Lionel Messi Eyes Are NOT Normal ! 

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Lionel Messi Eyes Are NOT Normal !
Lionel Messi Eyes Are NOT Normal !
Lionel Messi Eyes Are NOT Normal !
Lionel Messi Eyes Are NOT Normal !
Lionel Messi Eyes Are NOT Normal !




7. jan. 2021

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Alex z
Alex z Pred 9 dnevi
messi 🐐🔥
Zein Zein
Zein Zein Pred 9 dnevi
keyner centeno
keyner centeno Pred 10 dnevi
Te falto el pase que le dice Messi al kun-aguero en el mundial para quedar eliminados 4-3 contra francia
Rene Hernandez
Rene Hernandez Pred 10 dnevi
New title **messi passes to jordi alba
Wayne Kasmar
Wayne Kasmar Pred 10 dnevi
Could you forget about the fancy editing and just show the action straight - without interruptions.
Yasser Zaeefi
Yasser Zaeefi Pred 10 dnevi
That pass 01:00 thats sick...
Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz Pred 10 dnevi
His connection with Jordi Alba and Suarez is simply amazing
Aaron S. Alejo
Aaron S. Alejo Pred 11 dnevi
It’s common sense idk why other players don’t apply it to their game uuuhhhhh people panic when they see another players coming to them instead of relaxing looking down but looking all around. People are to lazy or give up on the runs. Anyone can do it but they rather watch him do it and not apply it or even make their passing game better. Practice!!!! You think Messi wasn’t looking he was he saw the run but while looking down if you haven’t applied that to your game or try to figure how he did that you a total 🤖.
adrio digital
adrio digital Pred 12 dnevi
Messi loves to press triangle
S10 Pred 12 dnevi
I wonder how haters expect him to score ton of goals in ucl while he is literally a mid fielder now.Messi won his 1st play maker award in 2015 when iniesta,xavi were still there after that he took the job pf mid fielder and won 3 playmaker award and they expect him to score in every match
Sirajahamed Dharmayath
Never seen GOATnaldo making these kind of passes even once
Samuel Brh
Samuel Brh Pred 12 dnevi
I speek French: Pourquoi tu repasses à chaque fois 5 fois la passé tu abuses
Simon Li
Simon Li Pred 12 dnevi
It’s like he’s playing FIFA
bouziane Mohammed
bouziane Mohammed Pred 13 dnevi
Max Marxs
Max Marxs Pred 13 dnevi
what music is this?
AuronTyranitar Pred 13 dnevi
He's one of the best playmakers of all time, but he isn't just a playmaker. He's one of the best goalscorers of all time, but he isn't just a goalscorer. He's one of the best dribblers of all time, but he isn't just a dribbler. He's a human, but he isn't just a human. He's Lionel Messi. And he's just brilliant.
Alowerri 360
Alowerri 360 Pred 13 dnevi
No player equal Messi's Vision both past and present, his penetrating passes are mostly half goals
Jehan Charle
Jehan Charle Pred 14 dnevi
So true! the fact that we're not able to describe how we are not able to describe his passes - is just mind blowing!
Gikunju Wachira
Gikunju Wachira Pred 14 dnevi
When am depressed, l watch Messi
George Newman
George Newman Pred 14 dnevi
It's like watching a surgeon at work but this time he's got a football.
Andrei Cornea
Andrei Cornea Pred 14 dnevi
Not only that he sees those angles, but he also can deliver the ball exactly in the right place.
santiago tello
santiago tello Pred 15 dnevi
Muéstrenle este video a haland
juneid bipul
juneid bipul Pred 15 dnevi
Messi + haaland =🔥
Horacio Diez
Horacio Diez Pred 15 dnevi
Messi tiene pase, tiene regate tiene gol tiene todo, como pueden decir que no es el mejor ? Ronaldo tiene gol y potencia.. por eso para mí nunca se pueden comparar.. Messi es 5, 10, 7, y 9 el mejor de todos los tiempos.
Robert Barack
Robert Barack Pred 16 dnevi
Imagine Messi and De Bruyne in the same attacking midfield, with Haaland infront.
Andrea B
Andrea B Pred 15 dnevi
I dream of the day when Haaland signs for Barca and receives those magical passes from Messi! Barca's goal differential would break world records that would stand for decades or even a century.
Mihir .Upadhyaya
Mihir .Upadhyaya Pred 16 dnevi
4:18 and 4:33.....Ramos raises his hand appealing for an offside even before the pass is made, that's hilarious! :D
Christiann Merin
Christiann Merin Pred 17 dnevi
1:00 absolutely disgusting. how can you be the best goalscorer, best playmaker, best passer all at once. monstrous 🐐
Zwei Stark
Zwei Stark Pred 17 dnevi
There's no statistic to measure this
ELKIN CORDOBA Pred 17 dnevi
I don't know if there are not clips playing with Argentina
Nur Jamal
Nur Jamal Pred 17 dnevi
Pemain paling komplit
suraj rajendran
suraj rajendran Pred 18 dnevi
When Messi passes , the recipient should not look at the ball ... You just belive in the goat and complete the run without changing direction or speed. The ball will drop to your feet for a perfect first touch.
Pere Casajuana
Pere Casajuana Pred 18 dnevi
Y además de estas cosas, tiene el mejor deibing y lleva más de 700 goles...
Dherlax Pred 18 dnevi
Esos pases son una delicia 😍
Nicolas Eraso
Nicolas Eraso Pred 18 dnevi
make a similar video but starring by CR7, will be a tough work
Bismark Kofi Asante
Bismark Kofi Asante Pred 18 dnevi
That pass to Di Maria always makes me depressed.
oj vic
oj vic Pred 18 dnevi
You can only compare him to ronaldo when it comes to goals...
Mouhamet dit magatte Seck
C'est parceque ses coéquipiers se déplacent toujours dans le sens du jeu. Et Messi lui c'est le CPU il sait à l'avance ou la mettre.
Bharti Public School MUN
I can't even make passes like this on Fifa!
Ninou Nino
Ninou Nino Pred 19 dnevi
Messi is simply the best in football history ,he have everything and he does this every season ,imagine if he played for Madrid he would've won 15 ballon d'or , fcb didn't deserve him , weak president and managers with weak transfers
Amitava Kala
Amitava Kala Pred 19 dnevi
Insane passing!
Ramdani Saputra
Ramdani Saputra Pred 20 dnevi
Salman Ishaq
Salman Ishaq Pred 20 dnevi
Messi King
g m
g m Pred 20 dnevi
Messi's passes towards Suarez and ozil's passes towards CR7 should be shown to anyone who wants to play football, the greatest assistmen of our generation if not ever
Yes, Master
Yes, Master Pred 21 dnevom
Those where the glory times from Leonel Messi, the best soccer player ever and still by far. 🕺
Arka Banerjee
Arka Banerjee Pred 21 dnevom
Most of them are messi-alba combination
MOTHER blessing
MOTHER blessing Pred 21 dnevom
If you like football but you don't like messi you have problem ?-Hennry
Akmal Teshayev
Akmal Teshayev Pred 21 dnevom
1:22 I think it is the best 🔥🔥
Troll traveling
Troll traveling Pred 21 dnevom
Just we, who play with left foot, understand this ^^
dan salama
dan salama Pred 22 dnevi
3:01 contra River no?
Md alvi
Md alvi Pred 22 dnevi
jkohnijiji' '
opumo raphael
opumo raphael Pred 27 dnevi
Comment peut on comparer un tel joueur avec un autre?!
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Pred 28 dnevi
I love how Suarez (looks front) just runs with just one look of who's having the ball now. @7.32
CyRil Pred 29 dnevi
Its the "HOW" part of playing football makes him G.O.A.T🔥
rigadritto Pred 29 dnevi
How much Suarez must miss Messi
Juampi Lema
Juampi Lema Pred 29 dnevi
Madi Camara
Madi Camara Pred 29 dnevi
Nice cool ❤❤
JColt Pred 29 dnevi
I swear if Barca somehow gets another player like Xavi, Messi's job would be so much easier. Right now no one in Barca has Xavi's vision, we had Arthur but we all know how that story went.
Hardy Sidharta
Hardy Sidharta Pred 29 dnevi
I wonder how great that would be if Messi and Ronaldo being in the same club together .. Goosebump o.o
Ashirbad Panda
Ashirbad Panda Pred mesecem
when suarez sees messi he immediately runs in the gap keeping his head down and the pass arrives right under his feet....
Cidadão Anônimo
Cidadão Anônimo Pred mesecem
the billionaire is worth it...
cesia gaston
cesia gaston Pred mesecem
Una cosa es que los ojos no sean normales y tenga una gran visión de juego, lo abrumador es la precisión en velocidad.
Messi alien
Messi Magician
Messi Magician Pred mesecem
From this video..we can see how good is the connection between MSN
Asigri Isaac
Asigri Isaac Pred mesecem
Messi class is above world class he is football
Wandile Joseph
Wandile Joseph Pred mesecem
Moses wadhwani
Moses wadhwani Pred mesecem
Being a CR fan I always see Messi as GOAT. But ppl underestimating passing of CR in this comment section is very disappointing. Things like Messi knows the perfect pressure timing curl etc. Yes he does but CR has done that too on several occasions.
amir aqmal
amir aqmal Pred mesecem
The basic is he is searching for halfspace. But still his vision is one of a kind
Juan HH
Juan HH Pred mesecem
Thats what CR7 cant do
junior syahreza sopyan
gila sih
Dr Omar Bile
Dr Omar Bile Pred mesecem
Not eyes, but mind and ball control
RAMA RHIKAY Pred mesecem
Pass rate from right
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen Pred mesecem
He has contributed over 1000 goals for Barca and Argentina since 2005 including more 700 goals ang almost 300 assists ! Greatest beside Diego Maradona.
The Hidden Passenger
People that have not played football themselves dont understand the vision and finesse you have to have to be able to do this. We are seeing the passes clearly because the cameras are on a great elevated angle so we can see the whole pitch and see the spaces and the runs the players are doing. Messi for him to do this he has to have our viewing angle from the flat pitch, understaning of the spaces between the players, the keeper, the strength in his pass, the speed of the player doing the run, lots of factors to consider in a blink of an eye whilst being marked by 2 or 3 defenders and he almost always sets up a great pass.. Watching him from the stadium you almost always wonder what the hell is he doing who did he saw over there? then you see dani alves , alba, neymar or dembele running at full speed in the distance is just so great!!
M J Pred 18 dnevi
Messi is the best
FCB43ver Pred mesecem
True complete footballer...there are many great players but Leo is a legend an Alien an absolute magic, you can only compare him to Maradona and Pele and to me he is the GOAT
AERY Pred mesecem
alfredo gonzalez
alfredo gonzalez Pred mesecem
Vinit ___
Vinit ___ Pred mesecem
Dont have a comparison between ronaldo and messi both are great players .... Enjoy watching them..
Manjunath Kichu
Manjunath Kichu Pred mesecem
He is goat. play maker and good goal scorer😍
dmna dntt cntk cantk
Leonel. Messi. Indonesia... The people
Emmanuel Christ
Emmanuel Christ Pred mesecem
messi is the best of the football
habemus papam
habemus papam Pred mesecem
Todo los partidos hace al menos un par de pases así, y nunca en fuera de juego
Mariano Otavalo
Mariano Otavalo Pred mesecem
Estas pases y jugadas ronaldo keda en la cola jjjj
iwon wahyudi
iwon wahyudi Pred mesecem
I'm better than messy in terms of commenting
Brice Depri
Brice Depri Pred mesecem
Football is not goals only, but assists too. He is altogether the best...
Andhika Dhika
Andhika Dhika Pred mesecem
Messi is the best in the world🔥
JOHN LEEMBOO Pred mesecem
He have ESP hack......lol
esteban ponce
esteban ponce Pred mesecem
After Chabon
After Chabon Pred mesecem
Y hay quienes insisten en comparar a cr7 con este crack
Kao Sopanha
Kao Sopanha Pred mesecem
Brainless people still say Ronaldo is better than Messi 😓
IBRAHIM shees Pred mesecem
This is madness! I cant even imagine how all those passes r very accurate.. now i get it why messi is called not a human..
حسين الحروري
ذا جوت بل تاريخ بدون كلام زايد
Aadil Shaikh
Aadil Shaikh Pred mesecem
Messi will make Argentina champion in world cup 2022
M J Pred 18 dnevi
@Felipe Mathews messi will win copa and World Cup
Felipe Mathews
Felipe Mathews Pred mesecem
I think that would be an epic and well-deserved way of ending a unique career in the history of football. Unfortunately, Argentina's football officials and management are chaotic. Messi is the GOAT, but he still needs a team.
elder centipede
elder centipede Pred mesecem
The most complete football player ever and possibly the best player ever without a doubt.
Irshad Kamil
Irshad Kamil Pred mesecem
Kdb does it better
M J Pred 18 dnevi
Better in his dreams 🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣
Gokul Kris
Gokul Kris Pred mesecem
He is playing like a founder of football game💥💥💥👌
Mitch toda
Mitch toda Pred mesecem
Its almost as if he has vision of a birds eye view his a fucken king u won't ever see another played like him
taqwim alamsyah
taqwim alamsyah Pred mesecem
This barca old not barca now 🤣🤣🤣 Aku ngomong opo jancok 😤
Arman Karabassov
Arman Karabassov Pred mesecem
Looks like he is kinda playing FIFA game, so he can see from sight of gamer, from side screen
Chumley Shaver
Chumley Shaver Pred mesecem
Lionel passes and sets up perfect shots for others the way he wishes others could do for him
Anish Unnikrishnan
Anish Unnikrishnan Pred mesecem
His passes are so satisfying to watch..