100% OF YOU COULDN'T STOP THIS! (AFC Sidemates) 

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Thanks to Kitlocker for the brand new AFC Sidemates Kits:
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Video Uploaded by Behzinga, Beh2inga.
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1. okt. 2018

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Sylejman Rexhbeqaj
Sylejman Rexhbeqaj Pred 9 meseci
Villa Vlogger
Villa Vlogger Pred 2 leti
What is your goal tally?
Alex Koch
Alex Koch Pred 2 leti
Anybody know the name of the song he uses in his outro?
LG Pred 2 leti
Was jefferies on judge rinder on the one about Amsterdam 😂😂
Anonymous Pred 2 leti
Eathan looks differant
ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugmembugem ossas
you look like scott storch
Linda Hayward
Linda Hayward Pred 2 leti
Are you even part of the sidemen anymore
Nada - standoff 2
Nada - standoff 2 Pred 2 leti
Yo , u should get ur team to vs manny’s team just for fun. That would be suck
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog Pred 2 leti
Side mates what a sad sad little boy
Mxkiyy Pred 2 leti
What comes out of your mouth 'smoke'. Behzinga: Wait whats it called? Person: Steam. Lol the 'smoke' that comes out of your mouth is called Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
Nathaniel Laine
Nathaniel Laine Pred 2 leti
Behz do Journey please
Jbuns 12
Jbuns 12 Pred 2 leti
The guy who said the temperature was cold is using the same brand thermometer as Ethan’s ruler is
Ben Traynor
Ben Traynor Pred 2 leti
Great vid stop the annoying voice tho pls
Freddie Schuster
Freddie Schuster Pred 2 leti
These are my favourite videos to watch on SLtv
Reece Boylan
Reece Boylan Pred 2 leti
Work rate needs to be better well done lads
Ignas burbuliukas
Ignas burbuliukas Pred 2 leti
The Angry Gamer
The Angry Gamer Pred 2 leti
An I safe to assume mafia won’t be making its return?
Chris Pettitt
Chris Pettitt Pred 2 leti
Moses Sosa
Moses Sosa Pred 2 leti
If you need a player I play high level, would come down and support the cause! All love mate, gimme a shout🤙🏼
Rooshillen J
Rooshillen J Pred 2 leti
Sidemates vs UTR!
Elliott Tottle
Elliott Tottle Pred 2 leti
Not so sure abOOt some of those accents lad! xD FIFA-wise I wouldn't mind a series on main channel and random content on second channel?
Kai Meredith
Kai Meredith Pred 2 leti
Show the Nando’s after the game
Rachel Feuer
Rachel Feuer Pred 2 leti
Great vid like always btw ur one of my fav yt. Love u Ethan ❤️
William Morewane
William Morewane Pred 2 leti
Jamie Harrison
Jamie Harrison Pred 2 leti
Do 5v5 vs palmers! Please!!!
Andreas Andersson
Andreas Andersson Pred 2 leti
What a team to just play a friendly after a league match! Legends i must say
CJT DUP Pred 2 leti
Alfie is G.O.A.T.
IcyTheShifter Pred 2 leti
your so thin now
Hamsa Pred 2 leti
Behzinga the type of guy to sell a tv for a satellite dish
Abood Huncho ツ
Abood Huncho ツ Pred 2 leti
2:07 voice crack
ThatGuyMichael_ -
ThatGuyMichael_ - Pred 2 leti
No more fifa, More co-op games with simon or josh
Flkr Pred 2 leti
Someone tell me why Glander is Frank Lampard
Lucas ITFC
Lucas ITFC Pred 2 leti
And Gerrard put together
Sick! Pred 2 leti
You are so slim, lol when i saw you last time you were fat :P
Max Hulbert
Max Hulbert Pred 2 leti
Behz Fifa 19 journey ?
Xenju Pred 2 leti
QPost more work out vids
Frans Johansson
Frans Johansson Pred 2 leti
Sorry for being late
Melanie Hall
Melanie Hall Pred 2 leti
Behz the type of guy to ask someone why they don't understand questions
JacobHarry17 Pred 2 leti
GG Ethan, it was a tough game but a good run out for both teams. If you lot want YUFI's perspective of the game head over to my channel where i reviewed and analysed the game. Once again, thank you Ethan for the game and for the full footage!
Nick Gordon
Nick Gordon Pred 2 leti
yes behzinga you legend
Randall Tabayoyong
Randall Tabayoyong Pred 2 leti
Behzinga is good because he exercises more than KSI and he is better
Jacob Hearfield
Jacob Hearfield Pred 2 leti
I used to play soccer 6s and we were called the six offenders because it sounds like sex offenders
Over11z Pred 2 leti
Yo behz where is the fifa 19 journey videos thats the best series in your chanel
SkillFulse Pred 2 leti
I would like to know if u will be playing fifa 19 journey mode so i know if i should wait for u or watch someone else
G2 Gaming
G2 Gaming Pred 2 leti
Behz pls do other vids as well please
Master Moo
Master Moo Pred 2 leti
Are you going to be playing the journey this year?
depressed squidward
loving this content behz! glad you’re back from injury next week
The Ginger Pig
The Ginger Pig Pred 2 leti
You look ill, like a smack head
Keiran Pred 2 leti
How come the teams don't change ends at half time?
Beast mode With Peadar
The person Alfie is the Hashtag Superfan
Fortnite Edits
Fortnite Edits Pred 2 leti
when you gotta stretch the video to 10mins to pay your rent
Rory Parker
Rory Parker Pred 2 leti
For a prank fill the entire sidemen house with fog/smoke machine
Joseph Pred 2 leti
Behzinga type of guy to tear his ACL doing Fortnite dances
Brodie de Waayer
Brodie de Waayer Pred 2 leti
was that a voice crack at 2:07
XxSmokezV8 Channel
XxSmokezV8 Channel Pred 2 leti
Holy fuck behzinga you've lost so much weight. Lookin good👍👌
Ashvin Tyagi
Ashvin Tyagi Pred 2 leti
I measured my dick. It said big. I looked at the temperature. It said cold.
Rex op
Rex op Pred 2 leti
you look like miz
Rambino Pred 2 leti
New Hunter series please?
Rohan Kotian
Rohan Kotian Pred 2 leti
Yash Ram
Yash Ram Pred 2 leti
Sidemates vs under the radar fc
lAnDoN vlogs and games
I Have a game Wednesday wish me luck
Parth Shah
Parth Shah Pred 2 leti
Yufi thanks for a game
Damian Miller
Damian Miller Pred 2 leti
You should wear a go pro in one of he games as well Or have one of he guys that score a lot wear one
Declan Legall
Declan Legall Pred 2 leti
Stop editing the actual game so short
Jason Barci
Jason Barci Pred 2 leti
You're going to make alphie famous
Backup Account
Backup Account Pred 2 leti
More mid rolls pls
Itz Seffery
Itz Seffery Pred 2 leti
Can you make a keeper shirt?!?! That would be super sick!
JmGarcia 10
JmGarcia 10 Pred 2 leti
Play fifa 19 journey please
Trey Figueroa
Trey Figueroa Pred 2 leti
Ethan is lucky he is shredded and Ethan Payne is like the coolest name I feel like it would sound better if it was ethaniel
feared Pred 2 leti
Jude Murphy
Jude Murphy Pred 2 leti
Can’t wait to get a sidemates jersey
CEOofUnfunny Pred 2 leti
I don't know why but in the thumbnail you looked like the Miz
J0LLY L Pred 2 leti
Get the f2 in sidemates 🤙🏻
Hadden Pred 2 leti
Defo should make a fifa series
The Whispering eye
The Whispering eye Pred 2 leti
Glander the 🐐🐐👑👑
Jeffrey Ernest Kua
Jeffrey Ernest Kua Pred 2 leti
Bhez back next week ❤
Adam Cook
Adam Cook Pred 2 leti
Well played Alfie... mmm... yeah.
jamal M
jamal M Pred 2 leti
Alfie actually played I thought you said it for fun 😂⚽️👊
Denzel Pred 2 leti
Who else thinks alfie looks like tom holland
jamal M
jamal M Pred 2 leti
What a video banging team
Gaming Master
Gaming Master Pred 2 leti
It’s condensation
Conor Byron
Conor Byron Pred 2 leti
Am I the only one not watching fifa 19 the journey til Behz actually does it
InfinityTornado Pred 2 leti
Bethan Greaves
Bethan Greaves Pred 2 leti
Anyone else love Glander? He seems like such a decent bloke x
Assan Sanyang
Assan Sanyang Pred 2 leti
Can u please do the journey on your Mane channel
J46 Pred 2 leti
This is mint 🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Pred 2 leti
Fifa on main channel
fghgbfgnhg Pred 2 leti
AFC v UTR Like to make it happen !
Denzel Pred 2 leti
Trust me that would be sick
Tate Austin9
Tate Austin9 Pred 2 leti
Great vid. I love sidemates. If u can upload challenges with them or do a fifa series on jim hunter
Keiran stylings
Keiran stylings Pred 2 leti
I still find it weird seeing non chubby behz
zORiONz Pred 2 leti
AFC SideMates VS Under The Radar!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Pred 2 leti
What a 5v11 😂😂😂 JK
Jon Snow, King Of The North
Hey bez could you be My dad
Tracy Edwards
Tracy Edwards Pred 2 leti
You inspired me and mates to get up and do something so we started a 6 a side team hope you see this, I love you behz
Jayden Govender
Jayden Govender Pred 2 leti
Hi bhez when u starting your vlogs
hw14 Pred 2 leti
I luv u
Mariano Abrahams
Mariano Abrahams Pred 2 leti
South Africans anywhere
Jveb Pred 2 leti
A BAKED POTATO Pred 2 leti
Here lol
Beth McClean
Beth McClean Pred 2 leti
Beth McClean
Beth McClean Pred 2 leti
Why doesn't bez play?
its fuckin treyyyway
Not the same without a nandos section😢
Ben Freeman
Ben Freeman Pred 2 leti
I've got the same shoes as Bill
Anubiss Pred 2 leti
Behz ur so inspirational love you man keep doin wht u do
Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy Pred 2 leti
Ethan, congrats on losing so much weight it is inspiring
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