Emanet 122. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 122 

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

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23. feb. 2021

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Y@zy@ğMuRu Pred dnevom
Seherin bu kaçmalari utanmalarida yeter artik
nancy leblanc
nancy leblanc Pred 2 dnevi
We need english subtitles please
Michele michele
Michele michele Pred 3 dnevi
Their new ID cards state she is 25 yrs old and he is 30!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂 also, his card expires 27 May 2028 hers expires 16 november 2035!!!!! 😂 so funny! Surely he has to be at least 40 yrs old and i know she was 20/1 you would think the two cards would expire on same date as each other! 🙂
Michele michele
Michele michele Pred 3 dnevi
She left yaman bedroom to go to yusuf room in bare feet then entered yusuf room wearing black boots 😂
Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi Pred 4 dnevi
DEAR ALL International FANS HERE - I happened to stumble upon Halil Ibrahim comments in his instangram - sharing with you all as he too felt the role of Seher is just too too soft but he put it in a nice way THAT SHE IS VERY PURE .... even if I read correctly - he too feel frustrated with Seher role in Emanet Halil ibrahim ceyhan went live on his IG account on his free time fans have ask him how is sila türkoğlu in person here is what haili said: Sila is very beautiful and kind person she is very silent. But still if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have this kind of joy and passion to film the emanet serie. Yaman kirimli my character. That I have given him life. Hase been very unfer towards seher I have had a hard time filming these scenes with her because I can’t yell at her she is very pure and kind her big green eyes say everything hopefully yaman will see the truth as well
Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi Pred 4 dnevi
Dear Producers - Please READ ALL THE COMMENTS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL FANS and realise where your mistake in making this drama please
paula Miranda
paula Miranda Pred 4 dnevi
Tá parecendo o filme a bela e fera
F Stan
F Stan Pred 5 dnevi
Sila and Halil fans We did it . Sila in one step up she is 7th . Please keep voting we can put her on the first row. Dont for get to vote the TV couple as well 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Iwona Derkowska
Iwona Derkowska Pred 9 dnevi
Zachowują się jak niedorozwinięci. Drętwa natura.
Yassmine Debbani
Yassmine Debbani Pred 10 dnevi
ليش ما بدو يقول إسمها؟ ؟
Cida Calsolari
Cida Calsolari Pred 10 dnevi
Eu queria legendado por favor será possível OBRIGADO
Fati G
Fati G Pred 10 dnevi
4:20 😂😂🤣🤣🙈
Adile Ismayilova
Adile Ismayilova Pred 10 dnevi
Selim senin hatanin affi yok
Ilxama Abuzarli
Ilxama Abuzarli Pred 11 dnevi
By baxiwlar meni oldurdu.offfff ne gozel weydi sevmek sevilmek.
Maria tereza Sansalone
E uma pena não poder entender.. só se fosse em português ou espanhol
F Stan
F Stan Pred 17 dnevi
Ali is making me angry. He loves Kiraz but he is still acting like the boss of Kiraz or older brother. He needs to drop that mask and act like a man towards this great woman. He needs to express his feelings to Kiraz and tell his aunt that he wants to marry her. or to let her free to be a woman. Kiraz's need to be loved is so obvious. I think because she is not fulfilled she is acting as a cupid for others. Ali gets jealous when some one comes close to Kiraz. So he is keeping every one away from her but he is not giving her anything himself. Yes she is entrusted to him but she needs some one in her life as she has no family. To me she is more like his prisoner, he is using her as a house made who is under his control. Recently he is constantly putting her down criticizing and yelling at her that is affecting her self -esteem. Yes he is good looking but I don't like Ali right now and I see the arrogance in him. Comparing the two brothers I like Yaman more as he is more caring about others than Ali is. The most important thing here is that Kiras's life is still in danger and Ali's lack of inaction is making this danger more sever. Her brother has already made an effort to kill her. Even though Ali has not touched Kiraz , to the community she is living with him and that adds to the anger of that savage brother. I think where ever he is he will come for her when he can he has the address , courtesy of Ali's ex -fiancé, and Kiraz goes to work everyday. I expect a lot more from a police chief. uff Ali smarten up.
Крадущийся Тигр
Спосибо за работу! Вы большая молодчина!!! Взяли из сериала самое главное! хотелось бы еще русский перевод! Было бы все замечательно!!!
Moeradi Valida
Moeradi Valida Pred 17 dnevi
ogras selim tupursunner seninkisiliyine o da varsa eyer
Manolya# Manolya#
Manolya# Manolya# Pred 18 dnevi
Kararım kesin.bitmitştir hani 150 .bölüm de halen evde
Annette Moonsammy
Annette Moonsammy Pred 18 dnevi
Zuhal my dear.Don't talk about Yaman Kirimli's wife.😠😠😠
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Beyaz Gül A
Beyaz Gül A Pred 19 dnevi
Elnure Ələkbərli
Elnure Ələkbərli Pred 20 dnevi
Hər şeyləri yaxşıdı amma səhərin bəzi yeyimləri yaxşı deyil
Vojsava Pazolli
Vojsava Pazolli Pred 21 dnevom
I don’t understand why she is so afraid off she never heard what husband and wife do she though is going to be formality for the rest of her life
F Stan
F Stan Pred 22 dnevi
55:37 she said Sahar Crimli and he moved his head up, his face opened up and the gesture was that of a proud man when he said "you are a Crimli" Halil was awesome. I know there is more to come but this moment of joining has a great feeling attached to it. I love Sila's natural acting, she is new but on her way to becoming a great actor. So far Yaman and Sahar have been through a few big events that each success should have improved the level of trust in each other and I want to see that in Sahar's interaction with Yaman improve. The director is making a mistake to make her to be shy with him at this stage. When he saved her life by digging her out of that grave she hugged him hard. When he saved her from Ozan by getting shot she came closer to him. Then again and again he supported her and respected her needs especially made sure not to do anything to make her uncomfortable so Sila has to be more comfortable and her expressions and progress need to reflect that trust. Hesitation in touching his hand or even when he comes close to her she looks scared while he has been the big protector of her so far. Directors don't do this to this girl. For Yaman who has been through so much trauma and bad experiences the progress is clear. He has changed his behavior to match the progress. For example he has a great control over his anger. We saw he was able to not respond when Selim punched him in the face. I see that all the words of wisdom and encouragements from Arif baba has helped Yaman and he is ready to tell her that he loves her for real and wants to solidify this marriage. We want to see more familiarity with Yaman in Sahar's behavior. He has done a lot to gain her trust but she is still avoiding to touch him because she is afraid of losing her self-control We all see that she is burning with his love and loves it when he is affectionate to her.
Vilma Finazzi
Vilma Finazzi Pred 23 dnevi
X favore voglio leggere in Italiano grazie mille.
Eliane Pontes
Eliane Pontes Pred 23 dnevi
Não dá e demais pra mim homem lindo desse
Ester Rodrigues
Ester Rodrigues Pred 25 dnevi
Não legenda em português
Marg Khedr
Marg Khedr Pred 25 dnevi
So süß🎻🌹💕🏡🔥🐞💏🍀💯🏹🎯♥️🌋💥👍❤️🇹🇷
Marg Khedr
Marg Khedr Pred 26 dnevi
Sie sollten schlafen gehen nicht drausen rum stehn in bett ist es wärmer
Тагмина Гусейнова
Selim kopeyi sen kimsen axi otur oturdukun yerde allah sizi.kimleri yok elesin ekbalida bacisinida
Ayten Celilova
Ayten Celilova Pred 26 dnevi
He. 11111111
Ayten Celilova
Ayten Celilova Pred 26 dnevi
Yok. Artik. Ya
Dilman Rasheed
Dilman Rasheed Pred 26 dnevi
That was soso cool 😎
Aisyah Iss
Aisyah Iss Pred 27 dnevi
هلا بيكم نورتوني ?
اني عراقي احب اتابع حلقات تركي 😄🇮🇶❤️🇹🇷🥺
Медина Медина
sinan Alıyeva
sinan Alıyeva Pred 29 dnevi
Yuz 17 bölumunu yukləyin
Ilkin Allahverdiyev
Ilkin Allahverdiyev Pred 29 dnevi
Yaman Sehere o qeder gozel baxirki
Naciye Sultancicek
Naciye Sultancicek Pred mesecem
Yaman söyle mutlu olcan yakisiyorsunuz
SaraV officielle
SaraV officielle Pred mesecem
I adore the comments section 😍 ❤ it's my favourite thing like a BIG FAMILY 👪 ❤ 💕
EVJC L Pred mesecem
I wish theres ang english sub in all chapters
Kh. Ra.
Kh. Ra. Pred mesecem
Sinsidir, çakaldır , tilkidir ikbal, anlıyorum. Ama Seher selime evet dememiş, umut vermemiş! Ne istiyor Seherden? Sevdigi kadını başkasına veremez ne demek? Zaten Seher kendi kalbi istedigii yerde... Sevdigin kadın seni seviyor mu aptal? Seni sevmesi için Sehere emir mi vereceksin?!
Doda Janjic
Doda Janjic Pred mesecem
Rose Pereira
Rose Pereira Pred mesecem
Podes traduzir em brasileiro por favor
Celestine Perez
Celestine Perez Pred mesecem
thank you dear mihrilee 😘😘😘
Juana Vega Flores
Juana Vega Flores Pred mesecem
Gracias mariana x la traducion...❤❤🇨🇱🤩🌷
Gordana Petkovic
Gordana Petkovic Pred mesecem
Seheri Yaman❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑👑👑💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Elza Suleymanova
Elza Suleymanova Pred mesecem
Yaman ne gòzel soyledi
Nurana Mammadova
Nurana Mammadova Pred mesecem
Much beatiful film✨
Ulken Aksu
Ulken Aksu Pred mesecem
Yamanin yuzu hicmi gulmez offf offf gulbe adam gulbe
Don Baber
Don Baber Pred mesecem
You are a sweetheart...... Thank you so much !!!
Mehluqe Aliyeva
Mehluqe Aliyeva Pred mesecem
Men bu seriyala en çox kiras ve Ali üçün baxıram,daha onların aşkları alevlense deyirem
Debra Wagner
Debra Wagner Pred mesecem
Gosh,Seher is driving me nuts with behavior,playing coy, open your mouth woman,tell him what you feel,sheesh,,so annoyed,can’t sleep
Sidra Rehman
Sidra Rehman Pred mesecem
Plz translate this drama in Urdu ...
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred mesecem
Those who dont like to miss any episode of emanet or legacy
Ifra Rafi
Ifra Rafi Pred mesecem
English subtitles plz
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred mesecem
Neslihan is so clueless when it comes to her lovelife but she all up in Seher' and Yaman's love😂😂
Angela Main
Angela Main Pred mesecem
He looks so proud!
Intizar Aliyeva
Intizar Aliyeva Pred mesecem
ilk dəfədiki belə zəif film izləmımişdim. Bu boç baxışlar sössüzdük..... Heç bəyənmədum.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred mesecem
This show slowly going down very very boooring Waisting time. Sallak.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred mesecem
Neslihan is so clueless when it comes to her lovelife but she all up in Seher' and Yaman's love😂😂
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred mesecem
Bir kac yakisikli erkek oyuncu ve güzel kadinlar girsin diziye kiskandirmak amacli abartmadan tabiki
Радик Ёрматов
Oh be ne güzel bunlerin böyle gördüm 😍 41:03
BEATRIZ Pred mesecem
Gresa Saidi
Gresa Saidi Pred mesecem
I really really wish that kiraz or ali komiserim tell eachothers feelings
behruz memmedov
behruz memmedov Pred mesecem
Sizi çox sevirəm.Həmişə birlikdə olun.Azərbaycanlıların hamısı sizi çox sevir.Azərbaycanlı qardaşları dalınızdadır.💛🧡💙
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred mesecem
dolu olabailir
Carmen Rosado
Carmen Rosado Pred mesecem
Por favor ya es hora que Seher sienta el amor que siente el guapote de Yaman por ella. En espera de ese momento. 😏
Sophie Ragosino
Sophie Ragosino Pred mesecem
please hire some one to do Subtitles under full episodes!
Sophie Ragosino
Sophie Ragosino Pred mesecem
Sure wish I knew what the were saying?
Феруза Мамедова
Нууу наконецтаа услишалии этих систер
Comptell Comptell
Comptell Comptell Pred mesecem
Kiraz özenə umac ov sonra özgəsinə əriştə kəs.hamının işinə burnunu sokma.sənə ali dözür başqası dözməz.
Happy Michael
Happy Michael Pred mesecem
I guess one day these monsters(ikbal &zuhal) are going to know that marriage is formality, then new drama is going to happen 🤮
Graciela Sosa
Graciela Sosa Pred mesecem
Hermosa miniserie
Linda Stanton
Linda Stanton Pred mesecem
I wish that it was an English so that I can understand what they're saying I get the gist of it but I just wish it was in English
Ani Turkish song
Ani Turkish song Pred mesecem
This show slowly going down very very boooring Waisting time. Sallak.
Priscilla Purcell
Priscilla Purcell Pred mesecem
Come on seher give all your trust in yamans hands he love you very much there is no one else in his heart only you my dear girl please love him
Emrah Kan
Emrah Kan Pred mesecem
Bir kac yakisikli erkek oyuncu ve güzel kadinlar girsin diziye kiskandirmak amacli abartmadan tabiki
Emrah Kan
Emrah Kan Pred mesecem
Aralarin da biraz kiskanclik olsun ama civik kislanclik değil samimi ve biraz tavirli kiskanclik olsun
Emrah Kan
Emrah Kan Pred mesecem
Kirazin giyimini biraz değistirin lütfen hic yakismiyor giyim tarzi ona kibar ama dah sade hos birseyler giysin yasli kadin gibi değil
Emrah Kan
Emrah Kan Pred mesecem
Biraz olsun konusturun bunlari yaa sirf bakismasinlar biraz olsun evli ciftmis gibi konussunlar herkesin yanin da ve seher biraz daha cesaretli olsun kendinden emin ama sevgi dolu olabailir
TheBlazingPixie Pred mesecem
i m waiting desperately for them to call each other by their names. . . 🙁😫😫
soni sheikh
soni sheikh Pred mesecem
Plzzzzz ab love confesss krdo from eatchother
soni sheikh
soni sheikh Pred mesecem
Plzzzzz ab to love confesss krdo
Təranə Mehrəliyeva
Hec sevmiremde bu seheri.
Evelyn Pred mesecem
I’m annoyed with Seher not knowing what she wants! Im done with her stupid stares. Do you not see how much this man loves you!
Dorina Skumpija
Dorina Skumpija Pred mesecem
😘😍🥰Seher Kirilmi Yaman🥰😍😘.........ah mi2-ou lovelouy
dominiqu brennus
dominiqu brennus Pred mesecem
She wanted a lot of things from him and now he changed a lot and now she plans to play with him like a scary cat 😬😬
Marta Giorgetti
Marta Giorgetti Pred mesecem
Seguimos viendo la serie en turco ,vergonzoso lo que hacen,pasan parte en español y parte e turco.Ustedes ganan vendiendo la serie y adenás desean que la audiencia pague.Ayer comencé a ver otra y ya desde mos primeros minutos salia la ca.panita para suscribirse .Carecen de total honestidad hacia el público que consumen sus series .igual ocurre con "La casa que naciste indica tu destino "
Pinar Pinar Canan
Pinar Pinar Canan Pred mesecem
askina sahip cik yaman bravoo yani su iki yuzlu kardesleri atin artik diziden senaristler
Hazema Zahirović
Hazema Zahirović Pred mesecem
Kako emotivna serija sviđa mise jamann je prekrasan šteta ja nemogu gledati sa prevodom kako mise sviđa ova serij
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm