Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays 

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Want to learn how to dunk like MJ ? Take the course below :
Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan!
Relive the best plays of Michael Jordan who celebrates his 50th birthday this weekend.
It was really hard to eliminate all the plays down to 50 .

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays




14. feb. 2013

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JimShapedCoding Pred mesecem
Thanks for being my editor in our new journey, the best editor I could wish for our channel, and it is good to see that the effort you've put in to here was recognized by almost 80 million basketball fans :)
Marbet Thea Alcazar Abang
Kelly Quick
Kelly Quick Pred 25 dnevi
Hell yes
Aiden Loss
Aiden Loss Pred 27 dnevi
Piotr Kowalski
Piotr Kowalski Pred mesecem
Jordan pipen like children his is monster
Tavaraes Hudson
Tavaraes Hudson Pred 10 urami
.....GOOSEBUMPS to this day.....
GRH Pred 12 urami
Michael Jordan is the GOAT because he created modern day basketball......
Mixer Elixir
Mixer Elixir Pred 18 urami
Lebron will never match up with Michael
Jean Toulme
Jean Toulme Pred 18 urami
Simply the best...song The Tina Turner...🌟👈👉✨
Jean Toulme
Jean Toulme Pred 18 urami
Simply the best ...the Tina Turner...song...
laohuxia Pred 21 uro
Jordan forever
Peter B
Peter B Pred 22 urami
Jordan- the best!!!
Jakub AGani
Jakub AGani Pred dnevom
He's so great, they've named a country of him *Jordania*
Torres jeremy
Torres jeremy Pred dnevom
Le dieu du basket a un nom... MJ
Craig C
Craig C Pred dnevom
LeBron goes to sleep and DREAMS of doing shit like this.
Biała Noga Afroamerykanina
When you say basketball-you thinking Michael Jordan.There is no better player in history.With respect for other's but he is ambasador of this sport.Like Tiger Woods in golf,Pele in soccer or Babe Ruth in baseball.
jantestowy123 Pred dnevom
Video look like from the 60'
Francesco Pallotta
Francesco Pallotta Pred dnevom
#32 should be at least #10
северный урал
Майкл Джордан это конечно легенда!!!
Jagat Parahyangan
Jagat Parahyangan Pred dnevom
formula 23
formula 23 Pred 2 dnevi
Великий баскетболист!!!
Rick Meadors
Rick Meadors Pred 2 dnevi
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Shyan Leo
Shyan Leo Pred 2 dnevi
0:57 Jordan literally just said no
MSK Pred 2 dnevi
What is the name of the song in the beginning?
localguy8 Pred 2 dnevi
What do I know He’s the greatest
Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester
So MJ has at least 50 better plays then LBJ got it..already knew it but got it
Hector Pulido
Hector Pulido Pred 2 dnevi
A los lebronlovers que vean este video quizá cambien de decisión
Pa H
Pa H Pred 2 dnevi
Anybody putting thumbs down otto be ashamed of themselves
bryan piper
bryan piper Pred 2 dnevi
As poor as my family was living in NY during this time I would give anything now to go back and attend a home bull game.
Rideable Sun
Rideable Sun Pred 2 dnevi
Music shouldn't be louder than the clips.
Shaofei Jiang
Shaofei Jiang Pred 2 dnevi
My grandma and Jordan can win the championship as teammates. - Shaq
Aris Parado
Aris Parado Pred 3 dnevi
When mj shoot the clutch there is someone crying
urbantop10s Pred 3 dnevi
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荀活宗師 Pred 3 dnevi
I want this music
Алексей Русланович
2021 ... Thanks
Julius Sala
Julius Sala Pred 4 dnevi
bulls vs hawks wen he return all the fans chering at him
Melvin Walls
Melvin Walls Pred 4 dnevi
MJ was a seldom seen delight)(a real live action hero with special effects written in the wind) a pure star above the rim )where none can compare to rare air.
Jon Rawles
Jon Rawles Pred 4 dnevi
Krystian Łakomy
Krystian Łakomy Pred 4 dnevi
This video is awesome! I am considering him not a best basketball player of all time. I am considering him as a best athlete of all time!! I am watching this in 2021. Maybe someone is doing that too? :D
Michael U.
Michael U. Pred 4 dnevi
RIP MJ 😔🙏🏾🙏🏾
winedan Pred 4 dnevi
The best that ever did it. Hands down.
Makun Mendeng
Makun Mendeng Pred 5 dnevi
urban structure
urban structure Pred 5 dnevi
Gifted. Like Maradona in soccer. God giving gift to be a GOAT! MJ make the NBA better >>>
Rocket Lime
Rocket Lime Pred 5 dnevi
I dont take jordan as the GOAT but damn his skills surpasses lebron and most of the players in the history.
sajlent Pred 5 dnevi
Nice career Mike
Dora Ruiz
Dora Ruiz Pred 5 dnevi
Lo que se demoraba para bajar era cosa de locos era es y sera el gran jordan y sus tenis
Sandro Barreto
Sandro Barreto Pred 5 dnevi
Philip Valeliano
Philip Valeliano Pred 5 dnevi
It was the thre mikes at the time .Michael jordan . Michael tyson .Michael Jackson
Greg Geismar
Greg Geismar Pred 5 dnevi
Soundtrack to first 5 mins or so anyone ? 🔥
Greg Geismar
Greg Geismar Pred 5 dnevi
My fucking word ( can I swear here? Just did ) unreal inspiration .. R.I.P DMX and love to all the 🐐 ‘s who were the best to ever do it 🙏🙏🙏🙏😿😿😿
Вадим 083
Вадим 083 Pred 5 dnevi
Jacob Rafael
Jacob Rafael Pred 6 dnevi
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Alfonso Gr
Alfonso Gr Pred 6 dnevi
what's the name of the music at minute 9:30 ?
RAWsanity Pred 6 dnevi
Living Legend. I'm happy to have a collection of his sneakers going & I can't wait to get more. Like to feel like him.
Diego reyes cerda
Diego reyes cerda Pred 6 dnevi
The Goat 🐐🐐🐐
Amir Ahmad Seifi
Amir Ahmad Seifi Pred 6 dnevi
If you quit once it becomes a habit Never quit Michael jordan
이경수 Pred 6 dnevi
마이클조던의 경기를 볼수 있었던 시절에 같이 살았다는게 감사하다 조던형 건강하게 오래사십시요
Lee Josh
Lee Josh Pred 6 dnevi
this is god
Pollito Pred 6 dnevi
I don’t think nobody will ever come close to the amount of greatness and legacy jordan had when he finished his career. Literally made basketball ten times more popular. Carried the whole sport on his back.
The only player who surpassed the name of the sport
이경수 Pred 7 dnevi
농구역사상 앞으로는 나올수 없는 사람이다
Bertha Miller
Bertha Miller Pred 7 dnevi
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أحمد Ahmad لا
أحمد Ahmad لا Pred 7 dnevi
5:06 No Jordan, NO NO NO JORDAN, NOT ACCEPTABLE. a no for me
V7 JACKZ Pred 8 dnevi
He is a great and thats the truth however i still would say if he played now he wouldnt be able to do what he did back then the game has moved on
GOAT-Status Pred 7 dnevi
Wake up
Miklo Velka
Miklo Velka Pred 8 dnevi
Eh...LEBRON is better👌💪
migue salvador
migue salvador Pred 2 dnevi
Vince Warren
Vince Warren Pred 8 dnevi
Jordan can play with flu like symptoms (hungover or food poisoning) and other players have no problem being around him. Today we have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart for the possibility or even a chance at catching a virus lol
Han Mathew
Han Mathew Pred 8 dnevi
basketball god
Elizabeth Freeman
Elizabeth Freeman Pred 9 dnevi
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Frank Champion
Frank Champion Pred 9 dnevi
All that without needing that extra “gather step”
Pollito Pred 6 dnevi
That step is just an excuse to not make travel it’s so dumb. MJ doesn’t have that problem because he can fly
Nuria Pred 10 dnevi
Jordan nadie no ha dicho " nadas", lo han descubierto🤨.
Thomas A
Thomas A Pred 10 dnevi
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Rhythmicons Pred 10 dnevi
That guy Jordan really knew how to play. He might make something of himself one day.
Kyle Hawes
Kyle Hawes Pred 10 dnevi
When Jordan played for Wizards it meant so much just have few more years there's no one like him way he moved others just end up injured trying what he did every game lol....
John Gramling
John Gramling Pred 10 dnevi
G.O.A.T..... End of discussion.
Panchito18 Pred 10 dnevi
Kol Andy
Kol Andy Pred 10 dnevi
The heavenly heavy hellish rub nally bat because deficit differently print apropos a private adapter. agreeable, encouraging desk
Ajay Bala
Ajay Bala Pred 10 dnevi
This video still gives me the chills! What is the soundtrack used from 10:00 till the end ?
Shavon Barnette
Shavon Barnette Pred 10 dnevi
Jordan Spieth
MZkiller22 Pred 10 dnevi
Anyone know the song list
Javier Kuhnow
Javier Kuhnow Pred 11 dnevi
me canta este jugaronazo el mejor del mundo de la NBA michael jordan mi idolo
The Only Munchkin
The Only Munchkin Pred 11 dnevi
#14 is the one that amazed me the most. He moved after Pippen threw the shot. Did he know that it wasn't going in or he didn't trust Pippen to make it? It seemed although everyone moved after Pippen went for the throw, MJ was the only one who knew it wasn't going in and he was already there to secure the shot and that is the most amazing thing to witness
Muneeruddin Mohammed
Muneeruddin Mohammed Pred 11 dnevi
Coming here after ‘Last dance’ I’m not even a basketball fan and this boosts me up
Sarym Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah as big as Lebron is in the NBA,he never transcended the sport like MJ
Micheal Jordan
Micheal Jordan Pred 11 dnevi
That’s me
Andre Ayisi Nyarko
Andre Ayisi Nyarko Pred 11 dnevi
I’ll be better
kingheartzTV Pred 11 dnevi
Legendary best player of all time.. Air jordan is not a human, he's a monster👍👍👍
Roman Rodionov
Roman Rodionov Pred 11 dnevi
MJ is the god of basketball
Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout Pred 11 dnevi
He was the Babe Ruth of Basketball.
yanbibiya Pred 11 dnevi
Can someone please explain the difference between Jordan and LeBron and say who is better
Loyal Nets Fan
Loyal Nets Fan Pred 6 dnevi
casuals like Jordan more because he was scorer and fans always liked scorers the most. LeBron is all around player where he is not just scoring but also getting assists and rebounds.
Terena S. House
Terena S. House Pred 12 dnevi
Michael Jordan reminded me of the Giant from that fairytale story "Jack in the Beanstalk." 😆 Michael won't let no one steal his Balls. I don't know who will win if Superman & Michael Jordan made a jump towards the hoop during Basketball. When I was little I will accept the gym shoes called "Pro Wings" to Fly High. Those Pro Wings were magical on TV like looking at Cinderella shoes light up. 😆
A H Pred 12 dnevi
Christopher Harrison
Christopher Harrison Pred 12 dnevi
Ordain Minster
Jardel Sampaio
Jardel Sampaio Pred 12 dnevi
Toda vez que eu vou jogar basquete assisto esse video
Nathaniel Johnson
Nathaniel Johnson Pred 12 dnevi
The goat wears red number 23
Andre John
Andre John Pred 12 dnevi
Play 35 was nd and 1.
Don T
Don T Pred 12 dnevi
Greatest of all-time
Chuck Carter
Chuck Carter Pred 12 dnevi
Lebron ain’t better then this guy smh that it’s a discussion.
Lu garcia
Lu garcia Pred 12 dnevi
Odio a ese tipo
Hola Thai
Hola Thai Pred 12 dnevi
El mejor sin duda alguna!!
Notorious 26
Notorious 26 Pred 12 dnevi
migue salvador
migue salvador Pred 13 dnevi
Myron Bahe
Myron Bahe Pred 13 dnevi
The only GREATEST PLAYER WITH WINGS. "S1R MICHEAL JORDAN " The only player who DONE IT ALL REPEATEDLY. Jordan loved Basketball and basketball loved him back. 100%. These days don't come like Jordan. Peeps gotta recognize THE GOAT-MICHEAL JORDAN!
재써니TV Pred 14 dnevi
Do not tell me about James....
White Ranger Tiger Power
He hates my guts keeps calling Julia on me again lol after that one call we smiled upon
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