Last Man Running WINS Challenge *extreme* 

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Big thanks to the boys for putting themselves on the line
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12. sep. 2020

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Hudpower Pred 9 dnevi
some of the answers were wrong. English is the most spoken langauge. The most spoken first language is mandarin.
Alpha Male
Alpha Male Pred 16 dnevi
What happened to wills face got shaky but still look the same 1:19
Jaden Kirton
Jaden Kirton Pred 18 dnevi
Anyone else notice the hicky on call neck??
Tobin Weavin
Tobin Weavin Pred 19 dnevi
Answer 26. Do we give him that no let’s just say it needs to be within 0.2. So 26 was correct originally...
VM Pred 21 dnevom
This was a great video.......you should do this as a series or the sidemen should do it as a sidemen Sunday
Zolas 09
Zolas 09 Pred 25 dnevi
Miss beast
tom neve
tom neve Pred mesecem
willne is that smart bloody hell
Julian Pred mesecem
dont put Ethan Harry and Callux in the next one, your video wont make 10 minutes
anawa a-a
anawa a-a Pred mesecem
0:44 all I heard was William Red Knees
anawa a-a
anawa a-a Pred mesecem
@Nathan D lol.. it’s a joke bc his knees are red
Nathan D
Nathan D Pred mesecem
Nah it said NE
FlabbiestNine48 Pred mesecem
My man said is there on time zone in China and he said true but it’s false there 5
Muaaz Baba
Muaaz Baba Pred mesecem
Last Man Running WINS Challenge *extreme*
Socket Type
Socket Type Pred mesecem
adam _97
adam _97 Pred mesecem
Should make this into a series with different SLtvrs every episode, then have a grand final at the end of it
Noah Naylor
Noah Naylor Pred 2 meseci
BaxterPlays Yt
BaxterPlays Yt Pred 2 meseci
Origi didn’t score the second winaldum did
Michael Granger
Michael Granger Pred 2 meseci
England’s National dish, invented in...........Scotland 😂😂😂
jonathan tndn
jonathan tndn Pred 2 meseci
Cal post some banger lately
J Doggy Dog
J Doggy Dog Pred 2 meseci
Mad to see ArthurTV here
TheBananaPeel Pred 2 meseci
dc camoh
dc camoh Pred 2 meseci
If you put triva, willne, or chrismd in the title I probably would have watched this video sooner because I thought it was going to be some shitty mrbeast clone video. I just relised this makes me sound like I have no clue who he is, I do know who he is i just havnt been able to watch much SLtv sience school started
Johan J5
Johan J5 Pred 2 meseci
Who is here when simon, josh and harry in sidemen react said "ksi tried to make this treadmill challenge video and its a bad idea" 😬😂😂😂
HiiighAsAKite Pred 2 meseci
Fun fact: The sixth highest mountain in Equatorial Guinea is Quepuchin at an elevation of 228 metres.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Pred 2 meseci
Love seeing Arthur TV on here! Put him in more vids!!!
Jake Campbell
Jake Campbell Pred 2 meseci
Here for Arthur Tv
Meranda Joi
Meranda Joi Pred 2 meseci
I wonder if he watches Team Edge. They just did this exact thing a week or two ago lol I think there was another video he did that was similar as well 🤔🤔
Mellow Kat
Mellow Kat Pred 2 meseci
I wouldn’t last 5 minutes
Josephine Florence Vlog
nice sharing my friend
VicARI Pred 2 meseci
Hahahahahahaha last one running WINS 😂😂😂
That Hippybb
That Hippybb Pred 2 meseci
Whats up with that tournament tho?
NeonButterfly Pred 2 meseci
WaluigiFanBoy Pred 2 meseci
I swear I used the exact same quiz at my Nan's house like 2 weeks ago.
BD TV Pred 2 meseci
Cal with the guns
Hartfield97 Pred 2 meseci
That was a banger cal, so simple but class
Hartfield97 Pred 2 meseci
That was a banger cal, so simple but class
Alice Jackson
Alice Jackson Pred 2 meseci
Arthur reminds me of Jacksgap 💔
Ru2 M8
Ru2 M8 Pred 2 meseci
Mate his voice sounds like he's about to cry to his mum
Ardi Pred 2 meseci
Id genuienely like to see JJ do this considering he’s running 5Ks often
Hsn Pred 2 meseci
Swear this was his video idea too
Saul Gibson
Saul Gibson Pred 2 meseci
Videos recently all been bangers no cap
your mother
your mother Pred 2 meseci
* extreme *
Coel Gosling
Coel Gosling Pred 2 meseci
BBC “ Omg he’s fucked it “ carry’s on talking about broadcasting 😬
JxExBx25 Pred 2 meseci
Can we get Freezy to 4m? How he is only at 3.5 is a jokeeeeeeee!
Ethan Hughes
Ethan Hughes Pred 2 meseci
Production level up ! Audio: Aight imma head out
ieatboardgames Pred 2 meseci
14:24 is what 2020 feels like
H3RD Chirpy
H3RD Chirpy Pred 2 meseci
Red thing said henry vii which is 7 btw
Hannah CADWALLADER Pred 2 meseci
Disliked will told me too
3s kklg
3s kklg Pred 2 meseci
Will got the easiest questions
I DELIVER L's Pred 2 meseci
Will is actually quite smart
Wii remote
Wii remote Pred 2 meseci
Original content
Chayse Frear
Chayse Frear Pred 2 meseci
Cals videos have improved so much.
Shaufy Sufyan
Shaufy Sufyan Pred 2 meseci
Turn this into a series you beautiful giraffe-man.
Karma Pred 2 meseci
If you're reading this I hope u have an good day broksi
brett naidoo
brett naidoo Pred 2 meseci
Damn the size of that Hickey... She must've been a vampire
CalDoesLife Pred 2 meseci
will is youtubes mo farah
Mitchell Lane
Mitchell Lane Pred 2 meseci
Lol The way u got this from sidemen podcast when Simon this was Ksis I dead
HXL Pred 2 meseci
JJs Idea...
Martin Jimenez
Martin Jimenez Pred 2 meseci
This was so dope
Kieran McGill
Kieran McGill Pred 2 meseci
there's 6 nando's spices? there's a coconut one...
John Pendleton
John Pendleton Pred 2 meseci
Carefree Casual
Carefree Casual Pred 2 meseci
This was just laughs all the way through, what a great video 👏
Andrew Godwin David
Andrew Godwin David Pred 2 meseci
freezy must do this challenge
Henry Shaw
Henry Shaw Pred 2 meseci
You misspelled henry the 8th
Sherren Don
Sherren Don Pred 2 meseci
the moment cal said we upping the production level his mic went off was jokes hahah
Master Oogway
Master Oogway Pred 2 meseci
Nah it definitely isn't a chicken tikka masala as England's national dish. It's fish and chips. No way
Aaron Gold
Aaron Gold Pred 2 meseci
Stolen from mr beast lmao
Kristopherr Pred 2 meseci
i need one of those krox shirts
Alexis Monica
Alexis Monica Pred 2 meseci
sold out 😔
Luke Link
Luke Link Pred 2 meseci
yooooooo! it's not Mandarin! English (1,132 million speakers) - Mandarin Chinese (1,117 million speakers) - get in the bin.
Corey HADDEN Pred 2 meseci
Nice thumbnail change
FJG _ Pred 2 meseci
These treadmills are ridiculous , how can they all trip over at some point
August 25th
August 25th Pred 2 meseci
look whos found himself free its chrismd
oliver tyas
oliver tyas Pred 2 meseci
At the point of watching this, the dislikes are at 696, don’t touch
Eas Yes
Eas Yes Pred 2 meseci
Great video idea mate loved it especially when im learning facts along the way
Alys Edwards
Alys Edwards Pred 2 meseci
England and Uk aren’t interchangeable :(
DeadStick Pred 2 meseci
Actually, the Nile isnt the longest river anymore, as the amazonas is growing and has taken the lead in March
Jodie Marie
Jodie Marie Pred 2 meseci
Eve Jones
Eve Jones Pred 2 meseci
He tagged the wrong chris md 🤣
Esther Pred 2 meseci
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Ryan Plays
Ryan Plays Pred 2 meseci
Mr beast but love the vid
Maikel 132
Maikel 132 Pred 2 meseci
To the 1% reading this: I hope your staying safe, healthy and happy. God bless. Also can you pls sub to me pls ??🙏🙏🙏
JordiMaa Pred 2 meseci
Cheeky thumbnail change
Haza Trand
Haza Trand Pred 2 meseci
Cal always comes up with these good vid ideas
Peace Pred 2 meseci
Calfreezy stole this idea from Team Edge
100 subscribers without a video challenge
This is actually a banger
Your_guy_OWEN Pred 2 meseci
No one pointing out Chris’s link in the description, and how it goes to a random Chanel 😂😭😂
H.I Challenges
H.I Challenges Pred 2 meseci
Cals been putting out bangers lately
Kinhamerr _
Kinhamerr _ Pred 2 meseci
Really good video! Would be fun if you made this a serie!
Man tooth
Man tooth Pred 2 meseci
Henry VIII But it said VII
Lukman Kaduji
Lukman Kaduji Pred 2 meseci
Who knew Will was so smart & Chris was so bad on a treadmill
JME142 Pred 2 meseci
You always drop the fire content!
iStreaky Pred 2 meseci
Cal: puts tenet theme in the background Also Cal: PRoDUcTioN LevEl uP
Lewis Worsley
Lewis Worsley Pred 2 meseci
tidy your room
Dmitriej Shandy
Dmitriej Shandy Pred 2 meseci
soo what did he win?
Shadow Tense
Shadow Tense Pred 2 meseci
I only disliked the video because will told me to
Jack Lawlor
Jack Lawlor Pred 2 meseci
Great content keep it up
sharkjaws19 Pred 2 meseci
Anyone around the age of 20 preferably on PS4 with a 2.5kd wanna play some warzone? I’m 21 living in England and none of my mates are any good. Wanna play with some people more my level and depending on the format of the tournament freezy mentioned would want a partner for it.
Toby RN
Toby RN Pred 2 meseci
GC Blocks
GC Blocks Pred 2 meseci
Wish Harry was in it 😂
Tobi Pred 2 meseci
Cal: what does the BBC stand for? My mind: Big Black C...
William Kungen
William Kungen Pred 2 meseci
You should just give mrbeast a shoutout at this point
Oscar Lloyd-Adams
Oscar Lloyd-Adams Pred 2 meseci
Mr Beats video..?
Matt Ceravolo
Matt Ceravolo Pred 2 meseci
Cal got a hickey hahah
Samfo Edits
Samfo Edits Pred 2 meseci
Must have been tiring ngl
Science Fails
Ogledi 1 mio.
my message to KSI. lmao.
I Was Santa For 24 Hours
my message to KSI. lmao.