The Aftermath of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight 

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Taken from JRE w/Josh Dubin:



9. jun. 2021

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Heartracer Pred 54 minutami
Same reason Lizzo makes more money than us
Etac Bro
Etac Bro Pred uro
I want to see Jake Paul fight a rabid grizzly bear in a steel cage.
Etac Bro
Etac Bro Pred uro
Don King ruined boxing.
Jaykofett Pred uro
Transformers fans we must rise up we must stop this and bring back the servers. we will fight and we will win. We cant let actvion and highmoon choose whether we’re happy or not I know you’re just game got us all through some tough times but they have taken it away they have chosen their side they stand by their morals but we standby ours we must fight we must WIN
Nick Pred 2 urami
Joe Elite Rogan
joel trammell
joel trammell Pred 2 urami
jorge masvidal is looking old here. not how i thought he would sound.
Dodge Native
Dodge Native Pred 2 urami
Aftermath. do the math , it is all bull sh*t. Except Mike Tyson.
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez Pred 2 urami
Who pays! the watch 👀 these garbage fights? 🤡 🤡
Jason Fedder
Jason Fedder Pred 2 urami
Calling Floyd the best boxer of all time is such a laugh. He's WAY better at making money than he is boxing. Logan going the distance with him just proves Floyd's mediocre skill! I thank him for kicking Conor's ass though!
Daniel Sepulveda
Daniel Sepulveda Pred 2 urami
i love seeing joe in his element
Green Grugach
Green Grugach Pred 3 urami
Floyd didn't even try, hugging borefest, Paul was leaning on the ropes from fourth round, cardio mate.
GTO Racer
GTO Racer Pred 4 urami
Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul
Archaic Revival
Archaic Revival Pred 4 urami
Why aren't you interviewing Reiner Fullemich??
Max Asher
Max Asher Pred 4 urami
So if you are a fighter of lower grade and aim to get pay per view without getting in queue, start entertaining people on social media like clowns. Get million followers and come back to sport and fuck the sport for good to get rich and famous.
FUNERAL BILL II Pred 4 urami
I'm happy to say that I've never heard of Logan Paul before this show clip. I must be living right.
David Ritchie
David Ritchie Pred 4 urami
Can we just go back and pluck Haku in his prime and throw him in a ring with one of the Paul’s? Now that would make some money.
Kendrick Shuford
Kendrick Shuford Pred 5 urami
Logan, in reality really did the more bad ass thing if the two brothers. Jake is just stretching out the money grab before he even tries to fight someone that even knows what they're doing.
Iron Dogger
Iron Dogger Pred 5 urami
Woodley is dangerous for anyone to fight! Great perspectives on the fight and what it means for combat sports.
Brian Shin
Brian Shin Pred 5 urami
So a guy who would probably be a cruiserweight or heavyweight in real boxing fought a guy who started off as a lightweight and just threw bs punches and hugged the whole fight so he would survive. And where supposed to believe he did something impressive?
carlos vejar
carlos vejar Pred 5 urami
Anyone ever notice how Joe Rogan tiptoes around and away from the topic of the systemic racism that exists in our court /Judicial system? This was the main topic Josh Dubin was trying to point out. While the topic of boxing is definitely entertaining, why is there no upload of a clip that discusses that topic? I really want to believe that he does this because the topic of racism will hurt his bottom line. I don’t believe he’s racist but turning a blind eye to racism is just as bad. Hope I’m wrong.
Sharla H
Sharla H Pred 6 urami
I wonder if he'd do an exhibition against Tyson ....
jorge louis
jorge louis Pred 6 urami
Next time Putin vs Biden
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman Pred 6 urami
I knew this fight was going to be ass and I was right.
Vanguard Pred 6 urami
people pay to be entertained not to watch the best fighters
GEMIZU Pred 6 urami
I mean for $20m i would step in the ring with mayweather, Just like everybody else in the world, 15 minutes of work for a lifetime of relaxation sounds beautiful. If there was no money incentive i doubt logan paul would be fighting.
bsmb091011 B
bsmb091011 B Pred 6 urami
Make him fight canelo... lights out lmao
Mr Deadpool
Mr Deadpool Pred 6 urami
Sport fighting is a joke now.
J_s92 Pred 6 urami
They don’t have the clout to make that money, long story short
Sergio Ceron
Sergio Ceron Pred 6 urami
Logan Paul trying to fight a real boxer. Is like Joe Rogan trying to be a real comedian
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Pred 6 urami
Yeah stop trying to give the jake Paul credit he doesn’t deserve.hes boxed no one
Jason Gaudreau
Jason Gaudreau Pred 6 urami
The brothers are a spectacle. I’m 46yrs old and my 18yr old daughter was laughing at me as I was talking about it. She said, ya, that kid is famous from Vine and moved on to disney SLtv and etc etc building a huge fan base a long time before this ever happened. Like robin black says, the moment that ended this fight…bink….had a foundation lates over a decade ago when Logan Paul, a tech savvy enthusiastic teen, starting making short “Vine” clips that garnished a shit ton of teenie bopper attention! The anguished professional athletes who trained since the same age Logan started his career, all come to the stand, complaining that the pay isn’t fair, when the two humans finally cross paths in life in the combat sports ring. But what they don’t understand is that these brothers human, built a fan base that if only a fraction of donates, could lump sum enough money to fund a small country, while the fighter spent time in a gym with coaches and similar athletes, hiding from the world with hopes of emerging a victor and the pride of the people. People that watch combat sports specifically, and no one else. While the brothers Paul were being chatted about in the lunchroom/gymnasiums of every single elementary and middle school throughout the United States and whatever other countries that US social media’s and Disney reaches. I do guarantee that if you ask any 17-20yr old American person if they’ve heard of Logan and/or Jake Paul…they will say yeah and quite a few would share an opinion whether it be negative or positive. But the truth is that now that they are financially set for life and generations to come, what do they do with their time being the age that they are. And the answer is training boxing….under good coaches, and they stay dedicated. Short story long.
Johnathan Fernandez
Johnathan Fernandez Pred 6 urami
This guy on the podcast knows nothing about fighting lol
James Drew
James Drew Pred 6 urami
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson!
DanoGenesis Pred 7 urami
Now let's see DC
Marcos Bodon
Marcos Bodon Pred 7 urami
Why won’t mayweather fight canelo again? Canelo ko’d Kovalev, why won’t people talk about that ?
isaw ilraen
isaw ilraen Pred 8 urami
This guy should say something interesting in a less dramatic way... "you know who could f up Jake Paul? Andre Ward!" No shit.
Geronimo Pred 8 urami
Crazy to think about it ... boxing was in the circus in the old dayz
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris Pred 8 urami
Plot Twist: Tyron's game plan is to put Paul to sleep . But not by punching him. By hugging him and stalling the action until it's past Paul's bed time. Then he'll write a sick rhyme about it .
Nopixel Tea
Nopixel Tea Pred 8 urami
Jake Paul has a chain that says “fuck Jake Paul” & if he wore it to the ufc that night it would have been fuckin crazy.
Nopixel Tea
Nopixel Tea Pred 8 urami
Jake and Logan said it thenself on impaulsive. These top dog fighters NEED an online presence. You can be the best fighter ever but if no one truly knows you, it’s very hard to get the eyes you deserve. People need to have a deeper connection with you than just knowing you’re an amazing fighter. The fact that we’ve seen Logan basically grow up, makes you want to watch the fight so much more. Then you add Floyd to the mix it’s just unmatched.
ποια γελασε την ακουσα
Woodley top 3 welterweight of all time? C mon joe
Creator Supreme
Creator Supreme Pred 8 urami
Tito Brozzi
Tito Brozzi Pred 8 urami
It was a disgraceful show
Truth SeeKr
Truth SeeKr Pred 9 urami
True Boxing and Professional Sports Should Involve Just Professionals. Look at the outcome, and that's Against a Guy nearly 20yrs younger 40 pounds heavier & yoked Up Yet Still Shown Up by a 44yr Old Well Past His Career Peak Boxer. It's All To Do with The Money$ and Views Logans Pro Record was 1 fight 1 Loss I mean What's He Even Doing In The Same Ring For....🤔
Tepes1980 Pred 9 urami
"Maybe it shouldn't be"? Why do you think you get money, mr. JR? Isn't that too because of the people who want to watch your show? It's obviously a general rule, but it should be much more obvious for entertainment. Or, if you dislike it, just have your fights removed from society and watch which fighter is gonna participate. Promise them no money, but only pure fighting and see which fighter is interested.
Keenan Schouten
Keenan Schouten Pred 9 urami
making money is itself a martial art because strategy is the oldest and most fundamental form of self defense 🥋
Terry Simmons TV
Terry Simmons TV Pred 9 urami
NEW VIDEO!! Smash the Like Button 🙌🏼 sltv.info/label/nrmNtKmoomSdang/video
xXxSlimeysantxXx Pred 9 urami
Jake Paul vs joe rogan
Madhu Pred 10 urami
joe is jake fanboy
David Pred 10 urami
"She could outbox like half the guys in the men's bantamweight division" haha Joe doesn't know shit about who's a good boxer
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Pred 10 urami
"It was a fight?" Sums up my reality.
doubleOT Pred 10 urami
100 million GTFOH
truth  be told
truth be told Pred 10 urami
Joke, boxing match, not fight!!!!!
Drake Shelton
Drake Shelton Pred 11 urami
I like how Joe acts like he isn’t stoned but he is stoned as hell 
denise marie
denise marie Pred 12 urami
Mayweather and Paul just scammed everyone who paid to watch that. Paul knows how gullible youtube and tik tok followers are. They went in to this KNOWING/ AGREEING Mayweather wasnt going to go full blast on Paul. Because of the Mayweather name and Paul's popularity from SLtv they knew they would sell enough pay per view purchases. They would "fight", mayweather would hold back, play with Paul, in the end Paul wouldn't get hurt. And they would make insane money. Paul will continue to do this, and people will continue to pay to watch.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Pred 10 urami
Crazy floyd Mayweather lost to paul
Brian Keith
Brian Keith Pred 12 urami
Remember this post, soon enough Mike Tyson will be fighting a SLtvr. I hope so at the very least.
God gives you your potential
"Tapping into toxicity" Great goals👍
DREVM Pred 13 urami
That delay in answering when asked if Tyron can beat Jake is what somebody who actually knows SOMETHING about boxing should have. Which is why places like r/MMA are a joke.
DREVM Pred 13 urami
How many people out here who have called Floyd or even Logan/Jake dumb went and bought that shit? MMA fans aren’t that smart either, these guys know more than you think.
DREVM Pred 13 urami
1:30 If this shit isn’t bothering a real boxer it shouldn’t bother you. It’s not killing boxing, you don’t have to buy it and the shit half of you say about boxing and MMA on the daily is more damaging than anything Logan Paul could ever do.
Darkrider6970 Pred 13 urami
Why is Joe Rogan hyping up this nonsense so much? He sounds like he wants to blow Jake Paul.
RJ Clark
RJ Clark Pred 13 urami
This guest seems VERY dismissive of MMA.
Atlanta Guitar
Atlanta Guitar Pred 13 urami
The "match" was basically a paid sparring session
Craig Baptist
Craig Baptist Pred 14 urami
I'd fight Logan Paul for $1
MMA Philosophy
MMA Philosophy Pred 14 urami
Who else thought the guy in the thumbnail was Jorge Masvidal at first glance?
STYLUS MOTORS Pred 15 urami
Eddie Queen
Eddie Queen Pred 15 urami
It's the ric flair effect every one needs a good bad guy
eurasian55YOUTUBE Pred 15 urami
Who won?? I still don't know, this was all for show and Money. American boxing is boring. Wanna see a real authentic fight, look up muay thai (not kick boxing ), look up thai muay thai #buakaw is bad ass he's young and support humble, I especially prefer senchai he's in his 40s , i think he's 5'6 max and he uses old school muay thai skills , he's also a big dork n joke alot? In Thailand Muay Thai is offensive street and the kicks are fast like watch senchai highlight. At least the fights there are not about money, they give money away to their village or the poor , they don't buy to flashy stuff, not materialistic. My father fought pro from 13 to 27.. he got a concussion so needed to stop. But I can't express how humble the fighters are, you would need to do alot to piss them off, they're totally in control of their emotions. Anyways check it out. Senchai makes jokes during the match, you can tell the opponent respect him. He is a super nice guy in real life. Here if your bored by the v way one of joe rogan favorite. sltv.info/label/iNGA2rXLb2l9aqY/video I'm not affiliated just want people to see how bad ass the sport is.
bubba g
bubba g Pred 15 urami
Crazy floyd Mayweather lost to paul
Cline boys
Cline boys Pred 15 urami
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson
Nawdar .Berto
Nawdar .Berto Pred 15 urami
Joe’s protecting the UFCs image. Fighters aren’t upset that they’re not making $100 million. They’re upset that they get paid 18% of the income they generate when every other major sport pay their athlete over 40%
Eralen00 Pred 15 urami
if you paid for this fight, you're a sucker
Red Papa
Red Papa Pred 16 urami
Here's reality logan was knocked out in the fifth round mayweather kept him standing all they did was rip off their fans
John Walker
John Walker Pred 16 urami
I haven't watched it and i bet it was like watching 2 people hugging each other and then maybe trying to get nappy time.
Societé DSP Historiche
Logan should have boxed the spirit of the dead body he showed in that Japanese forest
sup Gee
sup Gee Pred 17 urami
And mayweather was paid very handsomely to go the distance.. he looked bored throughout the entire thing.. there’s a reason they call him “money”
Bobby two dogs
Bobby two dogs Pred 17 urami
$140,000.000 for a dancing around and hugging waste of money.
Eskii NZL
Eskii NZL Pred 17 urami
Im not "mad" at the fact that these influencers are boxing im mad at the fact that there is boxers who ha e gone through 20+ pro fights, been training, breathing and living boxing for years and years and they dont get half the money these freak shows get.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Pred 18 urami
3:40 that’s the exact philosophy Fred durst had. And it worked lol. Pretty crazy to think about.
The watcher
The watcher Pred 18 urami
It was fixed fight it was about money only it was a wwe moment
Eli Young
Eli Young Pred 18 urami
When is joe gonna box up one of these godamn tiktokers
Reporter : "What's next for you?" Logan : "Maybe i will start to fight in my own weight class as an amateur boxer" Boxers : :-)
Damnmac1 Pred 18 urami
Obscure world champion boxers make way more money than some top ufc fighters.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Pred 18 urami
Looks like he can be masvidals dad.
KH4444444444N Pred 18 urami
Logan Paul vs GGG. real fight. Watch Logan turn into ashes after round 1.
CHIP7 Pred 19 urami
Floyd got 100 million. He won in more ways then one
Vann Sea
Vann Sea Pred 19 urami
Flyod is the best period. His tactics starts before his opponent even starts training for the fight. Psychological warfare is first and foremost and he is never short of that.
Milan Pred 19 urami
pretty sure that was jakes backstory
Rocky didn't fight Hulk Hogan LMAO he fought mr. T in Rocky 3
The Floyd Mayweather and Paul Rogan fight was not a "boxing match ....it was a "Hugging Match"
Heath D
Heath D Pred 20 urami
I would like to hear JR’s true opinion. FM is a defensive boxer... not a fighter... not a badass... not an exciting fighter. But he is a winner in the realm of corrupt professional boxing. Boxing, for the most part, sucks nowadays. FM lost to Jose Castillo by s long shot and most likely lost to Maidana in the 2nd fight. If FM would’ve fought in the 80’s and early 90’s he would’ve had 8-10 losses. Respect his game and skill but he isn’t even in the top 10 fighters of all time. Not even close...
Travis Uysaloglu
Travis Uysaloglu Pred 20 urami
Jake Paul vs Dan Henderson
Liquidmetal702 Pred 20 urami
Fightings a joke. Nobody cares anymore. We used to get every UFC fight, every pay per view event. Tyson, Liddell, De La Hoya. These dudes are a joke now and its all watered down. The fact Joe and these guys dont shit on this makes it worse. Nobody should support this garbage.
Junk Drawer
Junk Drawer Pred 21 uro
They got famous because they TRIED when everyone else thought it was a crazy idea and kept going u til they got where they r today.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Pred 21 uro
It was a sad joke I will never pay for that shit but some people do
LOC DAWG Pred 21 uro
That was a joke fight
Sweet scientist84
Sweet scientist84 Pred 21 uro
It's as simple as supply and demand. Why do you think Conor McGregor (3-4 since Aldo win. 2 wins against fighters with 13+ loses) makes a lot more than other fighters who are a lot better than him?
Zander Pred 21 uro
Looks like he can be masvidals dad.
Mark Shrive
Mark Shrive Pred 21 uro
Jordan Peterson on Alcohol
WTF Happened to IDIOCRACY?