I made a wind powered airship in Minecraft. It actually works. 

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In this Mumbo Minecraft video, I make a Minecraft flying machine making use of components from the create mod in Minecraft. The create mod is a Minecraft forge mod that introduces mechanical Minecraft components. This wind powered airship in Minecraft uses create mod windmills, create mod cogs, and much more to create a flying Minecraft airship that actually works. This Minecraft steampunk inspired machine flies beautifully!
Create mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/create
Filming channel: sltv.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo




14. apr. 2021

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Daniel Rodriugez
That’s not how you do it
Altluckmine Youtube?
Altluckmine Youtube? Pred 16 urami
How to use mods?
Delta D2
Delta D2 Pred 22 urami
I just sat and watched this man go insane
DeerSlayer LCC
DeerSlayer LCC Pred dnevom
Old Faithful slime blocks
Dogman_35 Pred dnevom
There's probably room to make an actually functional flying machine base with this mod. Four directional, an actual cabin and movable storage, and stoppable.
Nathaniel Christmas
Nathaniel Christmas Pred 2 dnevi
can you please try to make a fallout-style shelter with this mod like with those doors where they go from splitting sideways to vertical?
Tanika Nolan
Tanika Nolan Pred 2 dnevi
"I'm chafed" is the best thing Mumbo has ever said... ever
cole kln
cole kln Pred 3 dnevi
BUT WITH THE GLUE i think you could create a deck connected to one side and so the whole deck would move together
mop themop
mop themop Pred 3 dnevi
0:08 i did not need this mod for that
ronith_ domee
ronith_ domee Pred 3 dnevi
when you don't go into engineering school and choose minecraft and films for a career
Aryan Ahmed
Aryan Ahmed Pred 3 dnevi
Mumbo: We've made a fly machine Me: *opens world* "where flying machine"
Sandi Sofrić
Sandi Sofrić Pred 4 dnevi
Try next immersive enginering mod
starpilot 101
starpilot 101 Pred 4 dnevi
Imma make a mobile nether bunker
US Army
US Army Pred 4 dnevi
I wish this was on PE
Rxb Pred 4 dnevi
Is it wind powered if it’s powered by a lever?
Tim Blake
Tim Blake Pred 4 dnevi
I’v tride this and it WORKED!!!
Merc Pred 5 dnevi
The create mod and the immersive portals mod is an amazing combination
Dylan Moon
Dylan Moon Pred 5 dnevi
I'm friends with the person who made this mod. Epic 10/10
Nittya Shah
Nittya Shah Pred 5 dnevi
Dude while with mods use the Redstone pen mod vertical Redstone dude Redstone on the ceiling.
Ankit Mazumdar
Ankit Mazumdar Pred 5 dnevi
How can I make it work in mcpe
Adetobi Adedeji .o
Adetobi Adedeji .o Pred 5 dnevi
did you know that youre able to make an airplane with this mod
S Bach
S Bach Pred 5 dnevi
You could create a whole Building on an Minecart by using the "Minecart Assembler"
[Username Deleted]
[Username Deleted] Pred 5 dnevi
[Comment Deleted]
Roby Yuan
Roby Yuan Pred 5 dnevi
The engineering process in Minecraft. Basically. *it does look satisfying tho*
H. C. server creator
Mumbo you should try the ancient warfare mod for 12.2.2. It is like the create mod but you have more options to do stuff and it has more possible contraptions
Spazticious Pred 6 dnevi
something that wasn't easy for mumbo? Impossible.
Luca Pred 6 dnevi
If he increases the length of the pistons it would be faster wouldn’t it
Horrorbro Pred 6 dnevi
"I've been fixed on co**s"
Murderous Raccoon
Murderous Raccoon Pred 6 dnevi
Mumbo Jumbo: Redstone Gordon Ramsey
CrippledAvacado Pred 6 dnevi
mumbo jumbo goes insane while trying to make an overcomplicated flying machine
Sr. Illuminati
Sr. Illuminati Pred 6 dnevi
Cogs are clockwork machinery and I love clockwork machinery.
Gghost Playz
Gghost Playz Pred 6 dnevi
I think you mean redstone powered
superfly Pred 7 dnevi
Hey mumbo. I got an idea. So you like vault doors. Make 1 with create mod i dare you and record it. Boom new idea. Water stuff too pls
superfly Pred 7 dnevi
Hey mumbo. I got an idea. So you like vault doors. Make 1 with create mod i dare you and record it. Boom new idea. Water stuff too pls
superfly Pred 7 dnevi
Hey mumbo. I got an idea. So you like vault doors. Make 1 with create mod i dare you and record it. Boom new idea. Water stuff too pls
Chosen Dovahkiin
Chosen Dovahkiin Pred 7 dnevi
Imagine a city built on top of dozens of these
Technoaxe Pred 7 dnevi
me when Mumbo says something is hard: OH FRICK OF GOD
Brenden Chee
Brenden Chee Pred 8 dnevi
Am I the only one who wanted him to ride it at the end?
Lowkey Arki
Lowkey Arki Pred 8 dnevi
I want this in Vanilla minecraft, can you imagine all of the steam punk style builds with these contraptions just making the base feel so much more alive?
Rose Bertin
Rose Bertin Pred 8 dnevi
mumdo jumdo should sing more it is great xD
Wortenheimmer Pred 9 dnevi
I think mumbo serves motherland. He keeps saying 'we'insted of 'I'
this guy I think
this guy I think Pred 9 dnevi
Redstone but more
Graham Veras
Graham Veras Pred 9 dnevi
“If I can somehow redeploy the thingy” Me: DEPLOYER Also me: oh welp
DAD5Draco Pred 10 dnevi
This what I've been waiting for. This is what it's all about.
Nocturnal Boy
Nocturnal Boy Pred 10 dnevi
Making a plane, one out of four motors done
Neonik Pred 10 dnevi
9:14 mumbo legit dies inside
Jethro Myelle
Jethro Myelle Pred 10 dnevi
Jethro Myelle
Jethro Myelle Pred 10 dnevi
He always says its "simple"
MrMateusz Pred 10 dnevi
Cant wait for him to discover the minecart creations
White Blaze
White Blaze Pred 10 dnevi
*took note that you said you only discovered the CREATE Mod the day before the video was made* ..But I've repeatedly made the suggestion of trying out the create mod via the comment section to you since 2020! O-O';
White Blaze
White Blaze Pred 10 dnevi
woo! i knew you would be having fun once ya gave the create mod a try! :D
Iesach Arroz
Iesach Arroz Pred 11 dnevi
He should make a really long flying machine with long pistons
Nerd_co Pred 11 dnevi
make one that moves sideways
Little guinea-pig Gamer
GENIUS, all of your hours you put into this is appreciated by everyone here!!!
Syarif Badaruđin
Syarif Badaruđin Pred 11 dnevi
Try to make a plane
name-cant think of one-
You know he was losing his sanity when he mistyped glue in capslock.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Pred 11 dnevi
Mumbo has enter age of gear
The_Slasher_PL Pred 11 dnevi
I can't help but feel like I'm watching a mad sciencist, especially with the laughs lmao Hope Mumbo won't go full bonkers
Ken Chieh
Ken Chieh Pred 12 dnevi
Mumbo laughing maniacally when his (might I say AMAZING) flying machine works Me: 😶
neon Pred 12 dnevi
What's the mod name again?
EMD Buenavista
EMD Buenavista Pred 12 dnevi
A moving AOT Founding Titan next 😁
Michelle Bressette
Michelle Bressette Pred 12 dnevi
Uncontrollable laughter trigger: "what's the opposite of 'chuffed?' 'CHAFED!' "
Nawor Yarrum
Nawor Yarrum Pred 12 dnevi
The create mod Aka Mortal engines in minecraft
LoopyOgre1128 Pred 12 dnevi
im ultra proud of you
JustYourAverageBrit Pred 12 dnevi
This video is like when your on a car journey and your mum says your nearly there.
GoldPlays Pred 12 dnevi
Now make the Among Us airship
Dan Lea
Dan Lea Pred 12 dnevi
this mod was made for mumbo
Zedzee Pred 13 dnevi
Mumbo if you hold glue in your offhand and the block you want glued in your main hand it automatically glues it for you
Ari Fernandez
Ari Fernandez Pred 13 dnevi
10:53 *ohnothatsayeahthatsabigolno* I hate mah life
Ree 2
Ree 2 Pred 13 dnevi
You making this in a day: me making a flying machine in 10 seconds 🤣
戴晧旭 Pred 13 dnevi
12:16 i cant tell is he crying?
Megatoonery Playz
Megatoonery Playz Pred 13 dnevi
I heard *F**k**g machine*
T8 the gr8
T8 the gr8 Pred 13 dnevi
i would just make the standard flying machine it would only take a few seconds
DUMB Kid_bomber
DUMB Kid_bomber Pred 13 dnevi
Every time I Watch one of his videos I am so lost
C 44 Arya
C 44 Arya Pred 13 dnevi
Hard for Mumbo !!! Me going to actually try this.... ok ight I am a head out
Sunset3439 Pred 13 dnevi
Make a train
proBOTrj Pred 14 dnevi
Suzi Price
Suzi Price Pred 14 dnevi
Mumbo is able to do all this redstone, meanwhile I look at a single red stone dust and wonder what is this?
Brian albert
Brian albert Pred 14 dnevi
Mumbo, put the glue in your off hand
I don’t Care
I don’t Care Pred 14 dnevi
I bet it makes a nice breeze
old school gamer
old school gamer Pred 14 dnevi
im still waiting for mumbo to find out that you can automate crafting
Katy L
Katy L Pred 14 dnevi
skulk sensor + the create mod
Martin Vallesteros
Martin Vallesteros Pred 14 dnevi
Water powered when?
Benson Wheeler
Benson Wheeler Pred 14 dnevi
You might be able to make the design at 2:15 work if you right click a slimeball or super glue on the back of the wool block in the center of your windmill
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Pred 14 dnevi
If you hold *glue* in your *off hand* it glues every block you place automatically
Shri Hari's Animations
Video Idea: Make a vault inside a vault inside a vault inside a vault inside a vault.
S 2448
S 2448 Pred 15 dnevi
More Moreeee
THE BIG OOPS Pred 15 dnevi
Sonny Day
Sonny Day Pred 15 dnevi
SAIL is a great song
James Shaw
James Shaw Pred 15 dnevi
You could build a house on the back of the machine, then just idly explore the world while cooking iron.
Zehra Arıman Benzer
Zehra Arıman Benzer Pred 15 dnevi
Sizniche Pred 15 dnevi
nice cog bro, too bad mines bigger
Alexander Winterspear
Alexander Winterspear Pred 15 dnevi
you'e done it Mr. Wright!
Zackary Evans
Zackary Evans Pred 15 dnevi
Next: simplified creations
Satwik Parth
Satwik Parth Pred 15 dnevi
I dont understand whether the mod is improving the game or not
jonas meinert
jonas meinert Pred 15 dnevi
dudefartsgaming Pred 15 dnevi
Make the flying windmill from Feel Good Inc like that!
yt yt
yt yt Pred 15 dnevi
This video is literally me trying to figure out the formula for my math test
Benjamin Kutz
Benjamin Kutz Pred 15 dnevi
If you want a really in depth guide on create check out direwolf20's create mod spotlight.
jaime vargas
jaime vargas Pred 15 dnevi
Balázs Molnár
Balázs Molnár Pred 15 dnevi
"the secret of the gearshift"
Create 0.3 3D Airship Engine
I made a promise..
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