i watched fate: the winx saga so you don't have to (a review) 🧚🏻‍♀️🔥🤭 

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well, i did it, i watched the winx club live action reboot and OOH BOY did i suffer for it. i hope you all enjoy this video because it was definitely difficult to make. what're your thoughts on fate: the winx saga?
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the winx club 1:53
fate: the winx saga 3:22
the white washing 17:23
the fashion 23:11
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25. jan. 2021

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kaleidoscope Pred 15 urami
Netflix's reboot feels like an attack. It's an insult to the "girlyness" of OG Winx.
Rachel Han
Rachel Han Pred 16 urami
16:32 irrelevant but Flora and Helia were the best couple I have ever seen and I love them so much
tabea Pred 21 uro
theyr'e literally 16 in the show and the remake is played by full on adults
Kon cees
Kon cees Pred dnevom
I wish whoever is making another season of this trash WATCHES THIS VIDEO TO CHANGE THE WARDROBE PLEASEEEE
Gabriela Castillo
Gabriela Castillo Pred dnevom
I can still remember my 8 year old self being obsessed with flora because shewas the first Latina character that i ever saw on screen when I was younger, the whole being femenine, nice and strong, really shaped me in my younger years and the fact that she looked somewhat like me made it my favorite show
Sammie Louise
Sammie Louise Pred 2 dnevi
I started watching the show not realizing it was suppose to be based on the cartoon so I wasn’t so disappointed but now knowing that they really slacked on some shit. That’s disappointing. Because I’ve been ready for a new magical show for awhile. Any suggestions?
deltacelestron Pred 2 dnevi
I'ma be honest, I kinda wanna hear more fashion from this channel.
Zareen Nawar
Zareen Nawar Pred 2 dnevi
Ngl I do genuinely believe that Lisa from bp is basically an irl rendition of Musa.
isaac gomez
isaac gomez Pred 2 dnevi
The winx club was already diverse god dammit they changed flora for a white girl and completely eliminated any asian character from thepriginal FUCK YOU NETFLIX
Krystian Sikorski
Krystian Sikorski Pred 3 dnevi
I Hope Fate The Winx Saga needs to be cancelled i must travel back in time 2020 i wish Winx Club fans attacking Netflix
Finland 4Ever
Finland 4Ever Pred 3 dnevi
black person here: black washing being ok is hypocrisy, and they never black washed anyone else in a remake so they're pandering.
Jayda S
Jayda S Pred 3 dnevi
The outfits were so disappointing in this show and I hated how they butchered Stella’s character and gave Aisha no backstory or storyline. I really hate that they made Aisha a “black best friend” stereotype.
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Pred 4 dnevi
Tecna was my favorite character so without her, I couldn’t be bothered to watch it.
shumaisa asim
shumaisa asim Pred 4 dnevi
no offense but ariels role was meant for Zendaya
YamiAtemYugi Pred 4 dnevi
I absolutely adore show and really want to go back it.
Aniket Bhatia
Aniket Bhatia Pred 5 dnevi
Imo the build-up was kinda okay but the end was so meh and anticlimactic. I was expecting some amazing fight scenes in episode 6 and all I got was some weird CGI bloom transformation! Also weirdly enough I was able to connect with every character emotionally (no matter how different they were from the actual Winx Club) except for Bloom! Her acting seemed kinda artificial to me... I really hope season 2 is better😔
M_ S_
M_ S_ Pred 6 dnevi
You were better off not mentioning the Ariel stuff and black washing.
Charilette Carol
Charilette Carol Pred 6 dnevi
They got rid of Kiko. I can never forgive that. I don’t care how dark it is suppose to be. That rabbit was one of my favorite characters.
Racquel Robinson
Racquel Robinson Pred 6 dnevi
Incorporation, yes, but... Techna? Explain to me, in what realm... When I saw the group picture, I thought, "Who the hell is she?" And I haven't watched it, but just from this video, Stella seems like a bitch and we all know THAT'S NOT TRUE! She's nice and warm and welcoming and just so sweet. Making the popular, blonde, rich girl the horrible, mean person is so typical. 🙄 And Musa! We have SO MANY bomb Asian actresses out here that would kill this role! And, everyone has egged on it, but, yooo, we couldn't dare wear what the winx wore at their age 😂 But damn, was the fashion POPPIN' Like, those frilly skirts and risky tops and amazing heels. As a 20 something, I like WINX without the "drama I couldn't get in the cartoon". Their friendships were so AMAZING
Isabel Guerra
Isabel Guerra Pred 7 dnevi
Techna could have been an electric/electricity fairy 🤷🏽‍♀️ But then again, I'm kinda glad she never appeared, since they have totally ruined her character.
Elif Dinc
Elif Dinc Pred 7 dnevi
Tbh if it wasn’t a Winx Saga I wouldn’t have even started watching it so yes they are smart it’s just for clickbate but at least TRY to make it a bit more like the real show the only thing that’s the same are the names and the fact that Stella was mean Musa wasn’t even Asian and Terra isn’t Hispanic. They don’t have Wings and overall it’s just cringe.
Elif Dinc
Elif Dinc Pred 7 dnevi
Of course they made the blonde white girl mean and I don’t get why because Stella in the real Winx was one of my favs!
Mateus Armas
Mateus Armas Pred 7 dnevi
you're art direction about the girls choting are the best thing I've ever seen! I'm shocked! you rock!!! ♥
Luna'sHorrors Pred 8 dnevi
I stared watching this as a winx serie and it was awful, but when I started watching it as a serie with magic and ferries it was somewhat enjoyable to watch
shak Pred 8 dnevi
14:24 im sorry but are you telling me that these characters are a year younger than me?? how in the hell- 👁👄👁
Salty Ducky
Salty Ducky Pred 8 dnevi
you speak my mind, I feel a bit less tense now thx 😂
Elll Pred 9 dnevi
1:07 these might be some of the ugliest outfits I've seen in a show
Lucas Loponi
Lucas Loponi Pred 10 dnevi
Yeah, im a man, not gay, no other... I'm boring and just go for girls. Yet, everyday a few minutes before lunch there was me, waiting for my bitch cousin to watch Winx, we sing the oppening everytime, was a shit show, until... Wait theres a really "this not for kids" plot being create here. So, everyday WHAT IS GOING HAPPENS TODAY! And know being a grow up man, 27yo with an lumberjack beard, a face what screams "not open to social things" but, if... totally hypothetical we was in a bar and for no reason starts to play the winx oppening, I sing... would sing, kinda drunk dance with my cousin until the bar manager ask us to not go up and dance at the tables ever again. I felt that he actually like it but he did her job... I mean, hipothetically, of course. PS: The portugues(brazil) version of the music is sooo, dude, at the top of a table u have wings. Hypothetically speaking. QUANDO DAMOS NOSSAS MAOS, NOS TORNAMOS PODEROSAS PORQUE JUNTAS SOMOS IN VEN CI VEIS WINX NOVIDADE IGUAL NÃO HÁ, COMPANHEIRAS PRA VALER, VENHA SE JUNTAR A NOS VOOO AAN DOOOO WIIIINX. Hypothetically.
Lucas Barron
Lucas Barron Pred 11 dnevi
Personally I would make Tecna a technological genius, think about it if she was a tech fairy wouldn't she be using custom built devices designed to fit her specifications? And I would also make her use gadgets like Spider-man in the ps4 game give her a few drones, hacking devices, a virus or two she wrote etc.. Also no Roxy at the fashion bit?
GhostFox 66
GhostFox 66 Pred 11 dnevi
i can confess that i was high when watching episode 1, 13 minutes in and it's a hit and miss. starts with a farmer being eaten and then goes to a colledge, and focuses on bloom just walking around, and then magic starts being brought in and alfia, fairy origins or the history of the realms, you can't connect with anyone in 13 minutes, even i can't get much. i know winx, but it just ticks me off that they can't start with blooms backstory, how she burnt her house down, and what not and all the extra exposition. this show may be confusing to a new watcher or anyone that hasn't watched winx in a long time.. the music is that kind of annoying pop, stuff which could be attractive to actual teenagers , actors keep having annoying english accents half the time, it's an annoyance.. overall i don't recommend watching this. . i recommend watching CW'S reighn season 1 to 3 skip 4 . or shadow and bone.
karen williams
karen williams Pred 11 dnevi
I liked the bloom character and Stella I think there personality could of been changed a bit , but yeah the outfits are shit and the white washing...
Jed Young
Jed Young Pred 12 dnevi
I’m pretty sure Edna Mode would disagree with you about the capes.
gab gab
gab gab Pred 12 dnevi
YESS a series of unfortunate events was mentioned!! It is so underrated 😩
I'm so tired of all the shows being so dark and depressing nowadays plus their need of being constantly "woke"...like a little color and fun is okay!! We want our 2000's back!!
Diyosa Bells
Diyosa Bells Pred 13 dnevi
Stopped watching ep 1 just to watch this. And literally just stopped watching the whole show. It’s an abomination, too dark for my favorite show when I was a little gay child lmao. 😭🤣
ViolentEnds Pred 14 dnevi
Such a great vid 👏 👌
lalalovesyoongles Pred 14 dnevi
you did so great with this omg, it was the white-washing that really made me not wanna watch it.
Petty Bee
Petty Bee Pred 15 dnevi
I was a simp for flora, why'd they do this....
Anuelle Cheng
Anuelle Cheng Pred 16 dnevi
Netflix is terrible, end of story. 😩
ToukenDanshiWarrior Pred 16 dnevi
I don't know why or how people give this high ratings because they clearly did not understand anything nostalgic or mesmerizingly fun about the show and why it's so good to us and claim it's good the way it is. IT'S NOT. They need more comprehension skills, understanding our perspectives skills, analytic skills, common sense and attachment. As if it'll do well to make this adult content and out-of-touch with the MAGIC CONCEPT, including FRIENDSHIP, bright colours and sparkles, girly and femininity and BEAUTIFUL FANTASTY. These lame "characters" don't have great chemistry at all. They're more like negative, grouchy teens with attitudes (some or whatsoever) rather than friendly, slightly naughty, supportive, kind, quirky and charming teenagers with personal traits that makes them, them. Tecna might come in the later season. They seem to have a very poor budget to call this a "successful" show. It's trashy and deserves more dislikes.
nod my head
nod my head Pred 16 dnevi
The more I look at those outfits, the more I think that they're not just outdated, they're plain ugly and unflatering. Aisha's and Flora's outfits in that group shot in particular are so bad.
Aki Akabane
Aki Akabane Pred 16 dnevi
Wait, teana is the only princess of color? Does that meant jasmine and Pocahontas are not? (Genuinely confused cus i always thought they're both people of colors too) Does the 7 white woman include jasmine or Pocahontas too? I mean mulan is asian so she's not...is it ariel? Please don't take this the wrong way i don't really know my princesses im really just asking a question since my fav is alice in wonderland so i didn't look further into other princesses.
Finland 4Ever
Finland 4Ever Pred 3 dnevi
Rita Jean
Rita Jean Pred 17 dnevi
I'm not gonna lie I love the show but the outfits I ain't having it 🤷‍♀️
Rebeca Pred 18 dnevi
The original show already was so diverse, empowering AND feminine. There was a character for anyone to identify with... There was no need to 'woke-culture' the show! WHY? WHY???
superlolgal555 Pred 18 dnevi
26:10 As a massive fan of OUAT, I'd also like to point out that they actually explained why Emma always wore that jacket! They made it connect to the lore of the universe and her personal story, so it wasn't just "Emma Swan wearing red because red is her favorite color." That jacket had meaning, which makes it even better of a parallel to "the girl who wore read because fire."
diemily Pred 18 dnevi
I never noticed Boom is the only one not british
stella ._.
stella ._. Pred 18 dnevi
i remember loving stella as a kid because its also my name, even tho she was a bit rude, but they literally ruined her
Kaye Gavlak
Kaye Gavlak Pred 19 dnevi
Fate the Winx saga is a good series, just not as a Winx adaptation
HAULINGWOLF AMV 2.0 Pred 19 dnevi
I think it's good that the fairies in the original were only girls and the specialist only guys
HAULINGWOLF AMV 2.0 Pred 19 dnevi
musa in this should be called 'minda'
HAULINGWOLF AMV 2.0 Pred 19 dnevi
InuYasha isn't a fan fiction though
HAULINGWOLF AMV 2.0 Pred 19 dnevi
this is such a dumb live action.
Artewat Wendy
Artewat Wendy Pred 19 dnevi
i was so disappointed that Flora wasn’t in the series. She’s my most favorite fairy. Very disappointing...
Miss Scalia
Miss Scalia Pred 20 dnevi
Flora was one of the only representations I had in tv growing up, being a brown latina girl, it was really sad to see her get white washed
ocean waaves
ocean waaves Pred 21 dnevom
It's really cool ModernGurls is able to articulate and have a real vision for what these characters would look like and therefore show who they are as characters since fashion usually emulates ones personality. It's embarrassing that they A. Didn't hire a person that is good at styling young people and B. Them basically destroying the core message of the series which is friendship
Freya Porter
Freya Porter Pred 21 dnevom
Alright, I'll write the script, you design the costumes, we sneak into the Netflix headquarters in the dead of night and steal the funding
Milina Marie
Milina Marie Pred 21 dnevom
As soon as I saw the trailer I knew I wasn’t going to watch it and was extremely upset. I grew up watching the WINX club. I loved everything about it as a child, the fashion, the love, and every character had their own story and everyone was so nice. Plus, being full blooded Italian I thought i maybe had a chance to become a fairy (I was 7, let me dream 🤣) I still watch it now but Netflix RUINED this. The white washing, the drab old lady clothes, TECHNA! And from what I’ve heard the “edgy” attitudes the characters seem to have. Why do shows hAve to act so “mature” and try to be new school edgy, it’s annoying. Oh plus, WHERES KIKO 😭
Jude Filgate
Jude Filgate Pred 22 dnevi
paused at the charmed comment and yes i cant bring myself to watch it. i tried the first ep but yeah no. cant beat the original. i agree with this as well. i havent seen the craft one tho. i didnt even know they made it
Tina XD
Tina XD Pred 22 dnevi
Bro why is musa a mind fairy SHES THE FAIRY OF MUSIC MUSIC 🎶
Amari Kristopher
Amari Kristopher Pred 22 dnevi
Also, your ideas for their outfits 😭✨👏🏾!! So so good !
Amari Kristopher
Amari Kristopher Pred 22 dnevi
I will forever hate that “real girls real people” comment for the rest of my life. Real girls DO dress like the winx. And they are not skimpy. You’re already being judgmental by calling girls who dress this way as skimpy. It is disrespectful and disgusting. And yes THANK YOU there are plus sized colored girls! It is NOT that friggin hard to find a plus sized colored girl ( or any colored girl really ) to play as the Winx. You don’t need to only get actors who are famous or were on other shows. This is the Sia problem all over again where she casted a non autistic girl to be autistic and had many awful ableist crap in it. It is not hard to find a neurodivergent girl to play the character. There are many talented undiscovered people out there who are are willing and wanting to be in movies and Hollywood just chooses to ignore them because they’re either not famous, never acted in a movie they know, are rich, and aren’t white.
CasTheArchangel Pred 22 dnevi
Okay so, first comment btw, but commenting on the unattainable body type thing, it is attainable, but the things your body goes through to become that insanely skinny is hell, believe me I know, I lost almost 100 pounds in a month, and have only gained back 10 in the last 3 years, it's terrifying because I wasn't trying to lose weight, I had a major body trama, and my body reacted by straight up speeding up it's metabolism, I still don't understand why or how. And honestly even being 120LBS I still consistently feel bad about my body and my weight, no matter how small you are, the monsters never leave, don't forget that.
Isabella Bragança
Isabella Bragança Pred 22 dnevi
*explain* to me how are we supposed to belive they are SIXTEEN. 16. **explain**
Hannah W.
Hannah W. Pred 24 dnevi
Damn it's crazy how much more progressive the media was in the 2000s compared to now. Powerpuff Girls, Winx club, Sailor Moon, etc.
Reshawn Drezen Barriga
My favorite is Aisha. I love her story so much and she’s my favorite.
Danny Pred 24 dnevi
1. I’m sorry, but none of them girls was pretty like the Winx😬 2. the damn clothes...don’t even get me started...🤢 3. They could’ve literally got some real young teenagers that match the characters style and ethnicity/race🙄 4. Overall wack asf🥲
Saint Alvin Neequaye
Saint Alvin Neequaye Pred 24 dnevi
Isn’t the actress who plays Musa East Asian?
Saint Alvin Neequaye
Saint Alvin Neequaye Pred 24 dnevi
I kind of liked it. I just looked at it as a spin off that we didn’t want, or just a show that shares the same name and characters as winx. The last transformation was strange to me, and they’ve made the whole thing into something more like avatar
Noemi Olesiak
Noemi Olesiak Pred 24 dnevi
I didn't see the fate saga but it looks like it was absolutely horrible. This video made me want to watch the original animation again😍
Ri Sa
Ri Sa Pred 25 dnevi
True! I wasn’t even halfway with the first episode. Everything bores me so much that I go back rewatching the anime version.
Queer Witch Ahni
Queer Witch Ahni Pred 25 dnevi
This show is an abomination and I'm not going to justify it by giving Netflix my view. Unfortunately my aunt did watch the Netflix show but didn't watch the original and she liked it.
PhrontDoor Pred 25 dnevi
Ok, here's a strange observation.. as a normal 'show' without know anything about the WinX stuff to begin with, the actual series wasn't that bad. If you knew nothing about who was supposed to be 'what' at all, then it seemed like an interesting plot. The final transformation cgi was a teensy bit cringe AND I can't see how they will keep the arcs going into season 2, but I enjoyed it.
that one cat
that one cat Pred 26 dnevi
Ok not to be that person but I’ve always saw Winx as a rip off of the W. I.T.C.H. comic book/magazine
Lily Grey
Lily Grey Pred 26 dnevi
Yessss finally someone that isn't shy to talk about the whitewashing.
Bernadette Jin
Bernadette Jin Pred 26 dnevi
I've literally been waiting for someone to say that Bloom looks like Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time. I'm glad you mentioned it. It's all I was thinking about when watching.
Mio M
Mio M Pred 27 dnevi
If the show brings techna.. they will probably make her asian.. For the saving grace...
Troy Pred 27 dnevi
So what i'm hearing is this could have been a cool show if they made it original and not a winx reboot (which isn't a reboot the original cartoon is still ongoing)
Crystal Waites
Crystal Waites Pred 27 dnevi
Crystal Waites
Crystal Waites Pred 27 dnevi
Crystal Waites
Crystal Waites Pred 27 dnevi
Crystal Waites
Crystal Waites Pred 27 dnevi
no. but like, think about it
I loved stella because she had layers to her, and the girls still had fights, and some of their personalities clashed but they were still close. Not to mention it wasn't purposely 'feminist' (as far as I know) but the show is just.... ew. (BTW I am very much a feminist. But the og show was just showing strong female characters without them trying to push the status quo and showed this as the norm.(and I have this whole theory about how the women in the universe are actually above the men if yall wanna discuss 👀))
Salem Rose
Salem Rose Pred 28 dnevi
Am I the only one that kept pausing to look at the outfits from the cartoon lol. I love them so much!
Salem Rose
Salem Rose Pred 28 dnevi
While it wasn't an awful show, I feel like they stripped it of all the wonder and fun that the og had. It was a fun show about fashion and defeating evil while unlocking new powers through developing traits that made them better people. There was never gynecide or teen drinking but instead gave us a show that we wouldn't be constantly stressed out by while still being engaging. It had substance without adding unnecessary shock factor and a moody tone. Sorry for that little rant lol
Jo' Denise
Jo' Denise Pred 28 dnevi
Instead of "prairie-esque" , you can just say "Champêtre" if you want to , it's a common french word to describe something from the countryside / small village /natural ect ... ;)
Alienmädchen Pred 28 dnevi
I loved tecna. Already because I am a girl and I like thchnology. I am studying computer science now and I even wanted to have her hairstyle at one point. What the hell? Where is she!? Literally didn't watch because she wasn't in the pictures.
Kawaii Kawutie
Kawaii Kawutie Pred 29 dnevi
I am Hispanic, winx club was made when I was like 1 or 2 years old so I basically started watching when I was like in elementary school. I loved winx club, me and my friends would pretend to be fairies in the playground at recess and honestly after I found out that Flora was inspired by Jenifer Lopez I fell in love with it more because I didn't know of any other Hispanic cartoon character at the time and even now I don't know many Hispanic characters that arent overly sexualized. Whn Netflix made this abomination called Fate. I was angry that they took out Flora. She was the one Hispanic character I looked up to and they completely whitewashed her and changed her name to Terra (Ik she is technically her 'cousin' but still whitewashed the Hispanic character). We barely get any representation as it is. I am really disapointed
Juan Pedro Dela Cruz
Juan Pedro Dela Cruz Pred 29 dnevi
Oh god, when the trailer came out i was like... "what the heck are they wearing". The costume and outfits are soooooo bad, plain and boring.
Crysta Dawn
Crysta Dawn Pred 29 dnevi
You're 100% correct about the colour palette thing. Hell, Heathers the movie gave the girls different outfits, and they're KNOWN for being colour-coded.
Joshua Ogunlolu
Joshua Ogunlolu Pred mesecem
Ugh! That Flora mood board! What a DREAM!! 😍🤩🌸🌹✨🍁
Mol G
Mol G Pred mesecem
Absolutely loved flora when I watched winx when I was little.. Wish they didn't change her. As someone who is a bit on the curvy side it's nice that it's someone with a different body type but why did they have to change the character to the point of changing her race? It's really sad..
Larinel Fiedacan
Larinel Fiedacan Pred mesecem
19:19 There was that one black deaf mermaid from the Little Mermaid animated series named Gabriella but I agree that more representation of and from people of color should be done.
Kaylo_3380 Pred mesecem
But it is Netflix
enency cruz
enency cruz Pred mesecem
I like a lot of what you said here but as a PoC, I respectfully disagree with you say about it being alright to race swap white characters to PoC or straight to homosexual. While I can't speak for us all, I honestly feel insulted that Hollywood feels they have to take a characters we like and make then "look like us" as if to throw us some kind of bone. It's LAZY and sends a poor message that they have to respect us but we don't have to respect them. You want PoC make us and make us good. Don't give us lip service like marvel and DC have been doing the last few years. Make us care!
enency cruz
enency cruz Pred mesecem
@Nadia J you don't see how just switching someone color and nothing else about them, rather then put in the effort of making a whole knew character is lazy? Yes there has been new takes on batman ,but Bruce Wayne has always been Bruce Wayne . Caucasian ,dark hair , blue eyed (save for a few exceptions where actors had brown eyes. honest that drives me nuts too). Make him Latino and he stopes being Bruce Wayne, he becomes someone else. Our race is important to us, It's not the end all be all but it is key to who we are and that goes for Caucasian just as much for the rest of us. If someone drew me as any other race I would be upset, so why would I say its okay to do it to Caucasian .
Nadia J
Nadia J Pred mesecem
I don't see how it's lazy tbh. When you think about it, most characters change throughout the years naturally. We've had how many Batmans now and so many different interpretations of the character? Even if it is a poor attempt to advertise their content, it's Hollywood when have they not done that? I say if people tell us its not a big deal or a race thing when White characters play characters of color then it shouldn't be vice versa. Seeing as how it does bother people shows that to be false
France Malate
France Malate Pred mesecem
The overall mood and tone of the show should be based and set back to the 80s.
Katharina Story
Katharina Story Pred mesecem
And the sad part is that I think the 2004 version of winx club is still updated ........ So WHY doing this. My heart is cracking because I just know that the cartoon version will be so dang better then this version. Sorry if I sound mean.. but 🤮😢 have a nice day Kah.... 💜💙🦋
Katharina Story
Katharina Story Pred mesecem
I am a fan of the 2004 version I will not look this video to the end because I am a 2004 girl I love this version because of the nostalgia and I am kind of a kid when I remember it so no I love the old version. I don’t want to be mean but I will sound mean when I would watch the whole video because you are shattering my childhood memories from it. So yeah have a nice day Kah p.s. i loved all six but my fav was bloom, Flora (she was my idea of a calm big sister)and I loved blooms parents oritel and Marion 💜💙🦋
Emily June
Emily June Pred mesecem
But she's fat!! That's D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. .... Wait you can be tan and a size 12? Lies
mels Pred mesecem
bloom mostly wore blue themed outfits, also blue fire is the hottest fire there is so it would make more sense
mels Pred mesecem
'I was *SO* shook and confused when Stella was made the "mean girl" in the adaptation. It was annoying, I always remembered Stella as the sweet and nice girl and she was always my favorite.