Combining Volleyball and Tennis Into One Sport!! 

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Hey guys! in this video, we blend volleyball with tennis! Both rules and concepts are put together to make the ultimate game! This has definitely been one of the most competitive games we have ever played! Marvin, Bobby, Bryan, and Joey battle it out to see who will be the ultimate winner! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Dunk Your Wife Challenge!! | Dunk Tank Basketball!! Crazy Sports. We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win this challenge??
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9. okt. 2020

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Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy Pred 29 minutami
soccer and volleyball
Pratik singh Chouhan
Leg cricket!....ur ball will be foot ball!....bat - your leg!....rest as cricket!
Hien Cindy
Hien Cindy Pred 3 dnevi
abby Keyes
abby Keyes Pred 3 dnevi
im sorry, but i play vvolleyball and i kept loosing it when bobby kept saying set while he was setting
Dta _Pheonix
Dta _Pheonix Pred 3 dnevi
You should do doge ball and tennis
\\\ StanY ///
\\\ StanY /// Pred 4 dnevi
I love me some **Bobby smack**
Jordannyboy Pred 4 dnevi
was there a video of u guys playing street hockey yet?
Sotsu Chan
Sotsu Chan Pred 4 dnevi
Marvin should legit be a Volleyball player
Seismic Soldier
Seismic Soldier Pred 6 dnevi
What if you mix football and soccer
Thee Nezuko
Thee Nezuko Pred 6 dnevi
2% of fans here because if team edge. The other 98% here because they watch haikyu!! Lol
Dweeb t
Dweeb t Pred 6 dnevi
Team edge do volleyball and spikeball
Gurkirt Janda
Gurkirt Janda Pred 7 dnevi
Did anyone else see ga in the bottom right corner at 8:21 man the editors
Joan Znaniecki
Joan Znaniecki Pred 8 dnevi
Football and dogeball
francisco rojas
francisco rojas Pred 8 dnevi
Soccer and tennis
JJ S Pred 9 dnevi
Nicholas's ASMR
Nicholas's ASMR Pred 9 dnevi
You should mix Baseball and Golf
Cameron Pierce
Cameron Pierce Pred 9 dnevi
They should do ice skating beach volleyball
Shianne Platt
Shianne Platt Pred 10 dnevi
Okay I'm curious if my school is the only one who plays this in gym class? We call it Nitro ball and we do teams of 6 and play volleyball point system but net is tennis height and the ball can bounce once
Kendall Carucci
Kendall Carucci Pred 10 dnevi
I am playing vollytennis at school that is so weird
Visual Dawn
Visual Dawn Pred 10 dnevi
Kevin looks like an IT teacher
213AnimeFreak213 Pred 11 dnevi
6:00 isn’t that supposed to be 0-2?
JJ S Pred 11 dnevi
All of the people who actually play volleyball be like..... You know when you serve it you can hit the net, it just has to go over😂🏐🏐🏐🏐
Ryan Gomes
Ryan Gomes Pred 12 dnevi
yo how about they do soccer with paintball
Caleb Raines
Caleb Raines Pred 12 dnevi
You should do soccer with basketball
Eatdiccz Everyday
Eatdiccz Everyday Pred 12 dnevi
football and basketball (If that was not already said) Wait- they already did that
Malakai Hasten
Malakai Hasten Pred 12 dnevi
Filmora looks great. Jfred and what's his face make a great team
dragon empress
dragon empress Pred 13 dnevi
Maybe you guys should do horseriding x volleyball. I'd love to see that.
Asher Morales
Asher Morales Pred 13 dnevi
My classmate and I came up with this back in august. We got bored in study hall. We also didn’t have a net. It’s super fun
- drip -
- drip - Pred 14 dnevi
9:17 Kevin: OooOh, ooooOoh, oooOooooOhh 😂😂😂 I can’t-😂🤣😭
Wofer Dog
Wofer Dog Pred 14 dnevi
Wait a minute... this is just two square but cooler! Waow
Joel Dorval
Joel Dorval Pred 15 dnevi
it was a little different though
Joel Dorval
Joel Dorval Pred 15 dnevi
me nd my friends already made this and we called it vennisball
Xx SWC230 xX
Xx SWC230 xX Pred 15 dnevi
13:00 Bobby pets grass
Shaun Wheeler
Shaun Wheeler Pred 15 dnevi
Bryan should grow his beard back as well- 3 bearded bros. Also how about volleyball and go karts? Have to keep the ball in play while driving.
Team Edge
Team Edge Pred 11 dnevi
HaHa that would be a fun idea!
Joshlyn Mckey
Joshlyn Mckey Pred 16 dnevi
I was so confused who the person next to jfred until they said it was Marvin
Gavin Yeley
Gavin Yeley Pred 16 dnevi
You guys should definitely do some baseketball. Basketball with baseball rules it would be awesome
Yuniel Nunez
Yuniel Nunez Pred 16 dnevi
You should mix soccer and football
Nicster Life
Nicster Life Pred 17 dnevi
Rollerblading football
Elijah Mullett
Elijah Mullett Pred 17 dnevi
3:58 he scream like girl
Lauren Hughes
Lauren Hughes Pred 17 dnevi
This game is called bound ball and you have to let the ball hit the ground before u touch it and each team gets 3 touches on it
super girl
super girl Pred 18 dnevi
Lucasius Pred 18 dnevi
K W Pred 18 dnevi
So today we are talking about Bobby’s lack of -of.... oh wait that was yesterday, today we are talking about Bryan
Flying Monkeys
Flying Monkeys Pred 18 dnevi
MilesWW2 Pred 18 dnevi
hey if you didnt notice bobby shirt is MOTHER RUSSIA flag colors in the same order so yea.........
Caleb Moffitt
Caleb Moffitt Pred 18 dnevi
5:47 they have the wrong team the point
Colin Osborn
Colin Osborn Pred 19 dnevi
You should do the giant kerplonk
Yassine Khadraoui
Yassine Khadraoui Pred 19 dnevi
Guys did you see when Bryan stepped on Bobby and jumped and Bobby faked almost falling it was hilarious
Juls Fuller
Juls Fuller Pred 20 dnevi
5:47 why did Bryan and Bobby get the point?
Gamer Zay
Gamer Zay Pred 20 dnevi
If I was in team edge and the losing team was taking trash, I would just scream SCOREBOAAAAAARD
Mason ONeill
Mason ONeill Pred 21 dnevom
soccer and golf
Jack Johansen
Jack Johansen Pred 21 dnevom
You should combine tennis and basketball
CosmicBeast7390 Pred 22 dnevi
anyone else realized that the trophy is the same trophy they use in the edge games
James Mccarrie
James Mccarrie Pred 22 dnevi
At 8:22 why is the text in the bottom right corner???
Matt L
Matt L Pred 22 dnevi
Soccer and dogeball
Gamer Kenny!
Gamer Kenny! Pred 23 dnevi
I love how Bobby was just dominating the first round 😂 lol
nich0700 nich0700
nich0700 nich0700 Pred 24 dnevi
you should mix hockey and football
Elias Skrivervik
Elias Skrivervik Pred 24 dnevi
you should mix basketball and fotball, thhey need to score in the hoop with their feet.
Laili Azeman
Laili Azeman Pred 24 dnevi
why bobby suck at this game every time i watch i laugh this video so good but matt not in the video so sad but still good # never thust joey
Global_loser 1
Global_loser 1 Pred 24 dnevi
I love team edge and all, and I think them and their editors are great people, but I think they need to watch their videos before they post them because very commonly we’re stuck with broken edits, and a score board that’s completely wrong and doesn’t make sense but I still like the video either way but idk it’s something to think about
Graem Sines
Graem Sines Pred 24 dnevi
Y'all should do soccer and basketball, you have to dribble the soccer ball like a basketball and then you would have to kick it in a bucket in order to score- without knocking it over.
Garret Boden
Garret Boden Pred 25 dnevi
Baseball and football
Makayla Tarditi-Bates
Makayla Tarditi-Bates Pred 25 dnevi
i love watching you guys. Helps me feel better when everyone leaves lol. Thank you for being awesome
KarmaKiller20 Pred 26 dnevi
It was clearly J-Fred and Marvin's point but than gave it to Bryan and Bobby. Did anyone else notice this?
KarmaKiller20 Pred 26 dnevi
I just noticed this but at 5:45 5:50. the editor made a boo boo
Tankman360 Pred 26 dnevi
Bro Bobby is one of those friends that even when is friend just hit him in the cahonas he still compliments his skills
Benjamin Henley
Benjamin Henley Pred 26 dnevi
They should squish baseball and darts
Vishak Disanayaka
Vishak Disanayaka Pred 27 dnevi
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Were Ddew
Were Ddew Pred 27 dnevi
What happened to his other girl jk
Welvis Mendoza
Welvis Mendoza Pred 27 dnevi
RIP Bobby 1986-2021
Professor Pred 27 dnevi
I’d like to see a volley ball dodge ball
Luděk Macháček
Luděk Macháček Pred 28 dnevi
you should combine football and soccer, it would be fun
vancer cjyn
vancer cjyn Pred 28 dnevi
15:04 moments before isaster
Trish Tenuto
Trish Tenuto Pred 28 dnevi
Rip Bobby shaky hands AKA broken granny knees
MARIA MORENO Pred 29 dnevi
Among us pls 10 people (3imposter)(7crewmates)😌👍
ThatWeirdoRani Pred mesecem
6:43 u perfectly missed
August Babcock
August Babcock Pred mesecem
How are team edges 2 volleyball videos my favorite videos.
Joseph Acosta Chavez
Could you please try normal volleyball not saying that these are boring cause there great It would just be nice to have it
Corey-declan Taylorson
normal volleyball
spleebo the 1st
spleebo the 1st Pred mesecem
This is actually a good idea its for people who don't jump high or cant jump
wonderdogy Pred mesecem
Baseball and hockey plz
Julian Urbina
Julian Urbina Pred mesecem
The editing on this video was every where in the second match
Julian Urbina
Julian Urbina Pred mesecem
Why does Joey scream like a girl 😂🤣🤣😂😂
Jaime turner 124
Jaime turner 124 Pred mesecem
Football and basketball
Archana Vijay
Archana Vijay Pred mesecem
Bro who edits these videos, God level editing, I laugh so hard everytime every video 🔥🔥🔥🔥
gracie hoener
gracie hoener Pred mesecem
at 8:25, I've never laughed harder!!
Alexander Chioros
Alexander Chioros Pred mesecem
Can you guys just please do a regular basketball video in your next video
Keith Carter
Keith Carter Pred mesecem
Doge ball and volleyball
Nice Cock bro
Nice Cock bro Pred mesecem
Make football and soccer
Camille Stephenson
Camille Stephenson Pred mesecem
Bring Matthias back
Isaac gamer
Isaac gamer Pred mesecem
Soccer and football
Kathi Holt
Kathi Holt Pred mesecem
Baseball and Football
OWIN Pred mesecem
i love your videos keep up the hard work love hi5 and good luck with syphous an i know i spelled that wrong and can team edge do airsoft and baseball
Andrew Acosta
Andrew Acosta Pred mesecem
I think there was an editing mistake at 8:16. when the match finished i think it was supposed to say game in the middle but it shows at the bottom right cut off 😅😂
Terry N.
Terry N. Pred mesecem
Few thing I like about j Fred His j jokes His ear piercing screams
Jacob Goddard
Jacob Goddard Pred mesecem
Mighty T
Mighty T Pred mesecem
Why did Bobby just randomly trip at 7:35
Liam Garcia
Liam Garcia Pred mesecem
11:25 Brian went full goalie mode
Liam Garcia
Liam Garcia Pred mesecem
8:20 bottom right corner. Something got cut off
Easton Beilby
Easton Beilby Pred mesecem
Rugby and Cricket
Soccer Tennis Challenge!!
Budget Olympics Challenge!
We Play Tackle Basketball!!
GIGANTIC Spikeball Challenge!!
Baby Sports Battle!!