The Biggest Announcement Of My Life 

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So happy to bring you guys this huge announcement, please start getting involved and supporting the journey right away with the link below! Going to do you all proud!
💙 Teenage Cancer Trust: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/EthanPayne
📨 Get Involved: www.electric-robin.com/behzinga
💪 Gymshark: gym.sh/EthanGS
🏋️‍♂️ BULK POWDERS: tidd.ly/5031843e
💾 Second Channel: goo.gl/zj8iLh
🐦Twitter: goo.gl/vLFjVi
📸 Instagram: goo.gl/kZFDby
👨‍👦‍👦 Sidemen Channel: goo.gl/75JAoW
👕 Sidemen Clothing: goo.gl/3PvKDU
📘 Sidemen Book: goo.gl/iFMyRx
🎮 Custom Controllers: goo.gl/7mf2bs
📹 How I Record My Gameplay: goo.gl/L4UUcA
💻 My Custom PC: goo.gl/2QPvxR
#Behzinga #Sidemen
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12. feb. 2020

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Behzinga Pred letom
I can't wait to put my all into this project and represent for you guys, seeing as you've supported me through everything! Please make sure to check everything out in the description & please get involved with any way you can! Love you all, hope you enjoy!
Harry Kilbane
Harry Kilbane Pred 10 meseci
Not annymore hahahaha
Marcus Johnston
Marcus Johnston Pred 10 meseci
Isn’t it postponed to October
Kaid3N 91
Kaid3N 91 Pred letom
stream it
SwitchHD Pred letom
Myles Smith umm i think that was just u
Drumshreddar 759
Drumshreddar 759 Pred letom
Ok who else thought he was comin out gay
Ellie Topham
Ellie Topham Pred 4 meseci
Well done lad, you did it 🙌
UnkownJB Pred 4 meseci
Good on u lad u do u and never give up on your hopes
J B Pred 4 meseci
maasikas Pred 6 meseci
Dan Whitham
Dan Whitham Pred 6 meseci
I don't think u have the facilities for that big man
deleted 3693
deleted 3693 Pred 9 meseci
Coronavirus hits
JXBARR Pred 10 meseci
How is London marathon going to happen now
Exxdee Pred 10 meseci
“On the 26th of April 2020, I will be running the London marathon!” Coronavirus: *no you’re not*
Levente Bodi
Levente Bodi Pred 6 meseci
TheHitlist72 Pred 10 meseci
This aged well
JSL Pred 10 meseci
Sure hope once the virus is gone all of this can become reality again! "Behz runs the London Marathon 2021"
Akayuza Pred 10 meseci
Biggest announcement of my life: my dad isn't coming back
Grimesy Pred 10 meseci
I dont think behz had corona in mind making this
jacob christer
jacob christer Pred 10 meseci
Not running it now #coronavirus
jimbok1999 Pred 10 meseci
No u wont it postponed
XD Roar
XD Roar Pred 11 meseci
Not anymore
Sohan YT
Sohan YT Pred 11 meseci
well you are not going to run marathon anymore brother
JustCallMeLouis Pred 11 meseci
....no you wont
aidan carr
aidan carr Pred 11 meseci
corona said no
Josh Darroch
Josh Darroch Pred 11 meseci
Anyone in quarantine wondering if the marathon is still happening?
1000 subs No vids
1000 subs No vids Pred 11 meseci
Well he can’t be doing that nowadays 😭😂
Qaye Pred 11 meseci
Event got cancelled
ross stewart
ross stewart Pred 11 meseci
Not anymore
i have no clue
i have no clue Pred 11 meseci
2:41 thought the dude pissed himself
i have no clue
i have no clue Pred 11 meseci
1:54 tesco motto eh
Bored af
Bored af Pred 11 meseci
Don't want to sound rude but you shouldn't run the marathon. Corona virus is out brah. It might be delayed
Joshua Jose
Joshua Jose Pred 11 meseci
He said thunk instead of thought
Joshua Jose
Joshua Jose Pred 11 meseci
happens to the best of us including being the only reply to your comment
Lee Watson
Lee Watson Pred letom
Not now because coronavirus
Imran Mohammed
Imran Mohammed Pred letom
Looks like the marathon is cancelled...
Ski Pred letom
Tbh if someone told that to Behzinga 5 years ago this would happen he would laugh his ass off
Neve Wilkins
Neve Wilkins Pred letom
Are you going to carbohydrate load before the marathon to store more energy?
Exotic Myric
Exotic Myric Pred letom
What's your marathon Number?
Mr.Rapper of the Year 2014 #
Was expecting him to come out.
Saga Boman
Saga Boman Pred letom
You really are amazing and a good hearted person!❤️🥰
The JoKeR
The JoKeR Pred letom
Had he finally come out the closet
Silver Bee
Silver Bee Pred letom
honestly mate, how the hell do you do it??? I've gone from one end of the eating disorder spectrum to the other and I'm probably twice the size I was when I was at the"low end"- although some would say that's a good thing. I don't think I know how to be normal and happ(ier) like you seem to have become.You're my biggest inspiration but literally howwwww
Georgina Warren-Love
Yesssssss 👌👌
VTLT Pred letom
ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! April 26th
A2IR3 Pred letom
The title: The biggest announcement of my life Me: He's gay now
Haidar Ali Officials
When I read the title I thought his dad was coming back
Tom Sleep
Tom Sleep Pred letom
link for electric robin not working
Westerm Jena Tolls
Nice Hope you do good
Crinja Ninjas
Crinja Ninjas Pred letom
Idky but I thought he wanted to fight someone
Callum Deighton
Callum Deighton Pred letom
Moo off 2020 who's looking forward to it
Colbymyles Pred letom
Ngl I got clickbated. I thought he found his dad
Jack Turner
Jack Turner Pred letom
Behz, if you see this, just a little video idea. Should get in contact with Eddie hall and do like a training with the worlds strongest man video or something
Joe McCloskey
Joe McCloskey Pred letom
backing music in the beginning of the video?
EliteZ4 Pred letom
Anyone knows what song this is?
Freek Elenbaas
Freek Elenbaas Pred letom
Bez you have to update the subscription banner at the beginning, youre at 3,44 mil .
Rockin Golem76
Rockin Golem76 Pred letom
Me: reads title Also me: hes bout to meet his dad
Layne Bremner
Layne Bremner Pred letom
That's on my b day
Edward Brown
Edward Brown Pred letom
Not much time to train
Edward Brown
Edward Brown Pred letom
Not much time to train
A-Lex Predator
A-Lex Predator Pred letom
I thought he was gonna say he was gonna go on I’m a celeb 😂
Bollock Boy
Bollock Boy Pred letom
Why are u doing weights training for a marathon
Cristian Uzhca
Cristian Uzhca Pred letom
Hope you win
Cristian Uzhca
Cristian Uzhca Pred letom
Let’s get it
SirTHOTSalot 92
SirTHOTSalot 92 Pred letom
Ngl if i see behz running that marathon im gonna cry
OGX Pred letom
Amazing bro. 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Jeet Skeet
Jeet Skeet Pred letom
The news is that all along He had 2 mums
samer al-slais
samer al-slais Pred letom
April fools???
Havoc Pred letom
I mean good on u it’s a good cause with the documentary for other people and the charity but it’s not rlly a once in a life time a away all’s u have to do is just be fit lol
Niko Nuñez
Niko Nuñez Pred letom
Omg that is amazing I’m so happy for you
how not to be human
jeez go on bhez
Kush Patel
Kush Patel Pred letom
when i read the title... all i heard in my head was, phillip schofield here
JTFlix Pred letom
Not going to lie canna though he was going to say he was gay p😂
JayLaw Pred letom
You have come such a long way. Congrats n good luck with the marathon 👍
Bob Mackay
Bob Mackay Pred letom
my sports teacher is runnin da london marathon
Real Pepega
Real Pepega Pred letom
Jack Affleck
Jack Affleck Pred letom
3:23 who else thought he was gonna say succeed
Minizum Pred letom
If he completes the marathon without flexing ill subscribe
Alex Remmers
Alex Remmers Pred letom
Good luck Behz! Smash it bro 🏃‍♂️
ウィーラー Pred letom
why are people disliking, its for charity
Pieguyrobot Pred letom
Is your dad back?
King Games
King Games Pred letom
Who else thought he found his dad?
PUBGMobi Jr Pred letom
Big up behz hope you smash the London marathon you got this fam.
Rhys Rodgers
Rhys Rodgers Pred letom
I thought u were going to say that u were gay
Darragh O Doherty
like father like son, starting to run
Ryan Pred letom
Big man of your age and you’re still posting clickbait thumbnails like this, still making content for 8 year olds congrats
zandernpatch Pred letom
Thought it was going to be he's Phillip schofield's secret lover 😂
LilR1sk Pred letom
Me when I see the video title: ‘omg he’s leaving the sidemen let’s gooooo’ Me when I watch the video: 🙁☹️
TryH PanDa
TryH PanDa Pred letom
Good luck
Sonny Stevenson
Sonny Stevenson Pred letom
Thumbnail looks like Rooney on crack
Speedy Barry
Speedy Barry Pred letom
God dam thought he asked out allisa
Adam Ede
Adam Ede Pred letom
If yas need some marathon training tips watch some Seth demoor vids good luck lad
Walid Samir
Walid Samir Pred letom
Mr behzinga ur bare dumb Bruv
Ryan Hedges
Ryan Hedges Pred letom
I thought from the title my man was gonna do a Phillip schofeild
A K Pred letom
I was not expecting him finding his dad.
J ake
J ake Pred letom
bring afc sidemates back
jelly beans
jelly beans Pred letom
Mans got 🎂
Kyle Cattell
Kyle Cattell Pred letom
Abdullah Alhamad
Abdullah Alhamad Pred letom
I thought he found his dad tbh
LT X Ozone
LT X Ozone Pred letom
When is he gonna date Alissa violet
UNEPIKNUT Pred letom
Thought u were saying u and Alissa violet are dating.....
Brandon Egan
Brandon Egan Pred letom
Zak Wolf
Zak Wolf Pred letom
That’s tuff
United Pred letom
You found your dad??
Ghost Pred letom
Lemme guess ur dad is back
Elliott Hulme
Elliott Hulme Pred letom
When I saw the title I thought,” Has he found his dad again?”
BD yanish
BD yanish Pred letom
Me: *reads title* Also me: *is him quiting youtube*
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