The Predator Skin Is SECRETLY Reactive! (Predator Skin How Is It Reactive & Review) 

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This is a 3-in-1 video. I showcase the "how is it reactive" on the wrap as well as the secret reactivity to the skin itself. I then review all of the items that you can unlock with the Predator and give my final thoughts on everything.
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20. jan. 2021

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Tabor Hill
Tabor Hill Pred 2 meseci
This skin and set have bene getting a lot of unnecessary hate, in my opinion. As I show and mention in the video, the skin has a few disappointments, but there is A LOT to love about it. By the way, I uploaded a TON of videos today, so you likely were not notified of them all. Here are a few you may have missed: ★ How To EASILY Defeat The Predator: sltv.info/label/ebCb3takfGWHoZo/video ★ Jack Fights The Predator 1 v 1 : sltv.info/label/j6l1vbW7np-jfG8/video ★ A Terminator Portal Just Opened Up: sltv.info/label/iq6LrLfUeZ-fiIw/video ★ How To Unlock The Predator's Pickaxe: sltv.info/label/lc6k09XAhKqve54/video ★ How To Unlock The Predator's Wrap: sltv.info/label/htJ24M6OjGSif5A/video ★ How To Unlock The Predator's Built In Emote: sltv.info/label/msJ00abHb4iSYIw/video
Terror Gaming28
Terror Gaming28 Pred 28 dnevi
dude the PREDATOR2 CITY HUNTERS FACE IS HUGE! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
jhiovanni santiago
jhiovanni santiago Pred mesecem
a sa wl w lo red l Lalm look
Marx Piercing 2
Marx Piercing 2 Pred mesecem
It’s been not bene
Mario gamez c
Mario gamez c Pred mesecem
I know that predator has a movie and so does alien and alien vs predator movie and I'm a fortnite kid
Evitt Smith
Evitt Smith Pred 12 dnevi
I love most of the predator movies and I use the skin all the time and for a joke I bought the xenomorph skin when it was in the item shop
Jarell Ramirez
Jarell Ramirez Pred 13 dnevi
I watched predator when I was younger
C413B_74N Pred 15 dnevi
***your*** my favourite Is on bottom left on start
Star Car
Star Car Pred 18 dnevi
This was my first time watching you
Pᴀᴛᴏ Rᴇʏ
Pᴀᴛᴏ Rᴇʏ Pred 19 dnevi
why is the storm like that
Facehugg Huggface
Facehugg Huggface Pred 21 dnevom
“A lot of fortnite players don’t know who this is” I w o n d e r w h y
MafiaManJeff Pred 21 dnevom
i beleive that the ice king's pickaxe is also legenday
All_NightGamer Pred 21 dnevom
how on earth are all your shots hitting?
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez Pred 22 dnevi
The funny part is that the backbling appeared in predator 2 in the final battle when the main character finds the trophy case you could see the exact same backbling in the movie just watch it.
Hoodieboy _259
Hoodieboy _259 Pred 22 dnevi
I’m only 11 and I knew who predator predator was when it came out in Fortnite
Hanan Kamal
Hanan Kamal Pred 23 dnevi
And btw not trying to be rude your one of my fav youtubers
Hanan Kamal
Hanan Kamal Pred 23 dnevi
Th3GreenFr0g FR0GSTER
Th3GreenFr0g FR0GSTER Pred 24 dnevi
Bruh I was he arctictrooper I was trying to build up and trick shot lol
Markos Bazoulas
Markos Bazoulas Pred 24 dnevi
Please don't hate on me, but the Predator outfit is my favourite...
The overseer
The overseer Pred 24 dnevi
9:24 AIMBOT.EXE online
NanoSmoke X
NanoSmoke X Pred 24 dnevi
I need to rewatch the movie it's such a classic
Christopher htown
Christopher htown Pred 24 dnevi
predator was my all time fav horror movie so i was glad to see the 87 version in fortnite 87 meens 1987 also im 12 so im suprised i know that
Christopher htown
Christopher htown Pred 25 dnevi
predator was the only reason i play fortnite still is cus the jungle hunter 87 predator version
Antics with Ethan!
Antics with Ethan! Pred 25 dnevi
The back bling should be the plasma caster and his mythic also should have been
Gamezer boi
Gamezer boi Pred 26 dnevi
I've seen the movie and i think its funny how kids only think predator was from fortnite XD
Finn Rigby
Finn Rigby Pred 27 dnevi
I have the pickax in the skin and the built-in Emo I don’t have the skin skin wrap for the gun I love the predator skin
GamerKids0516 Pred 27 dnevi
The pickaxe has a slight contrail when you swing, it is translucent though
OH CRAP ITS XFOX! Pred 27 dnevi
“A lot of fortnite players don’t know who that is” yeah... why am I not surprised....
Panda squad
Panda squad Pred 28 dnevi
Can you gift me something pls :( ?
blunder buss
blunder buss Pred 29 dnevi
Still hate this skin due to childhood trauma
RedMask Gaming
RedMask Gaming Pred mesecem
I don’t have a lot of skins but as a player from season 3 chapter 1, this is probably the more creepy skin of fortnite. Again, I don’t have a lot of skins (I.e the item shop stuff). Pretty cool skin (and yes, the mesh is there)
Anthony Nieves
Anthony Nieves Pred mesecem
Just came here to say that during this season I was hype jonsey might be the secret skin and everyone was like boooooooo, jonsey sucks as a skin and now everyone is like yessssssss jonsey is in the battle pass and he’s tier 1 wow yaaay!! ....
poop eater
poop eater Pred mesecem
I feel like we should talk more about his aim
Skullhunter_2011 Pred mesecem
I love how when he killed one of the last guys it said first elim in game lol
Insects and Gaming
Insects and Gaming Pred mesecem
Anyone else notice how the predator’s roar sounded different in replay mode?
cheese nipples
cheese nipples Pred mesecem
I’m not surprised a lot of fortnite players don’t know who he is
Denis Sartini
Denis Sartini Pred mesecem
can you make how is it reactive from the impasto wrap ? pls
Kristijan Andrić
Kristijan Andrić Pred mesecem
0:59 me when he riped somones skin
adarfie dazz
adarfie dazz Pred mesecem
who dosn't know who the predator is
Muhammad Abaan
Muhammad Abaan Pred mesecem
i have only 200 vbux qwq u have 1600!!!????
Lily Mickell
Lily Mickell Pred mesecem
Predators react ability with the mask on is kinda like jules
Hugues Armand
Hugues Armand Pred mesecem
tabor plz look back and see the kill feed and it said muantan gecko7 and that as my freind
CadeTV Pred mesecem
I believe that the Predator Skin is designed to be like the 2018 Fugitive Predator, and that Predator has a disproportionate head.
pog champ
pog champ Pred mesecem
if you watch his victory u can see he is on ps5
Awesome Ants
Awesome Ants Pred mesecem
Honestly I’m not hating on epic but they could of added other styles for predator
The reason the Predator skin looks different from what you remember is most likely cause thats a different Predator all together like it could be the one from the second movie or the first AVP movie (Note I do not remember all their designs cause there were so many)
Agent Jones
Agent Jones Pred mesecem
I have beaten the boss predator on both my accounts but on my xbox one I don't have the battle pass
Joseph Cunningham
Joseph Cunningham Pred mesecem
He is missing the shoulder cannon for the laser
Professor Crowpheston
can you still get the skin
Yes, only if you have the battle pass
Lil Agxwa's Brother
Lil Agxwa's Brother Pred mesecem
PorkChop17 Pred mesecem
His glider should have been da chopper
Zack Stanton
Zack Stanton Pred mesecem
fortnite kids finna see the movie and think fortnite made the movie
Amy Behan
Amy Behan Pred mesecem
It is the Alina skins head as the back bling
Blue The Velociraptor
If only we got predator’s ship as a glider
That One Guy
That One Guy Pred mesecem
Smaller head bigger body
MATAMAX 73 Pred mesecem
7:10 is that not kinda picky🤔
Gift me pls
NotSpoopyGhost133 Pred mesecem
1:08 They indeed do it for fun, but when they are young they do it for honor. This is what makes them a warrior, when they kill their first xenomorph. Just wanted tho let ya know ;D
Sarcastic Elder
Sarcastic Elder Pred mesecem
100% agree about the sounds the skin makes while moving. I never run this skin for that very reason.
Spoton Pred mesecem
The predator always had the fish nets on his chest and legs
chegg Pred mesecem
Are you sure you watched the Predator movies? The Laser Sight is not the weapon, the plasma caster lies on his other shoulder (Left), also, the nuke is different to the cloaking device.
Tilly Spears
Tilly Spears Pred mesecem
3:35 i thought tabor hill said he is gonna take is mask of and do his wreck it ralph
A-ali Pred mesecem
Wheres then shoulder blaster?
Mr.Warthog Pred mesecem
no the axe of chapions was the first gold only people how won fncs got the axe of chapions
L.C 2010 gaming
L.C 2010 gaming Pred mesecem
They didn't show it in the trailer either... So secretive
Jerry Berry
Jerry Berry Pred mesecem
if you wanna have fun with the skin you can do THE PREDATOR challenge you dont kill till you see someone with a gun if he has is pic axe and is not shooting you cant kill himif hes got a gun you can kill him shot guns and cansuom and explodsives only like if you tried it
DEADLY GOD Pred mesecem
I love tabor.......cos he never click baits anyone to his video he always says what is there.....at or for life🤞😁
Uchiha Pazzo
Uchiha Pazzo Pred mesecem
Ngl, Big A** Forehead lmao
j t
j t Pred mesecem
I have a complaint about Tabor Hill... He's too cool
peachy. marie
peachy. marie Pred mesecem
When did this event end? Or is it still going on
hunter carey
hunter carey Pred 2 meseci
Sabrewulf 16
Sabrewulf 16 Pred 2 meseci
Do i still have a chance to get this skin? I deleted fortnite ages ago but am currently reinstalling just for this skin
Abby Huschik
Abby Huschik Pred 2 meseci
To tabor hill you are good at what do keep going
Chimkashi Pred 2 meseci
I wish they made his back bling a plasma caster module, not a trophy 😐
logan's productions .
logan's productions . Pred 2 meseci
Dang I have all the predotor stuff but I didn't know they could do that and amazing video you no what I'm gonna subscribe
Tombz80 Pred 2 meseci
Petition to make the predator pickaxe eligible with every skin
Tombz80 Pred 2 meseci
I wish the pickaxe of predator was not inbuilt I like the pickaxe but the skin is garbage
Airfilterchild Pred 2 meseci
It’s sad lots of players don’t even know what the predator is, and Yau Ja culture.
Just_jango To the past
Conteroler playeerrrrrr
FnAfGaMeR 24
FnAfGaMeR 24 Pred 2 meseci
I hope they add alien skin next season
Agent Doggo
Agent Doggo Pred mesecem
Hehe boy
Kero Nashaat
Kero Nashaat Pred 2 meseci
Did you know that his pickaxe is the only legendary pickaxe in the game
Stretch X-ray
Stretch X-ray Pred 2 meseci
Do you think robocop will come to fortnite
Jedimaster1200 Pred 2 meseci
I main the skin since the first day I use the T800 arm with him I love the predator movies but I wish the stuck to the original design instead of giving him underwear but they still did really good
Shadow262625 Pred 2 meseci
Tabor why his head big because of reboot
Cafe Kwizeen
Cafe Kwizeen Pred 2 meseci
The skull is a xenomorph
Landcruiser700 Pred 2 meseci
@TaborHill the predator skin in fortnite is based off of the 2018 remake
Jayson Roma
Jayson Roma Pred 2 meseci
the backbling is a pedator dog
DIO brando
DIO brando Pred 2 meseci
It's the normal fortnite running sound
Edins YouTube Channel
Edins YouTube Channel Pred 2 meseci
imagine when you die as predyy boy , theres the evil laugh and a little blue explosion like in the predator movie
Szabó Levente
Szabó Levente Pred 2 meseci
I love this skin.
Calem Dab
Calem Dab Pred 2 meseci
I love this movie sooo much btw the dread locks are called pred locks
ProXYoDa 420
ProXYoDa 420 Pred 2 meseci
Never been a remake or reboot of Predator...
Androidgg8 7
Androidgg8 7 Pred 2 meseci
I love predator. I love the skin( also i have no problem with his fohead) Also what is your favourite movie? Mine where Predators(2010) and Predator(2018)
David M. Cabal Inés
David M. Cabal Inés Pred 2 meseci
About the noise is worse from the gladiator or T-800 clinchy
bckstabber Pred 2 meseci
This shows how desperate fortnite is to bring there dead game back and it really pisses me off to see that so many iconic things are in this dumb game
Malachi Winston
Malachi Winston Pred 2 meseci
The intro sounds like Dr Wily stage 1 from Mega Man 3
Nick White
Nick White Pred 2 meseci
Youths can get *big* dude.
Meisterin Pred 2 meseci
I love the first predator movie and the one from MK
ハタカカシ Pred 2 meseci
why do people make sound effects when they shoot other players? Tabor: Watch This....BaBABABABABA. Hits every shot on last guy- 10:10, Im DyInG. XDDD
Joseph Gharis
Joseph Gharis Pred 2 meseci
Isn't the back bling a Xenomorph skull?
Ryan Loncar
Ryan Loncar Pred 2 meseci
But the rap is reactive not the skin?
Green Penguin
Green Penguin Pred 2 meseci
That aim assist is crazy, if it's not aim assist then nice aim.
MasterBoydo Pred 2 meseci
9:26 Tabor: Wow! That dude just got aimbotted! Epic: *First player in the match to get an elim!*
Predator (1987) KILL COUNT
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