Chloe x Halle: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert 

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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
Abby O'Neill | December 8, 2020
Powerful sister duo Chloe x Halle went all out on this one. Flanked by personal memorabilia supplied by their mother, the Bailey sisters did their best to make this studio performance really feel like a home concert.
As they volley off each other, swapping lead and harmonies, it's amazing to watch how years of practice and innate genetic chemistry have them synced tighter than a SMPTE timecode. "Baby Girl," the second song here, starts with notes reminiscent of Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)," and is preceded with Chloe sharing "I know this year 2020 has been absolutely bonkers for all of us. For those moments where you kinda feel less than and you're not good enough ... that's why we wrote this song. ... Whatever happens, we'll be OK. And this is our world." Fusing R&B, soul and pop, backed by a talented nine-piece female band, this performance is surely to delight Chloe x Halle's global fanbase.
"Don't Make It Harder on Me"
"Baby Girl"
"Do It"
"Ungodly Hour"
"Wonder What She Thinks of Me"
Chloe Bailey: vocals
Halle Bailey: vocals
Elise Solberg: keyboard
Elin Sandberg: bass
Lexii Lynn Frazier: guitar
Brandi Singleton: drums
Arnetta Johnson: trumpet
Crystal Torres: trumpet
Stephanie Yu: violin
Chelsea Stevens: cello
Marta Honer: viola
Video: Ben Hagerty, Darin Conrad
Audio: Lester Mendoza, Derek Dixie, Stephen Curtain
Director: Ben Hagerty
Camera Operator: Darin Conrad
Editor: Nia Phillips
Creative Direction: Andrew Makadsi
Art Director: Brianna Gonzales
Assistant Art Director: Ian Miyawaki
Producer: Abby O'Neill
Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Associate Producer: Bobby Carter
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Maia Stern
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann




8. dec. 2020

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NPR Music
NPR Music Pred 4 meseci
Tiny Desk Concerts are only possible through donations from our community. This year has been unprecedented but we’ve made sure to keep producing the concerts you love. Show your support with a donation to your local NPR station at n.pr/support-the-tiny-desk
_gyal Pred mesecem
@T. Noel I thought I was the only one thinking this.
Jessika Sarver
Jessika Sarver Pred mesecem
How much would it cost to make these live performances available for download?????? I will for sure donate to that project..
AshMoney04 Pred mesecem
Take all my money NPR! Just keep giving great content like this.
Jasmyne Pleasant
Jasmyne Pleasant Pred 2 meseci
E was w@dreamergirlbaby Zqr
Mykela Brown
Mykela Brown Pred 2 meseci
Of course it’s for social distancing. Huh?
A Jay
A Jay Pred 52 minutami
These young ladies are so DOPE :)
Shelly danurse
Shelly danurse Pred 10 urami
Dang this sounds great!
Ready Roc
Ready Roc Pred 14 urami
So proud of them, talented young women.
Lance Schwiderson
Lance Schwiderson Pred 17 urami
I come back to this video once a week because it’s the push I need to get through to the next
Mara Pred 21 uro
I have listened to this on repeat religiously, it’s so powerfully executed vocally & the sounds are just phenomenal 🦄
Kei____ Pred dnevom
I need a live album
Naa Quaye
Naa Quaye Pred dnevom
The fact that they sound better than the actual song is mind blowing
CACTUSJACK Studio Pred dnevom
i dont support of ariel being black keep her white
A R Pred 19 urami
I dont support you having an opinion
Chantel Mackey
Chantel Mackey Pred dnevom
No one cares
CACTUSJACK Studio Pred dnevom
yah i dont care if she can sing ariel is not black
Pink Lemonaze
Pink Lemonaze Pred dnevom
LaDae'meona McDowell
it is a gift when these two perform live. 😊
litmibimi Pred 2 dnevi
As an 80's kid thank you for bringing back the real joy of listening to someone sing. Like REALLY SING! Mwah mwah!
Sofia Guzmán
Sofia Guzmán Pred 2 dnevi
las amo tanto
Carolina Carrasco
Carolina Carrasco Pred 2 dnevi
0:35 Don't Make It Harder on Me 4:19 Baby Girl 8:10 Do It 11:50 Ungodly Hour 15:46 Wonder What She Thinks of Me
Baret 83
Baret 83 Pred 2 dnevi
These ladies are just jaw dropping talented. My goodness ❤️. I can’t wait for the movie, Halle is my Mermaid 🥰
Jasmine Gadson
Jasmine Gadson Pred 2 dnevi
They’re voices are so angelic !!!🥺😩💕
Shayla Zumstien
Shayla Zumstien Pred 2 dnevi
I hope they never split up and have solo careers, they’re so amazing together ❤️
Laura Turner-Essel
Laura Turner-Essel Pred 3 dnevi
Y'all are amazing! We need an encore
naras Pred 3 dnevi
Omg I love the live version because they get to play around with their vocals and sound amazing!
Kira K
Kira K Pred 3 dnevi
I need to know where Chloes fit is from 😭💗
jourdyn mcclenney
jourdyn mcclenney Pred dnevom
L Taylor
L Taylor Pred 3 dnevi
Super talented. These ladies are awesome!
darryl lothery
darryl lothery Pred 3 dnevi
Honestly, we all know what Halle would do if someone cheated on her... She would be getting her Tipsy and Hazy on
Lilyana Dilan
Lilyana Dilan Pred 3 dnevi
Who’s the guitarist?
Paula H.
Paula H. Pred 3 dnevi
Lexii Lynn Frazier, it's in the description :D
Dinah Faye Pantaleon
women supremacy.
Andrew Llorente
Andrew Llorente Pred 4 dnevi
This is one of the most incredible performances I've ever seen. Blew me away! Wish it didn't end so soon. Ladies you are powerful!
Queen Fyah
Queen Fyah Pred 4 dnevi
What gorgeous and talented young women! Wow ❤️👏🏾🙌🏾
Gilmar Pereira
Gilmar Pereira Pred 4 dnevi
um talento é um talento né, sem igual essas duas, vozes angelicais
Pandie Bear
Pandie Bear Pred 5 dnevi
Omg I love chloe shirt anyone know where she got it?
Julia Ribeiro
Julia Ribeiro Pred 5 dnevi
18:00 did I just travel to space?
Amanda Villaca
Amanda Villaca Pred 5 dnevi
just....thank you, npr.
Beneisha Johnson
Beneisha Johnson Pred 6 dnevi
I watch this entirely too much! As I do HER Jazmine Sullivan Lizzo Ari Lennox Summer Walker
Molina Faye
Molina Faye Pred 6 dnevi
Live versions just hit different period.
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin Pred 6 dnevi
I love them
Lashonay Wiley
Lashonay Wiley Pred 6 dnevi
This is another tiny desk concert i can't stay away from...I'm waiting for Riley and B Rock
isa brandon
isa brandon Pred 6 dnevi
I swear that I watched this more than 30 times. They are really something special.
Dsaladbar01 Pred 6 dnevi
wish I could like this a thousand times
Ekotienda Ekeko
Ekotienda Ekeko Pred 6 dnevi
bellísimo 👍👌😘💖💋👏la canzone degli angeli 👼
Walinase Isabella Khonje
Brion Moyd
Brion Moyd Pred 7 dnevi
Vis Ma Vie D'Expat
Vis Ma Vie D'Expat Pred 7 dnevi
It's this version of "Do it" for me!!!!!
Itztatterz Pred 7 dnevi
Not me coming back just to cry to wonder what she think of me
Monique Brasil
Monique Brasil Pred 7 dnevi
I always cry listening to this concert.
Caoimhe Donnelly
Caoimhe Donnelly Pred 8 dnevi
chloe's adlibs in baby girl always give me chills, they're both such talented and charismatic performers and watching them pour their heart into their work makes me so emotional❤ so blessed to be able to watch them grow as artists in real time
Nathalia Junqueira
Nathalia Junqueira Pred 8 dnevi
every time i come back to this tiny desk (every week) i notice a new detail. now i just noticed how they're all enjoying themselves while playing. they look happy to be there
Oby Omu
Oby Omu Pred 8 dnevi
Loved every second of this🥺🥺
Highest April
Highest April Pred 8 dnevi
Chloe definitely had something to prove on Baby Girl cause whew!
Shan Duruf
Shan Duruf Pred 8 dnevi
This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson Pred 9 dnevi
Jesus loves you 👍😍
The Reddit Times
The Reddit Times Pred 9 dnevi
i AM SOOOO SORRY I SLEPT ON YOU. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rachael khuele
rachael khuele Pred 9 dnevi
Halle's voice OMG!!!! SHE IS A GODDESSS
Mila Dalapo
Mila Dalapo Pred 9 dnevi
This concert makes me emotional. Beautiful. 💛
unknown far far away usa
They are really good at times their high vocals kinda stinks doesn't mesh with the " sound ", kinda off beat sorta speak but they are really good tho!!!
Mariana Barbosa
Mariana Barbosa Pred 9 dnevi
I think I saw this over 20 times this year alone!!!
Ariel Arellano
Ariel Arellano Pred 9 dnevi
3:18 to 3:36 was a moment!
Pratibha Pred 10 dnevi
Enjoyed every second of their performance
Paula Alves
Paula Alves Pred 10 dnevi
Fun fact: not your first time here
Nes Policy
Nes Policy Pred 10 dnevi
They're like living Disney Princesses. They can't be real. Amazing.
Brittney Taylor
Brittney Taylor Pred 11 dnevi
Just realized that's the little girl who said "all we got to eat is oatmeal?" 🤯🤯🤯
Glovertwin80 Pred 11 dnevi
Am I the only one upset that you're only allowed to like this video only once? 🙋🏾‍♀️
TheeLaKease Show
TheeLaKease Show Pred 11 dnevi
Halle was giving me MAJOR mermaid vibes. I love them both
TheeLaKease Show
TheeLaKease Show Pred 11 dnevi
Halle was giving me MAJOR mermaid vibes. I love them both
TheeLaKease Show
TheeLaKease Show Pred 11 dnevi
I mean could anyone have done it better?!
Myco Loco
Myco Loco Pred 11 dnevi
Oh Oh, oh Oh Yeah, I beat my face Moving fast 'cause the Uber on the way Taking pictures, make sure you can't see no lace That wig secure like the money in a safe I look like bae Now I'm on the way Let you know when I'm 'bout a mile away When I'm outside, please don't make me wait The party's starting when we pull up to the gate Girl, we so late I'm just with the crew We ain't out here looking for boo 'Cause some nights be better with you It's a "homies only" kind of mood And tonight, we on a hundred One hundred No drama, no baby mamas, keepin' it cute Ooh, ooh That's just what I do, do, do And that's just how we do it, do it, do it Yeah, that's just how we do it, do it, do it You liking what I do? Do you? Know how to keep it cool, ooh, ooh And that's just how we do it Yeah, that's just how we do it And you could do it too, ooh, ooh, ooh No complaints Left the heels at home, I'm on my sneaker game (sneaker game) He say, "Where you from?" Tell him, "Outer space" (outer space) 'Cause a bag the only thing I'm tryna chase (tryna chase) I'm M.I.A. (M.I.A.) Just tell the DJ, "Press play, rewind, keep it on repeat" Tip-toe 'round a hater, I'm light on my feet That's how you do it, keep stuntin' on your enemies Good vibes only I'm just with the crew We ain't out here looking for boo 'Cause some nights be better with you It's a "homies only" kind of mood And tonight, we on a hundred One hundred No drama, no baby mamas, keepin' it cute Ooh, ooh That's just what I do, do, do And that's just how we do it, do it, do it Yeah, that's just how we do it, do it, do it You liking what I do? Do you? (That's just how we do it) Know how to keep it cool, ooh, ooh (that's just how we do it) And that's just how we do it Yeah, that's just how we do it (that's just how we do it) And you could do it too, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh That's just what I do, do, do And that's just how we do it, do it, do it Yeah, that's just how we do it, do it, do it You liking what I do? Do you? (That's just how we do it) Know how to keep it cool, ooh, ooh (that's just how we do it) And that's just how we do it (that's just how we do it) Yeah, that's just how we do it And you could do it too, ooh, ooh Yeah, that's just how we do it
Tara Moore
Tara Moore Pred 11 dnevi
Uuuuuuggghhhhh the female band 😩😩 such queens!!!
Hidden Foxx
Hidden Foxx Pred 11 dnevi
Currently watch these two lovely ladies in Grown*ish. They really are amazing both singing and acting!
Booked and Busy
Booked and Busy Pred 12 dnevi
These girls saaasnnngg! They fill my spirit 🎤🎤🎤🎤
Deirbhile Walsh
Deirbhile Walsh Pred 12 dnevi
Their voices are out of this world 😩
Rememberleegs Pred 12 dnevi
This came out on my birthday. I'm so sad I missed it!
Malak Alharbi
Malak Alharbi Pred 12 dnevi
Do you even know how much i repeated the last song! Like how many timeesss
Lovey Lavy
Lovey Lavy Pred 12 dnevi
Too very absolutely awesome.
Lauren Mia
Lauren Mia Pred 12 dnevi
II just want to know what brands are their clothes are. I want one.
Hylie Pred 12 dnevi
God I just wanna see little mermaid already they exude mermaid energy to a 100% these ladies are divine ♥︎
BRWNSKN Pred 13 dnevi
And, that "I wonder what she thinks of me" is som deranged ish. Why would the other woman care about the main woman considering her?? 🤨 I mean, is that her motivation? So, you aren't seeing the guy because you are interested in the guy, you're seeing the guy because you aim to hurt his woman 🙄 The concept of this song gives me the impression that it bit off of "As we lay" but, 😑 no, that's not what's going on there, she empathize with the main woman. This song is as if the chick is getting off on the fact. 😒 hated it!
treshawn isiaah
treshawn isiaah Pred dnevom
it’s just a song , not that deep
BRWNSKN Pred 13 dnevi
I like thier melody and sound BUT, "Love me Ungodly" got me confused 🤨
DeishaGuy Pred 2 dnevi
@Lexi Great explanation.
Lexi Pred 8 dnevi
You know, most times when people think of being “godly”, they think of something that’s perfect and always having it together. So, your “ungodly” hour is basically those times when you may feel down, unmotivated, and not like yourself. So, basically they’re saying love me not only during the good times, but also at my worst ❤️✨
Lisset Cruz
Lisset Cruz Pred 13 dnevi
Yo ya no puedo vivir sin escuchar esto diario.
bwar05 Pred 13 dnevi
So talented. They did this so easily. Absolutely flawless.
Olubunmi Ogunsola
Olubunmi Ogunsola Pred 13 dnevi
I want this version of DO IT YESTERDAY
mabel fenty
mabel fenty Pred 13 dnevi
grate artists ! the contemporary brandi and monica, it would be a dream that they interpret " the boy is mine"
Ульянка Pred 13 dnevi
Tatiana Crosby
Tatiana Crosby Pred 13 dnevi
First thing I noticed was all the women!! Love to see it! Beautiful music, vocals, all that!!
Leandra Lewis
Leandra Lewis Pred 13 dnevi
Angels! Voices of angels!
sanaxxi Pred 14 dnevi
Can't wait to see Halle playing Ariel
HubeSpeaksHerMind !
HubeSpeaksHerMind ! Pred 14 dnevi
I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this now 😭😭😭... I just know I love it ❤️
Nurivan Sosa
Nurivan Sosa Pred 14 dnevi
Queens of virtual concerts!!!! Can't wait for their concerts IRL!!!!
Nurivan Sosa
Nurivan Sosa Pred 14 dnevi
Pure magic.
ella grace
ella grace Pred 14 dnevi
this video is literally FREE serotonin
M Nation
M Nation Pred 15 dnevi
Y’all, Chloe bouncing at 2:30 is me waking up in the mornings 😂😍
Fastima Vaughn
Fastima Vaughn Pred 15 dnevi
Chloe gives me Beyoncé vibes and Halle gives me Solange vibes. This tiny desk was everything!
Nini Sky
Nini Sky Pred 15 dnevi
Anyone knows what type of locks they have cause I’m about to steal that hairstyle lol
That’s their real hair
Fatima Sulemana
Fatima Sulemana Pred 10 dnevi
they’ve been growing them out for years if you’re asking if it’s temporary
Malcolm Lemons
Malcolm Lemons Pred 15 dnevi
I wanna show this to my class but SLtv has deemed it inappropriate for school.
P K Pred 16 dnevi
If I had children with such blessed voices I'd ask them to sing me lullabies to sleep every night.
Edwinah Silla
Edwinah Silla Pred 17 dnevi
Back again because honestly this is sensational 🤩😌
Tristan Cobalida
Tristan Cobalida Pred 17 dnevi
I wished they did Busy Boy too 🥺 that was my fave track of the album PWOGOEKVKSKVKD
Dani Tovar
Dani Tovar Pred 17 dnevi
i love women
Glimmerglam ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
I heard this TinyDesk performance causes the deaf to hear again
Meice Always
Meice Always Pred 17 dnevi
They are just so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Omgggg yessssssssss I’m fan girling right now! Didn’t know they had a tiny desk!
Nguyễn Minh Trí
Nguyễn Minh Trí Pred 17 dnevi
Music flows naturally in them both. I love the way how Halle smile, it's so charming and definitely a slay for me !!!
A C Pred 18 dnevi
Dominique Knox
Dominique Knox Pred 18 dnevi
oh my GOD I love them
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Ogledi 1,6 mio.