Tracey Wigfield's Daughter Acts Like a 65-Year-Old Italian American Woman 

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Tracey Wigfield talks about working on Season 2 of the Saved by the Bell reboot in her fully packed house and shares how her mom's personality has rubbed off on her 3-year-old daughter.
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Tracey Wigfield's Daughter Acts Like a 65-Year-Old Italian American Woman- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




25. feb. 2021

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illnsp08 Pred mesecem
What was the bleeped word?
A C Pred mesecem
Seth: hahaha BOOMERS yes THEY ARE funny hahaha
BF Pred mesecem
Not one mention of Screech and the passing of Dustin Diamond
Sanje k
Sanje k Pred mesecem
“Great News” was such a good show
Amy D
Amy D Pred mesecem
Great News deserves like 8 more seasons
Amelia Rhodes
Amelia Rhodes Pred mesecem
Just about the shittiest talk show host ever. talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
Betty Popp
Betty Popp Pred mesecem
GREAT NEWS should've ran for 10 seasons.
sauceberg720 Pred mesecem
I heard the SBTB reboot is actually really great, which I didn't really expect to hear. But then again, Great News was SO effing funny so I guess that tracks!
Sabrina79 Pred mesecem
I totally missed this! Tracey is my cousin. So glad to see she's still living the dream.
acidmothersceline Pred mesecem
All Celines channel 65 year old women from New Jersey 🤘🏽
Ridikipickle Peckinpuff
What is the word they bleeped? I'm assuming it was Italian, but I don't know Italian
waqar khan
waqar khan Pred mesecem
she is in the reboot of save by the bell
Michael Hake
Michael Hake Pred mesecem
That show looks so fucking awful lol
Jay Israel
Jay Israel Pred mesecem
She is such a terrific comedy writer and I am grateful she is gainfully employed . I got Peacock only to watch her show ... and then immediately cancelled it ... until season 2.
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards Pred mesecem
Cool Christians? Yeah, no.
Redcatrobe Pred mesecem
Yeah, right? The Cool Christians are a facade. I’ve met many “cool,” young ministers or youth leaders and they try SO hard to be relateable
Steve G
Steve G Pred mesecem
Great News was hilarious.
Megan H
Megan H Pred mesecem
Bless you for having your parents living with you! And I love the stories about your daughter
black bird
black bird Pred mesecem
Seth's being held at gunpoint to promote this.
Alex C
Alex C Pred mesecem
I doubt Democrats are holding him at gunpoint.
rene trossman
rene trossman Pred mesecem
Seth sinks to new lows..
Ricardo Antonio Guzman Lopez
That show looks so lame
New Message
New Message Pred mesecem
My 11 year old talks like Natasha Lyonne thanks to her aunt, so... I feel ya.
Akitten84 Pred mesecem
Hahaha that’s darned funny to imagine.
Peri Lyons
Peri Lyons Pred mesecem
And what is wrong with Natasha Lyonne’s voice, pray tell? You don’t like the native song of New Yawk?😎
SquiDgy Ayo
SquiDgy Ayo Pred mesecem
This show looks great
Dan Pred mesecem
That show looks bad. I assume you are being forced to promote this.
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