Milwaukee Bucks vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season 

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8. apr. 2021

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JustasPil Pred 26 dnevi
man the jerseys.... mavs in green against bucks? makes my eyes bleed. u sick bastards
SC Pred 26 dnevi
After Curry Luka had most lethal 3pt shot in NBA...
Huân Võ
Huân Võ Pred 26 dnevi
Does anyone notice that the quality of the video pretty bad?
Tony Fett
Tony Fett Pred 26 dnevi
Put Thanasis on Luka all the time dude...
Derk D Purcell
Derk D Purcell Pred 27 dnevi
He was born in Brooklyn Brooklyn
Vilnis K.
Vilnis K. Pred 27 dnevi
makes me recognize, maxi's role in mavs is probably more valuable as we think. game flows far better when hes out in the court, such a great player. obviously, he gives inspiration also for luka and kp to be good
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov Pred 27 dnevi
Luka ha un pò cazzeggiato fine terzo quarto... poi s'è ripreso. Meno male che c'era Kristaps "Walter" PorZenga !
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov Pred 27 dnevi
Guy Bartlett
Guy Bartlett Pred 28 dnevi
I didn't know principal Skinner was basketball anouncer?
hollywoodcharmz Pred 28 dnevi
Honestly as much as he is good LUKA needs to set up and pass more ... he doing too much shooting ... POR already BEEN a baller
peterhaslund Pred 28 dnevi
Now you see what a healthy KP is like. Come the playoffs...
Yvzcn Club
Yvzcn Club Pred 28 dnevi
Helal team
The Dynamic Flashy
The Dynamic Flashy Pred 28 dnevi
Why does Luka think he is fouled in every play? Come on, bro.
Jesus Pred 28 dnevi
What would happen if Giannis played that game?
Bricknell **
Bricknell ** Pred 28 dnevi
I really like to see the big man Kristaps in the game always
m3gusta17 Pred 28 dnevi
great highlights as usual, but wish you'd included the nasty block from DFS on Middleton's dunk attempt. imo that sealed the game from a mental perspective.
Macsim Pred 28 dnevi
I arrived to half the video before realizing that it was Dallas to wear the green shirts.
Simp Police
Simp Police Pred 26 dnevi
You need glasses and a hearing aid.
NA NA Pred 28 dnevi
Didn't even realize the NBA was still a thing..open the phking arenas already it's Texas everything is open
Nahuel Toloza
Nahuel Toloza Pred 28 dnevi
This is a message from porzingis to mark cuban
Christian Mühlberger
Christian Mühlberger Pred 28 dnevi
8:30 one of the best passes in the history of the NBA
dubb ghee
dubb ghee Pred 28 dnevi
"With 'pat connaughton' on the floor. "the Bucks are going backwards".
dubb ghee
dubb ghee Pred 28 dnevi
The Bucks are going backwards' with 'pat connaughton' on the floor.
y ray
y ray Pred 28 dnevi
Bucks lost 3 games in the west as a top Eastern team.
Lew Fez
Lew Fez Pred 28 dnevi
DiVincenzo is so much improved. No way Bucks can re-sign him.
Gozilla Pred 28 dnevi
KP showing up in the 4th ! I love it. If the Mavs have a constant second go to guy in the 4th they will be so dangerous
Patrick Pred 28 dnevi
Kleber the new shooter from the logo😄👍👌
lil turtle
lil turtle Pred 28 dnevi
We need giannis to come back
shamanis29 Pred 28 dnevi
Finally, KP is getting the touches he is supposed to.
Yassine Idouhamouch
Yassine Idouhamouch Pred 28 dnevi
man this bucks team is gonna struggle in the playoffs. as it stands they will face miami who almost swept them last year. then they have brooklyn in the 2nd round and philly in conf. final.
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco Pred 28 dnevi
Better put KP in the first quarter and 4th quarter only where his presence is needed the most. He can use the rest to sleep.
CiCLoDoL Pred 28 dnevi
When anyone on the Mavs besides Luka has the ball.... it's so painful to watch.
jo man
jo man Pred 28 dnevi
lol just no
CiCLoDoL Pred 28 dnevi
@Siccontyre de Fiddiutz so is your mom when she tries to make me happy.
Siccontyre de Fiddiutz
So is your comment.
Mehdi Nafia
Mehdi Nafia Pred 28 dnevi
The 🦄 is back at it!!!!
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov Pred 27 dnevi
The unicorn gonna shit "RAINBOWS" over everybody!
PG trojka
PG trojka Pred 28 dnevi
Luka was amazing but KP gave them this win! Also props to Bucks without Giannis. DiVincenzo looks like a mighty good player now.
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton Pred 28 dnevi
Great win 4 dallas :) 🙃🇬🇧
Sid Bartedo
Sid Bartedo Pred 28 dnevi
What a no look pass..to luka..
Marchel Sugi
Marchel Sugi Pred 28 dnevi
Another solid reason NOT to rest Porzingis at 4th quarter.
Lukas Tyson
Lukas Tyson Pred 27 dnevi
@Gary Feola Trying it out now. Looks promising.
Gary Feola
Gary Feola Pred 27 dnevi
Dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hack :)
Marchel Sugi
Marchel Sugi Pred 27 dnevi
@Mitch Clark I knew that and most organization in NBA knew that too. I just hate the facts that they can win far more games if not getting outrunned in 4th quarter. Win big until 3rd quarter just to get blown away in the last quarter has been their themes since last season. I also knew they made up injuries for KP if it was back to back games. If he can't play so much minutes, spread it better then so he can play at least some portion in the 4th quarter.
Mitch Clark
Mitch Clark Pred 28 dnevi
Mavs organization knows its not a sprint for his career, it's a marathon! Coaches are smart for the Mars. They shot threes for majority of season. Now their starting to take it to the rack. With the talent and team basketball. Mavericks are dangerous.
Babacar Ndiaye
Babacar Ndiaye Pred 28 dnevi
3:55 man what is wrong with this
Martins T
Martins T Pred 28 dnevi
7:36 7:43 Luka is so results oriented ...
Emilis Pocevicius
Emilis Pocevicius Pred 28 dnevi
Yeah they want to win...
Bendix Krugel
Bendix Krugel Pred 28 dnevi
9:15 Logo maxi is born
Вовка Вовка
Вовка Вовка Pred 28 dnevi
Бука Додич ...не о чем
insanetea Pred 28 dnevi
KP played with confidence and made great decisions, love to see it
M H Pred 28 dnevi
In jedem normalen Land wäre der Freak schon längst zurück getreten! Diese Abgehobenen Psychopathen werden bald keinen Schritt mehr in die Öffentlichkeit wagen...
SpoilerAlert Pred 28 dnevi
Ok so they lose against Houston and beat the Bucks by 15 the next game... What is it with this team?!
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound Pred 28 dnevi
no giannis im afraid
Max G
Max G Pred 28 dnevi
it makes me crazy watching the mavs playing the bucks in a green jersey
SupaFanOf SBG
SupaFanOf SBG Pred 28 dnevi
You shoulda seen when detroit played the kings looked like it was just the Kings playing lmao
Johnny Dupont
Johnny Dupont Pred 28 dnevi
@m3gusta17 you got it.... terrible to see anything that remains me of the celtics.... although I have grown to respect larry Byrd after all these years.
m3gusta17 Pred 28 dnevi
@Johnny Dupont lemme guess, the Celtics? haha that being said, old-school fans know, Mavs repped green for a long time, all the way up through the early days of Dirk and Nash.
Johnny Dupont
Johnny Dupont Pred 28 dnevi
agree....... I grew up disliking a green jersey team... and Mavericks are one of my favorite team....... the dissonance is quite upsetting.
El güero
El güero Pred 28 dnevi
Svjetlan Gavranic
Svjetlan Gavranic Pred 28 dnevi
Luka&KP!That would be a terrible duo for the opponents.They need continue to play as they did last night.Finney Smith,Junior, Brunson,,,this team will 'kill' at least one favourite in the playoffs!
Svjetlan Gavranic
Svjetlan Gavranic Pred 28 dnevi
Is Luka back in MVP conversation?He should be.
Amr Del
Amr Del Pred 28 dnevi
Plata o Plomo
Plata o Plomo Pred 28 dnevi
@Germanischer Krieger Lebron ??? Looool
Germanischer Krieger
Germanischer Krieger Pred 28 dnevi
1. Jokic 2. Embiid 3. LBJ 4. Giannis 5. Doncic For me but Jokic is clear MVP because Embiid have to many missed Games, LeBron worser stats and Giannis is worster than last year so no 3x Time MVP Doncic Team Record is too weak
J4 Pred 28 dnevi
ESPN had him at #5 last I saw. He should probably be #3 at worst at this point considering what he's been through this season with half the team being out with covid.
Kevin Durant called, said he is too "pale" ...
liu travis
liu travis Pred 28 dnevi
Poor Portis
m3gusta17 Pred 28 dnevi
Bobby Poortis
Matevž Pred 28 dnevi
Luka played with bloody socks, he injured his toe early in the game... still almost gets TD. He is that good 💪🏽💪🏽👌🏼
Keyrr Johnmel Perino
Keyrr Johnmel Perino Pred 28 dnevi
boston for three
abafucla Pred 28 dnevi
why tf is dallas green and milwakee white??? i was so confused at the begining
Martin Vakselj
Martin Vakselj Pred 28 dnevi
Who is the guy on the bench at 8:50 that winds it up. He was on point with his celebrations. Hilarious :D
Martin Vakselj
Martin Vakselj Pred 28 dnevi
@Izzy JG I was prob thinking about Nate Hinton
Izzy JG
Izzy JG Pred 28 dnevi
this it's jrich
Grey Fox
Grey Fox Pred 28 dnevi
when Middleton is your best passer in the team, you know you have trouble, and some real ones
Ronaldo Coelho
Ronaldo Coelho Pred 27 dnevi
@Dark 7 in USA media ditates almost everything, development has it´s downside.i don´t think Middleton is that kind of a player. even if statitistics says whatsoever. has no feel to it.
Dark 7
Dark 7 Pred 27 dnevi
@Ronaldo Coelho Why was he an all-star? I don't watch NBA that much so I have no idea.
manditheos Pred 28 dnevi
@Ronaldo Coelho the best opinion on this player I have read. Yes he has no spark.
deep void
deep void Pred 28 dnevi
i believe donte is their second best.
Ronaldo Coelho
Ronaldo Coelho Pred 28 dnevi
Such a boring individual, this Middleton. He does not have even a basketball Player structure. he should be a gravedigger.
Sandan Saiyan
Sandan Saiyan Pred 28 dnevi
Portis just remembered his play in Chicago.Good match from him DiVincenzo is improving a lot. Very soon he can be great player And how I see Carlisle is still ignoring Burke. Even in this match some bench warmers are playing more than Tray. OK. When some of 2 superstars starts being inconsistent(KP isn't in great shape this season) Mavs will lose again.They have problems of Portland few years ago.It won't help them in PO. But I think Tray is useless now bc he doesn't want to play for a team that doesn't respect him and maybe his shooting has degraded after strict minutes
jo man
jo man Pred 28 dnevi
경기도시서울시 Pred 28 dnevi
Come on...milwaukee No..Giannis😢
P S Pred 28 dnevi
m v
m v Pred 28 dnevi
These colors confusing AF
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma Pred 28 dnevi
TexasCode 0924
TexasCode 0924 Pred 28 dnevi
8:00 That's How We Do It
Thin Jay
Thin Jay Pred 28 dnevi
Mavs have almost won the game 😁
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj Pred 28 dnevi
@Thin Jay O oky I get it lol 👍🏽😁
Thin Jay
Thin Jay Pred 28 dnevi
@Alen Zmaj 😂 Giannis is out
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj Pred 28 dnevi
They actually won, maybe go visit doctor for eyes? 🤔
TexasCode 0924
TexasCode 0924 Pred 28 dnevi
Adam Howe
Adam Howe Pred 28 dnevi
jazmens Pred 28 dnevi
Luca's ego is killing tight games. KP is the go to guy in closing games. Last 2 games show it all.
Joseph Kingston
Joseph Kingston Pred 28 dnevi
How about last 30 games when KP barely played and Luka carried the Mavs?
JOHN 14:6
JOHN 14:6 Pred 28 dnevi
The Kurk Gaming
The Kurk Gaming Pred 28 dnevi
Dallas were lucky that they didn´t trade Porzingis
peter reucaza
peter reucaza Pred 28 dnevi
Matic Saje
Matic Saje Pred 28 dnevi
That is how to play...magnificent
gwapsgarcia Pred 28 dnevi
Luka needs to keep drawing defenders and know that KP and others will ba open. Help is there you need to use it and lessen your load.
Baimanot Salik
Baimanot Salik Pred 28 dnevi
Most of the time im clutch hes being doubled or tripled and his teammates are just standing...His teammates need to move when that happens
Devon DADude35
Devon DADude35 Pred 28 dnevi
It could be so simple 🤷🏾‍♂️
viktorianas Pred 28 dnevi
Look at Porzingis, so inspirational!
Ruslans Gelbis
Ruslans Gelbis Pred 28 dnevi
I think...just only my thoughts...all the trade rumors has motivated him. And once again...all the experts on these broadcast (ESPN, etc.) are full of sh**... KP is great player, he just needs to be used properly. As they all say..you will not screw in the screw with a hammer... =D
Joseph Pred 28 dnevi
As 'great' as Middleton is, he is a third or fourth option on a championship team
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua Pred 27 dnevi
@Don peta Zaragomatuta i have eyes, i watch the full games and not just the highlights and research on geeky stats.
Don peta Zaragomatuta
Don peta Zaragomatuta Pred 27 dnevi
@Jervis Paraggua you are talking with no fact
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua Pred 28 dnevi
@Joseph lol you really just googled players stats, just show how shit you are. If youre a player you know that stats dont mean shit, if it does, westbrook and harden would have multiple rings by now. So those highstats of antebfjkdmdkkskd disapears in the clutch you google researcher.
Joseph Pred 28 dnevi
@Jervis ParagguaCareer Playoff Stats : Giannis - 20.8 pts, 55.2 Fg% and 23.5 PER. Last year alone - 28.8 pts, 59.5 fg% and 29.0 PER Middleton- 16.6 pts, 52.8 fg% and 16.4 PER. Last year alone - 20.3 pts, 54.9 fg% and PER 18.0 Plus Giannis makes team build walls inside and he holds opponents down on defense. Middleton is a decent guy and he can make a third or fourth option on championship team but not the second option. Say less ..
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua Pred 28 dnevi
@Joseph casual, im not refering only to last season. Go watch bucks when jason kidd was still coach. antejdjdjdhdjd gets the hype because of the european crowd he brings but in the playoffs he folds, always has, always will. It was middleton doing all the scoring, trying to keep them in the game. Never the 7ft euro-travel machine with no skills.
Sakichu Gouken
Sakichu Gouken Pred 28 dnevi
Bucks...just push them in the last 5 minutes and they can lose any game. How many times we’ve seen it....coach?
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki Pred 28 dnevi
Luka the puppeteer!! he just do whatever he want with the defenders
Βασιλειος Γκενες
Bucks make the right decisions. Focus on the chip.
biorider1111 Pred 28 dnevi
@Brian’s LeDarius Woods Sadly it won't 😔
Brian’s LeDarius Woods
Bruh if Middleton can learn how to also help consistently drop 18-30 a night we could be great.
clo Se
clo Se Pred 28 dnevi
T. Antetokoumpo flopped a lot in this game 🤣
Trade Tool
Trade Tool Pred 28 dnevi
Nice blowout again Bucks... Can't we win without Giannis?????
MVP WESTBRICK Pred 28 dnevi
Luka >>>>>>>> whole westbrick career and it's not even close
Ruminating 15
Ruminating 15 Pred 28 dnevi
4:49 I just feel as if KP is mad and wants to be the star player. This isn't the Knicks KP. You aren't a rookie with no injuries. You STAY injured and STAY missing games. So not sure why he has to throw fits because he's not getting his touches. Depending on what happens this post season, i can easily see him requesting a trade. The dude has been blinded and brain washed by the Trash ass Knicks organization. He wants that attention again.
Catlike Arthur
Catlike Arthur Pred 28 dnevi
U act like Mavericks is team full of star players lol besides KP and LD there is no one who can win the games. And if KP and LD is out then they loose pretty hard agains trash teams. If you are 2nd team star then the next step is to be nr1...its common sense isn't it. You act like Doncic doesnt lose games single handely. Donic have stast but team loses a lot of time. KP have good stats - team wins.
He should play this way more often. Maybe team mates told him to step up
Kevinne Corpuz
Kevinne Corpuz Pred 28 dnevi
1:00 KP already knew it’s in. He’s not going to the ring for the rebound instead he went to prepare for defense.
Handsome Boss
Handsome Boss Pred 28 dnevi
The unicorn Rammed Them!
Jack救世主 Pred 28 dnevi
luka magic done well
jebestakonesto Pred 28 dnevi
Luka is on the floor giving instructions to JB and J-Rich to pass the ball in the corner, 2X to Melli and to Maxi, you could see him pointing it to the guys,... better ball sharing, better focus, good win!!!
AHMAD2423 Pred 28 dnevi
It's gonna be fun to watch Luka, Giannis, Joker, Embid and Tatum fight for the crown in the 2020's. An to see who's gonna be a Champion first...
AHMAD2423 Pred 28 dnevi
@jebestakonesto My bad of course him too
jebestakonesto Pred 28 dnevi
Zhen zhong
Zhen zhong Pred 28 dnevi
Glad to see KP and luka playing well together, hope their chemistry gets better.. The key for this team imo
Zhen zhong
Zhen zhong Pred 28 dnevi
Well not just chemistry issues only, but I felt there is something between kp & luka that needs to be fixed.. I think luka and the coach haven't trust kp fully yet to draw plays for him in crunch time (he was not performing well before... And kp might not like it, hence the tense between them (just my guess
R GB Pred 28 dnevi
@fikaso so? What it is?
fikaso Pred 28 dnevi
it's not a chemistry issue
Viranimedia Kenya
Viranimedia Kenya Pred 28 dnevi
with gianis bucks are no competition
onetax Pred 28 dnevi
What are you talkin' about? They lose at least the last 3 matches without GIannis. They lose against NY, Dallas and Golden State...
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki Pred 28 dnevi
Are you a casual? They just show that even when Gianis will be back they are not a contender team.
Jpechro Pred 29 dnevi
Mavs gotta cut out the green jerseys looks horrible
Leo B
Leo B Pred 28 dnevi
No green is a nice color
Valley of Gold
Valley of Gold Pred 29 dnevi
Luka futur best player
Galen Erso
Galen Erso Pred 29 dnevi
dallas always give an epic comeback
jo man
jo man Pred 29 dnevi
Kleber Logo 3 pointer👍👌
PG 13PACERNATION Pred 29 dnevi
Mavs starting to look like the dark horse in the Western Conference 🔥
George Demy Misa
George Demy Misa Pred 28 dnevi
@Guy Hanoi lol
JOHN 14:6
JOHN 14:6 Pred 28 dnevi
@Guy Hanoi 😂
Guy Hanoi
Guy Hanoi Pred 28 dnevi
@runningsuperska OH, yeah... Well, I feel stupid now :/
FangRu Pred 28 dnevi
@Guy Hanoi bruh
straight shootah
straight shootah Pred 28 dnevi
@Guy Hanoi if they meet the yankees in the 2nd round, its a wrap
ka koo
ka koo Pred 29 dnevi
KP is something
adingdingdiiing Pred 29 dnevi
This made it all the more frustrating that they lost last night! And to Houston!!!!
TheRiver1st Pred 28 dnevi
@adingdingdiiing agree with you man. Play in will drain them
adingdingdiiing Pred 28 dnevi
@Emmanuel ABOUGHE I just want them to avoid the play in tournament. They can climb up to 4 or 6.
Emmanuel ABOUGHE
Emmanuel ABOUGHE Pred 28 dnevi
Not at all. The season is long. MAVS won’t get’em all. No matter who we face after regular season, gonna be tough. Let’s just make the playoffs and fight from there.
adingdingdiiing Pred 29 dnevi
At least we can still say that Dallas beat Milwaukee with Antetokoumnpo playing.
Mystique Portal
Mystique Portal Pred 29 dnevi
The other one
Bruno almeida
Bruno almeida Pred 29 dnevi
Dude wtf K. Middleton 6/27 Fg 2/4 fromm deep 😤😤😤
Iddy Kejo
Iddy Kejo Pred 28 dnevi
U afe the 1st option and you make just 4 shots attempt from three thats giannis attempts per game and he is awful from three 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ruminating 15
Ruminating 15 Pred 28 dnevi
Mavs defense isn't a joke.
Dirty Jones
Dirty Jones Pred 29 dnevi
KP loves putting wood on Giannis go back and look at the matchups they had in the past.
Ebuka Obi
Ebuka Obi Pred 28 dnevi
Giannis also likes dunking on kp
jamel hart
jamel hart Pred 29 dnevi
They beat Milwaukee but lose to the sorry ass rockets 😕😕😕😕
boo Pred 28 dnevi
@jamel hart i know and surprised too, but remember rockets has all players healthy. And they can held suns with clutch win (130-133).
jamel hart
jamel hart Pred 28 dnevi
@boo goddamn shame. Should've blew the rockets out
boo Pred 28 dnevi
*Beat milwaukee and jazz.
Jordan smith
Jordan smith Pred 29 dnevi
i can see why luka looked up to lebron and watched him when he was growing up they play almost the same
Jordan smith
Jordan smith Pred 28 dnevi
@Alen Zmaj idkkkkk ad shoots 89% from the free throw Line 👀nah I’m jk ad top 5 tho
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj Pred 28 dnevi
@Jordan smith AD? I go with LeBron :D
Jordan smith
Jordan smith Pred 28 dnevi
@Alen Zmaj i mean ad is the best player on the lakers ......👀👀👀👀
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj Pred 28 dnevi
@Jordan smith his team? LeBron start created super teams... If Luka join super team with 2 more superstars, he probably can get 4 rings...
Jordan smith
Jordan smith Pred 28 dnevi
@Alen Zmaj 😂not his fault his team is ass he don’t get to choke a 3-1 lead then join a super team
winding Pred 29 dnevi
This channel is built different for uploading after the game ended
Skiddo P
Skiddo P Pred 29 dnevi
Middleton carried hard. Glad we have him on the team.
Rothgar bauglir
Rothgar bauglir Pred 28 dnevi
Middleton carried hard? He was 14PTS / 6/27 FG / 3AST. Are you kidding?
Skiddo P
Skiddo P Pred 28 dnevi
@biorider1111 aye, forgot about Donte the all star, 2nd in command and highest paid member of the team, my bad.
biorider1111 Pred 28 dnevi
U mean Donte carried hard.
kristoffer franco
kristoffer franco Pred 29 dnevi
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred 29 dnevi
See you in WFC Denver Nuggets! 😎🤝
PhilMcHawk Pred 28 dnevi
Wyoming Football Club?
Zett76 Pred 29 dnevi
Wisconsin Fried Chicken?
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred 29 dnevi
Виктор Вик
Виктор Вик Pred 29 dnevi
Utan,rockets,bucks. Record 2-1 for mavs😂😂😂
Michael Weinberg
Michael Weinberg Pred 29 dnevi
Luca is a Family Dollar version of Larry Bird.
Michael Weinberg
Michael Weinberg Pred 28 dnevi
@Alen Zmaj If Luca was playing the Detroit Pistons of the 80's he wouldn't be shooting them 3's so sweet. After Rick Mahorn, Rodman, and Laimbeer clobbered him on a few drives he would have a sore back and a new shot which wouldn't be as good.
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj Pred 28 dnevi
Luka Dončić is better then Larry Bird... Larry Bird didnt play in age 22 in NBA...
허걱 Pred 29 dnevi
Luka for 1st team