96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020 

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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.
Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer and Thomas Dajer
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Thomas Brag
Produced by Alex Sandstedt



22. nov. 2020

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Pred 3 meseci
Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏
Elay Ahmadi
Elay Ahmadi Pred 21 uro
Great vid!
HO VLOG Pred 4 dnevi
You are welcome to my country 🇦🇫🇦🇫
Young Saint509
Young Saint509 Pred 5 dnevi
Visit Haiti
Tristan The gamer
Tristan The gamer Pred 7 dnevi
afghans are ethnically different where you go capitol Kabul lot more Indian afghan then there's Herat more Caucasian afghan due to afghan is many different cultures put to 1 in the west.
Andrea Fischer
Andrea Fischer Pred 8 dnevi
You guys are AMAZING !!!
Brady Reid
Brady Reid Pred 2 urami
it’s so clean! the air looks so crisp, better than like nyc or la for sure
jdm Pred 2 urami
Its always amazing how beautiful the people are in these foreign countries. Yes i understand America is very beautiful too, ive spent my whole life here and i feel lucky. However day-to-day i feel like people can be so miserable, no time for anyone else, americans can be very self-centered. These foreign countries the people seem so selfless, they take interest in everyone around them. I wish i could see more of that in America.
Gabriel Miguel
Gabriel Miguel Pred 4 urami
Look at the beautiful smiling faces on all those kids. Beautiful people there in Afghanistan. If anyone from Afghanistan is watching this; love from America! We love you. God bless you all. Thank you for this beautiful and eye opening video.
BRIAN Pred 4 urami
Sweden? You lied to protect yourself but how come you showed peoples faces who talked about Taliban as they don't get to leave in 96 hrs
Riley Benz
Riley Benz Pred 4 urami
Lmao saying you're from Sweden quick thinking
BRIAN Pred 4 urami
Can't see another white person around....so entitled. You're not in a white person country that happens. How about focusing on how no drug company will work to fight dysentery the biggest killer of hundreds of millions and who is.
Allen Reid
Allen Reid Pred 4 urami
I tried to watch, but the ads were really outta control with this video. Really ruined the flow for me. (Yes, I understand the need to make money.) I did enjoy what I did get to see.
Sd Atk
Sd Atk Pred 5 urami
Heard Afghanistan is a dangerous country the taliban destroyed it
S4MGR3N Pred 6 urami
Wow!!! That was amazing! I’m crying and smiling as I watch the beautiful ending!
Steve W
Steve W Pred 6 urami
Your videos are very educational and heart warming,you guys are doing amazing work with your money made from this platform, it's awesome to watch
Jalal Al-haddad
Jalal Al-haddad Pred 6 urami
Well Herat is mostly shia muslims as i know, thats why it is less dangrous out there🤔 ???
Jake H
Jake H Pred 9 urami
24:44 I always thought that these were to try and get caught in the blades of a helicopter and damage it.
Tri Poloski
Tri Poloski Pred 9 urami
this video needs an ethic oscar. Thank you for creating a lobby for people that feel left behind. They are no refugees, no uneducated strangers, they are humans with feelings and amazing skills and talents. I hope the school will be build soon.
Roy De La Rosa
Roy De La Rosa Pred 9 urami
Thomas it's ur personality and the aura that gives a warm welcome to anyone that comes in contact with U. No better person to have done this trip. Ur like family to anyone that welcome U to there home or country.
Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias Pred 10 urami
Few good people left on this planet and you guys one of them ❤️ Love from India
Roya Hamid
Roya Hamid Pred 11 urami
Good hearted souls.
Jagger Riffle
Jagger Riffle Pred 12 urami
“And a story for the grandkids”
Lil Pride
Lil Pride Pred 12 urami
We all should travel.. It changes your life, your perspective and all that. Its always better to get out of our comfort zone. Getting used to it gets you no where.
Boiii iii
Boiii iii Pred 12 urami
10 year old girls be like what’s a terrorist
Karthik Pred 12 urami
Ohh man, the video was so amazing and about Mr NOOR he is so nice man.,literally I don't have words to describe him.
Ngawang Tashi
Ngawang Tashi Pred 13 urami
Charlie ChillaX
Charlie ChillaX Pred 14 urami
As a traveler I learned years ago Kabul was the hot spot for travelers to get together. They all said it was a beautiful place. Nly. 2 Day
Poey Playz
Poey Playz Pred 14 urami
Go to Yemen
Diana de Meijer
Diana de Meijer Pred 14 urami
Where's the women? Oh right. Must be cool to be a man, being able to travel to Afghanistan, hanging out with other Afghan men.
Nikaray Z
Nikaray Z Pred 15 urami
Love from Iran dear Afghanistan ❤️❤️❤️
Spike Abdeen
Spike Abdeen Pred 16 urami
I cried what else can I say
GUAD Grotto
GUAD Grotto Pred 16 urami
Bad reputation. More like Hell on earth. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WEAK ATTEMPT TO MAKE THIS PLACE LOOK LIKE A TRAVEL DESTINATION. Want to risk your life. Play Russian roulette, try a large dose of heroin or jumping of a cliff. You''ll get the same effcts. This guy is a complete fool to even post this.
Lisbon Diaries
Lisbon Diaries Pred 19 urami
Beautiful views of a country, which we never get to see because of mainstream media, especially in the U.S. Those in power will only show is the images of the Middle East, which they want us to see. It is interesting how Thomas said he was from Sweden in this video but said he was from L.A. in the video of Iraq.
AxDilez Pred 20 urami
The music 👌
Soda Qandeel
Soda Qandeel Pred 22 urami
21:51 this is amazing I like the vibe
spo0ons Pred 23 urami
21:21 How did you find a Korean popstar to hang and smoke with in Afghanistan?
Elay Ahmadi
Elay Ahmadi Pred 20 urami
He’s Afghan and not a popstar 😂 - that’s a vibe 🔥
Took_Err_Jerbs Pred 23 urami
The Iraq video and this has been the most epic content I’ve seen in a while. Would love to see a Pakistan video or maybe some content in Africa.
Hassan Butt
Hassan Butt Pred dnevom
come to pakistan next pls you would love it even more
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan Pred dnevom
This entire video is so beautiful, felt like I was roaming with him through all the places
Tiktok Nerd
Tiktok Nerd Pred dnevom
You can just vibe with Afghan people all day without getting tired
mari anne
mari anne Pred dnevom
he looks like ryan gosling
Ateyo Pred dnevom
Whats interesting is that some of the 70% of the country that tourists will never see is some of the most beautiful places. Natural fresh water springs, snow capped mountains, Alpine forests, and tiny villages nestled next to roaring rivers, and hospitable people that never get any tourists. Even the Afghan Army and the Taliban rarely interact with them.
Jonathan Maberry
Jonathan Maberry Pred dnevom
This video had me in tears. But it also made me want to cheer in celebration for the courage, the optimism, the love that defines these people, despite the wars and oppression. It's a celebration of community, family, friendship, faith (even if it's secular faith in humanity), and joy.
Jacob Cornish
Jacob Cornish Pred dnevom
"waow" -Thomas
Eric Krings
Eric Krings Pred dnevom
Loved this! Love over Fear!
Nawid Hakimi
Nawid Hakimi Pred dnevom
Thank You for visiting our country!
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez Pred dnevom
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Baku's baby
Baku's baby Pred dnevom
I hate how, as an American student, we are never shown or taught how beautiful these places are...
Seb Bat
Seb Bat Pred dnevom
Visiting the middle east, including Afghanistan, is one of my bucket list items, It's unfortunate how the beautiful culture is often overshadowed by the conflict, and the stigma so many hold against the region never allows its full beauty to show. Thank you for this experience
TheShadow Playlist
TheShadow Playlist Pred dnevom
Afghanistan doesn't produce more hash than Morocco.
Captain BaseBall Bat Boy
when you produce heroin, there is no need to produce hash...
fmonk Pred dnevom
Not Apache. More than likely, Russian made Mi-8 "Hip" transport helicopters. Like the ones you passed as you landed.
TheMassive Bash
TheMassive Bash Pred dnevom
Afghanistan is actually not the most dangerous country ...
That guy 05
That guy 05 Pred dnevom
I like how they told everyone they were from Sweden
Maggie Kenefick
Maggie Kenefick Pred 2 urami
He is from Sweden
Katrin Prinz
Katrin Prinz Pred dnevom
This Video gave me goosebumps!! Sooo beautiful!!!
Shiraz Qamar
Shiraz Qamar Pred dnevom
i don't understand what kind of humans are disliking videos like this
shaq armstrong
shaq armstrong Pred dnevom
The wrathful rabbit hepatosplenomegaly care because coin nouzilly recognise an a highfalutin gemini. tidy, two packet
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed Pred dnevom
Russell blamed America that she is the actual murderer of people in world war 1 and 2
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed Pred dnevom
This is the murderer of people America who spread rummer about Afghanistan
Kanan Kontorovsky
Kanan Kontorovsky Pred dnevom
Someone please, name of song in 20:40
invisiblemajor Pred dnevom
This is the reason why i dont watch cable news. All that paid news. They may have their degrees in jounalism, but this is the true journalism. Risking their lives. Hats off. Salute
c p
c p Pred dnevom
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wow!!!!! What an amazing experience this must have been for you. God bless.
Emmanuel R.
Emmanuel R. Pred dnevom
They are very good in English! They are so soft-spoken.
M M Pred dnevom
ugh such a beautiful video ..
alex thomas
alex thomas Pred dnevom
11:09 so no one else heard that...
Soda Qandeel
Soda Qandeel Pred 22 urami
Wait.. did he... "film me like a porn star? Yeah no way that was something in he's language
Delusional Thomas
Delusional Thomas Pred dnevom
Long live afghanistan and yes theory !
FaTOom LBQ Pred dnevom
Omg this is one of the best videos of Yes Theory ever ❤👏🏻
Moath Alhamzani
Moath Alhamzani Pred dnevom
to clarify, in Afghanistan they use the Arabic Alphabet but not the Arabic language my guys
Unknown Pred dnevom
Insha’Allah 🇦🇫 has a better feature & is free💗! I’m not 🇦🇫. However, I’ve had a friend who is 🇦🇫 & she is so sweet & welcoming. May Allah make easy for all of us & keep us guided!
qwerty Pred dnevom
its hard to killing an ideology
Psyched about Life
Psyched about Life Pred dnevom
Beautiful people ❤️
Kabir Shabir
Kabir Shabir Pred dnevom
This was the best vedio ever. As an afghan I am tear up. 😢
O O Pred dnevom
11:09 - "let me lick a porn star"?
Brandon Tablatin
Brandon Tablatin Pred dnevom
Mindblowing content❤ the emotions that I got from watching this video was unreal
Jill June
Jill June Pred dnevom
I feel his experience would have been a whole lot different if he was a woman. I’m not saying everyone there is bad but Afghanistan is still one of the worst places in the world for women to live. Of course many people were nice to him because he’s a white male, I’ve read many stories of western women travelling here and their presence was not welcome in many places similar to where he went. Dirty looks given and having to lie about being married, men cutting in front of women in line and not being able to say anything which none of this he experienced so of course he’d say everyone was nice. Some restaurants even have women confined with curtains so they couldn’t be seen. He had a better experience because he was allowed to go places were women can’t and had more privilege and had more respect because he’s a white male. Also Many female aid workers have experienced sexual assault there and it is very likely you will experience it if your a woman, Most attacks against aid workers were in five countries and Afghanistan is one of them, it’s just barley reported on. Going there for a couple of weeks or for a few days I don’t think people really see what it is like. You may see some women on the street, many without a burka, some girls going to school and think it’s not so bad. But once the novelty wears off, once this becomes a day after day experience you start to notice more terrible things.
Seyed Fardeen Nezami
I'm glad that you were able to go to Afghanistan! I was there for the first time ever around the same time as you. I hope to be back there this summer.
Hide & Seek
Hide & Seek Pred 2 dnevi
Just a thumbs up but has a bigger meaning👍
Taikaman Boro
Taikaman Boro Pred 2 dnevi
Marissa Armas
Marissa Armas Pred 2 dnevi
"Let's go do some cool stuff." 😂😂 I lost it!
Hungry Hippo
Hungry Hippo Pred 2 dnevi
Are they actually from Sweden?
Hassan M'an
Hassan M'an Pred dnevom
Only Thomas is from Sweden
amin hejabi
amin hejabi Pred 2 dnevi
As an Iranian, I really wish peace for Afghanistan and Iran! I really hope Afghanistan and Iran reunite again and make a Greater Persia again. Peace ☮ ✌
Aiman Anis
Aiman Anis Pred 2 dnevi
How many strangers have you met, who just said "Hello, what can I do for you?"
FaceZorbo Pred 2 dnevi
I'm from Afghanistan and i love that your not disrespecting our country like other people do, its good to hear people like this exist 1:63 he said kam kam means little little not that much
George Gay
George Gay Pred 2 dnevi
These people in this video are the people's lives that America is destroying. All for the profit margin increase of the military industrial complex defense contractors. Understand that. These are people too.
Styil Pred 2 dnevi
Its the exact opposite here. Kabul is overwhelmingly for the new government and against the Taliban. Under the Taliban the city was incredibly locked down, no music, little art, restricted commerce, etc. You can argue other regions in Afghanistan being the ones destroyed by the US, but Kabul's prosperity is by far the product of the new afghan republic, its the only place in the nation that developed a middle class and has had relative prosperity in recent years. I'm sure Kabul's citizens have more complicated relationships with the US than "America good" but regardless they still vastly prefer what is now to the Taliban.
bob newsack
bob newsack Pred 2 dnevi
its the 5% that fuck up the country
Kip Howland
Kip Howland Pred 2 dnevi
Honestly seems like a very beautiful country. It sucks that there’s terrorists and wars going on there
Heartdrive Pred 2 dnevi
I mean he certainly has security with him
Obscur Pred 2 dnevi
This just changed my view completely
Amine Rahmaoui
Amine Rahmaoui Pred 2 dnevi
Come to Algeria
Sarah Witsaman
Sarah Witsaman Pred 2 dnevi
Watching this, I had tears in my eyes starting from the point you were playing cricket with the boys up through the visit to the masque. The boys were precious... "America 1 star!" Oh my heart!! And the guy at the masque...."What can I do for you?" I don't even hear that kind of talk here in America where everyone is so privileged! This video shows such a different side from what the news makes this country and these people out to be....and that made me incredibly sad that bc of the news, I had held this belief about Afghanistan. But in the end, this video makes my heart happy. :)
Marielle Vian
Marielle Vian Pred 2 dnevi
Wow! This is amazing!
OAP88 Pred 2 dnevi
Soda Qandeel
Soda Qandeel Pred 19 urami
Yes it's not racist at all they have really expensive cameras on them idk if you've been a kid before but I used to steal cool looking stuff when I was a kid all kids from all races steal
Belleza y Naturaleza
Excellent video! I would love to visit this beautiful country one day. The kids look so happy!
Nordic_Yogi Pred 2 dnevi
Are you from Sweden??
ederson junior da conçeição junior
From Brazil, Love afeganstan!!!
eigenbaasstudio Pred 2 dnevi
I swear i thought he had a stitch outfit on
Sayed Feraz
Sayed Feraz Pred 2 dnevi
Its really positive video . We think that we are going through bad phases in our life but when we see such vdeos then we realise god is very kind to us. Yes theroy alsway bring us thr content that touched our soul.
cj Pred 2 dnevi
It's so crazy that you can just trust a random kid with expensive camera to film but in the US that shit is gone
BallyDeZKid Pred 2 dnevi
Not to be negative but I really hope this doesn't make Noir a target of the Taliban for trying to better his own country, what an amazing human being
Vincent Lloyd
Vincent Lloyd Pred 2 dnevi
Great perspective of Afghanistan. Ive been there many times for work, and I always end up missing that place. Salam
Paul Jackson Tamil
Paul Jackson Tamil Pred 2 dnevi
I Love it All Your Video man!! The best "Yes Theory" From INDIA And TAMILNADU
ItsJustDaBoi Pred 3 dnevi
“This is the most dangerous trip” ha bitch please. You bungee jumped off a helicopter into the Grand Canyon with Will Smith.
Thiago Steiner
Thiago Steiner Pred 3 dnevi
"Im about to fly to one of the most dangerous country in the world" So u flying to Brazil
Narges Karimi
Narges Karimi Pred 3 dnevi
offering you tea the most Asian things😇
Lizard Person
Lizard Person Pred 3 dnevi
Drew looks like budget Markiplier
For the 25
Ogledi 5 mio.