ALL FORTNITE CROSSOVER TRAILERS (Seasons 1 - 15, including Terminator) 

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In this video I go through all the different crossover trailers, all the way from the first one with the infinity gauntlet, to the most recent one at this point in time, being the trailer for the T-800 and Sarah Connor skins!
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Infinity Gauntlet - 00:00​​
NFL - 00:20​​
Endgame - 00:50​​
Wick's Bounty - 01:16​​
Jordan - 01:40​​
Borderlands - 02:00​​
Batman - 02:42​​
Storm Trooper - 03:07​​
Star Wars - 03:33​​
Deadpool - 04:07​​
X Force - 04:45​​
Travis Scott - 05:28​​
Captain America - 06:10​​
Black Manta - 06:50​​
Nexus War - 07:33​​
Stark Industries - 08:55​​
Wolverine - 09:42​​
Mandalorian - 10:25​​
Kratos - 11:05​​
The Last Laugh Bundle - 11:55​​
Master Chief - 12:24​​
The Walking Dead - 13:04​​
The King Returns - 13:36​​
Predator - 14:01
Terminator - 14:16
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21. jan. 2021

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Vxrtex Lavender
Vxrtex Lavender Pred 3 dnevi
This title is literally a lie chapter season 1 to chapter 2 season 5
Kylouren Pred 8 dnevi
Not stranger things
MAD LAD Pred 8 dnevi
The amount of crossovers is disrespecting the gaming community.
GengarMaster Cohen
GengarMaster Cohen Pred 12 dnevi
Next thing you know they"ll add a donald duck skin
Afonso Ferreira
Afonso Ferreira Pred 13 dnevi
U forget marshmellow
Kanga Pred 13 dnevi
He had no trailer
frostice sans
frostice sans Pred 15 dnevi
Wheres fnaf
J C Pred 16 dnevi
We need Rick and Morty in Fortnite next
elli m
elli m Pred 17 dnevi
So let's just say hypothetically someone had come out of a coma and instantly saw these trailers. They'd be like... soooo READY PLAYER ONE GOT ITS OWN GAME NOW??? SINCE WHEN??
Lord Gonk Droid
Lord Gonk Droid Pred 18 dnevi
After John Wick, I stopped caring. Mando and Predstor was cool tho
Epic Kirby12
Epic Kirby12 Pred 18 dnevi
That's a lot
Johnny Pincay
Johnny Pincay Pred 18 dnevi
When deadpools thing came the music sounded like the in in the master chief vid
NanoSmoke X
NanoSmoke X Pred 19 dnevi
Travis was the best event change my mind
Dániel Klucsai
Dániel Klucsai Pred 19 dnevi
The next crossover is Mickey mouse xd
Сарыев Довлет
come in and you will not regret
corrinne huish
corrinne huish Pred 19 dnevi
8:14 peely using class lmao
corrinne huish
corrinne huish Pred 19 dnevi
My sound muted through star wars one
Kristoff Salas
Kristoff Salas Pred 22 dnevi
Fortnite reAlly knows how to ruin iconic characters
BlackFaithProduction Pred 19 dnevi
Honor *
Ash Bash
Ash Bash Pred 22 dnevi
U forgot the stranger things one!!!!!!!!!!
Kozik Pred 23 dnevi
Hello I have a question, is it possible to copy this movie on the basis that I will use it, but there will be a link to it in the description?
Monica Pasquariello
Monica Pasquariello Pred 23 dnevi
Master chef ener the game
Vortex 174
Vortex 174 Pred 23 dnevi
8:14 is no one really gonna talk about Peely Using claws
Бегенч Диниев
А я русский
Greg’s Games
Greg’s Games Pred 24 dnevi
You forgot arshmello
Lord Death Fetus
Lord Death Fetus Pred 24 dnevi
Fortnite gets a lot of things right. It’s a shame it’s just Fortnite though.
Aidan Galil
Aidan Galil Pred 24 dnevi
I don’t play the game, I’m a Warzone guy, but I respect this shit ✊
brenskii 101
brenskii 101 Pred 24 dnevi
I want to know how much money they lost by buying the rights to put some of these characters in the game
Nelson Pixeliado
Nelson Pixeliado Pred 24 dnevi
Bro tu nick is kanga como my friend que se suicido en paz descanse 😔
XtendohoodX _
XtendohoodX _ Pred 24 dnevi
Who else excited to pwn The Terminator and Deadpool like total noobs
Nizar Kayous
Nizar Kayous Pred 25 dnevi
11:05 look how the massacred my boy :(
Loumi CASTRIC Pred 26 dnevi
ya des coupur de SON
Pedrinho1799 Pred 26 dnevi
We need a fnaf crossover
Mario Dominguez
Mario Dominguez Pred 24 dnevi
@Pedrinho1799 you know what now that I think about it a fnaf crossover would kinda be cool I guess
Pedrinho1799 Pred 25 dnevi
@Mario Dominguez Your arguments don't make sense, will it stop being fun because of skins?
Mario Dominguez
Mario Dominguez Pred 25 dnevi
@Pedrinho1799 and I did not know because I don't have twitter
Mario Dominguez
Mario Dominguez Pred 25 dnevi
@Pedrinho1799 because that game was so fun and I don't want it to be ruined and if it will be ruined it won't be fun anymore
Pedrinho1799 Pred 25 dnevi
@Mario Dominguez And why ruin it? it was going to be a crossover like all the others
angelica lopez
angelica lopez Pred 26 dnevi
Ultimamente fornite se interesa mas en sacar skins que en arreglar los bugs
Frank Horrigan
Frank Horrigan Pred 26 dnevi
Im surprised they didn't add fallout
Victor santos Oliveira
Timestamps 0:00 Infinity Gauntlet 0:20 NFL 0:50 Endgame 1:16 Wick's Bounty 1:40 Jordan 2:00 BorderLands 2:42 Batman 3:07 StormTrooper 3:32 Star Wars 4:07 Deadpool 4:45 X Force 5:28 Travis Scott 6:10 Captain America 6:50 Black Manta 7:33 Nexus War 8:55 Stark Industries 9:42 Wolverine 10:25 Mandalorian 11:05 Kratos 11:55 The last Laugh Bundle 12:24 Master Chief 13:04 The Walking Dead 14:01 Predator 14:16 Terminator
A Twist Of Fate
A Twist Of Fate Pred 27 dnevi
fortnite is just super smash bros but battle royale by this point
GengarMaster Cohen
GengarMaster Cohen Pred 12 dnevi
Haha FR tho
Dominic Nardini
Dominic Nardini Pred 27 dnevi
Y'all forgot about the demegorgon didnt ya
Korbin Klawitter
Korbin Klawitter Pred 27 dnevi
Fuck you fortnite I pressed one button on accident and then I lost 2000 v bucks for one of the stupid super hero skins but now I can't get that back because my account won't work on epic for some retarded reason and I just lost all my money
HIMED Pred 28 dnevi
Half the kids playing the game probably don’t even know what Terminator and Predator is.
GengarMaster Cohen
GengarMaster Cohen Pred 12 dnevi
I do
Tommy Medina
Tommy Medina Pred 15 dnevi
@Baby Yoda, I don't take it that personal
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Pred 15 dnevi
@Tommy Medina yeah Fortnite knows how to ruin good movies
Tommy Medina
Tommy Medina Pred 15 dnevi
@Baby Yoda, obviously, the don't belong there, they have their own movies :v
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Pred 16 dnevi
I’m 14and I love all of them movies . My favourite film is terminator 2 , Sarah Connor is like my idol . I don’t really play Fortnite anymore but half my class know them movies. Although I agree with himed they don’t belong in game
Shiny Pred 28 dnevi
Where's Marshmello?
Stairs Pred 28 dnevi
Hololive EN x fortnite crossover when
Titano 禁 Studios
Titano 禁 Studios Pred 28 dnevi
Fortnite was great during the blackhole.
XD DIRE Pred 29 dnevi
Stranger things is not in it
сыймык Суамырбеков
Senior Ricketts
Senior Ricketts Pred 29 dnevi
Wtf do they bring alien and ripley but only predator where is dutch ffs?
Jamal Pred mesecem
Time to go back to regular skins please.
Sentient Robot
Sentient Robot Pred mesecem
Why not add negan or the governor at this point hell add beth or lori
TheBoyz In yourHouse
TheBoyz In yourHouse Pred 28 dnevi
Ong like if they add negan she would have his bat and everything
Mario Villa
Mario Villa Pred mesecem
really hope they bring the Travis skin back was there for everything but just couldn’t get the damn skin at the time smh
Sparky 1083
Sparky 1083 Pred mesecem
The endgame crossover was so much fun. I never thought I needed a bunch of pink bears stop a godlike creature from killing half of all people using only a bow and grappling hooks
Lorenzo Pred mesecem
What about the other collabs like stranger things, ghost busters, and tron?
Kanga Pred mesecem
None had trailers
Tikka Slade
Tikka Slade Pred mesecem
They did another in season 9 chapter 1 but unfortunately it there wasn’t a trailer and if it was they would use their intro and in the current state of fortnite they just keep adding STRANGER THINGS (2 skins, scoops ahoy in mega Mall on season 9 and the upside down portals)
Raul Rosas
Raul Rosas Pred mesecem
im hyped for the predator and terminator
Raul Rosas
Raul Rosas Pred mesecem
Kratos-read it boy
Bespin Guard
Bespin Guard Pred mesecem
The only reason I would want the Borderlands Bundle is for ClapTrap he’s the best!
Alex Storm
Alex Storm Pred 26 dnevi
@Betamax Games isn't the point of claptrap is to be annoying, I mean helpful
Betamax Games
Betamax Games Pred mesecem
Yeah he talks the entire time. It’s annoying I mean awesome
Mr Krishnamurti
Mr Krishnamurti Pred mesecem
*𝚜𝚘𝚕𝚘 𝚘𝚜 𝚍𝚒𝚐𝚘 𝚚𝚞𝚎 𝚟𝚒𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚗𝚓𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚡.𝚘𝚗𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚊 𝚌𝚞𝚊𝚕𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚎𝚛 𝚖𝚘𝚍 𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚞𝚌𝚘𝚜 𝚚𝚞𝚎 𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚜 𝚍𝚎 𝚌𝚞𝚊𝚕𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚎𝚛 𝚊𝚙𝚕𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚢 𝚗𝚘 𝚘𝚜 𝚎𝚗𝚐𝚊ñ𝚎𝚒𝚜 𝚙𝚘𝚛 𝚘𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚜 𝚙𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚜! + ⭐️
Ashton Lamberton
Ashton Lamberton Pred mesecem
On the storm trooper one and the skins that are going to Kill them that was ment for the wolverine trailer. When it showed all the people going to kill storm trooper.
Maynard Tate
Maynard Tate Pred mesecem
I wanna see mad max that be cool
Destiny Duran
Destiny Duran Pred mesecem
loud tonny
loud tonny Pred mesecem
eu tenho um canal passa la
Alberto Martín
Alberto Martín Pred mesecem
This videogame is the largest shit in the universe
low budget kars
low budget kars Pred mesecem
I hate walking dead now because they agreed to a fortnite collab
The handyman D
The handyman D Pred mesecem
They’re getting desperate for their game to not die because of all o’ these crossovers smh
Tommy Medina
Tommy Medina Pred 25 dnevi
It's justified
PPR Pred mesecem
You forgot the Wreck Ralph
The Undead
The Undead Pred mesecem
The audio kind of cut out a bit there
Muffin man flipper
Muffin man flipper Pred mesecem
I will say bye bye for black phanter WAKANDA FOREVER
Nicolás Albert
Nicolás Albert Pred mesecem
Marshmallow ?
HARRY ZHANG Pred mesecem
Halo is the best.
Nick Crowe
Nick Crowe Pred mesecem
Did did they really add Batman In a shooting game
dead lord
dead lord Pred mesecem
Disney owns a part of epic now, and they're really flaunting it this season.
GengarMaster Cohen
GengarMaster Cohen Pred 12 dnevi
@yoyo marc hell yeah
orphansoup orphansoup
I can see that.
dead lord
dead lord Pred mesecem
@yoyo marc *cursed*
yoyo marc
yoyo marc Pred mesecem
imagine a squad of disney princesses
bruh Pred mesecem
un noob normal
un noob normal Pred mesecem
Rocket league?
J Reek
J Reek Pred mesecem
Robo Cop should have a skin
Andres Binman
Andres Binman Pred mesecem
I wish I still enjoyed the game, the good thing is me growing out of it might have saved my wallet
Santiago González
Santiago González Pred mesecem
Marshmello ??
Alex O
Alex O Pred mesecem
Nfl vid too cringe
Escapebigchungus Pred mesecem
Is it just me or did the audio cut out so much
Joshi Pred mesecem
This just shows fortnite is running out of ideas😑
JackSpaceYT Pred mesecem
Anyone else watching this because they quit fortnite but still wanna know whats happening
Uprising Legacy
Uprising Legacy Pred mesecem
Imagine if they brought back bill one more goddamn time
EyeRonic! Pred 4 dnevi
I’d cry
Uprising Legacy
Uprising Legacy Pred mesecem
Bill overbeck
CEO Of Autism
CEO Of Autism Pred mesecem
Who’s bill
Larry Poppins
Larry Poppins Pred mesecem
It's not even Arnold t-800, it's just a generic terminator!
Xante ProBever
Xante ProBever Pred mesecem
ስለ ኃጢአትዎ ቤተሰቦችዎ ይደማሉ
Eymard Yair Mejia Matute
No sé si alguno entienda español pero ¿ Se imaginan que pongan también a DOOM SLAYER ?
Horror Tomie
Horror Tomie Pred mesecem
whens micael myress cooming i love ded by deligth
How to eat an elephant
notice in the nfl trailer the guy doing orange justice is wearing orange not a fortnite fan at all btw just bored
BuckLaser_ _INF
BuckLaser_ _INF Pred mesecem
Collabs, in ch2 imo, ruined the game. There is no creativity or charm, just money money money.
OG_Kaiyyt Pred mesecem
What Fuck
P4blo 4621
P4blo 4621 Pred mesecem
Cyber ​​assistance T-800 model 101
Jake K
Jake K Pred mesecem
Master Chief just calmly hanging out in the freezer. Don't mind him.
notbrucewayne 5
notbrucewayne 5 Pred 24 dnevi
And Hes tall.
Ethan Doman
Ethan Doman Pred 25 dnevi
God, I think i would crap myself if I grab a drink and i just see master chief bust out with an assault rifle and just charges full force out the door.
CurledRuby85 Pred 26 dnevi
@Halo nerd Sir Chuggie Juggie
ashman _
ashman _ Pred mesecem
@Abid Hussain was a reference to chief being in cryo sleep in between halo 3 and 4, etc
Halo nerd
Halo nerd Pred mesecem
Master chief you mind telling me what you’re doing in that freezer
Carley Wray
Carley Wray Pred mesecem
What about the stranger things crossover
ZAKI MC Pred mesecem
Falto la colaboración con stranger things
fornite teasers filtraciones etc
Cierto xd
Homstar wars aka herobrine Hernandez
Dis shit sucks no noise
Dr Smartz
Dr Smartz Pred mesecem
I hate this, so much
Yellow Yeets
Yellow Yeets Pred mesecem
You forgot stranger things
Kanga Pred mesecem
There was no trailer
シFokushiSempaii Pred mesecem
And stranger things
Kanga Pred mesecem
There was no trailer
brad tucker
brad tucker Pred mesecem
You forgot fortnitexmarshmello
RedLeader1904 Pred mesecem
I think more people would have bought terminator if it wasn’t just a endoskeleton like actual terminator. Or at least with changeable styles
DewCranzz Pred 2 dnevi
@MAD LAD also explain where they copied those games
DewCranzz Pred 2 dnevi
@MAD LAD wait where did I say anything about acting tough
TrojanJaze Pred 4 dnevi
@MAD LAD dude Did you know that it’s a fucking genre
Pixwool Pred 7 dnevi
MAD LAD How did they copy any of those games?
Pixwool Pred 7 dnevi
They probably didn’t have the rights to Arnold’s likeness.
Cristian Rm
Cristian Rm Pred mesecem
Xenomorfo 😎
lil Romez
lil Romez Pred mesecem
As soon as I heard the Halo theme, I was like, “no no no, no no, no way” but then it panned to Master Chief, and then, I sung the Halo theme, don’t judge me
Teufortimus Prime
Teufortimus Prime Pred mesecem
Too late
Davidplays 17
Davidplays 17 Pred mesecem
I judgement I enjoyed both games 😁👍
Antonio Sammarco
Antonio Sammarco Pred mesecem
can someone tell me if these characters from the crossover or those from the old passes (like mida) can be back in the shop?
Antonio Sammarco
Antonio Sammarco Pred mesecem
@Cairns 04 sad :( thanks mate
Cairns 04
Cairns 04 Pred mesecem
@Antonio Sammarco some crossovers from older seasons like Batman and the x force skins do return but the likes off Aquaman and deadpool skins won’t return since they are a battle pass exclusive
Gael Castro Pola
Gael Castro Pola Pred mesecem
14:18 OMG, that moment...
DreamWasNotFound Pred mesecem
This is the way
The Best 900 IQ Outplay Ever!