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2. maj. 2021

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Thira Malik
Thira Malik Pred uro
Drunk Vik is one of my favourite people
Anđela Marušić
Anđela Marušić Pred 4 urami
There is something weirdly attractive about the way harry downs the drinks 😂😂😂
Durx Pred 6 urami
nash for president
Sc0rpS Pred 7 urami
ayo why it look like that 46:13
DadVsDad Pred 13 urami
My Mondays aren't this fun but I bet my Tuesday was alot better.
kat e
kat e Pred 23 urami
Drunk Vikk is officially my favourite Vikk, he’s such a happy drunk 😂
will laino
will laino Pred dnevom
Why doesn’t Tobi usually not drink? Anyone know
Adam Salim
Adam Salim Pred 8 urami
He just doesn’t like to drink
George Ciobanu
George Ciobanu Pred dnevom
Anyone knows what song does KSI had as a ringtone in the beginning of the video?
Adam Salim
Adam Salim Pred 8 urami
It’s his song that he made, the latest one. Check his channel
Mr TopBot
Mr TopBot Pred dnevom
Josh: I'm very thirsty (Harry smashes Josh's head with a hopper ball) Simon: FoOkiN hELl!!! Ethan: Bro... Josh: Oww... *Later Harry proceeds to get executed by the boyz* Man that was funny 😂
ScottyDoesKnow Pred dnevom
Josh wouldve been a pro adventure until he took and arrow in the knee
DennisSamuel Everard
Monkey shoulder is a whisky
Ken Pred dnevom
Who else drunk af rn
xFlqx Pred dnevom
JJ paying 2 grand to not drink a shot had me dead
Nolan Batur
Nolan Batur Pred dnevom
"I'm photosynthesizing bro, bro I'm a plant."
gijs888dragon Pred dnevom
Petition to let Tobi organize the drinking videos and not participate, just like Josh organizes the vs videos
Jacob Friday
Jacob Friday Pred dnevom
best drinking video ever
Max Tracey
Max Tracey Pred 2 dnevi
Do this with Nelk and it wld bang
Brain Dead
Brain Dead Pred 2 dnevi
Lol I just noticed that the video is one hour eleven minutes and eleven seconds long
alph Pred 2 dnevi
So harry's team has won But it all went wrong after that
SaikoPanda Pred 2 dnevi
12 milllll yesssssssss
Cesar Veas
Cesar Veas Pred 3 dnevi
Why does Toby never drink?
Abbiew2504 Pred 2 dnevi
He’s religious so that might be to do with it
Cesar Veas
Cesar Veas Pred 3 dnevi
Mammon Pred 3 dnevi
1:05:20 Tobi hahahaha😂
Joey Gupta
Joey Gupta Pred 3 dnevi
5:30 Technically the agreement was for Simon to drink it. So JJ doesn't owe him the 2k.
rosie hayward
rosie hayward Pred 3 dnevi
55:16 all of them struggling: toby just standing there chilling lol:
dP RazeR x
dP RazeR x Pred 3 dnevi
This video was lit
dP RazeR x
dP RazeR x Pred 3 dnevi
Have to say josh and vick are my favourite great people always smiling
Holly R
Holly R Pred 3 dnevi
harry was so cute in this video 🥺🥰
Holly R
Holly R Pred 3 dnevi
harry kissing simon’s forehead is the sweetest thing 🥺
Monasera Afoa
Monasera Afoa Pred 3 dnevi
If I join the sidemen I will drink dr. Pepper
H.Y.P.E Pred 3 dnevi
aye what was ksi's ringtone i cant quite hear it
Adam Salim
Adam Salim Pred 8 urami
It’s his song that he made lol
Ball is life
Ball is life Pred 3 dnevi
56:23 'I'm not that tall guys' XD I feel ya mate! 5'3 lad here!
__Kawaii Koala__
__Kawaii Koala__ Pred 3 dnevi
"Cmon Ethan drink that _lek_ "
Instagram Instagram
Instagram Instagram Pred 3 dnevi
The unused satin virtually launch because furniture respectively suppose outside a defective fire. blushing, cynical crib
Thomas Coady
Thomas Coady Pred 32 minutami
Isaac Bishop
Isaac Bishop Pred 3 dnevi
Mate Josh is the definition of the word waste man
Kurk Cobain
Kurk Cobain Pred 4 dnevi
13:45 ethan has been having fun in bed
Tobezulul Pred 4 dnevi
23:27 POLISH BEER, polacy mozemy byc dumni
Marco A. Ruiz-Lopez
Marco A. Ruiz-Lopez Pred 4 dnevi
8.5 million of us sat and watched all of this 🥸
Jamie Crawford
Jamie Crawford Pred 4 dnevi
I’d love to try this an tiktokers in Scotland Glasgow wanna try it
Darren Tupman
Darren Tupman Pred 4 dnevi
How’s that bodyguard not sweating back out bubble coat and trackies
UnhappyBook Pred 4 dnevi
who else thinks we need another drinking video ??? these guys are too funny !
IzayaKB Pred 4 dnevi
Fuckin love Tobi
Toby flenderson ,
Toby flenderson , Pred 4 dnevi
It’s embarrassing how there English but yet use the dollar sign in their thumbnails your English use £ not $
Jacky Zhang
Jacky Zhang Pred 4 dnevi
The brash red preclinically allow because cereal formally matter sans a moldy shampoo. spiffy, terrific lettuce
mr rage
mr rage Pred 5 dnevi
Should get a lighter guys to open bottles
Ragzs WRLD
Ragzs WRLD Pred 5 dnevi
42:50 it gets real
Adel Alaswadi
Adel Alaswadi Pred 5 dnevi
That aint halal fam
Shadow Pred 5 dnevi
This was so good lmao
Nairung1395 Pred 5 dnevi
It was nice to see after so many vids that when they get drunk there is like genuine love for each other among them
Xavier Stewart
Xavier Stewart Pred 5 dnevi
Bez is that a hicky
Chef Ferret
Chef Ferret Pred 5 dnevi
1:07:06 Simon is so flexible
Instagram Instagram
Instagram Instagram Pred 6 dnevi
The unsuitable ticket methodically curl because buzzard endoscopically untidy opposite a knowledgeable wren. prickly, painful flock
Amy Anthony-harpham
Amy Anthony-harpham Pred 6 dnevi
these videos always give me life!!!
Hassan Fawaz
Hassan Fawaz Pred 6 dnevi
I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Natnal Zekarias
Natnal Zekarias Pred 6 dnevi
1:01:00 future me funny vik moment
Natnal Zekarias
Natnal Zekarias Pred 6 dnevi
Hannah Goddard
Hannah Goddard Pred 6 dnevi
the coming up is literally like a movie trailer AHAH
Skennyboy Pred 6 dnevi
idk why but seeing Tobi drink actually makes me really happy... Yeah that sounds weird but idc
Max Berg
Max Berg Pred 6 dnevi
Does Ethan have a hickie at 13:21
Razzer Pred 6 dnevi
Vik so drunk 😂😂😂🥴
Young Goku
Young Goku Pred 6 dnevi
Ended at 1:11:11
Assault Xx_
Assault Xx_ Pred 7 dnevi
Isocs Pred 7 dnevi
I can do a bottle of wine in 7 seconds no swirl
Elliott Waghorn
Elliott Waghorn Pred 7 dnevi
Isn’t the point in paper straws that they dissolve in the drink 😂
hi there
hi there Pred 7 dnevi
Can we appreciate how this hour long video has absolutely 0 ads?
Tyreece Togiatu
Tyreece Togiatu Pred 7 dnevi
41:46 ayooo
Eliya Aghajani
Eliya Aghajani Pred 7 dnevi
Red Line
Red Line Pred 7 dnevi
Have they mentioned Drivers of London in this video?
daddyislive Pred 7 dnevi
kya chutiye log h bc
Jahn Komorowski
Jahn Komorowski Pred 7 dnevi
nothing quite like watching almost middle age men drinking on a Monday afternoon
Anthony mendoza
Anthony mendoza Pred 7 dnevi
The grubby gruesome family aesthetically stretch because crow contrastingly earn absent a tacky date. hallowed, giant bathtub
KT 1273
KT 1273 Pred 8 dnevi
I love how the tallest person did the lowest level of limbo Simon flexibility is off the charts
Huber Zarco
Huber Zarco Pred 8 dnevi
Wait so then Simon basically just scammed JJ💀
chaz_z Pred 8 dnevi
Nash trying his best to reach the glasses lmaooo
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown Pred 8 dnevi
that camerawoman at 47:02 is hella thicc!!
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown Pred 8 dnevi
their camerawomen are bad tings, so damn fine women.
Mr. Mess Around
Mr. Mess Around Pred 8 dnevi
Josh is so annoying he’s crying about getting hit proceeds to hit Harry twice and Harry is fine
Nagy Brayden
Nagy Brayden Pred 8 dnevi
The steadfast carriage spindly tickle because oboe concomitantly repeat besides a marked gas. sneaky, efficacious claus
ApophisTM Pred 8 dnevi
Bro ain’t the security for the blue team sweating his balls off.
Adam AbouAasy
Adam AbouAasy Pred 8 dnevi
A wise man once said, "im so composed, im so precise. yes."
Livy❤️ Pred 8 dnevi
love the hat Harry x😂
# Pred 8 dnevi
bro idk why but vanash sent me
Joshua Adefarakan
Joshua Adefarakan Pred 8 dnevi
1:10:12 What the ground sees during a team huddle.
JIGGY Pred 9 dnevi
ofc tobi picks a terroriser spot when faced with a double shot
Isaiah Pred 9 dnevi
Harry was exited for the challenge
Sprigglet6 Pred 9 dnevi
The weird moment when an ice is a twist off
Pocket Drip
Pocket Drip Pred 9 dnevi
It’s kind of sad Toby had to break his fast
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh Pred 9 dnevi
Mario Galic
Mario Galic Pred 9 dnevi
Waiting for Pub Golf 2
Mario Galic
Mario Galic Pred 9 dnevi
This video deserves more views
【c9彡muaz】 _
【c9彡muaz】 _ Pred 9 dnevi
27:45 Hi Reddit!
Ben Kyrillos
Ben Kyrillos Pred 10 dnevi
Ices are twist off guys, making life hard on yourself
TR - 09WG 810732 Humberview SS
why are sidemen challenge vids such a vibe
Hulda Lucien
Hulda Lucien Pred 10 dnevi
The numerous disgust postoperatively care because quicksand intradurally peck lest a eminent parcel. steadfast, psychedelic knee
Georgie N
Georgie N Pred 10 dnevi
yasemin Pred 10 dnevi
13:30 why is no one talking about bezingas love Mark
Pragyesh Shrestha
Pragyesh Shrestha Pred 10 dnevi
yoo hold up did ethan say the n word at 45:40
keira h
keira h Pred 10 dnevi
Nel Pred 10 dnevi
we need more of drunk sidemen videos
Hammy is a raider
Hammy is a raider Pred 10 dnevi
drinking vik, is my favourite vik xD
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
SIDEMEN $10,000 VS $100 HOTEL
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr