Team Giannis & Team LeBron Draft | 2020 NBA All-Star 

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Watch LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo make their selections for the 2020 NBA All-Star game on February 16 in Chicago!
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6. feb. 2020

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Fohom Arnauld
Fohom Arnauld Pred 21 sekundo
🇨🇲🇨🇲🇳🇬 gianis embiid Pascal . African power
Quentin Dengler
Quentin Dengler Pred 52 minutami
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Alfredo Solis
Alfredo Solis Pred 55 minutami
i laughed so hard when he said I want someone that passes the ball
Jesus Alejandro
Giannis: I am going to choose my african brother, Donald Trump.
Top Boy
Top Boy Pred uro
“kyle lowry, kyle lowry yeaa” we all know what lebron was thinking about 😏
Ice Man
Ice Man Pred 3 urami
After seeing the 2021 pick....i came back just to hear..... "Thats a Good pick"- Giannis A.
Jerome Abad
Jerome Abad Pred 3 urami
It's Over🔥
Basketball Card Collector
“I’m going to go with my African brotha, Steph Curry”
Felix Schulen
Felix Schulen Pred 4 urami
i love nba and stephen curry
HOPE GAMING Pred 5 urami
0:50 Kenny's 7th Grader pick in the Future 2035: Wins his 12th ring
Mr. Big Dick
Mr. Big Dick Pred 5 urami
even in 2020 all start they also did not want donovan mitchell, he is really good at shooting, rebounds and assists consistently. wtf
Jarrel macsen
Jarrel macsen Pred 5 urami
Who's here after lebron and kd draft
Matija Knezevic
Matija Knezevic Pred 7 urami
That's a good pick
Vitaliy Auditore
Vitaliy Auditore Pred 7 urami
Lebron cleans his teeth... Giannis - That was my toothpick!
Ira Bonta
Ira Bonta Pred 7 urami
who's here again after KD boring face.
Matthewarmenta15 Pred 8 urami
Who came back
One click
One click Pred 9 urami
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Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright Pred 9 urami
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emg00 Pred 9 urami
Missed giannis this year 😪
2 KINGZ Pred 9 urami
Who’s here after the 2021 NBA all star draft?
Khary Trooper
Khary Trooper Pred 9 urami
Giannis: I want someone that’s going too past the ball well that comment didn’t age well lol he leads the league in Assist my boy 😂
Kofi Prempeh
Kofi Prempeh Pred 9 urami
That’s a great pick
Raulf Harrel Tongio
Raulf Harrel Tongio Pred 10 urami
why was Joel Embiid wearing no. 24 tho 1:45
McGrady Paco
McGrady Paco Pred 10 urami
Who's here after the NBA All-Star Draft 2021?
Pobreng Laagan
Pobreng Laagan Pred 10 urami
Whos here after 2021 all-star draft pick
Jasonite _ gaming
Jasonite _ gaming Pred 11 urami
I came for "That's a Great Pick"
Meeky Pred 11 urami
who’s back here after this years boring draft
jeron gaines
jeron gaines Pred 10 urami
Yeah KD looked dead on the inside this year 😂
Wing fung Ng
Wing fung Ng Pred 11 urami
3:55 Lebron was thinking wtf is Giannis doing and he couldn’t believe he could still take Harden at that pick. Apparently, Lebron wasn’t ready for this 😂😂
TheCripOf WallStreet
TheCripOf WallStreet Pred 11 urami
Giannis chose all black dudes 😍
TheCripOf WallStreet
TheCripOf WallStreet Pred 11 urami
Giannis: "Great in the locker room." Me: "Pause"
Pa Musa Ngom
Pa Musa Ngom Pred 11 urami
6:42 He wanted to say "in this b*tch" but realised he couldn't cuss on tv 😂😂
Dilly Dilly
Dilly Dilly Pred 12 urami
“I’m going to choose my African brother Brian Scalabrine”
Martin Kalalo
Martin Kalalo Pred 12 urami
Giannis: "I'm going to choose Africa"
Mike Lee
Mike Lee Pred 13 urami
Was lebron really gonna take siakam ahead of doncic?!
Robotic Leonard
Robotic Leonard Pred 13 urami
Little did Giannis know that Jimmy was gonna give him the smoke in the playoffs
Van Aurino
Van Aurino Pred 13 urami
Who's here after Lebron pick Giannis on his 1st pick on Team Lebron🤯
Boss Rey
Boss Rey Pred 14 urami
who's here after watching 2021 nba all-star draft
Servant Of God
Servant Of God Pred 14 urami
Who's here after NBA 2021 All Star Draft Picks
Tiger Fury
Tiger Fury Pred 14 urami
Who watched this after watching nba all star draft 2021
Nᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ Uᴢᴜᴍᴀᴋɪ
LeBron James:I'll take Derick rose Giannis:I'll pick Scottie pipin LeBron James:I'll pick MJ Giannis:tHATs a GoOD PiCk
Lil Creep
Lil Creep Pred 17 urami
POV: You're here to see Giannis roast Harden
Brain Drain
Brain Drain Pred 21 uro
Just dropped a vid on ALL STAR GAME history including the legend of Ossie Schectman. Wearing a backwards hat as I type this.
Hank Adams
Hank Adams Pred 4 urami
@mamer jammer no one asks for comments you clown
mamer jammer
mamer jammer Pred 16 urami
Don’t care didn’t ask
David Rauch
David Rauch Pred 22 urami
I’m so excited it’s Durant instead of Giannis drafting this year. Durant will use common sense lol
Tory Williams
Tory Williams Pred 10 urami
Kien Pred 23 urami
So basically just East vs West, thanks Giannis.
Prince P
Prince P Pred dnevom
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Lila S
Lila S Pred dnevom
im lowkey disappointed giannis isnt going to be a captain this year, he's entertaining asf
Spade Ecstasy
Spade Ecstasy Pred 9 urami
@Aidan Milburn KD was too boring lmfao
Aidan Milburn
Aidan Milburn Pred 9 urami
Here after the draft. Agreed, KDs cool but Giannis was funny asf especially all the “that’s a great pick” memes💀
Kila Judi
Kila Judi Pred dnevom
"I want somebody who's gonna pass the ball" Harden now: hold my *beard* lol
Kay Greene
Kay Greene Pred 3 urami
Harden been avg 11 assists , the comment was stupid anyway
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Pred dnevom
The grumpy leo comprehensively remind because mouth rapidly matter including a lively wheel. stingy, ultra boy
Robinson Sangalli
Robinson Sangalli Pred dnevom
I watch this every once in a while
Emily J
Emily J Pred dnevom
Giannis: I’m going to choose my African brother Alex Caruso
Kareem Hawaly
Kareem Hawaly Pred 2 dnevi
"I'm going to choose my African brother Steve nash"
John Woolard
John Woolard Pred 2 dnevi
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TKBOUTDOORS Pred 2 dnevi
Can’t wait until harden and Giannis get on the same team
VanillaSwirls Pred 2 dnevi
Would’ve been way better if Lebron didn’t draft luka and giannis said “Imma go with my third African brother, Luka Doncic”
carnelious jordanous
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mm carts4
mm carts4 Pred 2 dnevi
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krista mccoy
krista mccoy Pred 3 dnevi
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Tony F
Tony F Pred 3 dnevi
Kevin dur I mean brandon ingram
Andrew O'Loughlin
Andrew O'Loughlin Pred 3 dnevi
Why isn’t it snake
Rouge Clips
Rouge Clips Pred dnevom
snake was dead
C Jacks
C Jacks Pred 4 dnevi
2:48 Lebron capping hard he wasn’t gonna pick pascal over luka or harden 😂😂
Udayveer Singh Yadav
Yeahh I know right😂😂
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy Pred 4 dnevi
These comments are way to funny 💀💀
issam fakhreddine
issam fakhreddine Pred 4 dnevi
The days before the disaster of lockdown
Jose Nieves
Jose Nieves Pred 4 dnevi
“I’m going to choose my African brother Bryan Scalabrine”~Giannis Antetokounmpo
Joe Jenkity
Joe Jenkity Pred 4 dnevi
Gianiss’s teammates were probably pissed😂
Asher Faubert
Asher Faubert Pred 4 dnevi
Giannis picked literally the worst players out of those players
chikn Pred 4 dnevi
i like how giannis picked underated players. respect
Elías Jara
Elías Jara Pred 4 dnevi
Lebron crazy repetitive ass 6:40 1:19
Elías Jara
Elías Jara Pred 4 dnevi
Akounpo was smoking crack bro
NGC REC Pred 4 dnevi
Count how many times Lebron says good call when Giannis picked Bam Adebayo
Shep Kastel
Shep Kastel Pred 5 dnevi
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Josh Helis
Josh Helis Pred 5 dnevi
Its been a year since this all star happened but i just realized that the starter is east vs west
Snoorlacks Pred 5 dnevi
LeBron: **licks lollipop** Giannis: that’s a good lick
sayan sana
sayan sana Pred 5 dnevi
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Gus Bus
Gus Bus Pred 5 dnevi
The helpful pajama philosophically fool because lyre iteratively provide abaft a voiceless tank. soft, educated argument
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Pred 5 dnevi
Joel Embiid pick aged well
Shep Kastel
Shep Kastel Pred 5 dnevi
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Alex Flores
Alex Flores Pred 6 dnevi
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Peter Jhonson
Peter Jhonson Pred 6 dnevi
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Russell Westbrook G.O.A.T
10:54 Kd, I mean brandon ingram💀
April Marie
April Marie Pred 7 dnevi
james harden averaging the most assist take that giannis
Cernox Pred 7 dnevi
When watching this i was honestly wondered if giannis was high or something 😂
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Pred 5 dnevi
@Cernox Facts
Cernox Pred 5 dnevi
@Torin O'Connor lol nobody cares abt the all star game anyway
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Pred 5 dnevi
They almost won the game and should have
Dianna Andrews
Dianna Andrews Pred 7 dnevi
The embarrassed harmonica ophthalmoscopically bubble because c-clamp whitely laugh modulo a plucky oboe. orange, lackadaisical grouse
Keon Taylor
Keon Taylor Pred 8 dnevi
Imagine if lebron picked trae young it would of been akward for Gianiss and james harden
Luke McGarry
Luke McGarry Pred 8 dnevi
No one Giannis: my African brother
Josh Carvalho
Josh Carvalho Pred 8 dnevi
Giannis should not be a gm
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams Pred 8 dnevi
I want someone who is going to pass the ball 😂😂😂😂🤣😂
Najeh Johnson
Najeh Johnson Pred 8 dnevi
😂 shit forever funny James will cook yo ass
Jesse Douglas
Jesse Douglas Pred 8 dnevi
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Schokooo Pred 9 dnevi
Giannis better not be a gm after retirement
Angelo Duaso
Angelo Duaso Pred 9 dnevi
Giannis first pick khris lol lebron wont pick that
benjamin rolfe
benjamin rolfe Pred 9 dnevi
My next pick will be my African brother... Donald Trump
Punesto Email
Punesto Email Pred 9 dnevi
I'm going to pick my African godfather, Joe Biden
Noer Pred 5 dnevi
hes racist
Rclee Pred 9 dnevi
Watching NBA is uninteresting and boring..the teams focus on 3 pts. Shot...hundreds of them every game. It's not like during the time of Mahorn, laimbeer, bird etc .where they focus on defense and very physical...now, it's like watching a women's game...I cancelled my subscription..it makes me sleepy watching it...
EG 101
EG 101 Pred 3 dnevi
well i wasn't born during that era so I like watching today's nba
Kyle2324 Pred 9 dnevi
Harden should finally be picked early this year since his teammate is a captain😂
This new all-star format sucks. When I think of nba all-star games I think east Jordan,bird versus magic . Not this lebron giannis.crap!!!
86niisan8686 Pred 9 dnevi
if i were lebron id go davis, doncic, harden, young and reserves id lock up westbrook , CP3 and simmons lillard and then pick any bigman.... theres no defence in allstar games anyway you need to make all shots count
86niisan8686 Pred 9 dnevi
wow ... i did not see this coming harden being last pick in starters westbrook being second last pick in reserves and doncic being 3rd pick for lebron so 5th overal dafuq is happening, i saw the game live, but didnt see the draft untill now
Ethan Feintuch
Ethan Feintuch Pred 9 dnevi
Vedanth Senthil
Vedanth Senthil Pred 9 dnevi
“Step back monster” Proceeded to pick kemba
Jayden Malandu
Jayden Malandu Pred 9 dnevi
notice how they just picked every starter for the same confrence what i mean is everyone who were selected as east starters played at the east and west at the west
EG 101
EG 101 Pred 3 dnevi
almost but sabonis and simmons went to lebron
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