Luka Doncic POSTGAME REACTION 29 Pts led Mavericks def. Grizzlies 114-113 

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Luka Doncic POSTGAME REACTION 29 Pts led Mavericks def. Grizzlies 114-113




14. apr. 2021

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Pinkyy Pinks
Pinkyy Pinks Pred 22 dnevi
Luka "we'll take it'' Doncic
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen Pred 22 dnevi
Love it
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal Pred 22 dnevi
luka getting praise from lebron.....that's his idol......get him out of that jordan brand contract bron!! they ain't giving him the respect he deserves
Carter Weigand
Carter Weigand Pred 21 dnevom
For real luka needs his own shoe under Lebron like Kobe had AD
Guy Bartlett
Guy Bartlett Pred 22 dnevi
G Leben
G Leben Pred 22 dnevi
It goes like this, when you hit a basket, it makes you happy, when you pass a ball to a better positioned player and he hits a basket, than two are happy. Double happiness.
Husref Omerovic
Husref Omerovic Pred 22 dnevi
Luka magic💙
Alfonso Curiel
Alfonso Curiel Pred 22 dnevi
Wish luka was on my lakers
HOE 1968
HOE 1968 Pred 22 dnevi
He is not lucky, he intentionally found a way to avoid defense and receive the ball, then shoot. That's a product of a lot of practice. Many NBA players are Lazy that they can not even made a "FREE THROW" shot.
Nate Synik
Nate Synik Pred 23 dnevi
THE DON!!!!!!
demon lords habit
demon lords habit Pred 23 dnevi
Memphis should have put a lock on defender on Luka, or every team when a play is like because, u know where is the ball going to and who's taking that last shot...good game for Grizzlies but a excellent shot by Luka...Mavs fan here btw..
Tammy Shultz
Tammy Shultz Pred 22 dnevi
Very few players can guard Luka consistently.
Dose One
Dose One Pred 23 dnevi
Stay away from Luka Lebron!!!!! He's with us in Dallas!!!! He's not leaving!!!!! Luka the Don!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eb Pred 22 dnevi
Luka has a good owner so he will be ok.
7tachyon Pred 23 dnevi
So humble....
7tachyon Pred 23 dnevi
Love Luka....
otsirhc Pred 23 dnevi
i was just playing basketball man...just pure passion and talent right here! we proud of you over here lil' bro! keep writing history!!!!
XoldnewsX Pred 23 dnevi
Luke will be the GOAT when its all said and done
Yefta Lionheart
Yefta Lionheart Pred 23 dnevi
Let’s hope he finishes what Lebron couldn’t.
Childe Harold
Childe Harold Pred 23 dnevi
Gawd, what a circus shot! I thought it was a 2 at first, but the replay shows his feet behind the line, and the ball left his hand with about .01 on the shot clock. Incredible. Let's hope the Mavs rally now and overtake Dame and the Blazers. Maybe this is what they needed.
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred 23 dnevi
love him or hate him, it is what it is, he is Luka Magic
ag trherhg er
ag trherhg er Pred 23 dnevi
How is he so cold on the court and so shy in interviews
James Miller
James Miller Pred 21 dnevom
@metod gorenc okay thanks!
Eveline Perko
Eveline Perko Pred 22 dnevi
@James Miller no, it's the same in Slovenia!🤷‍♀️🤣
metod gorenc
metod gorenc Pred 22 dnevi
@James Miller He is the same when interwieved in Slovene.
Pelaaja Pred 23 dnevi
@James Miller just a normal dude who likes to play ball but doesn’t like the attention...
dave latumbo
dave latumbo Pred 23 dnevi
Haha hes like a dragon when he complains to the ref yet very shy outside. He is competitive and that is good
ROUBA79 Pred 23 dnevi
Love this Kid
Frank Vasquez
Frank Vasquez Pred 23 dnevi
Someone put Luka on the Nevermind album cover
Guy Bartlett
Guy Bartlett Pred 22 dnevi
Ha ha ha, libido, mosquito
Alexey Artemenko
Alexey Artemenko Pred 23 dnevi
that's a legit comment )
Andre Geo Garcia
Andre Geo Garcia Pred 23 dnevi
Sam Carter
Sam Carter Pred 23 dnevi
*9*Chase Elliott*9*
*9*Chase Elliott*9* Pred 23 dnevi
Thanks for posting this before anyone!!! Much love keep up the great work