Building the weirdest MTB trail you'll ever see... // Primal Trail pt. 2 

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This is mountain biking at its artsyest and fartsyest. This week we are trail building using environmental art and then riding said art!
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9. apr. 2021

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Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein Pred 9 urami
Option 1
the sole vlogger
the sole vlogger Pred 15 urami
totally going for a rythym section
Ken Attawa
Ken Attawa Pred dnevom
Option 2
Gaige Dexter
Gaige Dexter Pred dnevom
Option one
Makka021 Pred dnevom
SWAGGAMES ?? Pred 3 dnevi
nice noice mate mout
Caleb Sarun
Caleb Sarun Pred 3 dnevi
You are my entertainment lmao!!
Caleb Sarun
Caleb Sarun Pred 3 dnevi
Pls post more!!!
Shaun Reed
Shaun Reed Pred 4 dnevi
MTB Bushcraft, love it
Linus Takee
Linus Takee Pred 4 dnevi
Top video jajajajaj now feel motivated to get on the trail mzself, what gest me going the longest while bike is *delta parole* or other rokk music!
Famille GIRARD
Famille GIRARD Pred 4 dnevi
option 1
Simon Ledoux (Student)
Option 2
Matt Berry
Matt Berry Pred 6 dnevi
You should get a bush axe for clearing the brush before hand. Much more efficient than loppers and an axe.
Laura Frey
Laura Frey Pred 7 dnevi
I want the second option It would make the trail flow.
tootilushish Man
tootilushish Man Pred 7 dnevi
You made me start my cheep business it is at my house
Matt Crank
Matt Crank Pred 7 dnevi
Watching you do all this with hand tools makes me want to call you The Amish backyard trail builder
J Tate Videos
J Tate Videos Pred 7 dnevi
I would love to see Seth bring his rc cars on these trails 😂
The Master Of Darkness Xx
Option 2
Samuel Finnegan
Samuel Finnegan Pred 11 dnevi
@backyard trail builds would u be able to tell me the song at the start when u where cutting down the tree? i came to the city as a cyclone?
Sonic 124
Sonic 124 Pred 11 dnevi
Option 1
Piper Bundle
Piper Bundle Pred 11 dnevi
2 plz
That’s sketchy
That’s sketchy Pred 11 dnevi
Spartakiss87 _
Spartakiss87 _ Pred 12 dnevi
Option one pls
Carter Bruno
Carter Bruno Pred 13 dnevi
I have no power tools.😒
Keynen’s gaming F.N.O
Option 1
gaming Alex hi
gaming Alex hi Pred 14 dnevi
Piotr Aleksander Lubelski
Your building is cool but I’m abide sad for the trees
lil strössel
lil strössel Pred 17 dnevi
whats the song at 01:03
Lucas Genewick
Lucas Genewick Pred 18 dnevi
I thought there was a bear in the background at 2:38
Mackenzie Rogers
Mackenzie Rogers Pred 18 dnevi
Option 1
alpha13dylan Pred 18 dnevi
You lost me at "carbon tax donation"
Ashley Nickelson
Ashley Nickelson Pred 18 dnevi
nebu10 Pred 18 dnevi
Please upload a new video
Snaker Pred 18 dnevi
I think a mix of both the options would be better for using up your land
Khaled Pred 18 dnevi
option 2
Jose Vargas
Jose Vargas Pred 18 dnevi
Idk where ur at but if u need help id like to help
kubi1kqq. lol
kubi1kqq. lol Pred 18 dnevi
I will do a first option bcs i like it
Finnko08 YT
Finnko08 YT Pred 19 dnevi
Option 1
Sandman 3279
Sandman 3279 Pred 19 dnevi
How do I vote for features?!?!!??????
MolonyProductions Pred 19 dnevi
Donate to the GOP
Lucas Louthan
Lucas Louthan Pred 20 dnevi
good vid
Willas Vesth
Willas Vesth Pred 20 dnevi
This is like watching Indian dudes build a pool with a shovel but MTB Eddition
Chris Lukes
Chris Lukes Pred 20 dnevi
If you really want to prioritize the "primal" character of the trail, I'd suggest you emphasize wooden features rather than dirt - the rough-hewn timbers and unique fastener techniques are really what will visually distinguish this style (and also add interest and uniqueness to your videos). It's not going to be as visually apparent from the finished product if you hand-shoveled a pile of dirt or used a machine. Maybe your priority is more to just do another subscriber-voted trail - of course go with the votes, but I'd say consider the above when offering the options if you want the "primal" vibe to be a strong visual feature. On top of this, you just don't seem to have the incline/speed in this area to make flowy berms and such quite as interesting. (I'm a little surprised at my advice, because I do feel that many SLtvr trail builds become a little too divergent from the natural terrain that mountain bikes were designed for - you know, _mountains,_ made of dirt and stone not manufactured boardwalks - but this seems best for what you are going for. Obviously, there's room for all sorts of trails and I don't mind it as much if a trail's stated intention is "skinnies and north shore" etc., but some seem motivated by an "arms race" of sorts to build the "most massive" wooden feature they can dream up just because it plays well for the views.)
Alexander Rivard
Alexander Rivard Pred 20 dnevi
You should have just dug up the dirt with a shovel
Berk Attin
Berk Attin Pred 20 dnevi
Anyone option two?
Berk Attin
Berk Attin Pred 20 dnevi
Anyone option one?
TnI Bomama
TnI Bomama Pred 20 dnevi
Man I so happy for u I remember subing at like 4K subs and know you have gotten so far
jules feusels
jules feusels Pred 20 dnevi
Klemen Stifter
Klemen Stifter Pred 20 dnevi
option 1
Rachel Maher
Rachel Maher Pred 21 dnevom
First option I really hope
Natalie Kinscher
Natalie Kinscher Pred 21 dnevom
OPTION 2!!!!
PeneloCent Pred 21 dnevom
Option 1 !!
Blake Taravella
Blake Taravella Pred 21 dnevom
First option
arnicus208 Pred 21 dnevom
Time I’ll never get back
Stop I said stop
Stop I said stop Pred 22 dnevi
This is sick!😄
Femke Bouma
Femke Bouma Pred 22 dnevi
Grade 7 6g6
Grade 7 6g6 Pred 22 dnevi
option 1
Surfer kid Kid
Surfer kid Kid Pred 22 dnevi
Mr beast watching this POV:😱
Andrew Ferry
Andrew Ferry Pred 22 dnevi
weirdest or coolest?!
huckleberry Finn
huckleberry Finn Pred 22 dnevi
option one
Tymon Skąpski
Tymon Skąpski Pred 22 dnevi
Mtb _Editz
Mtb _Editz Pred 22 dnevi
Matt Mahan
Matt Mahan Pred 23 dnevi
Option 2
Abhijit Kumar
Abhijit Kumar Pred 23 dnevi
You know like The video when you made that kicker ramp with no power tools well you were using you power for the tool
Ammes Crew
Ammes Crew Pred 23 dnevi
Option 1
Guillem Roda
Guillem Roda Pred 23 dnevi
Make bigger stuff
Egerton Fortunte
Egerton Fortunte Pred 23 dnevi
Your vote option on the webpage is not working
Egerton Fortunte
Egerton Fortunte Pred 23 dnevi
Option one that's the one we want
Gilbert van der Weide
Gilbert van der Weide Pred 23 dnevi
Build a mega ramp
Idiotninja Pred 23 dnevi
I for one think you're trail should be lined with indiginous wildflowers like Dafodils!
Andrew Conquest
Andrew Conquest Pred 23 dnevi
This is excellent. I know it's hard work but if you keep it up, your body will thank you. And i thank you for taking up the challenge of building trials by hand and not machine. Ride on Brother
Theos Funtime
Theos Funtime Pred 23 dnevi
Do you number one
Jessie Owens
Jessie Owens Pred 23 dnevi
Hayden Cook
Hayden Cook Pred 23 dnevi
Berm peak 2.0
Pascal Kraft
Pascal Kraft Pred 23 dnevi
Option 2
Alan Layland
Alan Layland Pred 23 dnevi
Get a log burner for all the left over wood
Alex Niven
Alex Niven Pred 23 dnevi
"pop art"
Leif Berg
Leif Berg Pred 24 dnevi
Now light it on fire
BG 360
BG 360 Pred 24 dnevi
Vote option 1 so he might have to use the skid steer so he donates more money
The Rad Fems
The Rad Fems Pred 24 dnevi
Andy Goldsworthy vibes.
Innez Galle
Innez Galle Pred 24 dnevi
Connect all the trails into one big trial
Sprinkles Pred 24 dnevi
You should add a part of that trail that drives through a village of teepees
Waylon Steen
Waylon Steen Pred 24 dnevi
Yo is that a bear at 2:38???
Kodi Hull
Kodi Hull Pred 24 dnevi
It’s call a chainsaw jackass work smarter not harder
Shan Faizi
Shan Faizi Pred 24 dnevi
Dude I dont blame ya for breaking out the skid steer. I wouldnt have even this long, thats for dang sure. You are a stronger man than I.
Jack Midgley
Jack Midgley Pred 24 dnevi
Your Music is Great!
Gamer god Gxzy
Gamer god Gxzy Pred 24 dnevi
Rodgerdroid Pred 24 dnevi
It’s pretty epic that you are going through what smaller trail builders have to do all the time.
MAX Pred 24 dnevi
Good video ! I like the first option !
ArticleDev Pred 24 dnevi
He needs to say timber next time he cuts down a tree
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith Pred 24 dnevi
causally wearing a full face helmet for backyard jumps, ik its for go pro but lol
Lyle Murphy
Lyle Murphy Pred 25 dnevi
How do you keep your saws sharp?
Parks Farrington
Parks Farrington Pred 25 dnevi
You are completely fine that you broke your goal. I had to build a trail by hand but could use nails and it was real challenging. Anyways keep up the good work I love your videos.
cdocski Pred 25 dnevi
Wait is your bike a Polygon Siskiu??
cdocski Pred 25 dnevi
@Backyard Trail Builds sweet I just bought my new one. Haven’t been able to take it out yet because of weather. Hopefully soon
Backyard Trail Builds
Backyard Trail Builds Pred 25 dnevi
YUP! Ive got the N9 and the T8
moistdoggo0 Pred 25 dnevi
I kept thinking that his dog was a bear in the background.
Collin Speulstra
Collin Speulstra Pred 25 dnevi
I voted for the first one just because the second option could easily follow it and it leaves more room. It’s also really cool looking lolol
Hawk Pred 25 dnevi
I say option 2
Glenrock mtb Edits
Glenrock mtb Edits Pred 25 dnevi
Doesn’t the car count as a machine or power tool or something?
Glenrock mtb Edits
Glenrock mtb Edits Pred 25 dnevi
Nvm I saw what he did
Glenrock mtb Edits
Glenrock mtb Edits Pred 25 dnevi
Omg u look so much like that guy who finds the Lorax in the Lorax!?
Backyard Trail Builds
Backyard Trail Builds Pred 25 dnevi
I've heard that a lot... haha
Mountain Steward
Mountain Steward Pred 25 dnevi
Loving the sustainable trail builds dude... This is important!!
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