Quarantined on Berm Peak for 50 Days 

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Things have gone off the deep end with Corona Virus, and Seth and I have officially quarantined up on Berm Peak for over 50 days now. Come hang with us as we get into all sorts of shenanigans from building and riding our new mtb feature, discussing quarantine at Castle Brap, and tons of playing with the pups!
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8. maj. 2020

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Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson Pred 11 urami
lmao Seth is such a New Yorker, it's awesome
Raz Zelda
Raz Zelda Pred dnevom
Zacattac Gaming
Zacattac Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
In Nevada there are some cool bike parks you should check some out 2 of them are truckee bike park and Sierra vista bike park
Zachary Zmijski
Zachary Zmijski Pred 3 dnevi
Bru it never even that bad
Jakob Holm
Jakob Holm Pred 4 dnevi
Re-watch numberrrrr.... 5? Love this!
MontyPizzle Pred 7 dnevi
Alex seems like the best roommate honestly. Also, It’s fun hearing people complain about people who can’t wear their mask right lmao.
Galaxtech Gaming
Galaxtech Gaming Pred 15 dnevi
What happens if that tree starts to decay?
Elioniyede Pred 7 dnevi
That might happen in 8 years so it’s no problem
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
My husky in the middle of the night bangs her head on the door and brute forces the door open
Swamp Creek
Swamp Creek Pred 19 dnevi
2:54 anyone noticed this clip is being played in reverse
Thomas Kositzki
Thomas Kositzki Pred 21 dnevom
Lol, Alex with VR goggles on looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family. ^^ Cool colab, dude! Really liked you and Seth in a video together again. I must say, though, Berm Peak is so scetchy, I tense up just watching you ride there. :P
Ghost_Control Pred 23 dnevi
what camera is being used at 8:10
Elliott Myers-Shirer
Elliott Myers-Shirer Pred 23 dnevi
How do you guys even think how to do this stuff
Førdegutane på SGN ski.
2021 aint better
vwharman Pred 25 dnevi
Watched this video a few times, and I still laugh at the frank way Seth states “it’s the most intuitive feature we’ve ever built.”. Not even with excitement, just speaking facts.
Jonathan Brinker
Jonathan Brinker Pred 26 dnevi
They wouldn’t touch the boxes for 24 hours AND sanitize them, that’s honestly just sorta sad...
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith Pred mesecem
Aidan Elliott-Perreault
10:02 Samurai guitarist?
Alt Account
Alt Account Pred mesecem
As quarantine spots go, that one isn't bad! Looks so fun.
Drew Swinburne
Drew Swinburne Pred mesecem
You should make a channel whith the both of you
Mark Nicholson
Mark Nicholson Pred mesecem
6:43 this is the best moment of all time on this channel
T NationMusic
T NationMusic Pred mesecem
Still going in lockdown😂
Arek Bike
Arek Bike Pred mesecem
Gj :D
Babushkas Gardens
Babushkas Gardens Pred mesecem
That 1 time they quarantined all the health people.
Whisper MTB&Ski
Whisper MTB&Ski Pred mesecem
Not related to the vid but I went to put my snack away in the fridge and put my phone in the fridge. Also, great vid bud.
FCK YouTube
FCK YouTube Pred mesecem
Playing into the plandemic . Wake up d bags
Ty Novak Aviation
Ty Novak Aviation Pred mesecem
Who could imagine we are still in “Quarantine”
Michael Logan
Michael Logan Pred mesecem
When seth went upside down on the rings, he looked like Samurai Guitarist
GingerMan 308
GingerMan 308 Pred mesecem
*Uploaded 10 months ago*
Benmchlmre -
Benmchlmre - Pred mesecem
How come everyone is talking about matts back yard and not about this
Cal Wilson mtb
Cal Wilson mtb Pred mesecem
Year later still in lockdown
Sonny Wentz
Sonny Wentz Pred mesecem
The efficient sentence suprisingly concern because europe philly bake atop a erratic society. pastoral, motionless diving
Geraldine Gray
Geraldine Gray Pred mesecem
The miscreant hamster ophthalmoscopically stroke because brake beverly camp times a chilly action. second-hand, truthful cycle
Carter Tidwell
Carter Tidwell Pred mesecem
6:13 seth’s face 😂😂
Dan Nathaniel Manaois
One is calm and one is kinda problematic at the end
Charlie DeVillers
Charlie DeVillers Pred mesecem
skip to 4:18 and look at the chainsaw
Al3x 324
Al3x 324 Pred mesecem
I wish my trails were that cool in my yard
Oscar Robson
Oscar Robson Pred mesecem
Flenthsquared Pred mesecem
11:33 is really cute
Flenthsquared Pred mesecem
khris Pred mesecem
Next episode: quarantined on Berm Peak for 50 months
The Bassy Biker
The Bassy Biker Pred 2 meseci
henry moore
henry moore Pred 2 meseci
petition for alex to start a gaming channel
Maria Lorelie Brazil
Maria Lorelie Brazil Pred 2 meseci
Hey seth you should make a video where in you run throught all the features in 1 fid
Mr8mileman Pred 2 meseci
"Quarantine will be over eventually" if only he knew
50 Fatz
50 Fatz Pred 2 meseci
NG Army
NG Army Pred 2 meseci
jmshardie Pred 2 meseci
Wow dude your amazing
Michael Worley
Michael Worley Pred 2 meseci
you use reused wood next track it would look cool and you would feel good about it just a thought or make a tree house of some sort I think it would be cool for a tree house connected with a bike course or something like that
Mary Lester
Mary Lester Pred 2 meseci
Alex’s van looks exactly like him like lol
evobe Pred 2 meseci
RIP Drama
John Ratchford
John Ratchford Pred 2 meseci
That's just cruel, how can anyone make someone work prior to the first cup of coffee in the morning? No coffee no workee.
Ghost47 Pred 2 meseci
15:15 maybe everything is kinda the same Something different but kinda the same
daniel hudiak
daniel hudiak Pred 2 meseci
Austin Bowen
Austin Bowen Pred 2 meseci
4:19 a graphical glitch at the bottom
slurpee Pred 3 meseci
you can edit out the high pitched squeals and retain the original audio, just look for frequencies above 15khz in those sections of the video 7:06
Dorothy Nemeth
Dorothy Nemeth Pred 2 meseci
weirdly helpful comment
ODS Films
ODS Films Pred 3 meseci
you should tell Seth that he should do a trail dog video with Oscar.
DirpyBlock 707
DirpyBlock 707 Pred 3 meseci
You play dead cells too! Same
Mechanicsville804 Pred 3 meseci
Hey great videos! Thanks for sharing some of these parks. Jesus loves you and is the only Son of God! 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
ruskey Pred 3 meseci
Drama looks english
heric Pred 3 meseci
Dead Cells...
Bb lizard
Bb lizard Pred 3 meseci
Just thinking they spent 50 days to make this video
Will Gregor
Will Gregor Pred 3 meseci
What games do you really enjoy apart from dead cells?
Jezraiah Pred 3 meseci
RIP Drama
NERF and TURF Pred 3 meseci
Why does Alex give me Charles white vibes
Joey DR14
Joey DR14 Pred 3 meseci
8 months ago......... Damn
chicken nugget
chicken nugget Pred 3 meseci
What breed is oscar?
Charlie The Irish mountain biker
Alex what bike do you ride?
Tristan Glover
Tristan Glover Pred 3 meseci
POV: it’s 2021
DYNAR - Ilonggo lah!
DYNAR - Ilonggo lah! Pred 3 meseci
Probably one of the best quarantine situation... 🤘 🤙
sanjay 01
sanjay 01 Pred 3 meseci
Seth needs to buy a stihl clearing saw
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Pred 3 meseci
15:00 dead cells is particularly good though
flxm4 Pred 3 meseci
And no it's even lockdown rn this is taking wayy too long idk why
rorothedodo mtb progression.
I would love to be stuck with Seth for 50 days at berm peak
Alex a war pigeon
Alex a war pigeon Pred 4 meseci
Amazing vid! Why does 3:53 remind me of a GTA v cutscene?
Coasters n' Creations
Coasters n' Creations Pred 4 meseci
Lol the mask under the nose thing. I hate that cuz they minus well just take it off completely
Edward Hazeldine
Edward Hazeldine Pred 4 meseci
why didnt he just walk through the other garage door instead of opening another
John Pred 4 meseci
Someone had some flower power at 5:57 lol
ninbendo Pred 4 meseci
Dude that looks dope im just a kid though
James Rh
James Rh Pred 4 meseci
Your house is so big
SW Hen-der-son
SW Hen-der-son Pred 4 meseci
Surprise you fell for it.
Crudo Pred 4 meseci
Are you Guys rich?
Ollie Jones
Ollie Jones Pred 4 meseci
What breed is Oscar
Γιώργος Μπα
Γιώργος Μπα Pred 4 meseci
4:35 omg the SPLINTERS😳
Doxie Lain
Doxie Lain Pred 4 meseci
50 days. Ha, that was 7 months ago.
The Singletrack Sampler
I know right 😫
Jamie Pred 4 meseci
We need seth bike hacks jr
hayden larson
hayden larson Pred 4 meseci
Who could imagine we're still going through this
Hugapen Pred 24 minutami
TK25 Pred dnevom
Aaaaaaaaaand we’re still going through it.
The- potato-warrior
The- potato-warrior Pred 4 dnevi
@ÄitisRakas it is... 99% survival rates? More people died in 2019 from diarrhea ffs Stop watching so much tv
The- potato-warrior
The- potato-warrior Pred 4 dnevi
Day 432 of 15 days to flatten the curve😂
Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper Pred 4 dnevi
@sadboxman I am un affiliated. I don't like trump. However I give him credit for the good he did. As I have others that held office in the past. And wil do going forward.
Big Man Dan
Big Man Dan Pred 4 meseci
I've ordered 2 full MTBs worth of parts this year an I'm still alive. Miracles.
Owen Ambach
Owen Ambach Pred 4 meseci
I’m looking back at this 4 months later and it’s still going on
Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
lol puppers climbed berm peak
Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
this is therapeutically refreshingly relatable
Savim 18
Savim 18 Pred 4 meseci
Seth’s midlife crisis
Konnor Coffey 36
Konnor Coffey 36 Pred 4 meseci
U guys freaked out way too much
peter purg
peter purg Pred 4 meseci
Ok guys, what are you doing for a living? Nice house, all day long riding bikes......
Sai Krishna NATESAN
Sai Krishna NATESAN Pred 4 meseci
Seth, you are really awesome at trail building
Liam Krouth-Chelmo
Liam Krouth-Chelmo Pred 5 meseci
More Oscar ASMR?
Ross Mills
Ross Mills Pred 5 meseci
Laying with a grate dane and watching the dogs
Mike Waters
Mike Waters Pred 5 meseci
Yo I run a chain saw and I’m ten a real chain saw and he’s wearing ear muffs and I’m not it’s note even that loud
CrossCheck Hockey
CrossCheck Hockey Pred 5 meseci
watching this after quarantin makes me think how bad it was
Robin Thomas
Robin Thomas Pred 5 meseci
" Beer Drinkin' " 🤣
Kids shred BERM PEAK
Ogledi 375 tis.
TRUTH OR EAT *super spicy*