The Mysterious Return Of NASA's Centaur Rocket 

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At the end of 2020, astronomers discovered an object heading towards Earth with some unusual characteristics. After further analysis, this object seemed to be an old rocket booster from the 60’s making a surprise return to Earth. This video looks at how scientists used spectroscopy to identify this object.
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Written and edited by Ewan Cunningham ( ewan_cee)
Narrated by: Beau Stucki

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18. feb. 2021

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62cripple Pred dnevom
Boost Mcboosty....
Wayne G
Wayne G Pred 2 dnevi
I've often thought upon hearing the weather report, that one day they will also give a falling object report. "rest of today, continued cold, rainy, with a 50% chance of falling centaur booster west of HWY 64"
DaSkyTheCommunist Pred 3 dnevi
Plot twist: when they scanned the 1971 booster the telescope actually locked onto object 2020
Flak153 Pred 3 dnevi
STEAM because artists really hate being reminded about how worthless they are to society
J C Pred 5 dnevi
whats funny is nasa knew this mysterious object was headed our way... and told knowone¿
JJSmith Lago
JJSmith Lago Pred 5 dnevi
Might Machines
Might Machines Pred 6 dnevi
Great, 2020 is coming back in the future. Can we rename it?
ImpaledBerry Pred 8 dnevi
i want to be on earth when the roadster flies by
0623kaboom Pred 8 dnevi
240 empty boosters floating around the earth ... instant building materials for the ISS ... and they still send stuff up from earth ... go catch the the space junk and reuse that put it in a better place and make use of it ... great place to store ... manouver fuel refueling for space ships ... more oxygen water etc ... you literally have ready made pressure vessels ... already in orbit
David Stewart
David Stewart Pred 10 dnevi
Knowing we have an advanced level of technology is one thing; to have this kind of detailed explanation is a whole order of magnitude of greater understanding. I am amazed. Great video.
Milky Knots
Milky Knots Pred 12 dnevi
Humans will soon destruct this planet including the solar system
Dominic Laconi
Dominic Laconi Pred 15 dnevi
now i understand the david bowie song starman
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth Pred 18 dnevi
Haha we have found the cesslar syndrome cure
Jessie James
Jessie James Pred 20 dnevi
I don't understand how the paint job on the Car in orbit, can withstand 1000 degrees in the sunlight for that long . The tires too. They should be melted right off of the car by now...
Jessie James
Jessie James Pred 20 dnevi
We need the Mach 5 in outer space !
Jessie James
Jessie James Pred 20 dnevi
-Putting a Car into orbit..??! Are you kidding me..?? ...That's the stuff dreams are made of !!
Jessie James
Jessie James Pred 20 dnevi
If that car ever makes it safely back to Earth, it will be worth..beyond any fortune .
Just putting it out there...
ifu Pred 20 dnevi
what goes up must come down
Louie Louie
Louie Louie Pred 20 dnevi
The Borg tried to assimilate it but it wasn't worthy.
Vanger Pred 22 dnevi
Is like "who cares what's that small object, maybe some rocket" - "no we have to find out if it's 100% Centaur rocket, challenge accepted" lol.
Eric Jay
Eric Jay Pred 27 dnevi
How many miles on the roadster? YES.
Gary Rossman
Gary Rossman Pred 27 dnevi
Don't wait. Go get it and see what it can tell us.----speed zones in space, etc.
UNKNOWN PERSON Pred 29 dnevi
Really? It's got "NASA" in big ol' letters painted on the side of it???
Todd Fenton
Todd Fenton Pred 29 dnevi
Thanks for the Shitty Bills Gates commercial telling us “since we must be carbon neutral by 2050. “. Ass
melon husk
melon husk Pred mesecem
why am I picturing star man with a grey sitting shotgun beside him?
Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges
They can’t spend the rest of their lives in space because it’s not living🥴
Salvatore UR
Salvatore UR Pred mesecem
The dispensable editor thankfully spot because squirrel immunohistochemically box atop a maddening discovery. white, wretched cotton
hamster Pred mesecem
sus the object
will2see Pred mesecem
Corazon del Oro
Corazon del Oro Pred mesecem
"Astroforensics: Forensics in Space" Okay, now say it in that haunting Space Ghost, Saturday-morning-cartoon voice. Boom! Edutainment for the kiddies. Or, say it straight, and you've got the ultimate evolution of CSI, Star Trek and Alien. Fricking box-office platinum!
Tom Hargett
Tom Hargett Pred mesecem
Be weird if it had alien writing on it with a hand flipping us off with the bird .....!!!
MrTryAnotherOne Pred mesecem
Several million years from now object '2020 SO' will enter another star system where it will become known as 1l/'Omuamua or something similiar.
Ashiqur Rahman
Ashiqur Rahman Pred mesecem
The accuracy of those instruments always blows my mind!
Mohit Joshi
Mohit Joshi Pred mesecem
Make more vedios like this
Brooke King
Brooke King Pred mesecem
I wondered how exactly astronomers and other scientists figured out 2020 SO was a Centaur booster and that particular one. Cool video. One nitpick: The animations were good, but the red NASA “worm” logo came into use nearly a decade after that Centaur launched.
Da Potato
Da Potato Pred mesecem
United 8s
Stardust Chimp
Stardust Chimp Pred mesecem
Everyone gangsta till aliens trick our infrared signals.
Re Ous
Re Ous Pred mesecem
plot twist: its an failed alien spaceship trying to replicate the centaur rocket
Sir Bader
Sir Bader Pred mesecem
Are planets _not_ solid objects?
JSB103 Pred mesecem
A question, Primal Space: As more and more countries and private companies engage in space activity, is there any research being done to address the space debris problem? Thank you very much in advance for any reply.
iPeter Pred mesecem
Cutting edge....It has an 8track player
Deploracle Pred mesecem
Nothing ever leaves the solar system because there is no limit to how far the influence of our sun's gravity extends. The Voyagers will be back too, some day.
Jim Halpert from The Office
That's cool you added an Office clip in there.
Dark Aster
Dark Aster Pred mesecem
Aliens officially issue several hundred tickets for littering.
wartooth 88
wartooth 88 Pred mesecem
Voyager has not yet left our solar system and won't for a few hundred years. It may not be able to get past the Ort cloud barrier.
wartooth 88
wartooth 88 Pred 20 dnevi
Hey jack?! Jack?!.....you do know how big our home system is really right? jack?
wartooth 88
wartooth 88 Pred 20 dnevi
@Jack Whitlock so jack? Do you retract your previous statement upon researching it?
wartooth 88
wartooth 88 Pred 21 dnevom
@Jack Whitlock no it's still within the confines and won't pass out of the Oort cloud for quite awhile. It left the heliosphere but won't make it to another star system for thousands of years. Check NASA mission status on the main website.
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Pred 21 dnevom
Voyager 1 left the solar system in August 2012
Micah Kelly
Micah Kelly Pred mesecem
Wow what a waste of time and resources! WHO CARES IF IT'S A PIECE OF SPACE GARBAGE!?? SMH
enoughmonster Pred mesecem
Every space video I see so special never get I enough to take in. Simple days I watch and listen to rock music and imagine I fly. Rock bands like deltaparole tool foofighters nirvana and other.
misoan Pred mesecem
Incredible story and amazing what scientists are able to do, locating tiny fragments in space. I can't even find a my keys most days. Love your videos.
Ascendant Indigo
Ascendant Indigo Pred mesecem
American Annual Budget : MARS EXPLORATION = 9 trillion dollars and some odd "cents" ][ OCEANIC POLLUTION REMOVAL = 0 dollars and zero "sense" whatsoever ][ NASA just confirmed the "dirt" really is "red" on Mars, Now let's get these filthy oceans cleaned up before we spend another penny fiddling around with "Dark Matter for the Greys"...
Jorge Jorhoe
Jorge Jorhoe Pred mesecem
Why not launch a probe that's just to get data on as many UFOs out there as possible?
Unca Boat
Unca Boat Pred mesecem
It occurs to me that we have got way too much junk in orbit, most of which could have been cleaned up with a small firecracker on the side triggered to go off at just the right time to move it into a downward spiraling orbit. The atmosphere would burn up all the trash. Just takes a little foresight.
J P Pred mesecem
I'm so sick is youtube commercials, they are worse than tv
Mark Beyea
Mark Beyea Pred mesecem
No need for detailed science project kits. Give kids a stick, a bag of dirt clods and a magnifying glass. They will learn to destroy things all on their own.
Mark Beyea
Mark Beyea Pred mesecem
What was that Starman bullshit at the beginning of the video?
Tom Bruner
Tom Bruner Pred mesecem
Vintage 301 stainless steel: the best-understood material in space.
JC Pred mesecem
"...out there doing laps around the sun.." 😂😂😂
LenardTzy Pred mesecem
Vladimir Vasilenko
Vladimir Vasilenko Pred mesecem
When it sees the world in 2021, the booster will be like “screw it! I’m going back to space”.
Arnie Tapp
Arnie Tapp Pred mesecem
So when are the Voyagers coming back ?
captnron59 Ron
captnron59 Ron Pred mesecem
When man manages to collect all his debris from space, then it can be said that he has conquered space.
Rudds Pred mesecem
Oh. I thought you meant like it re-entered the atmosphere or Earth's orbit.
Mark Arandjus
Mark Arandjus Pred mesecem
Alien 1: There's no way we can get this probe to fly by Earth without them noticing. Alien 2: I got an idea. Alien 1: Yeah, what? Alien 2: You just get me some 301 stainless steel, I'll take care of it.
Eye In The Sky
Eye In The Sky Pred mesecem
Aliens: sir we found this useless material around here Alien boss: send it back where it belongs...
deltavee2 Pred mesecem
I don't think that bottle rocket experiment will go over well in the apartment O\o
cheap monks
cheap monks Pred mesecem
Teach the next generation? Sorry but the next generation are focused on Tiktok, gender studies and Marxist ideology.
The SS of Fruits and Nuts
So the closer you get to the sun it becomes a light breeze? I am out
Ronnie Flex
Ronnie Flex Pred mesecem
Circles around the earth? ?? If this really was true. ...you had pictures for us... Lmao..."in this day and age "... We got the most powerful cameras in space to see this object. ...don't we ??? Or is hubble and all not real and lol do we live on a flat earth?
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Pred mesecem
Not only have we trashed the earth we obviously are on track to turn the solar system into a landfill
JC Pred mesecem
Wow. That thing took off 25 yrs before I was born. Exactly 25 years.
Dean The Dream
Dean The Dream Pred mesecem
Sue Campbell
Sue Campbell Pred mesecem
WHO sent the Centaur back--that is the question ;) hahahahaha
Jade Lee
Jade Lee Pred mesecem
Why can't we grab our used rocket objects from space and bring it back to earth for scrap???
Carol Pred mesecem
just tell us the truth that Aliens return the booster back to us it probably was in there space when they found it and they return it back to us. They dont want junk in there space
Jimmie Dean
Jimmie Dean Pred mesecem
All sats will eventually fall back to earth. Just like the previous civilizations sats did. We will be just another layer. Nothing new.
Polar9K Pred mesecem
Do a video about why SN10 exploded after landing
Khalid Pred mesecem
That we* humans could never imagine. These objects aren't alive so they can't spend the "rest of their lives" in space. It chaps my ass when people try so hard to sound intelligent but really aren't.
Mike G.
Mike G. Pred mesecem
So did someone out there throw it back because it was a useless commodity?
Let's Assume
Let's Assume Pred mesecem
Leave it to SpaceX lol Great videos!
Ray Crow
Ray Crow Pred mesecem
Minus 250 in dark space.. plus 250 in the sun. Why didn't the tesla seats and dash board boil?
Radicool Gaming
Radicool Gaming Pred mesecem
It just came back to take us apes to the moon
Bob Sagit
Bob Sagit Pred mesecem
Fake news
Wilshare Pred mesecem
╰(★‿★) :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚’☆ I imagine DAVID BOWIE - STARMAN PLAYING - IS IN THAT RED TESLA 🚗 💨:。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚’☆
Trevor Avrett
Trevor Avrett Pred mesecem
Hmm. Maybe someday well upcycle these empty metal bins floating around earth as additions to colonization or space station infrastructure. If I'm not mistaken, raw metal automatically friction welds together in the vacuum of space. They're already in space! Consider that free shipping of materials like boosters and sheet steel
Zane Daewoo
Zane Daewoo Pred mesecem
Fake news
Avus95 Pred mesecem
Since when did STEM become "STEAM"...? "Science, Technology, Engineering, *Art*, and Math" (one of these things does not belong with the others...)
Todd Packer
Todd Packer Pred mesecem
Yeah. I've seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I am NOT down with this return.
ray Nic
ray Nic Pred mesecem
Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't Starman be highly degraded do to radiation and UV exposure. Anything that isn't metal will be gone...
SoftwareEffect1 Pred mesecem
Some klingon will shoot it down for target practice
Low Tech
Low Tech Pred mesecem
Sadly, by the time 2085 gets here wf will have destroyed everything.
michael jeltema
michael jeltema Pred mesecem
Not STEAM, it's STEM
Adam Pred mesecem
Thank You for calling out STEAM instead of STEM. Arts are just as important and can actually improve the others as they improve each other.
colliecandle Pred mesecem
Every word of this shit is a LIE ! How can people not see this ?
acolit1 Pred mesecem
Could you imagine years from now aliens show up and fine us for littering
Strange Pred mesecem
Tesla website be like: Roadster Ranger:150000000km per charge
winterwolf2012 Pred mesecem
Long live the dome Earth.
Thomas Joyce
Thomas Joyce Pred mesecem
The real mystery is: who painted the 1975 NASA insignia on it?
Bill Rayvan
Bill Rayvan Pred mesecem
Spaceship hoaxes
Fruitcake Drifter
Fruitcake Drifter Pred mesecem
NASA is the entertainment division of the CIA
draiz fabian
draiz fabian Pred mesecem
ngl kiwico looks cool
SR-72: The Son of Blackbird
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