The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Official Reveal Trailer 

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Experience the chilly thrills of mountain life in The Sims™ 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack!* Start planning your escape with snow sports, hot springs, and more now: x.ea.com/65833.
Find out what it means to touch the sky and reach a zen state of mind in Mt. Komorebi. Jump into the excitement of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and rock climbing with new adventures for your Sims, or simply relax on slow hikes or at the onsen. See you there!
Available November 13, 2020, on PC/Mac, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.
Learn more about this Expansion Pack: x.ea.com/65833.
Preorder now: x.ea.com/65834.
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20. okt. 2020

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The Sims
The Sims Pred mesecem
Pack your bags, Simmers - the new Expansion Pack is heading to the mountain! 🏔️⛷️🏂 Find out more about #Sims4SnowyEscape here: x.ea.com/65942
Really? Really?
Really? Really? Pred 6 dnevi
Ellamaria Ramos
Ellamaria Ramos Pred 11 dnevi
Sims can you add CC for console player's because sometimes we get jealous of pc players
Mila Sims
Mila Sims Pred 12 dnevi
EA team has a website called Kny Sims that he is cracking all packages and collections of objects and putting for download
Lovely Sugar Skulls
Lovely Sugar Skulls Pred 18 dnevi
It’s the 10th expansion pack in the Sims 4
Darta Rancane
Darta Rancane Pred 18 dnevi
Please fix the bugs
Your Mother
Your Mother Pred 15 urami
Oh my god trains..
cadance Pred dnevom
this pack is gorgeously made. i was wondering if we will get a pack that has pinterest/ tumblr inspired cas and b+b. i feel like that’s an aesthetic we’re really lacking in the game, and i would be overjoyed to have more aesthetic items!
purplecow Sparkles
purplecow Sparkles Pred dnevom
I love this pack, buy I really wish that the sims team would stop working on packs, and start working on the sims 5. They haven't announced anything yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't worked on it at all.
QuestionMarkMark Pred dnevom
Its almost 2021 and no the sims 5
Lilly Elizabeth
Lilly Elizabeth Pred dnevom
it looks like an amazing pack! 🎅🏂😁
Nochores Pred dnevom
This is worse
Ainsley Louis Mallari
The Sims 4 is the Game That Has the Life of Pre COVID, In REAL LIFE, IT Has COVID
Rand playz
Rand playz Pred 2 dnevi
Hi I just want to say I accidentally adopted a boy baby even though I wanted a girl baby is there anything to do to fix this?Please help me I’m crying
Abker Kosa
Abker Kosa Pred 2 dnevi
이게 논란거리임??
Alexis Bell
Alexis Bell Pred 2 dnevi
Please put the sims 4 on mobile devices
angellimpp Pred 4 dnevi
Love everything about it from this trailer especially the song... look at me look at me... want it as a ringing tone!
Anita Bank
Anita Bank Pred 5 dnevi
I missing horses🤷‍♀️
최고밀감 Pred 5 dnevi
나 : 멋지네요! 나중엔 봄이야기로 한국팩이 나오고 여름이야기로 태국팩 내면 완벽하겠네요. EA : 괜찮은데? EA : ( 이상하게 중국이랑 짬뽕한 봄이야기 한국팩 냄. ) 나 : 왓더;;;;;
Teuntje Van Daatselaar
Wich 4 Sims packeges are the best because I can only choose 4 and I don’t have one
Garrison Morton
Garrison Morton Pred 6 dnevi
EA deleted a yukata decorated with FOLDING FANS because some Koreans thought it looked like the rising sun flag. (Facepalm)
Garrison Morton
Garrison Morton Pred 6 dnevi
@nick b I don't have a problem with it including religious iconography and symbols. It's just that things like worship are a touchy subject. There's already a yin yang rug in build mode and Islamic headwear in CAS. I'd really like it if there were symbols to put on the roof (such as a cross for a church) but that's all I'd want. Just symbols.
Garrison Morton
Garrison Morton Pred 6 dnevi
@nick b It’s just if you search “manga jacket” a clean one like in the sims is probably not going to be the first result.
nick b
nick b Pred 6 dnevi
@Garrison Morton ahaha, well it's probably not.
Garrison Morton
Garrison Morton Pred 6 dnevi
@nick b i know but I thought the jacket was a reference to “that jacket”.
nick b
nick b Pred 6 dnevi
@Garrison Morton I would love more religious inspired content in the sim tbh.
A Rat
A Rat Pred 7 dnevi
You guys like me spending my money don't you
ThaFiss _
ThaFiss _ Pred 7 dnevi
Well i’m not gonna buy this because I can’t really play the game anymore. So god damm buggy and slow since the last update. Good job guys!
Ivley Pred 7 dnevi
I think we can all agree at least one thing- The sims 4 is lonely, not like the trailers at ALL
QuestionMarkMark Pred 7 dnevi
Forget about star wars, this pack has better features
Furryboi420 Pred 9 dnevi
i like the sims 4 and all the expansion packs
Amaya W
Amaya W Pred 9 dnevi
I just want the sims where you have more options the sims 4 mobile is getting boring
Amaya W
Amaya W Pred 9 dnevi
Can you let this version of sims on mobile to
Amaya W
Amaya W Pred 6 dnevi
@nick b alright I get it-
nick b
nick b Pred 6 dnevi
@Amaya W only much less powerful
Amaya W
Amaya W Pred 6 dnevi
@nick b a phone is kind of a mini computer
nick b
nick b Pred 6 dnevi
@Amaya W your computer. Not your phone.
Amaya W
Amaya W Pred 6 dnevi
@nick b My computer can handle it-
I am not your oppa
I am not your oppa Pred 9 dnevi
What is this song??
soldier of love
soldier of love Pred 9 dnevi
EA shouldn’t be allowed to make their game trailers this exciting. It’s almost never the same as the real game experience
- Roll -
- Roll - Pred 8 dnevi
True, like everyone gets so excuted when a new trailer comes like OMG NEW TRAILER IT'S GOT SOME STUFF IT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!11!!!1 The Expansion Pack:
Vikri M G
Vikri M G Pred 10 dnevi
0:18 i thought that was Ahegao Hoodie. References?
Chasia 06
Chasia 06 Pred 10 dnevi
wahat is the next pack please ?
Mhariz Saifuddin
Mhariz Saifuddin Pred 10 dnevi
What song is this ?
Benjamin Gregory
Benjamin Gregory Pred 10 dnevi
Now Look at Me by BananaLemons :)
animal s
animal s Pred 10 dnevi
Can we have no hood baggy sweaters
David & Erica Forster
David & Erica Forster Pred 10 dnevi
I would really like to play the sims, but guess what the stairs aren't working it's laggy it won't let me pause the time or go faster it won't let me go on my sims computer, the game as been crashing every 10 mins, please fix thanks :D (No hate I really like the game.)
Grace Pred 11 dnevi
Aaaaaand it was disappointing.
nick b
nick b Pred 6 dnevi
Glorija Perme
Glorija Perme Pred 12 dnevi
Where is social media(instagram)?
- Roll -
- Roll - Pred 8 dnevi
There never was, it's just to make it more attractive for the trailer, just like University EP
silentt thund3rr
silentt thund3rr Pred 12 dnevi
I need this in my life. Even toddlers can g onto slopes!!
Mary Travel
Mary Travel Pred 12 dnevi
AMAZING ! The Best !!!
I need to know this song so muchhhhhh
GrenGoddess Pred 11 dnevi
It is called "Look at me" from the Japanese girl group BananaLemon. Check it out :D
The Super Psycho Killer
I stopped playing sims 4 since 2016.
Nina R. C.
Nina R. C. Pred 13 dnevi
I can’t decide if I should buy Snowy escape or City living.. HELP!!
Nina R. C.
Nina R. C. Pred 13 dnevi
@TheEdiya Thank you so much for helping me out!!
TheEdiya Pred 13 dnevi
@Nina R. C. All the packs have their own criticism, but a good rule of thumb (for the most part) is to not buy a recently released pack. EA has had a very poor track record in releasing playable games. I love City Living. I don't like ever having Sims live there, but it has some of my favorite play and build features of all the packs. Hope you enjoy!
Nina R. C.
Nina R. C. Pred 13 dnevi
@TheEdiya k. Thank you for commenting and helping me out❤️
TheEdiya Pred 13 dnevi
City living. Snowy escape is destroying people's games. EA needs to get it together.
Tee_fabulous Tee
Tee_fabulous Tee Pred 14 dnevi
Make a sims for apple store more similar to this
Willma Pred 14 dnevi
The problem with issuing such a traditional and strict building culture, as Japanese, is that there's no room for alternative. I want to see cosy log cabins and swiss inspired apartments in the snowy world, not the same Japanese house over and over, just with slight differences. I haven't seen one Simmer produce anything like that in this new setting, as it's restricted to Japanese architecture - not because of the game, but because of the culture. The Sims isn't supposed to be real life, it's supposed to be reflective of real life, but not restricted by real life limitations. You're not supposed to be worried about offending ancient cultures by building. They could've made it an anonymous world, the same as San Myshuno or any other and just pulled inspiration and certain elements from Japan. I think they made a really bad choice here.
hey hey
hey hey Pred 8 dnevi
I mean, you could just use cheats to change one of the lots into a log cabin if you want. I like how they made the culture more integrated with the pack here, and it allows for more diverse items you can add to your game in general, not just here. I personally really like the direction they took with this. I like how they integrated culture into this pack, I don’t think this will restrict gameplay, just add to it, and if you want new buildings, that’s a pretty easy get around
TheEdiya Pred 13 dnevi
Agreed, very disappointing to see something so specific. Likely not buying the pack because glitches galore, but I would have loved to see people reimage the world
Libby Seabrook
Libby Seabrook Pred 15 dnevi
looks fun but every new pack just brings more glitches.. I'm done buying them.
S'Aarum Pred 15 dnevi
This is great !
Lara Camara
Lara Camara Pred 15 dnevi
Hello Maxis! I'm a Sims 4 player, I love this game... There are things that I think are really missing for The Sims 4, and it makes me very sad... More options of things for newborns (playable diaper changing, breast-feeding in armchairs, stroller, hair for newborns and more clothes for them) Cars, we want cars! Veganism... it was going to be amazing THANK YOU FOR PLAYING AN INCREDIBLE GAME
Milly Vice
Milly Vice Pred 15 dnevi
Another shallow pack 🤦‍♀️
Akjsjsjsjjd Lalamsniskqm
What happened to the cute spirit thingies?
Hillary Pred 16 dnevi
I won the pack in a giveaway and was curious about what Komorebi meant. I googled it and it means Sunbeams. Anyone who knows Japanese, feel free to correct me
Powerblazing Pred 16 dnevi
oh for fucksakes. You need to c4 the whole sims 4 thing and just go for a new thing. EA has fucked up sims SO MUCH its unbelievable.
Chello Cheloo
Chello Cheloo Pred 16 dnevi
Hey when i shove a snow to another sims when they purchasin something from vending machine = FORCE QUIT
dafar zayer
dafar zayer Pred 17 dnevi
I have some suggestions for another new game pack. Can you please make a one for like a dog can make food and can clean your house and clean I know that's game logic but it is a game and it is game logic every game has game logic
Thofun Satang
Thofun Satang Pred 17 dnevi
Next The sims 4 Paris
Rosie Simmer
Rosie Simmer Pred 17 dnevi
I want this pack but I have to wait for it to be 50 percent off
Vikki Tiky
Vikki Tiky Pred 17 dnevi
Ждём когда выйдет на пиратку
Artsimologie Pred 17 dnevi
This pack is filled with so many stunning goodies! Worth every penny & the map is beautiful. Great job EA/Maxis! But still not seeing free standing pillows.... next time, right? ;)
Decazy Pred 17 dnevi
But...my wallet...
xlEllielx Pred 17 dnevi
Haha great EP full of massive crashes hahaa, you just took 40 usd from my wallet, twats
Arnau López
Arnau López Pred 14 dnevi
​@Goldiemum Are u stupid or something? People with an GTX3080Ti have issues with the game because they did everything wrong in this patch, they actually did another patch and they didnt soluted nothing, so WOW ea really sucks
xlEllielx Pred 16 dnevi
@Goldiemum I have one and it crashes too and Ps4 too so yeah, I can run any game in more than 70 fps
Goldiemum Pred 16 dnevi
use a decent PC and it won't crash. I'm playing for three days and haven't had a single crash so far.
Estellé Elith
Estellé Elith Pred 18 dnevi
So noones talking about the fact that EA stole Paralives' idea of taking off shoes as a trait?
Estellé Elith
Estellé Elith Pred 5 dnevi
@nick b and as I responded to the previous comment I dont think It was supposed to be a japanese culture pack in the first place. Does not look like a coincidence to me.
nick b
nick b Pred 6 dnevi
@Estellé Elith as the previous comment said, this is a Japanese inspired pack, so they included this custom. It looks like a coincidence.
Estellé Elith
Estellé Elith Pred 6 dnevi
@nick b first of all, noone talked about it being "invented" by paralives. Since they were first to announce that feature EA clearly stole from them. Second, there are not many life simulators like sims and paralives around, not to say there arent any, so actually, yes, you could say they invented the idea of taking off shoes in a Video Game.
nick b
nick b Pred 6 dnevi
"stole Paralive's idea" 🤦‍♂️ I didn't know Paralives invented the custom of taking shoes off in a house.
Queen Moreau
Queen Moreau Pred 17 dnevi
Well, this pack is inspired by Japanese culture and that's apart of Japanese culture.
Tiheana C.
Tiheana C. Pred 18 dnevi
The sims 4 is currently not working on the 27 inch iMacs. Is there a fix coming for this?
Lakatos Krisztián
Lakatos Krisztián Pred 18 dnevi
This is the best pack for the Winter times, thx EA.
SATURDAY Pred 18 dnevi
I just update the game today and all the beds, sofas, and other objects just vanished from my constructions, and I cant place them either, it say script call error
Savannah TDM
Savannah TDM Pred 18 dnevi
Kinda sad course i have a bench out of a snowboard and I think it would be perfect here
Kassidy Beaton
Kassidy Beaton Pred 18 dnevi
i forgive u sims
didem Pred 18 dnevi
So many expensive in turkey. Please pay cheap.
Garrison Morton
Garrison Morton Pred 18 dnevi
Alrighty, good job giving us a ski resort pack like we wanted (with the added bonus of a Japan pack.) NOW GIVE US A SPORE 2!
Nadya Indryani
Nadya Indryani Pred 18 dnevi
I want this pack.
VoceDelMorte Pred 18 dnevi
после идиотских звездных войн выглядит неплохо.
Wendy Washington
Wendy Washington Pred 18 dnevi
this pack is straight FIRE
vortex simmer
vortex simmer Pred 18 dnevi
I'm gonna be honest here. This pack blew me away good job sims team 🙊
Rocío Pred 18 dnevi
Ny Lee
Ny Lee Pred 18 dnevi
add eyelashes on CAS please 😭 console users can’t download CC for them😭
Giannis Sar
Giannis Sar Pred 7 dnevi
The eyelashes you want don’t fit the game’s art style. How can the sims have clay hair, but realistic eyelashes?
Wendy Washington
Wendy Washington Pred 18 dnevi
I wish they would add real ones instead of the blocky ones in the game :(
QuestionMarkMark Pred 18 dnevi
I already have this pack! (as crack)
Reby is cute ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
Love this! I will buy it soon!
Nelly Bow
Nelly Bow Pred 19 dnevi
I‘m so happy That they did a Japanese theme pack 🌸🌸🌸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
D S Pred 19 dnevi
I was so excited to play this expansion, but with the recent patch update so many of us can't even access the base game due to crashing. I don't understand how such a massive issue could have been overlooked while playtesting - hopefully this is resolved quickly.
Karin Lindström
Karin Lindström Pred 19 dnevi
I don't watch videos related to sims since they decided not to support "old computers". Like I know my iMac is old (I think at least 10-12 years) but I've never had any problems with it and it has always been updated etc. I was devastated when they chose to do this right before the launch of university and that broke me. I've played sims since the age of 9 so it's been 12 years. I can't run any CD's in my computer anymore so I can't play ts3 and I can't play ts2 because I don't have a PC. I just wanted to rant a bit because I saw the trailer for this one and it got me excited until I realized I will not be able to play it. Mostly I was excited for the Japanese inspiration for the build mode.
Damian Esposito
Damian Esposito Pred 19 dnevi
We Need Sims 4 supernatural!!!!!!
Pink Rainbow-bunte Ideen
So cool
freya yves
freya yves Pred 19 dnevi
I hate u
Ricki Kyaw Zin
Ricki Kyaw Zin Pred 19 dnevi
Does anyone know the song from the trailer? I've been searching for days...😩
ItsRose Butoon
ItsRose Butoon Pred 19 dnevi
Katastrophe Pred 19 dnevi
haha can't wait to make my sims feel the pain of getting snow in your goggles
agunia_skykke Pred 20 dnevi
This is very good. I will buy this expansion pack on the first day of release .
Milosz O
Milosz O Pred 20 dnevi
Can someone tell what song is this? Please, I would be grateful.
Green_Ivy_Vines 6
Green_Ivy_Vines 6 Pred 18 dnevi
No problem! Shazam is very helpful 😂
Milosz O
Milosz O Pred 20 dnevi
Thank you so much!
Green_Ivy_Vines 6
Green_Ivy_Vines 6 Pred 20 dnevi
Look at me, look at me by BananaLemon :)
Понятно ноября 16 приедет блин
Это Казахстан число 16 вот
phot1na Pred 19 dnevi
м? почему 16?
samnexus Pred 20 dnevi
0:18. That hoodie I got that reference
Rat Kidney
Rat Kidney Pred 21 dnevom
Anyone know anything about aspirations?
GrenGoddess Pred 21 dnevom
Why call the career "Salaryperson?" I think "SalarySim" works better and it is still gender-neutral :D.
Charlotte An Jones
Charlotte An Jones Pred 21 dnevom
I already pre-ordered it
looperlopps jackd
looperlopps jackd Pred 21 dnevom
@Charlotte An Jones ikr like give me the pack already im soo desperate 😫
Charlotte An Jones
Charlotte An Jones Pred 21 dnevom
@looperlopps jackd I have to wait for two days 😭
looperlopps jackd
looperlopps jackd Pred 21 dnevom
Me too
Aya Jiha
Aya Jiha Pred 21 dnevom
Now we need korean culture
Shelby & Nicholas Katzfey
Does anyone know what artist is singing this song? it sounds like Twice to me and i gotta KNOW
Green_Ivy_Vines 6
Green_Ivy_Vines 6 Pred 18 dnevi
It’s by BananaLemon :)
Riselio santos
Riselio santos Pred 22 dnevi
Sobrenatural cadê?
Klaudia Hamiti
Klaudia Hamiti Pred 22 dnevi
I think this might be the best pack so far. Well after seasons for me
Lena Dolak
Lena Dolak Pred 22 dnevi
Juanita McAfee
Juanita McAfee Pred 23 dnevi
They should make a royal expansion pack
Nenad Popovic
Nenad Popovic Pred 23 dnevi
It reminds me a lot of Sims 1 Vacation... Cuz in Bon Voyage & World Adventures winter resorts weren't primary thing... However, it seems they wanted to make less, but offer more: instead of getting 2 destinations (mountain one & Asian village), they combined it into one
GachaEye Pred 23 dnevi
Okay I’m done
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper Pred 23 dnevi
If the background song is on the sims radio I’ll be vibin
M1STY BLU3 Pred 23 dnevi
Am so excited for this expected pack I pre order mine all ready I know is gonna be fun to build I love building homes. One thing for sure kids need bunk beds and more playground jungle equipment and activatis and but iam very appreciate for the hard work u all done for us keep up the good work iam big fan of the Sims game
Tushari Barbero
Tushari Barbero Pred 23 dnevi
The "Crude Humor, sexual themes and violence" warning at the beginning had me dying
micaela micaela
micaela micaela Pred 24 dnevi
:0 :0 :0 yeeeeeees 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️
Nicole Cartine
Nicole Cartine Pred 24 dnevi
I’m so excited but I also want to know what the song is it’s so good!!! I can’t wait for this to come out omg!!!
martine hunsbedt
martine hunsbedt Pred 24 dnevi
Okeyyy but like fr, when will we get a baby pack?:(
debora Pred 24 dnevi
Ok I am actually exited for this, they are like improving things?
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