iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test - Is 'Ceramic Shield' Scratchproof?! 

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Its time to durability test the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Grab your Anker Nano HERE: amzn.to/353xHsa (US Offer Code USNANO12) And grab your dbrand glass Screen Protector HERE: dbrand.com/iphone-12-glass New iPhones sometimes means new features. Today we find out how durable the new Apple iPhones really are. Apple has changed up the design again. Its still a rectangle. With a screen. But this time around its a blockier rectangle with a screen that might be tougher? We'll have to check to be sure.
iPhone 12 Pro Teardown video here: sltv.info/label/oMSArrnGb3epmqo/video
Anker Nano Charger Discount Codes:
(US) - Offer Code USNANO12 - amzn.to/353xHsa
(UK) - Offer Code UKNANO12 - amzn.to/3lZq3pD
(DE) - Offer Code EUNANO12 - amzn.to/346wlxz
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This is the drone I use: click.dji.com/AI2tmSb0onM9XPVwb-Se0g
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28. okt. 2020

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Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson Pred 29 minutami
Hey jerry can you do a durability test on oppo reno 4 pro
Priscilla TaehyungMjamie
You just waste you 1599$ phone for 8.3 million views😂😂😂😂😂 thanks for the test. RIP IPHONE 12 PRO MAX
Blake Walker
Blake Walker Pred uro
I love these kinds of videos because I'm a tech and I believe these types of videos completely essential to properly learn about the phone you'll be using/buying.
Prasanjeet Panda 1708
Disclaimer : No kidney was harmed during the making of this video
Zedet Pred 3 urami
Me with my 19$ phone: *heart dies as I would dream of a iphone 12*
Demented Mouse
Demented Mouse Pred 3 urami
The iPhone 900 *where's the phone, i want a refund!* 😂😂🤣
Dianne Ermitanio
Dianne Ermitanio Pred 6 urami
When he open the box and use the sharp cutter to lift the iphone out made me screeeeeeammmmmmmm 😂😂😂 omygad 😂
zhuli qiu
zhuli qiu Pred 9 urami
soooo we are very proud to announce with years preparation, the name of the iPhone 11 has been changed to the iPhone 12.
Gavin Soliz
Gavin Soliz Pred 10 urami
I dropped my iPhone 11 Pro in school and the screen cracked
Colton Crawley
Colton Crawley Pred 12 urami
*scratching metal noises* My face Cringed harder and gained more wrinkles than a raisin
Harvey dunn 19
Harvey dunn 19 Pred 12 urami
Test out the new rhino shield screen protector
laure laure
laure laure Pred 14 urami
The next thing that is gonna disappear is probably the cable, since thagsafe thing comes with a cable, *hi him*they are doing that for the health of people and to be carbon meutral*hi him*(they are doing that for less cost, 8$ less on an iPhone charger is gonna save them 50m$+ bcz like 20m people will buy the iPhone 13 lineup probably saving lots of Money and u then gotta buy the magsafe charger, which costs like 40$+ each making them profit another 500+ million dollars and that is a lot of money)
Swordsman Pred 16 urami
The reason of iphone to not including charger brick doesn't make sense. If its because people already have many charger brick, why they changed the charging cable from USB-A to USB-C? They really just want people to buy their more expensive newer charger brick.
R C Pred 18 urami
Imagine a white light on the apple logo, just like the one in macbooks! That would be so cool😍
Shiyon Sajan
Shiyon Sajan Pred 19 urami
Bro will you please give any phone as gift . You are pricing phone for testing 😪
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred 20 urami
Love the channel, but hate how he conveniently forgets to mention that Samsung has comparable price tags. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
Melis Yilmaz
Melis Yilmaz Pred 23 urami
Shahin Pred 23 urami
I wish i could destroy a iphone
Michael Cotterell
Michael Cotterell Pred 23 urami
This video is so informational but pissed me off seeing the damage being done
Mile End Vapes
Mile End Vapes Pred dnevom
What Apple is doing it’s kind of scary because in their laptops they used to use into the intel processes now they are using their own bionic chip on all their products they are taking control of the hardware software completely so they are becoming like other big tech companies i.e. Google tracking everything taking control on everything I’m not so sure about Apple anymore one company to have that much control and that much power it is truly scary
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred 20 urami
Can you give it to me
UPB gamerz
UPB gamerz Pred dnevom
Your money is free to waste own money
Farhan Tariq
Farhan Tariq Pred dnevom
hey jerry can u give me iphone 12 pro cuz when i see u are breaking phones my heart feel very bad but it is your job plz reply me bro i am inneed of phone for studies
Mile End Vapes
Mile End Vapes Pred dnevom
Use the computer at the library
AngelLuke9 Ler
AngelLuke9 Ler Pred dnevom
Can I have that iphone 12 even though it is already murdered.
Anthony Wan
Anthony Wan Pred dnevom
They STILL have the notch at the top?!?!? WTF!!!
الكوافير حسن سمايل
ليش تشخط بي ابن الضرطه 😤😣
Djordje Popovic
Djordje Popovic Pred dnevom
I can hear a pain when you do this
LINK JOKER Pred dnevom
People need to stop being an iSHEEP and bycott them for a year or two they will come back into their senses and respect their customers
Izaac_ vids
Izaac_ vids Pred dnevom
He did the thanos snap before the intro,thats amazing 👏
alex kagy
alex kagy Pred dnevom
This phone makes the tests look old
alex kagy
alex kagy Pred dnevom
He now dosnt even include 1 on the scratch test lol
Yeeaty Pred dnevom
i honestly don't understand apple and apple fanboys, android is adding feautures and apple is removing them. really? no power adapter. the point of the power adapter is so you can charge the phone and use it as soon as you get in and not have to wait another day for your $60 slow charger to come in with a new proprietary port.
BigLepordy 1242
BigLepordy 1242 Pred dnevom
He waits to put on the screen protector until AFTER he scratched the phone??!!!!?! 🤯😭
Frederik Nymand-Larsen
oh god please dont do this, it makes we wanna keep my iphone 12 pro in plexiglass casing
zeynep köksal
zeynep köksal Pred dnevom
Can you give it to me
Rean phone
Rean phone Pred dnevom
WoW iphone 12 pro good use sir
JORY✨ Pred dnevom
الله يهبها في وجهك كانك تلعب بنعمه ✨
Monique Osterlund
Monique Osterlund Pred dnevom
Haha, love your video, especially the comment about the iphone 13 plus ultra max🤣😂😂
Yogini Patel
Yogini Patel Pred dnevom
If you don't want why you waste money if you don't want please give us or poor people they will be real Happy 😤🤬🤬🤬🤬
Chef Pred dnevom
[Apple in 2022] Introducing the new, revolutionary iphone 13. To save the planet, the screen and camera will be sold serperatley.
SARG Studio
SARG Studio Pred dnevom
Ok ok, Apple turns off comments on their SLtv channel do imma use this as an opportunity to vent at them. I’m an Apple user, I use an iPhone 7 Plus, but I’m not a fanboy. I have a bone to pick with these guys. First, WHY TAKE AWAY THE CHARGER! NOT ONLY IS THIS AN OBVIOUS SCHEME TO MAKE MORE PROFIT, ANOTHER THING PEOPLE HAVEN’T SPOKE ABOUT IS THAT THE THINNER BOX MAXES PULLING THE TOP OFF WAAAY LESS SATISFYING! Then, we have the notch problem, while I understand the reasoning, Apple’s Face ID is collectively viewed as the best Face ID, but that doesn’t mean that your 2020 phone looks like a phone from 2017. And then, the dongles. Holy cow, the dongles. Apple sells 20+ different dongles, and we all now at this point it’s all for profit. And this saddens me, Apple, the very inventor of the smartphone, has devolved over the years and is no more than a pathetic cash guzzler. As they say, an Apple product a year, keeps your wallet clear. (Though the A14 chip is faster than the snapdragon 865+ so there’s that)
Connor Rogers
Connor Rogers Pred dnevom
“It’s always exciting to find out was gonna disappear next” hes so done with this company
Kai Pred dnevom
when hi started to scratch the frame with the cutter my heart got screaches too felt pain in my heart
KiNG GøDZiLLA Pred dnevom
"An Apple a year makes your Money Disappear".
Krish Negi
Krish Negi Pred dnevom
I am big fan please gift me iPhone blow Pro Max 12 Pro Max I am from India Srinagar Garhwal
Ingress Resistance
Ingress Resistance Pred dnevom
Other Mobile Company:Let's surprise all reviewers with Camera/Ram/Rom etc Apple:Let's surprise zack,with our built quality 😁
Cristinxx Pred dnevom
SLtvrs when a new iPhone comes out: *DESTROY THEM*
King studio
King studio Pred dnevom
Bro i wand ur iphone bro
John Angelo So
John Angelo So Pred 2 dnevi
this is torture
Habibur Rahman
Habibur Rahman Pred 2 dnevi
Every JerryRig video "It still scratches at a level 6 and deeper grooves at a level 7"
Malav Tank
Malav Tank Pred 2 dnevi
5:42 Thats where I left the video....
Safayet Hossain
Safayet Hossain Pred 2 dnevi
This hurts me
Malav Tank
Malav Tank Pred 2 dnevi
He is literally killing the phone in front of you in the name of durability test and you are watching it. Very disappointing 😔
Real Blurs
Real Blurs Pred dnevom
lexstrus __
lexstrus __ Pred 2 dnevi
Jerry my man I was wondering if you could hook me up with the 12
Tamer xy
Tamer xy Pred 2 dnevi
Tamer xy
Tamer xy Pred 2 dnevi
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 2 dnevi
As soon as he snapped his fingers in the beginning it went to a ad
Sumita Roy
Sumita Roy Pred 2 dnevi
AGlqss is glass and glass can....*BREAK*
mr__awesome_ Pred 2 dnevi
Them removing the charger is a bit scummy but at the same time all most ever human that buying a new iPhone this year probably already owns a cord a charging brick
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 2 dnevi
నువు Test చేసిన ఈ Mobile. నా అడ్రస్ కి పంపిచవా .. AnnA..
LuxJury Dreams
LuxJury Dreams Pred 2 dnevi
Bro who in the world would honestly take a fucking nail and start scratching the screen. Already you with your fucking miniature jack hammer scratching the screen lol Its doing fine. As long as im at home with no dumbasses trying to see how far they can shove the phone up the tool box. Im good. Im not the type of person to break anything. For a fact i never broke a screen ever in my life. Anyways that all i gotta say. Cya!
Noah Mendoza
Noah Mendoza Pred 2 dnevi
me an apple user tries 20 watts fast charging me UNLIMITE POWER
AlexWasTaken Pred 2 dnevi
Destroy it
Henry Li
Henry Li Pred 2 dnevi
I thought IPhone 12 doesn’t match a charger
Thankfully an aftermarket charger is only fifteen bucks. Now if I could just find an aftermarket iPhone 12.
DabsterSaj Pred 2 dnevi
Next time the phone is going to disappear
Posiedon22 Pred 2 dnevi
Love the channel, but hate how he conveniently forgets to mention that Samsung has comparable price tags. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
MrEmptyfuel Pred 2 dnevi
Hedges are highly scretchables
hhhqwerty Pred 2 dnevi
Me watching this phone sufer😭 Wishing I could have it
mm mmm
mm mmm Pred 2 dnevi
iphone only 12 test please ??
Shazilla Pred 2 dnevi
Why why why, why do you do this people used their effort and time to make them, people who cant afford them could or had those but noo u chose to destroy it...
Supaku Pred 2 dnevi
He does it so others know whether or not the quality is good enough for the price don't get salty cos u can't afford it
East Germany
East Germany Pred 2 dnevi
Apple: scratchless glass **scratches** Users: bruh. Apple: strongest glass you can get **weaker than LG** Users: bruh. Apple: i cArE aBoUt dA eNvIoRnMeNt **removes charger** Users: bruh. (Years later) Apple: we care for your curiosity **removes phone, just gives the blue prints and you have to build it yourself** Users: bruh Apple: we are so smart **removes commonsense** Users: BRUH WTF
XxDarKsHoTzxX Pred dnevom
Bro This had me dead
Bean Burrito
Bean Burrito Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone know where I can buy a level 7 hardness pick? I can't say what I need it for.
DaToast_Demon Pred 2 dnevi
Ok lets be real who woke up today and thought to themself that they are gonna watch a I phone be destroyed
Nakeisha Faith
Nakeisha Faith Pred 2 dnevi
but why though, just why fjngufvidhrmvind
Salman Raju
Salman Raju Pred 2 dnevi
నువు Test చేసిన ఈ Mobile. నా అడ్రస్ కి పంపిచవా .. AnnA..
Sunnat Tolibov
Sunnat Tolibov Pred 2 dnevi
Nma san dalbayopmisaan o'l essiz iPhone
Zork 98
Zork 98 Pred 2 dnevi
Him: Let's get started.... *snaps fingers like Thanos* Ad starts: Wanna meet singles in your area?
Tasneem Babat
Tasneem Babat Pred 3 urami
😅😅😂. Even I got a advertisement right after he snapped, but mine was a zomato ad😅😂😂
XxDarKsHoTzxX Pred dnevom
Yo fr I got the same ad like wtf
Bright Crafts
Bright Crafts Pred 3 dnevi
Try stiking it on the side of a plane The phon is a magnet
Skyfi Gaming
Skyfi Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
apple 14 pro max ultra no phone only box of rs 150000 and by I phone individually of rs 200000
Lisamaría López
Lisamaría López Pred 3 dnevi
I just want that iphone haha!!
Madi Carey
Madi Carey Pred 3 dnevi
Can I have the damaged phone please I’ll take it! No matter how damaged
Nick Lindsey
Nick Lindsey Pred 3 dnevi
As soon as he snapped his fingers in the beginning it went to a ad
Drainer Pred 3 dnevi
Hey don't wreck it. Just Give it to me HEHE
Roua Omar
Roua Omar Pred 3 dnevi
why u kill pone i wish i even have one
datphatYouTube er
datphatYouTube er Pred 3 dnevi
Is this a flex or is he just making a video about destroying it
Mohd Alali
Mohd Alali Pred 3 dnevi
It isn’t scratch proof, I scratched mine on the second day
-ally- Pred 3 dnevi
WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!????!,
yTomm07 Pred 3 dnevi
“Remember the earpiece and loud speaker are magnetic so metal could tear it to shreds” Proceeds to push all the magnetic metal on the side the speakers are
DIO Pred 3 dnevi
Lmao I was thinking the same thing
Nedko Kostadinov
Nedko Kostadinov Pred 3 dnevi
I like the phone if they gift it to me otherwise I won't buy it
Jack hey hey hey
Jack hey hey hey Pred 3 dnevi
me: oo this looks like a fun video him: scratches the sides me: fuck this shit im out...
Reza Karim
Reza Karim Pred 3 dnevi
Dislike from apple
Reza Karim
Reza Karim Pred 3 dnevi
I liked
Jessie Villanueva
Jessie Villanueva Pred 3 dnevi
Better give me that iphone after u used it
Jessie Villanueva
Jessie Villanueva Pred 3 dnevi
When you're broke and can't buy an apple and then suddenly you saw this WATDAFAWK
ArabSlim Pred 3 dnevi
the pain of watching this
MR々DRAKS๛ Pred 3 dnevi
ابدال ما تساعد الفقره بفلوسك الي ما تخلص اتكسر تلفونات حضره جنابك
Hippy Bogan
Hippy Bogan Pred 3 dnevi
Poor iTards
Sara Kappeler
Sara Kappeler Pred 4 dnevi
Woher hat man dieses geld ?! 😳
believe and do
believe and do Pred 4 dnevi
Apple won't stop untill they make iphone with vibranium 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aditi Vinod
Aditi Vinod Pred 4 dnevi
I am crying .... I don't even have a phone
No Entertainment Here
*now apple users will have the fast charging that android users had for years* THATS WHY IM ANDROID FOR LIFE
Naomi Yu
Naomi Yu Pred 4 dnevi
U know he can just give the phone to me😭😂
I bought every iPhone ever.
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