Playing an RPG for the second time 

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Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series - sltv.info/wiev/PLKtIcOP0WvJB29YkQlSKhxwsab4JlysSj
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12. jan. 2021

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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Pred 10 dnevi
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist - sltv.info/wiev/PLKtIcOP0WvJB29YkQlSKhxwsab4JlysSj
Sahuagin Pred 8 urami
yeah I watched them in reverse order, but oh well
Annissic 0
Annissic 0 Pred 9 urami
Mathew Sakwa
Mathew Sakwa Pred 10 urami
this is hilarious
DarkStarzWinning Pred 12 urami
Please make a long one or two of these rpg a week and youll become a youtube legend
DarkStarzWinning Pred 12 urami
Please make one of these every week to twice a week and youll become a youtube legend
Razorbliz Pred 7 minutami
Also I guess the giant guy on the hill was just a really tall guy and the blue dude offering him stuff must have been super tiny, seeing how Jacob is almost the same size as the giant haha. Either that or Jacob and the people of townton are smaller giants :)
Razorbliz Pred 9 minutami
I love how you made the rat evil and would very much love to see more of this noobs story unfold it would be great fun. Thank you for the time you spent on making these, they put a smile on my face and make me laugh so thank you for this:)
Amphire Pred 12 minutami
So glad i stumbled upon these videos
Yachti Bugatti
Yachti Bugatti Pred 15 minutami
"A healthbar does not show who is an enemy to you it shows who is an enemy to themselves"... bloodbornes secret message with dark souls obvious ascetic... GENIUS!
WolfCat-Hybrid Pred 31 minuto
I dont think I will ever get over I AM SO SICK OF DOING EVERYTHING WRONG kakslflslalahshdh, fucjing MOOD Jacob. Idk about yall but I would totally play a game with mechanics like this :]
Satsuki Obsession
Satsuki Obsession Pred 35 minutami
Literally love these
LargeKarma Pred 59 minutami
The oblivion music was so good
A fitting end
Carlo Templo
Carlo Templo Pred uro
That delivery of the "Oh fuck..." line is pure gold
Taidgh Haggerty
I really should have watched these videos in order
Ms. L.C.
Ms. L.C. Pred uro
The title does not match the video. But in the end, nothing in this video matches anything.
Rui Rodrigues
Rui Rodrigues Pred uro
I love it
antonio cruz
antonio cruz Pred uro
This is fucking genius
izzran Pred uro
the true ending
Grenadier Gator
Grenadier Gator Pred 2 urami
I fucking died at 2:30, the second little scream when he ran out of breath. Joel, you’re doing great man! 👨 keep it up!
Seelenkrieger Pred 2 urami
Adventure awaits, HUZZAH!
Ester Grant
Ester Grant Pred 3 urami
most shocking anime betrayals
Vivek Bhand
Vivek Bhand Pred 3 urami
A new SLtv legend in his making...
Jonathan Conway
Jonathan Conway Pred 3 urami
Adventa (Heavily breathing) Awaits
Yadse wn Dé
Yadse wn Dé Pred 3 urami
Marshal is top 10 villians. Up there with Remy when it comes to rats or maybe even the gangsters from flushed away
Codi Serville
Codi Serville Pred 3 urami
Do you want any water?" Ha
Camen Bryant
Camen Bryant Pred 3 urami
Can your next animation be a brief but extremely epic and triumphant clip of Jacob running into the King's chambers and delivering the killing blow on Marshall? Please and thank you
Inferno 54
Inferno 54 Pred 3 urami
The emotional payoff of this arc was surprisingly poignant. Also eternal love for oblivion music
Mork Mansona
Mork Mansona Pred 3 urami
Truly one of the best redemption arcs in cinematic history.
Sir Gelvin
Sir Gelvin Pred 4 urami
I am looking more forward to this then ATOT
thousandyoung Pred 4 urami
This should be in Adult Swim lmao
TheRobdog7 Pred 4 urami
Man that oblivion music gets me going
Burrito Pred 4 urami
The fact that this story is over actually felt like my favorite show coming to an end.
Иван Федоров
Daniel Hernández A.
I saw again the second part and he asked the giant that what if a savage dog didn't have a health bar, it seems in the first run he killed spot
Sip of Sunkist
Sip of Sunkist Pred 5 urami
why was that ending so wholesome xD
Gloobus s
Gloobus s Pred 5 urami
I’m getting massive adventure time vibes and I love that.
Uriel Acosta
Uriel Acosta Pred 5 urami
Plot twist: Jacob is the corrupt king and this is his origin story
Robert Rollins
Robert Rollins Pred 5 urami
The sequel we all needed
Saints Row Isn't Cancelled Anymore
4:02 anyone else noticed the mouse cursor on the bottom right of the screen ?
Luisin88 Pred 6 urami
y u do this marshal
sadMod Pred 6 urami
4:07 This is going to be lofi video art in no time
Юрий Егоров
"A health bar does not show whos an enemy to you, it shows who's an enemy to themselves". That line is the best
igotdaspice Pred 6 urami
such a masterpiece, such an inspiring story :'(
Auron Roy
Auron Roy Pred 6 urami
Third playthrough: the Old Man is evil now. He has a rocket launcher.
FanDoom Pred 6 urami
"I wasnt even that corrupt"
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Pred 6 urami
Fucking full circle
Amaru Coiz
Amaru Coiz Pred 7 urami
_F9 again_
Kenny W
Kenny W Pred 7 urami
Loving the Oblivion music in this.
West Mayoi
West Mayoi Pred 7 urami
Numa Arban
Numa Arban Pred 7 urami
2:00 I love how he moves like a high templar in starcraft ... lol those after image trails xD
Ratel Pred 7 urami
kkkkkkkkk i love this shit kkkkkk
Aphollo17 Pred 7 urami
What I would pay to get a real game of this
Gideon Kupka
Gideon Kupka Pred 8 urami
I like this guys’ mindset about art
EX22SNIPER Pred 8 urami
Love it
Johnny Synaptic
Johnny Synaptic Pred 8 urami
omfg! the town!
ShadowSloth3 Pred 8 urami
Marshall Law
TheFel0x Pred 9 urami
2:33 hello windows loading symbol
Backwoods Bum
Backwoods Bum Pred 9 urami
“Marshall has no moral compass. He is a rat”
TheDrunkLance Pred 9 urami
the redemption arc we needed
Freak Zilla
Freak Zilla Pred 9 urami
I love how at the end of his epic journey, he's still rocking his early game gear. I guess he chose to do a no looting run.
Travis Caddie
Travis Caddie Pred 9 urami
Aww man, I want a friend like that giant :(
SoapieSal Pred 9 urami
This gives me re zero vibes lol
Ale N.O
Ale N.O Pred 10 urami
It turns out that he is the ancestor of Dad and Son.
Christopher Wheeler
Christopher Wheeler Pred 10 urami
This is amazing...
Riley Banks
Riley Banks Pred 10 urami
This is some back in the day MTV type shit
Just some plant cells -
So realistic. As if it’s drawn after some motion capture. It’s so good!
chaosXpert Pred 10 urami
The Redemption Arc!
Creegopunk Pred 10 urami
IM SO SICK, OF DOING, EVERYTHING every video game ever where YOU gotta do everything for everyone
Simon Smoy
Simon Smoy Pred 10 urami
Man I love your videos. Keep up the good work and the good comedy! HUZZZAAAAAAAAAAHHH
Brandon Vallier
Brandon Vallier Pred 10 urami
The feels when he's confronting marshal, oof. I got seriously immersed in that moment especially when he gets calm and says "adventure awaits". The ending was also such an amazing way to finish it and a great throwback to your previous animation.
Mateus MS
Mateus MS Pred 8 urami
Legit same... Hollywood take notes
Roni Kurniawan
Roni Kurniawan Pred 10 urami
Somehow we forgot that 'jacob' is the strongest character in the series..
Dandertuts Pred 10 urami
I thought this was going to be a rick roll what the fuck is this
Buffalo Pred 10 urami
the redemption arc
It's ya boy alex
It's ya boy alex Pred 11 urami
Is nobody curious what song plays when he fights the rat?
Atomic Potato
Atomic Potato Pred 11 urami
i wish the wholesome chat between the giant and main character was a lot longer so i could sleep to it even if it was very minimal or just the ambiance of them
Elijah Thurlow
Elijah Thurlow Pred 11 urami
your content is overwhelmingly good.
Oat Blenders
Oat Blenders Pred 11 urami
"I am so sick of doing everything wrong!" and screaming are my life.
Mohamed Taymour
Mohamed Taymour Pred 11 urami
The man playing the adventurer is a pro, he parried 3 GUNSHOTS WITH A SWORD What a gaming mad lad
Eustachy Motyka
Eustachy Motyka Pred 11 urami
I watch it at least once a week. It gives me some strange kind of peace. Nice. I have some water after. But not after I sit on it for a sec. I want to watch the sunset.
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Pred 11 urami
Better plot and lore than lots of movies nowadays
Krist Pred 11 urami
lemongrab origin story
max 99
max 99 Pred 12 urami
i new it marshal was evil
Code Pred 12 urami
Dude, is that the @Rats mod rat sounds for minecraft? That sound is the bane of my existence
Jacks Animated
Jacks Animated Pred 12 urami
I had to come back and watch it again after learning he animated this with a mouse and keyboard.
SkySires Pred 12 urami
0:01 - 0:08 How it feels at first picking yourself up after blowing it on a test or quiz.
Kdawg562 Pred 12 urami
The ending is so wholesome.
xXAquatic_BlazeXx Pred 12 urami
Petition to make him animate a jacob vs marshal fight
GaySpoon Pred 12 urami
The giant is my favourite reoccurring character
Ronnie Wood
Ronnie Wood Pred 12 urami
"He's got a gun!"
DarkStarzWinning Pred 12 urami
Please make a long one to two of these rpg a week and youll become youtube legend
upgradesky56 Pred 13 urami
>marshal has a tiny Glock huh, didn't know they made mouse guns
SpikeVallen Pred 13 urami
"adventure awaits, huzaah" is the best
GuideToNothing Pred 13 urami
we'll shale sing tales of the nameless hero in nights to come
Drop Therapy
Drop Therapy Pred 13 urami
Honestly the health bar idea in this video would make for an interesting game mechanic
Highonlife77 Pred 13 urami
That was the most powerful huzzah I’ve ever heard
dennis15497 Pred 13 urami
Goosebumps 3:10
MizManTheFryingP Pred 13 urami
I love the character development here. There's even Spot the family pet!
Charly Falcon
Charly Falcon Pred 13 urami
"He haa a gun!" That killed me XD
Carson Klein
Carson Klein Pred 13 urami
Fable 1
Lizzy Behr
Lizzy Behr Pred 14 urami
I love these
Vaniste Valor non brand
Hey men, this would be amazing if this becomes a series lol (been watching this on repeat)
Akrista Pred 14 urami
Was getting the guy out of the cage a reference to the old Atari Superman game?
K Noelle
K Noelle Pred 14 urami
What a twist. 😱
How I Animated This Video
Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG
The Giant
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