Seeing the Beginning of Time 4k 

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Astronomers have begun one of the most far-reaching efforts to study the cosmos. They are building giant new telescopes, while marshaling vast computational power. These technologies are part of a historic quest: to peer into space and time, to find out how the universe gave birth to galaxies and planets, to discern the amazing world of gravity and test theories by Einstein and other scientists.
Here at SpaceRip, we value the exploration of the unknown. We surpass boundaries for the sake of uncovering the mysteries of the cosmos and what they may tell us about our origin and our future. With our videos, we hope to educate our viewers on how we fit into the universe, and more so how we can do our part to better it.
We believe there is no better time to inform ourselves about the world around us. Our partnership with MagellanTV is aimed to educate viewers on our complex world to prepare for our rapidly changing future. Through our videos we hope to capture a variety of important topics with the overall goal of promoting positive discussion and action.

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19. apr. 2019

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Hallucinati Pred dnevom
Click on video. Saw how may commercials ther were. Opened comments to say this. First commercial came on before i finshed typing. Stopped watching.
J. Woodhouse
J. Woodhouse Pred 2 dnevi
Future cosmologists will have some answers and a lot more questions.☑️
Marian Music
Marian Music Pred 3 dnevi
@SpaceRip Advertisements every 2-3 minutes. How is this possible? Sometimes I watch your videos when going to sleep. The ads not only makes your videos unwatchable, as soon as I fall asleep, a very loud ad kicks in and wakes me up. Since when the ads became much longer than the actual video?
luis Romero
luis Romero Pred 5 dnevi
Well, but why do astronomers wanted to see that, when there are better things to explore as the black holes in the space!!!
Richard Nelson
Richard Nelson Pred 7 dnevi
Anyone who says time had a beginning doesn't have a clue of what they are talking about ! The first thing required before this could ever make any sense, is to actually know what time is and if it actually exists. If you can say time started at a certain point, that automatically means there was a BEFORE , and that makes it that time always existed. The statement claiming time started at a certain time is self negating !! There is always something that preceeds a starting point !!! And if this statement I just made is wrong, that means time never started and doesn't exist
Larry Lee Lethbridge
Theres been overlaps in time,from it implodeing,to get to the big bang.Inflation to eternal exspansion transformation with a safe gaurd system,that now transforms into Gods Nexsis outside of time in a liveing unversal matrix with outer an inner dimensenal dependence that fuels eternal exspansion that gets nothing but better over time with infinate diversity in infinate combinations.
save earth
save earth Pred 8 dnevi
first covt medicen do you fine then i belive you
Stan Gosling
Stan Gosling Pred 8 dnevi
Too many ads
Jack Jock
Jack Jock Pred 9 dnevi
When we die is when we will really start to see things clear
Muhhammad Monir
Muhhammad Monir Pred 10 dnevi
If u read Quran You'll know that what u r saying as dark energy is actually Allah the Almighty... HE possess the "Be and Become" and everything comes into being All praise to Allah...
Kim W
Kim W Pred 13 dnevi
Zwicky way ahead of his time.
Naidu VGA
Naidu VGA Pred 14 dnevi
You cant see what was then. after a boom bang a bang of the whole solid mass, it all is back to rebuilding. The perpetual motion of it is what we see.
Fireantplays Pred 18 dnevi
online school has enter the chat
Fireantplays Pred 18 dnevi
Imagine that this was a assignment in science 😳😳
Gerardo Godoy
Gerardo Godoy Pred 18 dnevi
Invisible energy, the power of God, the creator.
don k
don k Pred 19 dnevi
ALLAH the creator of every living planet star jinn mankind. 1400 years ago his told us all life originates from water and mountains are like stakes. How can someone living in a desert know this. ALLAH sees and knows everythink. How can he have a son? The purpose of this life is to worship him alone for his miracle of giving us everything. If u read your creators book you will know why u was put on here. Watch jinn possesion it is an eye opener we are not alone¡ god loves everyone of his creations so lets thank him for giving us this life. This life will be what u get when we die. Enjoy your short term on earth. God bless and have a good day -
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic Pred 18 dnevi
because if you live in the desert and dont drink water every once in a while you die. no need to for the revelation of allmighty to put 2 and 2 together
CLARK ORTIZ Pred 20 dnevi
Not even close
Happy Camper
Happy Camper Pred 22 dnevi
Id like to get past the oh wow my mind the minds blown thing.. and really get to grips with the science behind this stuf. But for now just understanding the vastness of the universe will have to do me.
Chief Seattle
Chief Seattle Pred 22 dnevi
Way too much ads
Fireantplays Pred 17 dnevi
Bro Ik right
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ sudo
i can prove we are not seeing back in time yes it takes light that time to get to us but once its here we see right trough it, if really could see back in time surly we would see planets orbiting round there star as we zoomed in but no no such thing happens.
Chintu Dharua
Chintu Dharua Pred 24 dnevi
Fascinating speech
Maestro Prodigy
Maestro Prodigy Pred 25 dnevi
Watching this on my big screen TV blew my mind
David Kang
David Kang Pred 26 dnevi
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Abraham Mmotla
Abraham Mmotla Pred 28 dnevi
No way. You cant look back! Forward we march,
Vyas Chady
Vyas Chady Pred 28 dnevi
23:23 Nurturing, Environment???? 🤔😄
Ron Mcmurray
Ron Mcmurray Pred 29 dnevi
RBA. ruined by adverts.
Madison Jade
Madison Jade Pred mesecem
Viola Spencer
Viola Spencer Pred mesecem
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Marc Dando
Marc Dando Pred mesecem
Good doc, ruined by too many ads.
doremidoredo doremifasol
this woman is so sexy to me, talking about Galaxy turning into other galaxies. Thank you
Horus Pred 27 dnevi
You have seriously deep seeded problems if find sexual interest in someone just because of their voice.
1369buddy Pred mesecem
Elons satellite's are killing astro photographei
Brad Watson
Brad Watson Pred mesecem
🔴 Seal #3: Unified String Theory 21 or 19 Dimensions & Aspects of Spacetime 🔴 Physics' 'Theory of Everything' 3D regular space + 7D hyperspace + 7 aspects 'regular time' + 4A 'hypertime' = 21 D&A spacetime or 3D rs + 6D hs + 6A rt + 4A ht = 19 D&A st There are 12 dimensional aspects of time₄₇ eternal (DATE): 7 aspects of 'regular time': beginning, end, past, present, future, void(?), and a constant - speed-of-light. 4 aspects of 'hypertime': fast-forward, reverse, stop/pause, before the beginning and after the end. 12. 'Imaginary time' (doesn't apply to UST) The #12 has always been associated with time: 12 months lunar & Roman Calendar/Zodiac, 12 hours/12 midnight & 12 noon, 12 years of Chinese Zodiac & Jupiter's orbit, 12 Ages, 12 Days of Christmas, 12 days between lunar year 354 days & leap year 366 days, 12 minutes, 12 seconds. Yet, UST falls under the umbrella of... 🟩 Seal #2: GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 (on Planet Nestor) - Design Worlds Theory - The BIG TOE 🟩 GOD=7_4: G is 7th letter, a circle O=15 or zero or an Operation, D4. GOD=7_4 is thee algorithm. 74% of everything in Universe is not dark matter 26% (dark energy 69% + 5% ordinary matter). 74% of the elemental mass of this Universe is hydrogen + 24% helium + 2% other. 74% of Earth's surface is liquid/frozen water. 74% of human brain, heart, muscles, newborns is H₂O. 7 continents & 4 don't touch equator/4 LARGE land masses. 4 primary lunar phases of roughly 7 days (~7.4 days) each. The ancients' '7 Sacred Luminaires'/'7 Classical Planets': Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn - 4 can't be seen during day/4 don't cast shadows₇₄* on Earth (Venus can). Besides Earth, this system has 7 planets & 4 are gas/ice giants. Etc. 🔷 Seal #1a: The Conglomerate of Universes - Universe Creation Theory 🔷 combining GOD/Nature, reincarnating God-incarnate, theology/ancient religions/Bible & Qur'an prophecy/Hinduism/Buddhism, astronomy, cosmology, fined-tuned laws of physics: general relativity/quantum mechanics/string theory, chaos theory/fractals, laws of biology/anatomy & chemistry, linguistics/code-breaking/gematria, programming the Universes/GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 (on Planet Nestor) - the 'Theory of Everything', intelligent design, history, geology/geography, mysticism, and philosophy/biocentric-anthropic principle "Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed/transferred in an isolated system." General relativity's black holes, white holes, Big Bang and wormholes. 🕳 ‘The BIG Bang-Bit Bang’ inflation/expansion of energy₇₄ and information into the void 13.77 billion years ago was a supermassive white hole spawned by a supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy in our ‘parent₇₄ universe’. This duality combines general relativity’s singularity point₇₄s of infinite density breaking through spacetime in ‘Cosmic Egg hatchings’ of all created universes within ‘The Conglomerate’: multiverse with no random quantum fluctuation bubble universes, no parallel worlds, and all universes have similar physical laws. Our Universe is 1-in-200 billion ‘self-similar offspring’ each with alike inherited traits/‘DNA’. “In the beginnin'₇₄”, the Planck density of the core of a SBH is a birth canal. ‘Quantum bounce SBH-SWH seed transitions’ are ‘quantum tunneling umbilical wormholes’ with energy-matter and data transformed/transferred, albeit scrambled and encoded. The ubiquitous cause-and-effect ‘circle of life cycle’: birth-life-death-transformation-rebirth explains infinite space and eternity - a necessity. Reproduction is GOD/Nature’s plan for greatly spreading life from cells to universes. GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 (on Planet Nestor) is the number 1₇₄ program₇₄/law/initial₇₄ condition - 'Theory of Everything' (see Seal #2 ). Why does this Universe exist? It’s our playground (god + run = ground₆₄). - Seal #1a of the 7seals.blogspot.com . Only the returned Christ & Albert Einstein reincarnated could produce this - it's triggered The Apocalypse/Revelation which is NOT the 'end of the world'. COVID-19 was added to Seal #4: S=19 (18.6) Theory. *Simple⁶₇₄ English⁷₇₄ Gematria⁸₇₄ GOD=7_4: G is 7th letter, a circle O=15 or zero or an Operation, D4. GOD=7_4 is thee algorithm. time=47=T20+I9+M13+E5 shadows=74=S19+H8+A1+D4+O+W23+S19 energy=74=E5+N14+E5+R18+G7+Y25 parent=74=P16+A1+R18+E5+N14+T20 point=74=P16+O15+I9+N14+T20 beginnin'=74=B2+E5+G7+I9+N14+N14+I9+N14 number 1=74=N14+U21+M13+B2+E5+R18 + 1 #1 propram=74=1 + P16+R18+O+G7+R18+A1+M13
Console & PC Gaming
Console & PC Gaming Pred mesecem
so many adverts i gave up watching!
MrKockabilly Pred mesecem
3:15 isn't it established that gravity is not enough to hold a galaxy, let alone a group galaxies, together. This is where dark matter comes in?
MrKockabilly Pred 17 dnevi
@Fundamental Fanatic Got it. Thanks.
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic Pred 18 dnevi
gravity is what holds galaxies. what you mixed up is that those galaxies dont have enough matter for the amount of gravity thats in it. source of that extra gravity we detect is dark matter its still gravity. its just from mass we cannot detect
Saba Sawo
Saba Sawo Pred mesecem
only God know the Begining
George Piggy
George Piggy Pred mesecem
Pls forget about the old beginning
Raheem Abdul
Raheem Abdul Pred mesecem
11:44 so this video was uploaded in 2019, but narration took place before 2017?
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi Pred mesecem
Signs of Almihty Allah in Qur'an سنريهم آياتتا في الآفاق و في انفسهم حتى يتبين لهم أنه الحق o (حم السجدة : ٥٣) We shall show them Our Signs in the Universe and within their own selves, Dunhill it becomes clear to them that He is the Truth (Qur'an,41:53) A man can't see Almighty Allah therefore He manifested Himself in His Signs in the horizons (universe). If we study and research the verses of the Holy Qur'an we will find many signs that will guide us to the existence of Almighty Allah. One of His Signs mentioned in this verse: و جعلنا السماء سقفا محفوظا و ھم عن آياتها معرضون o And We have made the sky a roof withheld (from them). Yet they turned away from its portents. (Qur'an,21:32) Our life on earth is secured from all kind of space attacks like atomic charged solar winds come from the Sun and space strikes. Who can tell us 1500 years ago that our life on earth is protected by a protecting roof well guarded ? What if there is no magnetic fields/shields?! Almighty Allah is the Originator of the universe and Creator of the Mankind. All such verses are mentioned in the Holy Qur'an guide us to the existence of Almighty Allah.
12inchRules Pred mesecem
The amount of commercials is ridiculous.
TyeMan Pred mesecem
What a bunch of shit! The James Webb telescope has yet to be launched, three years behind. And if you don’t have a conclusion to a Theory like stupid BS dark matter/energy is the same BS.
Reptile Disfunction
Reptile Disfunction Pred mesecem
Caught god in 4k
Edward Hinton
Edward Hinton Pred mesecem
Not worth watching with an ad every minute. Greedy animals dressed up as an educational channel.
Jeff Shaney
Jeff Shaney Pred mesecem
Too many ads
Lord Ashtray
Lord Ashtray Pred mesecem
Where did they get this shitty ass narrator? Its making me tired & im struggling just to hear the bitch talk
Don Scicchigno
Don Scicchigno Pred mesecem
You are such a moron
MAHO Khan Pred mesecem
I'm Son Jibreel Sa Venus VERY Sensetive Programing Sa Venus Love you ❤️ GOV NASA'SC1 USA''SCI WORLD'SC1 Sa VENUS AL Sa World'Sc1 Son ❤️ Love you World'Sc1 Beggining Yes SC and
MAHO Khan Pred mesecem
GOD Pictures By My knowledge GOD
Ñan Ram
Ñan Ram Pred mesecem
supernova and hipernoves and the repels of graviti to planets and stars are things of every day, and we are in a vacuum , those powers are looking to come out of the universe then thats why is expanding more faster . I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
Chris George
Chris George Pred mesecem
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Jeff Davies
Jeff Davies Pred mesecem
This lady, Perry Ann Nortn has a wonderful narration voice. I could listen to it all day. The trouble is I was listening t it so intently I had to keep rewinding to hear what she was saying.
diogo Pred mesecem
U put a documentary in your ads be careful
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis Pred 2 meseci
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Nonconcensusical Pred 2 meseci
Time started when Dielectric longitudinal energy decayed from the Inertial Plane.
insert name here.
insert name here. Pred 2 meseci
What time was that then?
Mag neto
Mag neto Pred 2 meseci
Too many ads.
caleb Pred 2 meseci
Drops of blood fall on the ground.. Galaxies far away drift in His mind The air tonight is thick with sorrow and anguish. And he cannot see through the spit in His eyes.. The cry of absolute innocence. “Father Forgive Them!”: The trembling hands of mercy.. The Healer carries our wounds within Himself The Alpha and Omega with thorns in His brow.. The I AM in human flesh, torn apart, to make sinners whole. O, suffering love! The world and it’s sin is in your gentle heart tonight! PASSION FIRE 🔥
derry boye
derry boye Pred 2 meseci
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jonathan cho
jonathan cho Pred 2 meseci
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one click Pred 2 meseci
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one click Pred 2 meseci
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Owais Ahmad
Owais Ahmad Pred 2 meseci
Amazing documentary. Unbelievable this kind of high quality stuff is available.
chicago blackhawks
chicago blackhawks Pred 2 meseci
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Ogmios Ogmios
Ogmios Ogmios Pred 2 meseci
what moronic bullshot
Brian Porter
Brian Porter Pred 2 meseci
There is only the beginning of time for men. Time has always has been and always will be, before' during and after man.
Shyne Delorian` Rush
Shyne Delorian` Rush Pred 2 meseci
Some photos remind me of massive human nervous systems.. spectacular!
Gabriel Archangel
Gabriel Archangel Pred 2 meseci
I was interested up until they started talking about dark matter. They haven't even proven dark matter exist. Check out the suspicious obsevers channel for real science minus dark matter
Junker Veld
Junker Veld Pred 2 meseci
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Jeff L
Jeff L Pred 2 meseci
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MOMA Pred 2 meseci
Can time be the dark energy?
bellydancerocks321 Pred 2 meseci
I wonder what the scientists will do when they realize that they are observing the process of "FOREVER" taking place. It has no beginning and no end. It jus goes on and one, as it always has and always will, endlessly repeating. :)
Paul Muad'Dib
Paul Muad'Dib Pred 2 meseci
Where and when did consciousness come from?
Glen Hassell
Glen Hassell Pred 2 meseci
Fred Hoyle rejects your supposition and child like fantastic view of time and replaces it with one, which leads to "the perfect cosmological principle". Alas time is but a perspective, from where one stands and has no beginning and no end.
Dragan Savic
Dragan Savic Pred 2 meseci
Terror of trash music everywhere.
Bi Kun
Bi Kun Pred 3 meseci
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HardRockMiner Pred 3 meseci
The JWT will be out of date before it even gets into orbit. It was scheduled for launch in 2018. It is 2021 and it's still on Earth. We have had 4 new iPhones in that time.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pred 3 meseci
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XP Pred 3 meseci
The problem I have with modern science theories is we now have enough measurable data to make us curious and spawns our imagination which fabricates all these amazing theories, YET we don't and can never get any absolutely definitive data to beyond a doubt PROVE any of it. Newton could see an object fall to earth to prove gravity exists. But we can never travel to a black hole to see, feel or measure a damned thing without having to filter the data through billions of miles of distorted space. Yet, scientist come up with a wild theory then set out to find data that will support their assumptions rather than set out to find all the reasons their theory could not be valid. There is no dark matter, only the results of the accumulation (plus & minus) of gravitational forces they have yet to understand.
Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan Pred 3 meseci
Good video. Too many commercial interruptions.
Mpendulo Cibi
Mpendulo Cibi Pred 3 meseci
Who's voice is this?
Squeaky Buddha
Squeaky Buddha Pred 3 meseci
The score is sublime! Anyone know where one can find the soundtrack?
dark matter and dark energy dont exist
Antoniu Constantinescu
Tou cannot see the begin of time. The univers isnt 14 bil years old. Everything is a lie of global elite to made us dont belive in God.
Bro Ken
Bro Ken Pred 3 meseci
I did not see time begin
Kevhyn Aleks
Kevhyn Aleks Pred 3 meseci
34:20 That Helloween-pumpkin-galaxy looking at the best!
Adrian Fitch
Adrian Fitch Pred 3 meseci
If God is real, and if he is real ... he or Jesus will cast me into the lake of fire, I'll have one question, "Why did you make the Earth so incredibly small?"
Stock07si Pred 3 meseci
the thought of how existence and time began is just mind blowing !!
L S Pred 4 meseci
The more we see the deeper mystery become. Does this points to God?
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Pred 4 meseci
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Kennita Pombar-Munet
Kennita Pombar-Munet Pred 4 meseci
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Kennita Pombar-Munet
Kennita Pombar-Munet Pred 4 meseci
Ali haider
Ali haider Pred 4 meseci
what is behind the beginning of time?
D Taylor
D Taylor Pred 3 meseci
Maybe a black hole
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Francine Caldwell
Francine Caldwell Pred 4 meseci
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