make basketball fun to watch....
Godlove Maka
Godlove Maka Pred 14 dnevi
The swag in the shots.
King T
King T Pred 14 dnevi
🤴🏾🐐 all Time leader in 3pt by next season I guarantee plus the clinic he putting on this season is brazy Chef Curry 🍛
Atticus Kirkpatrick
Atticus Kirkpatrick Pred 14 dnevi
The upset robert literally scratch because wedge intralysosomally juggle outside a nostalgic rocket. belligerent, damaging description
Real Is Real
Real Is Real Pred 14 dnevi
Moonroof Pred 14 dnevi
He is the best 3 ball
Victor Inox
Victor Inox Pred 15 dnevi
curry is the true finals mvp, not durant.
saeed atenzi
saeed atenzi Pred 16 dnevi
"Probably" I am TRIGGERED
frzferdinand72 Pred 16 dnevi
In video game terms, Curry redefined the meta.
hackman Pred 17 dnevi
9:48 is worth watching in slow speed to see all the fan reactions,
Emmanuel Samson
Emmanuel Samson Pred 17 dnevi
Curry taking the OKC three was a bad shot......... not!
Đave Pred 17 dnevi
Imagine comparing Lillard to Curry
FJUWANA Pred 18 dnevi
I still take Iguodala 🤷🏻‍♀️
Edwin Poon
Edwin Poon Pred 18 dnevi
And now... he is the 105 straight 3-pt shooter.
Andy NC
Andy NC Pred 18 dnevi
"...They do have a timeout, Decide not to use it. Curry WAY downtown BANG !! BANG. Oohh WHAT A SHOT FROM CURRY .." I'm just gonna leave this here 😎
Jiether Secret
Jiether Secret Pred 19 dnevi
Almost all of his shots looks like bad shots but still the most consistent 3 pt shooter ever. What a madalien!
Michael Momo
Michael Momo Pred 18 dnevi
Pual George "that is a bad shot" 😂
Laurens HFK
Laurens HFK Pred 19 dnevi
Lebron fan but curry my favorite player to watch!
Leo Rosales
Leo Rosales Pred 3 dnevi
good for you.
Cendrille Dorig
Cendrille Dorig Pred 19 dnevi
King 👑 of 3 pts shot but no MVP final hahahaha
IbTusPeter Pred 19 dnevi
There's 3 eras of NBA basketball. Pre-NBA/ABA merger, post merger, and post-2016. Curry's shot in OKC, and his 2016 season changed the NBA forever.
Thomas Leavitt
Thomas Leavitt Pred 19 dnevi
Kaiser Pred 20 dnevi
So curry's the best in catch and shoot threes so why's those basketball sites saying its klay? thats kinda confusing
Alex Monroy
Alex Monroy Pred 21 dnevom
If this guy had a Nike contract he would it won a fmvp.
Peng Jiang
Peng Jiang Pred 22 dnevi
Curry is my best NBA player
slayer686 Pred 22 dnevi
Anyone know the song from 6:00
George Vlahopoulos
George Vlahopoulos Pred 22 dnevi
Thank you 👏🏻👏🏻
thehAPPYgunner Pred 23 dnevi
Too bad, his defense is really weak.
johhny morris
johhny morris Pred 23 dnevi
The dynamic tulip pathologically clean because lead ostensibly attack amongst a selective fork. succinct, mature cappelletti
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang Pred 23 dnevi
7:56 Anyone else see that guy sliding on the court in the background?
Fatima Daniels
Fatima Daniels Pred 24 dnevi
STEPH Curry is Legend. He is the best shooter. GOAT
jasmachb54 Pred 24 dnevi
Vu Tran
Vu Tran Pred 24 dnevi
Idk who will ever break curry single season record, maybe Dame or Trae. Other than those two I don't know who can even come close. That record is as mythical as Wilt's 100 point game
IbTusPeter Pred 19 dnevi
Harden averaged 36 ppg and still came up about 30 threes short of Curry's 402. I think someone will eventually break it, but they won't do it at 45% efficiency. That's the crazy part about the record. Steph shot 45% from 3 for an entire season while making 5 threes a game. That won't be done again.
Mary Ann Tomalon
Mary Ann Tomalon Pred 24 dnevi
The best steph
Warrior J
Warrior J Pred 24 dnevi
The world saw a short skinny kid lead a team to a championship from the 3 point line. It’s changed the way the game is played.
Rolan Reynacido
Rolan Reynacido Pred 25 dnevi
CloutGang504 Pred 25 dnevi
Greg H Farley
Greg H Farley Pred 25 dnevi
Great presentation. Thank you Kirk Goldsberry and ESPN.
SIMON PEIRIS Pred 26 dnevi
The clear technician rarely tire because subway empirically tick vice a obscene policeman. bent, selective insulation
Abdelhaq Hadri
Abdelhaq Hadri Pred 26 dnevi
im sending this to a hater i know ... h'e's gonna be MAD
Mark Felt
Mark Felt Pred 26 dnevi
Hope he wins finals mvp...
Chelsey Simms
Chelsey Simms Pred 26 dnevi
I recall seeing Kerr on the sideline complaining about Curry’s shooting. So all the credit given to his “coach” is misleading and demeaning of his skill.
Norris Johnson II
Norris Johnson II Pred 27 dnevi
Brady Fang
Brady Fang Pred 27 dnevi
Bhuwan Bhatt
Bhuwan Bhatt Pred 27 dnevi
steph curry is probably the best point guard after magic johnson
Otaku Taste
Otaku Taste Pred 28 dnevi
I still get chills from that okc game. I remember watching it live, literally insane.
Blizzo Opp
Blizzo Opp Pred 5 dnevi
You a warriors fan?
ExpBows Pred 28 dnevi
This script sounds like someone that has just started watching in 2016. I don’t like the statement that Steph pioneered the step back jumpshot over Harden. Everyone knew that was Harden’s signature move, didn’t go mainstream until he started to abuse tf out of it.