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26. jul. 2020

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esteban collazo
esteban collazo Pred 50 minutami
The tacky psychiatrist apparently grate because fan historically try by a ill plaster. adjoining, anxious equipment
Andrew kim
Andrew kim Pred uro
The abandoned november synchronously muddle because feature continuously preserve without a grotesque august. icky, spotless history
BOSGx Pred 2 urami
they need a rule where they have to be serious. either all serious and genuine or all of them buy silly gifts. everyone should be on the same page
ZHEN Pred 3 urami
35:18 Behz just didn't wanna share the chocolates... nice excuse
Alexandra Chertov
Alexandra Chertov Pred 3 urami
Ethan's reactions to his gifts were so good
Gaming With Lucas
Gaming With Lucas Pred 6 urami
oi whos this jj guy never heard of him
Miles Williams
Miles Williams Pred 7 urami
Yo everyone mad at jj for barely getting tobi something is annoying I just watched them spend 11k on themselves get over it
Henry Alekseyev
Henry Alekseyev Pred 10 urami
Henry Alekseyev
Henry Alekseyev Pred 10 urami
Henry Alekseyev
Henry Alekseyev Pred 10 urami
Can someone tell me what Simon was doing at 9:28
Andrew kim
Andrew kim Pred 11 urami
The glossy drill histochemically scare because staircase reportedly guess around a magenta operation. panoramic, ambiguous sand
Andrew kim
Andrew kim Pred 11 urami
The wandering nic descriptively admit because aftershave intradurally pop from a outgoing foam. superficial, icky september
chibullsfan 03
chibullsfan 03 Pred 11 urami
Philadelphia cream cheese
Miracle Ewim
Miracle Ewim Pred 14 urami
JJ, this was highly disrespectful. Well done, Tobi.
Swervic YT
Swervic YT Pred 15 urami
Would yall do another secret santa again?
Swervic YT
Swervic YT Pred 15 urami
Where can i apply to be in the sidemen an be the 8th dragon head love all yall
Devastators Army
Devastators Army Pred 20 urami
Neo Morpheus and That raccoon are planning to murder JJ
George Wilson
George Wilson Pred 23 urami
yeah....7 members.....that aged well
Martin Mathew
Martin Mathew Pred dnevom
If I could afford to get myself a personal shopper, I'd definitely hire Josh
Oliver Badir
Oliver Badir Pred dnevom
JJ is so jelous as if he can't by 3 of everything bought.
Davinderjit More
Davinderjit More Pred dnevom
*Simon receiving his gifts^ Simon: JEEEEEZZZZ
s i n e a d
s i n e a d Pred dnevom
pls I love tobi
Frank Venditti
Frank Venditti Pred dnevom
Nobody talking about the stellar job Vik did with Harry's gifts
Esteban Flores
Esteban Flores Pred dnevom
Notice how simon was pissed at jj
JP !
JP ! Pred dnevom
Simon be like “1700 for a ms.” When he’s getting 8k of the 10k😂
Bailey Shore
Bailey Shore Pred dnevom
I think everybody skipped over the joke Harry made when they went to PC World. He made sure that he said Currys when Vik was mentioned.
Games Only
Games Only Pred dnevom
JJ is such a disturbing person
Omar 3P
Omar 3P Pred dnevom
Why jj 😔
random ting
random ting Pred dnevom
Done the dirtiest 1. obviously tobi 2. vik 3. harry / jj
Lightning McQueef
Lightning McQueef Pred dnevom
Josh looks like an eshay that just didn’t work out
fred andy
fred andy Pred dnevom
The stimulating cook immunochemically zip because brain eventually race throughout a adorable foot. nippy, guarded swiss
G. T.
G. T. Pred dnevom
“JJ loves his massage” 😏
SHELDUP Pred dnevom
ewww a hublot
Callum Parkin
Callum Parkin Pred 2 dnevi
Should have bought him windows
kim anh
kim anh Pred 2 dnevi
The royal screw ultrasonographically wink because clutch therapeutically influence across a cute statement. political, six yugoslavian
ella brady
ella brady Pred 2 dnevi
why is everyone talking about jj and tobi but no one is talking about how ethan liked every single thing josh gave him
Rachel Guido
Rachel Guido Pred 2 dnevi
The mountainous greece interstingly sigh because gliding laterally whirl upon a scarce science. real, whispering daughter
Rupa Eva
Rupa Eva Pred 2 dnevi
Oye Tobi's manners are out of this world. He's such a good person bless his soul!
SimVar Pred 2 dnevi
Me and my friends : "spending 10 pounds challenge"
Umr_zhr Pred 2 dnevi
Im just typing this comment to let my future self watch Josh gassing Ethan without watching the whole video. 34:15
House of leaves
House of leaves Pred 2 dnevi
I like these guys but I really dont feel like watching rich people buy stuff for other reach people. Cheers tho
Tee Tee
Tee Tee Pred 2 dnevi
There should be a challenge where everyone buys Tobi gifts 😭😭😭
Pet A
Pet A Pred 2 dnevi
First time i've watched a video and just thought JJ is a complete bellend. He just basically ripped into Tobi for being religious and then didn't even get him a single 'proper' present (Even the phone wasn't actually for Tobi) Respect plummeted.
Madden Meme kid 12
Madden Meme kid 12 Pred 2 dnevi
JJs face tho when he saw the 600 pound pen
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz Pred 2 dnevi
Lol every single comment is about Tobi 😭😂😭😂😭😂
Ora Andrews
Ora Andrews Pred 2 dnevi
How ungrateful JJ is so much pain I can’t explain
Hollywood BS
Hollywood BS Pred 2 dnevi
Ethan lets the Sidemen down, he is so fake it's sickening. Why can't he just act normal instead of putting on that fake laugh all the time.
jack Fishing
jack Fishing Pred 2 dnevi
July 29 is my birthday
Spencer Warburton
Spencer Warburton Pred 2 dnevi
Is Ethan wearing thoes shoes he got in the secret santa episode
BRUCE LUI Pred 2 dnevi
Angela RosaAshkohossainR
Can we just appreciate Harry trying his best at getting his friend things yet they all laugh at him but he has to laugh with them to hide his sadness 😢😭😭
Sebastian B.P
Sebastian B.P Pred 2 dnevi
23:17 "limited edition GOLD iphone and putsoohohohogogogohohoho
Rachel Guido
Rachel Guido Pred 2 dnevi
i feel bad for tobi he is the nicest guy in the sidemen
Jake From StateFarm
Jake From StateFarm Pred 2 dnevi
why does harry walk like 12 year old
Maddison Bell
Maddison Bell Pred 2 dnevi
Isn’t anyone gonna talk about how the video is exactly 1 hour long??!?
Oluwapelumi AJAYI
Oluwapelumi AJAYI Pred 2 dnevi
JJ do be looking like ski mask with the du rag
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox Pred 2 dnevi
Vik: Thanks for my gifts Harry Harry: OUR Gifts
Owen Precious
Owen Precious Pred 2 dnevi
Ksi fresh out on day release
kitten univrese anime
Toby is actually such a calm guy, I would be fuming
Hales Pred 2 dnevi
i’d honestly kill for friends like these. i literally can’t get anything and i need most of this stuff like a new phone, and a hard drive ughhh
Deann Lemke
Deann Lemke Pred 2 dnevi
i feel so bad for tobi ):
Say Suy
Say Suy Pred 2 dnevi
0:11 xx
hazzaboii11 Pred 2 dnevi
Felt so sorry for Simon
Islam Islam
Islam Islam Pred 2 dnevi
Omg i cringed so hard when JJ is giving out gifts to Tobi.. Tobi deserves better.
Jens Christian Korsgaard
Am i the only one dying each time Ethan laughes, he Sounds just like at chiken
ibrahem hani
ibrahem hani Pred 2 dnevi
how is tobbie religious like jesus was silent on his ancestors being slaves for ages
william mcilroy
william mcilroy Pred 2 dnevi
if they all get 11 grand how is it 100,000
jaison jaijohn
jaison jaijohn Pred 2 dnevi
I think tobi's most expensive mistake was being religious
Nuk4lear Pred 2 dnevi
I just feel like whenever Josh does the intro it’s a good video
Dorian Libreatori
Dorian Libreatori Pred 3 dnevi
Haha jj looks like that one photo of ski mask the slump god
JuLeX Pred 3 dnevi
Jj always saying how he's so grateful for everything he has, them acts like a 7 year old in this video. Spoilt af man.
Pupy Is a legend
Pupy Is a legend Pred 2 dnevi
Hes a millionaire so yeah he’s spoiled
killyounow1234 5
killyounow1234 5 Pred 3 dnevi
Eathon looks like he is getting chased
SAM & SHEP TV Pred 3 dnevi
Please come check out our channel!! Means a lot!!
Delores Richardson
Delores Richardson Pred 3 dnevi
How cute was Harry when he said “can’t return it or the poor guy will lose his commission” respect
SAM & SHEP TV Pred 3 dnevi
Please come check out our channel!! Means a lot!!
wellkidd Pred 3 dnevi
Congrats on hitting 10 mil
Hamda Pred 3 dnevi
JJ Tobi deserves better
TTV_LAZER_ LASHER Pred 3 dnevi
Jj at 50:10 sounds like jj 10 years ago 😂😂😂
Doris Fiore
Doris Fiore Pred 3 dnevi
Toby is actually such a calm guy, I would be fuming
Dean Tsikrikis
Dean Tsikrikis Pred 3 dnevi
> who’s surviving 2020?
Franki Chipping
Franki Chipping Pred 3 dnevi
Y dollars
Sir Juicebox
Sir Juicebox Pred 3 dnevi
Has anyone seen pride and pinion react to the watches xD
PJ Hans
PJ Hans Pred 3 dnevi
JJ had a stinker here
dontyouworryaboutme Pred 3 dnevi
the banjo was really beautiful too
Monte Yates
Monte Yates Pred 3 dnevi
How can JJ say ANYTHING to Simon after the rubbish he got Tobi?!
Kane Turner
Kane Turner Pred 4 dnevi
9:30 the video went dark. Did anyone else see that
David Jeffers
David Jeffers Pred 4 dnevi
23:00 - 23:30 had me dead 🤣🤣
gingerr XD
gingerr XD Pred 4 dnevi
broo let's go 10 mil!!
LakeAmaze Pred 4 dnevi
JJ and Vik are the most cringe in this video
Jaden Anglesey
Jaden Anglesey Pred 4 dnevi
Did my guys get 10 mil subs today?
Isaiah Espinoza
Isaiah Espinoza Pred 4 dnevi
tobi be jacking it 48:09
Royale Pred 4 dnevi
Lets goo they just hit 10mil lets goo
꧁𓆩LuCio𓆪꧂ Pred 4 dnevi
Alternative title making 98 percent of the viewers jealous
Ljiljana Kartalović
Sub Boisss
Sub Boisss Pred 4 dnevi
Bro at 9:50 I realized this vid is 1 hour wtf Well im gonna cut it into parts I aint watching it all at once soooo peace out for now Edit: Just finished it 2 days after
Waldo Langley
Waldo Langley Pred 4 dnevi
mannnnnn tobi got screwed
Mathiaslovdal Lovdal
What are those shoes That Harry got
Javert Pred 4 dnevi
Most cringe sponsorship I've ever seen
Decrypt PlayZ
Decrypt PlayZ Pred 4 dnevi
I luv jj and his vids but man just f*ck off jj. Toby is the best and mature member of the sidemen he deserved better
J M Pred 4 dnevi
I need friends like this. I’m going to the country club and work out
Lofi fn
Lofi fn Pred 4 dnevi
Imagine if they are near the finish and they get mugged and loose all there things 😭😭😭😂
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