Seth on Tiny Secret Whispers’ Opening Credits and Golden Globes Snub 

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Seth Meyers shares his thoughts on the show Tiny Secret Whispers and its haunting opening credits.
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Seth on Tiny Secret Whispers’ Opening Credits and Golden Globes Snub- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




25. feb. 2021

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Jane Thalken
Jane Thalken Pred 14 dnevi
ok: sweatshirts with secret tiny whispers on the back, and on the front, either 'TEAM LiS" or "TEAM PACKER" -- ??
Rouge Shark
Rouge Shark Pred 20 dnevi
No WAY! "Doughnut Dreams" All has the win for that "Bakers Dozen" episode with the chocolate covered French cruller being by-racial and the trans-gender vanilla dipped jelly 13 doughnut orgy! yer crazy! Doughnut Dreams is the has this win in the BOX! (box of doughnuts)
Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford Pred 20 dnevi
I kind of want “Day Drinking Alone” to be a new segment.
TrueSake Pred mesecem
Since no one but Seth can find this show on tv, he should just review every episode.
Tom Dewispelaere
Tom Dewispelaere Pred mesecem
One of the best cult series not out there!
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay Pred mesecem
I feel like this is a show Seth invented to meme all the countless unoriginal melodramas
SoreWaSore Pred mesecem
The novel is better
Nicholas Fouch
Nicholas Fouch Pred mesecem
I would love the #youthinkidontknowthat to really grow into great videos
Mark Verschell
Mark Verschell Pred mesecem
#bestshowever “secret tiny whispers”!
CinemaLaHuerta Pred mesecem
The opening credits song is soooo good.
macpony44 Pred mesecem
Alfred Degiorgio
Alfred Degiorgio Pred mesecem
The GOP is equally guilty with Trump of inciting, enabling and supporting a violent insurrection aimed at destroying the foundation of the U.S. Constitution, free and fair elections. Any GOP representative in Congress who values his/her honor and integrity, and who puts country over party, has no place in the GOP criminal organization!
Josh Begley
Josh Begley Pred mesecem
This is like a funnier version of all the Fred Armisen bits. I love how the video abruptly cuts off at the end too.
cannibalbananas Pred mesecem
Someone make this show so I can catch up on the episodes
Rogue Jedi
Rogue Jedi Pred mesecem
I still cant get over last summer's DC protest where the national guard had live ammunition & seth focused on the HEAT RAY 😭
t3hlastsk8ter Pred mesecem
Lmao do these clips make it on tv??
Josh Begley
Josh Begley Pred mesecem
Good question! I wonder the same thing.
Tonton Jeannot
Tonton Jeannot Pred mesecem
People will only be free on the internet when we accept as default that everything on it is entirely made up.
Kenneth Hymes
Kenneth Hymes Pred mesecem
show is getting looser and better. always a fan but i like this trend
Jennifer Gridley
Jennifer Gridley Pred mesecem
Agreed! It's really good this way.
Clay Owlglass
Clay Owlglass Pred mesecem
Yep, I love seeing all the wires and loose ends
Josh Begley
Josh Begley Pred mesecem
"Looser," as you put it in your edit. Yes, that's the perfect word for it.
Josh Begley
Josh Begley Pred mesecem
I agree. I do miss seeing the writers performing in bits, but I'm surprised I'm not missing them *more*, you know? Seth's banter with the off-camera crew and their laughter at his improvised lines, and him leaning into weirder/sillier stuff... it's really good. His Tucker Carlson riff is freaking fantastic.
Jesse Carliner
Jesse Carliner Pred mesecem
Tiny Secret Whispers needs a Wikipedia page.
Jane Thalken
Jane Thalken Pred 14 dnevi
@Niyati Shah i don't know if it was you, that added it? it doesn't have its own wiki page, but its a bullet on the "late night w. seth meyers" page, yayyy! but i really want a separate page (here on youtube?) so i could keep all the episodes of STW straight... its on mondays, so that means the recaps are on tuesdays, right? (gimme a break u guys i'm old)
Niyati Shah
Niyati Shah Pred mesecem
brb making one
Ann E
Ann E Pred mesecem
Be careful Seth! You can make us look for a non existent show and I can stop selling your show on Facebook and Instagram! People listen to me too!
Derek Ho 2013's
Derek Ho 2013's Pred mesecem
Seth Meyer I think know about that golden sub
Mandy Schmidt
Mandy Schmidt Pred mesecem
Wait, is it Secret Tiny Whispers or Tiny Secret Whispers... I don't know what fake show to google now...
Dejay Rezme
Dejay Rezme Pred mesecem
Goddammit! :D But I really want to see that show!
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Pred mesecem
I was thrown out of an antique shop because I walked in and said, "Good afternoon, what's new?"
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
Nothing on Sunday night matters but The Walking Dead.
sjbock Pred mesecem
PBS Masterpiece Theater is the best thing on Sunday nights.
Geoffrey Peterson
Geoffrey Peterson Pred mesecem
Seth's wife: "You didn't run the dishwasher last night." Seth: "YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT?!" Her: *stony stare* Him: ....I'm so sorry honey, I thought we were doing a bit, but I gravely misplayed my hand there. I will do the dishes all week. AND SCENE
QueenofSnarks Pred mesecem
Him: ....I'm so sorry honey, I thought we were doing a bit, but I gravely misplayed my hand there. I will do the dishes all week. Her: YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT?! END SCENE
photondance Pred mesecem
I love Tiny Secret Whispers so far! I’ve only watched the first three episodes, but I’ll probably binge the rest later tonight. I’m just so pissed about what Kristen did to Daphne. I’m hoping that when Jake finds out, he can set Kristen straight! Please no spoilers! I desperately want to know what happens next, but not until I actually watch it.
Julia Connell
Julia Connell Pred mesecem
@Steven Tebou since one of the nuns there is actually the reason why Kristen did that terrible thing to Daphne - she is obviously hiding her true identity and crimes - which is how Raphael got involved in the first place - but since Jake is a discredited cop (I have a feeling he was framed! Just not sure by whom - or for what reason, though I have my theories) anyway Jake seems to be onto her - putting his life in jeopardy - really hate it when they end an episode on such a cliffhanger.. literally - will he make off that cliff alive... I'm too scared to watch the next episode...
Steven Tebou
Steven Tebou Pred mesecem
@Julia Connell Ah, but in the next episode we find out that it wasn't Michael! Michael was kidnapped by their even more evil third brother (They're triplets!) and is being held against his will, coincidentally at an all-girls Catholic College in Rio. A school, we discover, that Jenna has a mysterious connection to...
Julia Connell
Julia Connell Pred mesecem
Raphael *is*dead.... or is he? - it was his evil twin Michael who rigged the engine to explode to commit the ultimate vengeance on Jenna after she broke his heart - but he had a last minute change of heart - there was a struggle - in the turmoil both shirts got ripped off - so couldnt tell which twin actually perished in the fiery inferno...
Steven Tebou
Steven Tebou Pred mesecem
Sorry I can never keep a secret...Raphael isn't dead!! He somehow survived the plane/boating accident (If it was an accident...) and is being nursed back to health at an all-girls Catholic College in Rio...
Starman Dx
Starman Dx Pred mesecem
You think I don't watch that?!
alumpyhorse Pred mesecem
and: tiny secret whispers! sltv.info/label/oMinz6nQeXR8mog/video
Adrian Colley
Adrian Colley Pred mesecem
Shortest "at this point in the broadcast" ever.
Nicole Gilpin
Nicole Gilpin Pred mesecem
Is it me, I never heard of that show and googled it and something else come up. Is that the correct name‽
Julia Connell
Julia Connell Pred mesecem
I too was conned - the ONLY references to the show are coming from inside the house!!!😱 (in other words - this is a 'bit' there is no show.. )
Blake West
Blake West Pred mesecem
It isn't real. Seth's just goofing off.
BC stargazer
BC stargazer Pred mesecem
Shhhh Seth
PoppyCorn144 Pred mesecem
I just googled “Secret Tiny Whispers”. I’m an idiot. That said, the opening sequence sounds so good...
adolfothemidget Pred mesecem
You couldn't find it because it is German, and it's original title is Geheimes kleines Flüstern
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness Pred mesecem
I'm so glad I read these comments first! 😂😂😂
Julia Connell
Julia Connell Pred mesecem
@Trish Truitt I know right - completely invested in those frogs now 🐸
Trish Truitt
Trish Truitt Pred mesecem
Yeah and I do not think we are EVER going to hear that news story about those migrating tree frogs either.
Hanna Pred mesecem
@PoppyCorn144 I didn't know that! I thouggt it was a paid for commercial and imagined the show must be crap if they have to invest in native commercials. XD
ladolcevita Pred mesecem
This feels quite Cordenesque.
Hybrid 父
Hybrid 父 Pred mesecem
Something random
Karla Marie
Karla Marie Pred mesecem
I like all these asides.
Sebastian Aleksandriytzin
That was camp :D
Pixie Fairy
Pixie Fairy Pred mesecem
"Series recommendations with Seth" should have been a recurring segment during lockdown.
Golden guys !
Golden guys ! Pred mesecem
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins Pred mesecem
Aww, so close to finally achieving something in your life! Don't give up, buddy!
Krc Maine
Krc Maine Pred mesecem
I just want to say "Buisness Ham" still makes me laugh. Much ❤ to Seth's graphics team.
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