I Finally Bought an Electric Car... 

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I finally pulled the trigger on an electric car...

This is the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. It was a tough choice between this and a Tesla (both are awesome cars). The Tesla has a lot more in terms of autonomous tech/software where the Taycan leans into Porsche's racing heritage/feel. The Taycan Turbo S is likely a touch faster around a race track compared to Tesla's current performance model as well (if that matters to you).
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8. jan. 2021

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Pred 14 dnevi
Porsche Taycan Turbo S or Tesla Model S Performance?
Charlie laurent
Charlie laurent Pred 2 dnevi
Gemera you can’t say anything else
Wybe Van Beek
Wybe Van Beek Pred 14 dnevi
Porsche, no doubt about it.
Russell 747
Russell 747 Pred 14 dnevi
The Tesla has better range but the Porsche looks sooooooo much better with way better interior quality
Itsallgood Good
Itsallgood Good Pred 14 dnevi
Tesla Model S all the way. Taycan’s back seats are way too small to really be usable for all shapes and sizes. Plus, Tesla’s Supercharger Network is far more reliable for long distance journeys. Congratulations though.
alexguy96 Pred 14 dnevi
Stylze Pred uro
they need to make manual electric vehicles. i know kinda like what? but i dont care if it lowers acceleration people are gonna want that nostalgia when everything goes electric and if a electric car had a stick then thatd greatly affect my decision in what to buy
GlowingEye Pred 3 urami
Great choice! But I'm not impartial.. Greetings from Germany! ;)
Stephen Salamanca
Stephen Salamanca Pred 4 urami
Cars beautiful 😳😍
pumpuppthevolume Pred 4 urami
so Linus can get a lambo too
Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson Pred 8 urami
Why is it the more I watch his videos, the more it seems like he beat down syndrome or a speech impediment. No offense if you have either but there's very subtle things in every video.
ThatCuteFurry Pred 8 urami
goodluck taking a carwash everyday
Rahul Thurram
Rahul Thurram Pred 9 urami
5:13 this is how Apple car would be sold.. And also with no tyres
Rudy Pred 9 urami
Moment when tech guy becomes also car enthusiast ❤
Ariyan Afif
Ariyan Afif Pred 10 urami
Dude didn’t said jackshit about the car’s engine disappointment
Haneesh Gadde
Haneesh Gadde Pred 11 urami
now someones very rich!!!! and all that started by bending an iphone🤯🤯
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
The interior of this porsche definitely looks nicer than a tesla's
sekatawa emma
sekatawa emma Pred 15 urami
now thats one of the most over engineered cars of all time
Bussines Program
Bussines Program Pred 16 urami
the first 50 sec of the video is INSANE, really good quality, good soundtrack I'm really impressed KEEP UP THE GOOD WORD!!
Chris Almanza
Chris Almanza Pred 16 urami
That intro shot omg
RIFTZz Pred 18 urami
Gray would've looked so much nicer
wupeide Pred 18 urami
Wow - you are rich
Mansoor Didar
Mansoor Didar Pred 19 urami
There were better cars with better price available tho. TESLA and you knew it
Wrestling Ninja
Wrestling Ninja Pred 19 urami
worst thumbnail ever
Ahmed Safwan
Ahmed Safwan Pred 20 urami
The best thing about taycan : the roof dont fly off 😂
KCScorpion34 Pred 21 uro
Watching this makes realize I never knew how Lew makes 😧
David Lavrinovich
David Lavrinovich Pred 22 urami
Porche always adds around .2 seconds the 0-60 time
Not a lot
Not a lot Pred 23 urami
You can tell it’s a Porsche taycan, just from the thumbnail
Usman Khan
Usman Khan Pred 23 urami
that batman looking room is fire
Crypto B4BC
Crypto B4BC Pred dnevom
Never push down on a hood. Always drop it down... What a beauty! Well done.
arcticmods Pred dnevom
Why is the whole video narrated like the Taycan vs electric vehicles? It's a Porsche, a sportscar. The rest of the electric cars on the road today are normal cars for the most part. Crossover SUV's and city cars with some sedans in the mix. :P It's a beautiful sportscar with an electric drivetrain, but stop comparing it to electric cars as a whole, for gods sake. :P Heck, even the Tesla Model S cant be compared to a Porsche. Is there really anything on the market today that is comparable to the Taycan and at the same time electric?
Anurag Paul
Anurag Paul Pred dnevom
Congrats ❤️🔥
relaxed penny
relaxed penny Pred dnevom
So this is his batmobile
Pedram Pred dnevom
I love seeing Tesla fanboys burn
Billy Lena
Billy Lena Pred dnevom
This Video is really nice, the way it was set up with the music and background and lighting and lews great delivery...it’s really good 😌
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda Pred dnevom
Good for you !! I am guessing by the shape of that cover it's Porsche Taycan Turbo ! ;-)
Dando Pred dnevom
What a car ^__^=
Joshua Ashioya
Joshua Ashioya Pred dnevom
Anyone else sense a car review spinoff from Unbox Therapy?
Charles Côté
Charles Côté Pred dnevom
Cool Car ! More videos on it. Go for a ride and bring us with you.
Lee50 Pred dnevom
Really should have waited for the Roadster.
Choetech Official
Choetech Official Pred dnevom
Legend driving a Legend! Congrats!
Scott Mallett
Scott Mallett Pred dnevom
You didn't take into account Porsche's awful safety and maintenance record.
Keanu Marais
Keanu Marais Pred dnevom
This is the best tycan review I've seen yet. You can review anything...
Luis Santana
Luis Santana Pred dnevom
Bad ass!!!!!
Sioux42 Pred 2 dnevi
Martin Pred 2 dnevi
Sick spec.. lov it
Charlie laurent
Charlie laurent Pred 2 dnevi
How didn’t the Gemera speak to you?
Milannekuhh Pred 2 dnevi
Imagin a Taycan with the engine and battery tech of a (plaid) Model S
Barnie Walters
Barnie Walters Pred 2 dnevi
Lew, it’s doing my head in, can you please tell everyone what is in the plastic bag in the rear of the car ? I suppose you would call it the trunk, to me it’s the boot of the vehicle.
Raed Shuaib
Raed Shuaib Pred 2 dnevi
Why is tech channels making better car videos than the car channels themselves?
C3 Pred 8 urami
Tech companies will be making better cars than car companies soon...
AK V Pred 2 dnevi
Cool looking car I'll get this in 20 years when it's cheaper. Sorry I'll never spend more then 30k on a car And this starts at $180k. Lmao yeah no thanks, enjoy it though
Camera Man2
Camera Man2 Pred 2 dnevi
Glad to watch you following my advice on that Porsche... Just remember... It's only a car.
JB Performance Racing
Enjoy! The work paid off!
LeVi Pred 2 dnevi
but does it charge your phone wirelessly? X) haha amazing car! Lovely colour
Atique Melic
Atique Melic Pred 2 dnevi
production is on just another level
יוסף חיים מלכה- מחזור סא2
enjoy your new ultra car
Exxus Pred 2 dnevi
5:14 Hey, does anyone know the song playing here in the background?
Gandalfwiz2007 Pred 2 dnevi
German cars look fucking awesome. You americans have good taste
Baan Joe
Baan Joe Pred 2 dnevi
LG battery, and LG oled display. which means offering best performance and utility
Manish Singh
Manish Singh Pred 2 dnevi
It looks like batman basement
GαεlLαzεrYT Pred 2 dnevi
Im 20 should i get a drivers licence ? ore get these e bike street legal no licence and enasurence and e atv no licence ore insurence as well
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 2 dnevi
Like ??????
wasnt me
wasnt me Pred 2 dnevi
Tbh I’d rather own a car that actually had sound and looked aggressive and not some electric pos
mauricesj66 Pred 2 dnevi
eqxx Mercedes is coming after this car,I’m interested to see who comes out on top
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 2 dnevi
What a beautiful car :"
Sridhar Reddy
Sridhar Reddy Pred 2 dnevi
Congratulations 👏
Maddox Tran
Maddox Tran Pred 3 dnevi
Let us see you driving it
Lars Jongejans
Lars Jongejans Pred 3 dnevi
My god i am so jealous what a car!! Congrats on it!
Andrew Kalantarov
Andrew Kalantarov Pred 3 dnevi
I enjoy that he speaks about her like a woman he is deeply infatuated with.
mehmet gul
mehmet gul Pred 3 dnevi
would be goog to see test drive :)
Tony Bland
Tony Bland Pred 3 dnevi
Beautiful machine, but your driving position is wild man lol
jenky1044 Pred 3 dnevi
I see the Tesla model S is about half the money. Also I think Porsche is pulling the wool over some eyes.? I'm still trying to figure out how the put a "turbo" on an electric car.? Turbos and little units that increase air intake for making more horsepower on gas and diesel engines. Maybe Porsche is calling the fan for the heater and AC a turbo.🤔.?
omar mohamed
omar mohamed Pred 3 dnevi
honestly congrats bro
Grigor Petrov
Grigor Petrov Pred 3 dnevi
I'm getting tired of rich people pushing their lifestyle 8n our faces
João Pedro Ferreira Costa
dp Pred 3 dnevi
ما هم پراید داریم😐
Bibhash Singh
Bibhash Singh Pred 3 dnevi
Congratulation sir... 😃
Taimaa Alahmad
Taimaa Alahmad Pred 3 dnevi
danielxmiller Pred 3 dnevi
Absolutely love it! Great choice!
Fauzan Afrianta
Fauzan Afrianta Pred 3 dnevi
What a beautiful car :"
Sagar Gangadkar
Sagar Gangadkar Pred 3 dnevi
We are wasting time watching him grow 😂
dusdir Pred 3 dnevi
so cool
Darryl G
Darryl G Pred 3 dnevi
Beautiful car but the model s is faster and has twice the range.
draconiannecros Pred 3 dnevi
No link in the description?.. ;-) lol
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred 3 dnevi
Wow Wow Very nice Electric Car, Nice Spec
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo Pred 3 dnevi
Turbo.... Lol
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred 3 dnevi
Taycan when you say it. Plus i like 4 door fast cars. Good review 😁
Evan Sargent
Evan Sargent Pred 4 dnevi
Thank you for pronouncing Porsche right as a car enthusiasts it makes me happy "Por-shuh" Taycan is a little off its not Tie-can its "Tie-con" but you're close. Thinking of picking up a 911 turbo s 992 soon.
Dejan Kostadinovski
Dejan Kostadinovski Pred 4 dnevi
Where you find a Batman's underground garage ?!?
The Terminator
The Terminator Pred 4 dnevi
Wow amazing👍
Hans Hans
Hans Hans Pred 4 dnevi
DRIVE IT!!! Idiot😂
Mojalefa Thapo
Mojalefa Thapo Pred 4 dnevi
0:10 I already knew it was a Taycan ;)
Mark Shaz
Mark Shaz Pred 4 dnevi
Really great choice, beautiful car, congrats Lew.
pureprocrastinator Pred 4 dnevi
Juan Pablo Restrepo
Juan Pablo Restrepo Pred 4 dnevi
congrats!! well-deserved
TheBlaggert Pred 4 dnevi
Can't stand EV's at all but I tip my hat. That is a fantastic looking car and well deserved.
I want an Apple car baby
Visual Dosage
Visual Dosage Pred 4 dnevi
this guy legit has a 20 car GTAV garage.
Christian Torres-Rossi
This guy is talking crap about Tesla of course Tesla is less racy less aggressive sure it’s a Tesla porche does racing of course is gonna feel different. Wow
Harish Pred 4 dnevi
Why not tesla?
Seth Chong
Seth Chong Pred 4 dnevi
i like how you reviewed it as what you like and not just statistics. I can actually see you reviewing cars too. simple and accurate and very easy to understand. I actually want a Taycan when you say it. Plus i like 4 door fast cars. Good review 😁
Tech & Komsan
Tech & Komsan Pred 4 dnevi
Wow Wow Very nice Electric Car, Nice Spec
Arnoud van Houwelingen
You should have waited for the Model S Plaid though!
chris d
chris d Pred 4 dnevi
Crazy how 30 to 40 years from now this car will be like 20 to 30 grand lol
Piyush Bipin Borage
Piyush Bipin Borage Pred 4 dnevi
Donaldduck J. Trump
Donaldduck J. Trump Pred 4 dnevi
That Tycan looks gorgeous ❣️
jasonchaaang Pred 4 dnevi
If tesla roadster was out he woulda got that
Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez Pred 4 dnevi
He should’ve started with, “THIS...................”
Rajat Singh
Rajat Singh Pred dnevom
Ah a man of culture. Love Doug tho.
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