GIGANTIC Bitcoin Pump Incoming (BNB, XRP, ETH Lead Altcoin Super Cycle) 

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Today we will talk about some gigantic altcoin moves this week from XRP, BNB, & ETH. Is Ethereum poised to finally go above $2500? We’ll discuss the possibility of China using Bitcoin as a weapon and the latest cryptocurrency news. The upcoming Coinbase IPO will most likely have a HUGE effect on the market, but are we seeing this effect already?
This month we have some really big news coming for ETH. Find out what this Ethereum news is and why institutional demand is on the rise. As Binance Coin establishes itself as the #3 coin, can it ever catch up to ETH? Can it even hold the #3 spot as XRP comes in hot?
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12. apr. 2021

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sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 19 dnevi
ETH + ADA = 🚀🚀🚀❤️. Dfinity soon too
Alexandre Pred 20 dnevi
Daniel Ndreca
Daniel Ndreca Pred 21 dnevom
ICX is so underrated
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred 21 dnevom
ETH + ADA = 🚀🚀🚀❤️. Dfinity soon too
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 22 dnevi
Xrp yoohooooo 🚀
Joe Logan
Joe Logan Pred 23 dnevi
Yes let's hope the American government is setting infulstructure up and just chooses not to talk about the changes to come. If not every empire falls at some point and America will be left behind!!!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 23 dnevi
Etherernity chain lunching today :)
佛光闪现 Pred 23 dnevi
I am a Chinese fan of yours and we are using the digital RMB on a small scale
Kevin Olson
Kevin Olson Pred 23 dnevi
TRX and SC
Charles Richards
Charles Richards Pred 23 dnevi
Vechain 👶!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chocolateb Bar
Chocolateb Bar Pred 23 dnevi
David Kimble
David Kimble Pred 24 dnevi
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 23 dnevi
remi D187
remi D187 Pred 24 dnevi
governments and central banks are just afraid to lose control over the lands, the ressources, the people, that they currently have with magic money...
salem hamidi
salem hamidi Pred 24 dnevi
Financial zero day event
RobloxUNSpaceCommand Pred 24 dnevi
Fred Guinn
Fred Guinn Pred 24 dnevi
Where can we buy XRP
PK GAMING Pred 24 dnevi
M25 Pred 24 dnevi
Vet about to pop🌝🚀🚀🚀
Gary L
Gary L Pred 24 dnevi
The United States is too busy with the washroom situation with all the genders, lol. They have a president that needs a escalator to get in and out of Air Force one. They need to focus on China.
kakos otr
kakos otr Pred 24 dnevi
Xrp 🚀🚀
Ivan Hristov
Ivan Hristov Pred 24 dnevi
poop coin
Minnadesu99 Pred 24 dnevi
Who still likes xrp?
Sam King
Sam King Pred 24 dnevi
Litecoin about to blow.
Crypto Nerd
Crypto Nerd Pred 24 dnevi
Cypto Casey
Cypto Casey Pred 23 dnevi
👉💬.w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p.+1.….7....6.….0.…4.….7.…4....3…..0…..2...9.>me directly
Paul G
Paul G Pred 24 dnevi
Just asking but HOW can u possibly give all those coins away...must be close to $70k..?...please explain.thnx bro..😊
Cypto Casey
Cypto Casey Pred 23 dnevi
👉💬.w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p.+1.….7....6.….0.…4.….7.…4....3…..0…..2...9.>me directly
Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers Pred 24 dnevi
The reserve currency will be XRP or Flare!!! for this information you owe me 1 bitcoin ;)
mark mateman
mark mateman Pred 24 dnevi
Xrp wil explode if they win the court . 1000 dollar
Enjoy Yourself
Enjoy Yourself Pred 24 dnevi
Do your viewers a favor and have them check out Digital Perspectives channel for a more knowledgeable take on XRP. There’s no shame in it.
Cypto Casey
Cypto Casey Pred 23 dnevi
👉💬.w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p.+1.….7....6.….0.…4.….7.…4....3…..0…..2...9.>me directly
Count Dain
Count Dain Pred 24 dnevi
China would create their own cryptocurrency
Johnny Chan
Johnny Chan Pred 24 dnevi
USC STRONG Pred 24 dnevi
I heard Facebook is going to buy Verasity company VRA!!! 🚀🚀🚀
Câu Cá ở Mỹ
Câu Cá ở Mỹ Pred 24 dnevi
China is eating our lunch.
Scott Justin
Scott Justin Pred 24 dnevi
China has and continues to play the long game. They are extraordinarily methodical in what they do when it comes to just about everything. The difference is that the USA government is full of mediocrity and gridlock. We excel in the private sector. They are top down control communists. We invented Bitcoin...and pretty much everything else. They infringe upon our IP and use it to bolster their economy while hurting ours.
S123 Pred 24 dnevi
Thundernutts Pred 24 dnevi
If you had 10k to invest what would you buy?
Cypto Casey
Cypto Casey Pred 23 dnevi
👉💬.w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p.+1.….7....6.….0.…4.….7.…4....3…..0…..2...9.>me directly
Jonathan Beebe
Jonathan Beebe Pred 25 dnevi
Binance folks real happy over the past few weeks. Real happy for ya'll. Waiting patiently for my turn. Xrp, Ada, Cro, Xlm, Dvpn, Vet
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred 21 dnevom
Bitboy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nathan Montgomery
Nathan Montgomery Pred 25 dnevi
Dash people! buy Dash.. ⏱️
fanof03always Pred 25 dnevi
What minute charts should you pay attention to...1..5..15...30...1hr...6hr or day...to decide when to buy and sell....I want to start trading my ETH and need some pointers..
Navin Mogan
Navin Mogan Pred 25 dnevi
Tcake ( pancake tools) next 1000X
brian sarabia
brian sarabia Pred 25 dnevi
I'm glad you finally seeing xrp. Next you gotta help convince Crypto Jebb
Universal Uncle
Universal Uncle Pred 25 dnevi
I enjoy Bitboy’s content...this is a rant
Bee Jay
Bee Jay Pred 25 dnevi
Happy I didn't sell my Bitcoin and all the leading altcoins pumping at the moment. Still holding all tight on Atomic Wallet, staking few like AWC, ADA, VET and ALGO.
Clayton John Zammit
Clayton John Zammit Pred 25 dnevi
any thoughts on casper and mina blockchains?
AD SCORPIONS Pred 25 dnevi
Verociity Pred 25 dnevi
Wow you only bought ADA at .70? I thought I was late, how was I earlier than you. Long term hold though, one of the few I don't sell.
Nathanel Aharonoff
Nathanel Aharonoff Pred 25 dnevi
Hello? Can anyone advise where to buy XRP?!
Elena Lacri
Elena Lacri Pred 24 dnevi
Tyler H
Tyler H Pred 25 dnevi
That hand is the money maker!
Justin Davis
Justin Davis Pred 25 dnevi
Muhammad Jamal khan
Muhammad Jamal khan Pred 25 dnevi
Eth is extremely undervalued and ll soon find its comfort zone and way up to the top 6-8 times then what it’s now.
Pascal Pred 25 dnevi
Supernova 🚀
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 22 dnevi
I bet your jonesin’ to be back at the studio to live stream with all these big moves on the horizon! Keep pushing out your amazing content Brother!
John Carp
John Carp Pred 25 dnevi
ADA and BLINK 🔥🚀
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 19 dnevi
Req Ctsi Oxt Stmx. All theese to the moon
James Anderson
James Anderson Pred 25 dnevi
SLtv is running a BTC scam ad on your video, BTW.
Robert Monti
Robert Monti Pred 25 dnevi
Tesla Model “S” in ludicrous mode - the quickest production car in the world , plus Elon is a BTC fanboy now. Symmetry while you bridge to your Lambo.
Aaron Peniata
Aaron Peniata Pred 25 dnevi
What about safemoon and mana?
Radio GaGa
Radio GaGa Pred 25 dnevi
Searies BIzzness19
Searies BIzzness19 Pred 25 dnevi
Xrp will be the crypto not Bitcoin has way to many partners and Bitcoin is to hot
Leonard Carrera
Leonard Carrera Pred 25 dnevi
Satoshi is the Fed 👁
Ms MM Pred 25 dnevi
Drop the Arty cinematography... please! I am getting seasick!
Michael Arthurs
Michael Arthurs Pred 25 dnevi
Stephen C. Dayton
Stephen C. Dayton Pred 25 dnevi
I'm not worried about Bitcoin. The US will drop a few rods of God in strategic locations in China to cause a large earthquake which will take out China's Three Gorges Dam where all of Chinas Bitcoin mining is taking place and Bitcoin will be no more or at least take a massive hit. Welcome XRP to the top spot in the crypto world!
Envy Pred 25 dnevi
PPAY 🚀🚀. Plasma finance to the absolute moon. Easy 20x
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Pred 25 dnevi
KAI - Kardiachain...Take NOTE!
Eyeshackle Pred 25 dnevi
Van Jacobs
Van Jacobs Pred 25 dnevi
How can I buy xrp??? I need it now!:)
Lawrence Reid
Lawrence Reid Pred 25 dnevi
BitBoy can you go talk to Lark on his less successful SLtv channel. He's hella confused about crypto. He's stuck on ETH and BTC and bad mouthing XRP. Maybe you can enlighten him. LP Part time waiter at The Krusty Krap Commander, XRP Army Southern California Division
Nathanel Aharonoff
Nathanel Aharonoff Pred 25 dnevi
What exchanges are people using to buy XRP right now?
Young Phreud
Young Phreud Pred 25 dnevi
ja wel
ja wel Pred 25 dnevi
BAND protocol 🚀🌙 x10 soon
Taylor Michael Holt
Taylor Michael Holt Pred 25 dnevi
Bitcoin is going to be bigger than masks and rape injections.
Mario Lamoureux
Mario Lamoureux Pred 25 dnevi
What if, Bitcoin was a foreign gov economic war plan?
e s
e s Pred 25 dnevi
Crypto Queen
Crypto Queen Pred 25 dnevi
China sent covid here and all over the world to destroy iur financial systems which is called financial terrorism. They are world power. The globalists really screwed us all.
Puma DeverauX
Puma DeverauX Pred 25 dnevi
Cardano is my savings account now.
Ace 97
Ace 97 Pred 25 dnevi
How can I buy Binance Coin if I’m in Texas and binance US isn’t available in my state.
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan Roberts Pred 25 dnevi
Live U First
Live U First Pred 25 dnevi
Which exchange can we buy binance in USA?
cooldog60 Pred 25 dnevi
I think our government is doing a great job at destroying our economy. We don't need any help from anyone.
ryan moore
ryan moore Pred 25 dnevi
XRP is the GREATEST FUD story of all time!! 🤑
data scott1
data scott1 Pred 25 dnevi
So I agree completely with you. There was a video on the Stansbury Research channel a few weeks ago about the IMF and the SDR. China has been pushing for years to replace the dollar as the standard currency backer of the SDR. If the dollar suffers big inflation and the digital yaun or bitcoin continues to grow it will make our buying power decline tremendously. But that is my feeble opinion from someone who does not understand finance and economics at that level very well. But it seems to make sense.
Michael Luzopone
Michael Luzopone Pred 25 dnevi
CLEMENCEAU Pred 25 dnevi
BNB to mars 🛸
This Is Heaven
This Is Heaven Pred 25 dnevi
Congress must become bullish on crypto and allow growth or fail.
HoldThatCrypto Pred 25 dnevi
XRP allows for faster transaction than bitcoins. It will soon outgrow it in terms of performance but not in terms of price yet. The price is definitely hitting thousands very fast.
Interstellar Dweller
Interstellar Dweller Pred 25 dnevi
I disagree. Eth’s time is over. CZ will make sure Binance is the one.
John Cedrick Jaramillos
Xrp yoohooooo 🚀
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 16 dnevi
Rohit Jayasheel
Rohit Jayasheel Pred 25 dnevi
US will still be number 1 powerhouse for another 100 years More countries in world like America than China
Anarcho Catholic
Anarcho Catholic Pred 25 dnevi
But the US dollar has been responsible for the global fake money system. So it should go. Sure, China's communist but they didn't invent the dollar. I don't see why we should root for a fake money system that has caused misery on the world--especially outside the US where entire countries are bombed as a hobby just because they want to leave the dollar as the global reserve currency. True patriotism is to stop supporting this.
Nebula Enjoy
Nebula Enjoy Pred 25 dnevi
I loaded the fuck up on xrp at .43, happy man currently
Anarcho Pingu
Anarcho Pingu Pred 25 dnevi
Frankie 4fingers
Frankie 4fingers Pred 25 dnevi
Bitboy FINALLY bought some BNB... Better late then never........he's late to the party , but at least he woke up.
Arkish78 Pred 25 dnevi
I can’t buy Binance coin or get on Binance. Thanks to the great state of Texas. 😑😑😑
Megumi Pred 25 dnevi
Mike K
Mike K Pred 25 dnevi
Always appreciate the updates and info BitBoy! This is my go to place for the best/latest crypto news!
Andrea Berrie
Andrea Berrie Pred 25 dnevi
So happy you joined the XRP army 🎢🌙❤️😜
Andrea Berrie
Andrea Berrie Pred 24 dnevi
@Tropical Breeze How happy are we this morning? woooooo
Enjoy Yourself
Enjoy Yourself Pred 24 dnevi
Better late than never.
Tropical Breeze
Tropical Breeze Pred 25 dnevi
Amen bratha!!!
Ag Pred 25 dnevi
Is Arbitrage still a scam ad Ben? You think once you reach a million subs that SLtv will take your claims seriously?
dean holmes
dean holmes Pred 25 dnevi
I think we will go to war with China because USA is losing the battle and when they have do you really think USA is going to like that seeing they have had the own way for so long
Marcus V. S
Marcus V. S Pred 25 dnevi
Go China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
Jessica Scott
Jessica Scott Pred 25 dnevi
delegerernt Pred 25 dnevi
Harmony - ONE
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Apple Event - April 20