Driving My Lamborghini To The Highschool I Dropped Out Of (Reactions) 

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Nearly 3 years after dropping out of high school in 10th grade, today I drive my Lamborghini back to school and get some reactions! Instagram: @BOWLES
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Driving My Lamborghini To The Highschool I Dropped Out Of (Reactions)
Today I shipped my car from Arizona to my hometown in Minnesota so that I could drive my Lamborghini Huracan to the high school I dropped out of in 10th grade.
We also have some fun showing my family and friends the car, get some great reactions and go really fast (up to the speed limit only of course...).
This is a super personal and fun video for me because there was a lot of negativity towards me in the hometown and school that I grew up in, and I always have always wanted to be able to drive the car of my dreams where I was born & raised.
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23. sep. 2019

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Hayden Bowles
Hayden Bowles Pred letom
Hope you guys enjoy this video! After putting it together, my grandpa was definitely the star of it 😂 Hahah hilarious guy and always so positive. This is definitely one of my favorite videos!
Don Phillips
Don Phillips Pred 2 urami
Brett James
Brett James Pred 2 meseci
So how did you succeed in a world that’s ment to only support GED and diploma people .?
Riz Riz
Riz Riz Pred 3 meseci
@PiperXUltra C
Riz Riz
Riz Riz Pred 3 meseci
I'm a loser I have a iat:(
Michael Dillon
Michael Dillon Pred 3 meseci
Hi Hayden, nice vid bro quite inspiring. I'm soon going to start a vlogging channel too, and I too dropped out. Hope you go far man.
tian Ly
tian Ly Pred uro
This guy has no substance. It's all about materialism. Sad.
patrick schaefer
Oh I have a Lamborghini huracan porformontea to in yellow!
Lucas Werner
Lucas Werner Pred 15 urami
DuUdE uR sO cOoL
Neo Smith
Neo Smith Pred dnevom
Bourgeois and childish. Great work.
Romulo Alvarado
Romulo Alvarado Pred dnevom
I congratulation you on your succes but I dont think is a good rolemodel for kits. About that Drop out school thing you have going on here
Zephury Pred 2 dnevi
Isnt GED something you can test for if you drop out of highschool, in order to go to university/colleges anyway? Like... it's not the same thing as "No Diploma" or something, right? No GED could mean he finished highschool and didn't go the GED route.
William Arnold
William Arnold Pred 3 dnevi
Hey hayden u are a fuckin idiot man hands down
Captain FALKEN
Captain FALKEN Pred 4 dnevi
I graduated in 2015. Like a 1 GPA. Straight Ds (except Language... A af). Exempted everything because I showed up everyday. That GPA garbage is based on grades, not IQ. It's all just a label bestowed the f*** on you by simpleton "teachers" that drive a pos Ford Fusion pos. Can I get an amen? I promise a majority of school staff in the world won't know crap about car community or fitness. I also wrote better than every person in that hillbilly school. Print is for simps. Drew better than the art teachers, also. (Git gud, poser school staff) Had 3 vehicles before my license. 11 vehicles so far lol. Mostly hotrod toys to have fun in. Made plenty through work experience and hours put in.. works that way with any skillset. You gotta do the work and push hard, FOR YOUR OWN INTERESTS. Your hobbies are gateways. Point is, you don't discover yourself until after school. Maybe even years after school. Everything is a learning process. Each subject or topic literally has its own community/atmosphere. Music, cars, games, art, fitness/arts/physical and psychological sciences, women. Either you're in the game or your not! Just be yourself, and have fun. Get that sunshine and smile, sing and dance. Do it now
Weekend At Burnsy’s
Yeah, growing up in Edina the odds are definitely stacked against you. Glad you made it out of that ghetto. Unreal... This is literally just Hayden Bowles huffing his own farts for 18 minutes.
Aaron Pred 7 dnevi
Who is this guy? How did he get that kind of money I wonder
luvy 0x
luvy 0x Pred 9 dnevi
he owns a lambo but his music video is from NCS which dont match with it !
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 9 dnevi
How is Driver supposed to get out of trailer ? 😲
DazE Clan
DazE Clan Pred 15 dnevi
Yesss Edina, I go to South View which if the other Middle School but I will go to high school at EHs
Obytack Pred 15 dnevi
Talk about clickbait much.
Sumit Raj
Sumit Raj Pred 16 dnevi
What do u do for living
Chris B
Chris B Pred 18 dnevi
I LOVE the message to kids here: giving up in school nets you a lot of money to blow on cars
Stand Tall For Christ
Stand Tall For Christ Pred 18 dnevi
10K Haters? DAMMMMMMMnnnnnnnnn I'm not hating
Jake F
Jake F Pred 22 dnevi
This dude is like the “I swear I’m rich” kid that barely can afford to live in Bel Air Cali how sad
Si1ver Star37
Si1ver Star37 Pred 23 dnevi
Id LOVE to do the samething. Fuck school. It only teaches you to work for someone else to make them rich. Entrepreneurs baby!!!!
Derek W C
Derek W C Pred 23 dnevi
At first thought u were another rich SLtv 'R! Then noticed only 200 thousandish subs! So your really are just a striaght up spoiled ass kid!!! Ur a walking talking example of why they tell us from the start that LIFE ISNT FAIR!!
Derek W C
Derek W C Pred 23 dnevi
People run into burning buildings to save others! People fight for for this country, People become doctor's, nurses etc! None can live as nice as a 10th grade dropout! WELCOME TO AMERICA!!
ApexIndustries Pred 24 dnevi
dronetastic man
dronetastic man Pred 27 dnevi
Did anyone see that mall grab
HolyNite Pred 27 dnevi
You know this doesn't work out for everyone who drops out
oWayWard -
oWayWard - Pred 10 dnevi
The only dumb thing kids can do after watching this, is to continue down their same system. If you want to get somewhere you don't listen to the teachers with base salaries, your parents with normal jobs, your elders in the same positions as the previous two, you definitely don't listen to no damn YT comments.. You listen to the person that has acquired what you want and only them, because they know how to get to that said Lamborghini, financial freedom, whatever you may desire.
sanav k
sanav k Pred 28 dnevi
your dad is cool
P CZ Pred 28 dnevi
Kids, don't follow this moron's footsteps no matter how smart you think you are.
Jay Sindac
Jay Sindac Pred 29 dnevi
hey! jesse wake-up! jesse! jesse! -walter white (some blues’ stuff)
Ssparkk Pred mesecem
12:57 you are welcome brothas
charles fun
charles fun Pred mesecem
restoing by goonsquad
Enmanuel Benavides
Enmanuel Benavides Pred mesecem
No GED and down support our schools ahahhahhahah
kiefer Woods
kiefer Woods Pred mesecem
What does GED even mean
Declan Prentoski
Declan Prentoski Pred mesecem
The lambo is cheap
Viv doolan
Viv doolan Pred mesecem
After all that build up , spending a fortune transporting the car , I was expecting you to meet with the school and speak to some of the kids about what you have done. This would have been welcomed by the school. I find this video quite disappointing as it's totally self indulgent, you just parked outside and took a photo.
kacen merrill
kacen merrill Pred mesecem
Lol “it inspires me” nah that no ged plate is a biiiig fuck you, I love it but own it man
denny b
denny b Pred mesecem
Oh look! Another “Lamborghini Bro” telling everyone how to win in life - how original. Yawn.
Strawberry Pred mesecem
I live in Minnesota
Killer Pills
Killer Pills Pred mesecem
Killer Pills
Killer Pills Pred mesecem
there was literally no reactions
Gnoangel Pred mesecem
Ur still dumb as shit tho 😭😭😭
NL Machìne YT
NL Machìne YT Pred mesecem
Minnesota is my HOME!
Heath M
Heath M Pred mesecem
'about three or four inches'...yep.
Sam Gentile
Sam Gentile Pred mesecem
Anyone can Buy a car, but you have to Earn a HS diploma. Only a very low IQ person would brag he dropped out in the 10th grade.
Hadyn Slates you boi
My name is hadyn
Erick Pred mesecem
Your here from his tik tik also?
MxchaelD Pred mesecem
ur grandpa is a sender I love it
RAZER_VIPER _ Pred mesecem
I watched this video a long time ago then I saw his tik tok about how much she makes from SLtv then I came to this video
Patrick Turner
Patrick Turner Pred mesecem
America 🇺🇸
Ken Howard
Ken Howard Pred mesecem
From Australia: what does GED actually stand for?
TheWedgieCraft TWC
TheWedgieCraft TWC Pred mesecem
DUDE THATS LITERALLY MY SCHOOL! WTF lmfao how come I never heard of this? My name is Joe Kavanaugh, i wonder if i went to school with this dude..
doug moore
doug moore Pred mesecem
Hmmm...what was the point of all this....buy a car that always breaks down...
Chamar Pittman
Chamar Pittman Pred mesecem
Would love to do that also
Dwaine Wolmarans
Dwaine Wolmarans Pred mesecem
My dream car is aventidor
El Mencho
El Mencho Pred mesecem
you live az me to bro
Braggzie Studios
Braggzie Studios Pred mesecem
Nice Minnesota i from there too
The Holy Jinsus
The Holy Jinsus Pred mesecem
ᴅᴀᴍɴ ʙʀᴏ. Wʜᴀᴛ ᴀ ᴡᴀʏ ᴛᴏ ғʟᴇx😒
Jason Matthews
Jason Matthews Pred mesecem
This is the biggest, most cliche, example of, "Look what I can do!", I have ever seen.
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray Pred mesecem
This guy seems pretty chill, That must have been pretty fulfilling especially to all those people who thought he wouldn’t turn out to something good , lowkey he’s definitely from Scottsdale Arizona.
MapleBit Studio
MapleBit Studio Pred mesecem
Should have sown some more of peoples reactions.
MapleBit Studio
MapleBit Studio Pred mesecem
Totally wondering how you get out of the car after you drive it into the truck XD
Mohamed Abdihkeem
Mohamed Abdihkeem Pred mesecem
You showed ur grandpa address 6300
Owen Daley
Owen Daley Pred mesecem
Cool number plate dude GED, very motivating
Dylan Havell
Dylan Havell Pred mesecem
Oh my god, I love your grandpa haha
Sungblox Pred mesecem
Oh god, this guy is just a douchebag. Not even a car guy. No wonder he dropped out.
Icyreact Pred mesecem
they look like some need for speed cast
Alexander Espiritu Sudario
Cool Hayden, with the school pictures of you and the Lambo. Hole in one... Fairway
itsManuel Pred mesecem
I love the part with the reactions :)
Mantas Mineikis
Mantas Mineikis Pred mesecem
Your a show off
ProdbyNorm Pred mesecem
Hey I go there
Agent Venta
Agent Venta Pred mesecem
I love the car but this got my head hurting
The Saint
The Saint Pred mesecem
This is just fucking sad
Ashik Pred mesecem
Buy a teeth for him instead of car
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan Pred mesecem
Mommy and daddy sure give you money Son
Kris Villa
Kris Villa Pred mesecem
whats your job
Magic of Jafo
Magic of Jafo Pred mesecem
How does the guy get out of the car after loading it on the truck?
Ghost_Slayer141 Pred mesecem
Dang. I've drop out on my 18th b-day Great vid anyway
Ken Brown
Ken Brown Pred mesecem
Empty School 🤣
Ken Brown
Ken Brown Pred mesecem
Warning:Click baited
JFBG Camo Pred 2 meseci
Getting a Hayden Bowles AD on a Hayden Bowles video... #Goals
JustAction Pred 2 meseci
Carbon fiber rims?
patugejv Pred 2 meseci
Looks like fun! if you want a crazy idea, try taking your lambo golfing and use it for a golf cart. If you want to get crazier, try doing the Johnny Knocksville jack ass stunt and jump it
Valentin Pănulescu
Valentin Pănulescu Pred 2 meseci
Peasant being a peasant. I can get materialistic things even if i sleep all day and still won't brag about dropping out of school... It's a step in life even if it doesn't help you in the future...
Oliver Fitzpatrick
Oliver Fitzpatrick Pred 2 meseci
Y is everyone hating
Braydon Trusty
Braydon Trusty Pred 2 meseci
Plot twist: truck driver stole his Lambergini
krvhz Pred 2 meseci
is this an ad or something
John Tari
John Tari Pred 2 meseci
Stupid kid, where's the school. I was looking forward to see the reaction from the students.
Bcae Pred 2 meseci
Jadakiss Turner
Jadakiss Turner Pred 2 meseci
Why did you drop out
Jonathan Roets
Jonathan Roets Pred 2 meseci
My question is how can you get so rich in 3 years
Nicklodeon Studios
Nicklodeon Studios Pred 2 meseci
CEO of: AhhhhH 4:15
SpectxreRBLX Pred 2 meseci
12:53 he finally makes it to the school
@haydenbowles you have the COOLEST Grandpa! Forget the haters, Gramps made this video awesome!
Kareem maraash
Kareem maraash Pred 2 meseci
Bro what do u work??
the night griffin 11
the night griffin 11 Pred 2 meseci
"dropped out of high-school" hmmm press x for doubt
austin callahan
austin callahan Pred 2 meseci
Don't blame u u wouldn't wanna put the mile on it either
Petx X
Petx X Pred 2 meseci
WTF!!...What's d point of all this CRAP? WTF ARE U TRYING TO PROVE dude?? Did u take a good look at your POOR Roller Board??😨dammmnnn it dude...what's wrong with? You can't even say PROPERLY "Grandpah"...so...it doesn't surprise me ALL D DIRT around you...look at that POOR CAR?! Gossshhh...DISGUSTING!😨😨POOR CAR!👎👎👎👊
dead channel
dead channel Pred 2 meseci
You know he is extremely insecure about dropping out of highschool, who would do all this to prove your worth to yourself.
dead channel
dead channel Pred 23 dnevi
@Tre Matsuda LIVE nothing, but doing ALL this, damn...... what a shame.
Tre Matsuda LIVE
Tre Matsuda LIVE Pred 23 dnevi
What’s wrong with proving your worth to yourself?
Glenn Wedge
Glenn Wedge Pred 2 meseci
2mins had enough of this big headed prick
Icrem Ibor
Icrem Ibor Pred 2 meseci
omg Grandpa know how to drive his bmw like a bmw, good job
Balcony LifeStyle
Balcony LifeStyle Pred 2 meseci
stay in school kids