Among Us but with the NEW SPY role... (custom mod) 

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Disguised Toast spawns in as the new Spy role. The Spy is on team crew and has special spy tech to see extra information on Admin Table and Vitals.
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Edited and Animated by: _4our_
#disgusiedtoast #amongus #mods #spy #offlinetv




14. apr. 2021

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Guay Sharon
Guay Sharon Pred 8 urami
0:45 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐮𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐝.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*
Alfonso Diagro
Alfonso Diagro Pred 12 urami
10:28 for the hamiltrash
destinitra Pred 13 urami
Perry the Platypus is that you?
Cronos Pred 20 urami
I saw abe at the bottom of his screen at 16:03
Rise Ark3
Rise Ark3 Pred dnevom
this editing is great
EverAndEmma Pred dnevom
anju Gaur
anju Gaur Pred 2 dnevi
The animation is just too good
Leon Joukov
Leon Joukov Pred 2 dnevi
voting because you didnt see someone go down the ladder in the dark? this kind of thing is what makes the game unfun tbh. there should be a limit to peoples stupidity
Mr Rust
Mr Rust Pred 2 dnevi
Ryan is Best Kermit but he is dumb af
SaraLovesYou Pred 2 dnevi
Toast in the middle of friends acusing each other *Quack* "STATE YOUR CASES *Quack* " "He walked away from the body! *Quack* "
Kenneth Broce
Kenneth Broce Pred 2 dnevi
Kenneth Broce
Kenneth Broce Pred 2 dnevi
Canadian Kermit
Landrey Pike
Landrey Pike Pred 3 dnevi
10:48 love The Office analogy
I felt those words at the end. Made me tear up
Joel Hayes
Joel Hayes Pred 5 dnevi
Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." :)
Stella Holloway
Stella Holloway Pred 5 dnevi
when you reported the body (hJune's body) i saw a tophat and Abe running down
Yovinda Mahardika
Yovinda Mahardika Pred 6 dnevi
Wow Ryan so idiot
dudekill4win Pred 7 dnevi
Gosh id be frustrated if i toast on that final 3 Like fine you somehow think that he vented but you can literally hear it and see the animation and idk that was just sad He didnt suspect abe either poor toast
Twisted Code
Twisted Code Pred 7 dnevi
speaking of colors, apparently toast didn't realize it was TURQUOISE that died and he is CYAN. There is no teal... at least, not according to the colors at the bottom of the vitals machine, though I can understand his confusion in the heat of the moment.
Twisted Code
Twisted Code Pred 7 dnevi
I meant to say this on one of the other videos, but I love how the color of the "chat bubbles" when Abe speaks match his rotating player color. Nice touch @editor!
R Pred 8 dnevi
10:29 Hamilton musical reference!!! Toast is humming King George's song
Livvy Iris
Livvy Iris Pred 8 dnevi
Toast singing as kind George in Hamilton. Imagine if toast was king george
Rômulo Andrade
Rômulo Andrade Pred 8 dnevi
LOVED the donkey kong country soundtrack
Marissa Chisholm
Marissa Chisholm Pred 8 dnevi
Aaayyyyyyyy Hamilton let’s goooooo. I love it lol 😂
Hailey Barlow
Hailey Barlow Pred 8 dnevi
everytime i get an imposter out!!!!!!! howd you get down so fast? I CLIMBED DOWN THE LADdEr
Alex Pred 8 dnevi
xgayb Pred 10 dnevi
Everytime Leslie gets caught venting, she always claims to be engineer lmao.
Pokeplasma Pred 11 dnevi
Did everyone hear him singing Hamilton?
Sam Shaw
Sam Shaw Pred 11 dnevi
The reason they vote you out when you catch the imposter is because you almost ALWAYS throw your imposter under the bus when you are imposter. "You've done it five times in a row!" "Yeah, but would I do it six?"
Vaidas Šukaukas
Vaidas Šukaukas Pred 11 dnevi
That's some low IQ play by ryan... Gets leslie out (and others should have figured out he's a spy), saves the game by reporting on 3, and then still gets voted out...
cyerripaws Pred 12 dnevi
Gboy Ibe
Gboy Ibe Pred 12 dnevi
Ryan is noob -100 iQ
Saucey Boi
Saucey Boi Pred 12 dnevi
10:35 toast u watched hamilton
Sam _
Sam _ Pred 12 dnevi
''are you just gonna sus me bc im wiggling around?'' iT's HoW i WaLK!
Maria F.
Maria F. Pred 13 dnevi
Did anybody else have the vibe of Perry from Phineas and Ferb?
XT Kaito
XT Kaito Pred 13 dnevi
lets appreciate the animation
Martyn Haro
Martyn Haro Pred 13 dnevi
when the sus is imposter
Izzy Romero
Izzy Romero Pred 13 dnevi
16:01 you can see abe walking away from the body
Camaron Jacobsen
Camaron Jacobsen Pred 13 dnevi
Ryan is annoyingly stupid sometimes
Felix Pred 13 dnevi
Toast: she's the engineer, she's cleared Toast immediately deafening: she's definitely not the engineer
rat kicker
rat kicker Pred 13 dnevi
16:02 you could see abes name
Arashi S
Arashi S Pred 14 dnevi
pretty sad that he gets voted out every time for being too good at the game 😔
broom beacon
broom beacon Pred 14 dnevi
club penguin vibes
SiiChoo Pred 14 dnevi
Toast said ryan started the fire. Only the real ones know where thats from
Marcus Pred 14 dnevi
Thats a nice intro😊👍
{ Bongolisious }
{ Bongolisious } Pred 14 dnevi
Shouldn’t this be called the 20,000 iq play
Cocoapatches Pred 14 dnevi
10:46 - Not Toast referencing The Office ?!
Tatz Padua
Tatz Padua Pred 14 dnevi
Yes, Toast. Ryan started the fire.
Im Hugury
Im Hugury Pred 14 dnevi
10:35 my mans humming youll be back
CubCubs Trooper
CubCubs Trooper Pred 14 dnevi
Where’s the IQ points??
Tristan Jupiter
Tristan Jupiter Pred 14 dnevi
you always drink coke when you do a video
The Potato Taxi
The Potato Taxi Pred 14 dnevi
amogus mogus ogus gus us s us gus ogus mogus amogus
Malfika Pred 14 dnevi
The animations are awesome
WRECKER Clone_Force 99
toast I think there will be two people of the same colour if that person kill someone for example if Leslie kill lily in the vault and then she went to kitchen there will be one Leslie in kitchen and one in the vault showing that Leslie kill someone in the vault
Potato Avocado
Potato Avocado Pred 15 dnevi
Now people thinking toast has high iq when he camping admin with the spy role
QforzFovfi Pred 15 dnevi
Ohh, I liked that small Office Reference.
Yoschicks Pred 15 dnevi
Whoever edits these animation scenes for him is doing god's work!
KatraDiction Pred 15 dnevi
tisk tisk yall probably would have won if you'd done your tasks sooner
Croz Pred 15 dnevi
From 0:12 to 0:23, Toast has the cutest duck spy face, and it’s hilarious when the duck goes across the glass lol
Shelby Rogerson
Shelby Rogerson Pred 15 dnevi
Not toast humming Hamilton!
SG - 09ZZ 709847 Stephen Lewis SS
I’m pretty late but if you stop 16:03 you actually see Abe
VerticalPug Studios
VerticalPug Studios Pred 15 dnevi
Alex Jaramillo
Alex Jaramillo Pred 15 dnevi
ryan is the least big brain ever
Phobos Pred 15 dnevi
Ryan has the IQ of an egg.
GhostedFame Pred 15 dnevi
Hafiz Said
Hafiz Said Pred 15 dnevi
What is this custom mod?
Ace Me
Ace Me Pred 15 dnevi
At 10:28 - 10:37 Toast was humming a song that I only know Nux Taku made called "I'll be back". Billy!
amorfati khb
amorfati khb Pred 15 dnevi
i appreciate ryan’s kermit impression (canadian ver)
The BookWorm
The BookWorm Pred 15 dnevi
That Toast-spy animation is now my favorite. Just funny, creative and amazing. 🤩👏
Mia Sabathy白彌兒
Mia Sabathy白彌兒 Pred 15 dnevi
not me realising its THE ryan higa 18 minutes into a 19 minutes video 😭 but the excitement was short-lived bcs he threw the game lol -.-
Halilovichhh ツ
Halilovichhh ツ Pred 16 dnevi
Spy should be able to see votes even with anonymous votes on
Abysmal Ruby
Abysmal Ruby Pred 16 dnevi
The video is real nice !! (Also dang I want the song in the fast forward montage ;-;)
Aldyra Pred 16 dnevi
Are you drink cola? Toast
Jerald Pred 16 dnevi
Patricia Pred 16 dnevi
at 16:03 you can actually see Abe
Primal Predator
Primal Predator Pred 16 dnevi
Toast never does his tasks.
Primal Predator
Primal Predator Pred 16 dnevi
Idk why he doesn't just start at the beginning of the game. Not like the YT vids are that frequent. Just give us all of it.
Jae Lee
Jae Lee Pred 16 dnevi
Smh seriously this guy is acting as if the stairs is a long ass thing 😂 it doesn’t take that long to slide down it so that was a stupid vote
The Shadow
The Shadow Pred 16 dnevi
Every time I hear the intro "Heh this guy's Toast". You will never unhear it.
Ava Pred 16 dnevi
he is literally Perry the Platypus
Meep_ the_Moo
Meep_ the_Moo Pred 16 dnevi
10:36 just casualy humming youll be back lmaooooooooo
Anime Lover
Anime Lover Pred 16 dnevi
I'm honestly so triggered by ryan right now
Conner Grimes
Conner Grimes Pred 16 dnevi
So no 10,000 iq video??
Joshua Gabriel Viado
Joshua Gabriel Viado Pred 16 dnevi
I thought there was no admin in airship
daniel rulo
daniel rulo Pred 17 dnevi
i like ryan but god is he horrible at this game lmao
Laura Pred 17 dnevi
yeah... nice throw ryan
Baileycoolguy Pred 17 dnevi
song at the start?
Nuroto Nine tails
Nuroto Nine tails Pred 17 dnevi
Did any one see that vent open at 11:18
Liam Dogzrulz
Liam Dogzrulz Pred 16 dnevi
U did
Nial Bonaobra
Nial Bonaobra Pred 17 dnevi
It's difficult for them to trust the big brain in the group of crews.
Mad Pred 17 dnevi
honestly it seems like every time toast loses its because ryan or lily or tina are one of the last 3. they seem rather dumb.
Monkey Girl18
Monkey Girl18 Pred 17 dnevi
10:30 or somewhere when toast starts humming a Hamilton song is *chef kiss*
Reece Shaffer
Reece Shaffer Pred 17 dnevi
That toast is a spy! (Yeah noone will get this joke)
rouxl Pred 15 dnevi
no sir i get that tf2 referrence
BuySome Cheese
BuySome Cheese Pred 17 dnevi
420 dislikes blaze ittttt
Prozz Pred 17 dnevi
Igor Mikuška
Igor Mikuška Pred 17 dnevi
A cool thing would be for spy to be able to see identities of the votes while they are anonymous for others
Andy Malik
Andy Malik Pred 17 dnevi
Oh, this isn't another episode of Perry the Platypus, hold on.
Kyle Derksen
Kyle Derksen Pred 17 dnevi
the animations though
Sehaj Kaler
Sehaj Kaler Pred 17 dnevi
Who’d win? Spy Toast, or some ladder
tino a
tino a Pred 17 dnevi
Xaruzo Pred 17 dnevi
0:13 A platypus?
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Ogledi 1,6 mio.