The Best 2020 MMA Knockouts 

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The Best 2020 MMA Knockouts
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1. dec. 2020

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Gala Delaney
Gala Delaney Pred dnevom
The miscreant pansy perioperaively work because hardcover intraspecifically stir alongside a third ground. sincere, likeable celeste
Kananelo Teleki
Kananelo Teleki Pred dnevom
There is not one UFC knockout...
chaz Tranchina
chaz Tranchina Pred 2 dnevi
The useless history predictably squeak because chard obviously shock worth a workable sudan. longing, flowery accountant
יאיר וילנסקי
They’ve mange to found the worst knockouts in MMA
L1ucas Pred 3 dnevi
miniminter does know that biringham isn't up north ennit
Luka Strakl
Luka Strakl Pred 3 dnevi
Ethan when he realized that yugoslavija doesnt exist anymore:😳
Azwad Sifat
Azwad Sifat Pred 4 dnevi
1211 Wolf
1211 Wolf Pred 4 dnevi
Finally JJ, Simon and Ethan. The 3 I actually like to watch
JudeJitsu Pred 5 dnevi
I’m surprised the Buckley vs kasanganay ko wasnt here
Lad Pred 6 dnevi
They chose the worst KOs ever there’s so many better ones
anonymous anonymous
@Lad yeah true
Lad Pred 2 dnevi
@Addison Marriott Right
Lad Pred 2 dnevi
@anonymous anonymous well these are dogshit compared to every other KO that happened in the ufc Bellator or even one championship but the video chose some of the deadest ones
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous Pred 2 dnevi
The Best 2020 MMA Knockouts, not of all time.
MJxFM Pred 2 dnevi
Don’t think there were any kicks
Amanda M
Amanda M Pred 6 dnevi
I would marry any of these guys. ❤️❤️😘
Marko Kos
Marko Kos Pred 6 dnevi
yo Bez you know there is no more yougoslavia there is croatia and we shit on you in world cup 2018
Just ShortyYT
Just ShortyYT Pred 7 dnevi
Um how does pewdiepie have more subs than youtube lol
Perić Vasilije
Perić Vasilije Pred 9 dnevi
Can we all just take a moment for them thinking those are actual tattoos lmao
James Sines
James Sines Pred 9 dnevi
richard allwang
richard allwang Pred 9 dnevi
Y'all need to react to kimbo slice street knock outs ... Trust
gruby 17
gruby 17 Pred 10 dnevi
Theyre not tattos theyre temporary markings just for the sponsors, they wash off.
GUBES Pred 9 dnevi
i was wondering if anyone caught that
Razvan Andrei
Razvan Andrei Pred 10 dnevi
The Asians hitting with the legs on down ppl lol
MUTED Pred 12 dnevi
Ethan: “Let’s be homiesexual” Wouldn’t that mean we should call you guys the Bi-Men😂
papas_queefaria Pred 12 dnevi
They should watch ufc knockouts
HAcksawRIKS Pred 12 dnevi
Bez spoke roman dik so many times that his friends would notice but they dont give a shit 😅😅
Ucop Capeq
Ucop Capeq Pred 13 dnevi
These clips are fucking shit ngl
Micro Light
Micro Light Pred 13 dnevi
The icky tenor interestedly expand because gemini promisingly melt below a naughty jaw. drab, obeisant danger
Simp Pred 13 dnevi
Pulled a Nate Robinson
Malik Williams
Malik Williams Pred 13 dnevi
Not even tattoos lol just painted on😂 for the fight
Time bloxwarp
Time bloxwarp Pred 14 dnevi
Hey Sidmen a little story for ya I do kickboxing (mma) and one day I was doing a national tournament this kid thought it be funny(he like Logan paul) got into a fight with a girl who was in the tournament so I versed him next (I like ksi) so I said ksi vs logan paul 3 . He swings at mw I jab him and huck him so i stop until I'm told to and guess what.... as logan paul did he cried
Ben Lederer
Ben Lederer Pred 14 dnevi
No ufc??
Bethany Mitchell
Bethany Mitchell Pred 15 dnevi
The extra-large extra-small exuberant swiss separately delight because columnist sporadically damage via a broad yugoslavian. vast, nonstop jaw
johnny Pred 15 dnevi
u should have reacted to ufc stuff that shit is wack
Sladak 02
Sladak 02 Pred 15 dnevi
None of them have any knowledge on MMA so I had to leave before they talk even more bullshit
Chicken Plays
Chicken Plays Pred 16 dnevi
1:56 how ksi vs jake paul will go down
oli 64
oli 64 Pred 16 dnevi
Is it just me or anyone else want JJ to lamp jake paul
Satou Kazuma
Satou Kazuma Pred 16 dnevi
I wanted to get into UFC and MMA 10k likes and I'll do it.
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf Pred 17 dnevi
Drew Mistry
Drew Mistry Pred 17 dnevi
How much for Ethan to get a tattoo of all the sidemen on his arm
Draw with Dèmi
Draw with Dèmi Pred 17 dnevi
Nobody: Ethan: ROMAN DIK
Martin Pospisil
Martin Pospisil Pred 18 dnevi
Half of these are TKOs.
ObiSlash Pred 18 dnevi
0 ufc clips
Elijah Davidson
Elijah Davidson Pred 19 dnevi
Budget mma vids
NathThaGOD Pred 20 dnevi
"That has to be up north" Simon I know you’re a posh lad but they still have fucking octagons north of Watford you melt
MZM Pred 20 dnevi
No KOs from the UFC? maybe it had something to do with copyright but those are the real KOs of the year. Khamzat Chimaev one punch KO, Khaos Williams, Figgy, buckley and so many more amazing KOs
Free Pred 20 dnevi
Does Ethan relies Yogoslavia don’t exist anymore but I in my heart
kokoquiin Pred 20 dnevi
khabibi fan here like if you're his fan
Galactico 999
Galactico 999 Pred 21 dnevom
Conor McGregor would smash any youtuber or boxer in MMA they are just afraid to die and thus he boxes
David Struve
David Struve Pred 21 dnevom
I've been knocked out by a leather football blasted into my face at full force from basically point-blank range (I was a goal-keeper in school). Being knocked out is fine - it's just instant black like going under anaesthetic .... it's the waking up part that sucks lol
first name last name
first name last name Pred 21 dnevom
these are NOT best kos of 2020 wth
denny harris
denny harris Pred 21 dnevom
"this isnt birmingham this is like yugoslavia under a bridge" -Ethan underrated bit of commentary
Janik L.
Janik L. Pred 22 dnevi
When will they realise that they are temporary tats
UnHail Pred 22 dnevi
Y’all know how every group of friends has the homie that always acting sus, lowkey Ethan the sus homie😂
Soya Sause
Soya Sause Pred 22 dnevi
New title sidemen react to mate Robinson impressions
Joey Holm
Joey Holm Pred 22 dnevi
12:47 this is how Edie hall and hafbór björnsson fight is going to be.
Jay Dom
Jay Dom Pred 23 dnevi
Why are you reacting to knockouts from bums?
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Pred 23 dnevi
The daily leaf cranially squeal because air spontaneously correct into a elegant tanker. scientific, venomous ghana
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin Pred 23 dnevi
The tiresome partridge basally succeed because rule enzymatically long including a phobic advantage. rhetorical, painstaking power
Angela RosaAshkohossainR
The wary green coherently stroke because spruce iteratively blind sans a fascinated banjo. gamy, funny barometer
DiNoo Pred 24 dnevi
7:20 Alright, you guys heard it, seventy thigh thousand pounds final offer
Loltrol2355 !
Loltrol2355 ! Pred 24 dnevi
there not tattoos there skin stickers
Erick Delacruz
Erick Delacruz Pred 25 dnevi
React to UFC knockouts 😂
Kieran Keattch
Kieran Keattch Pred 25 dnevi
U should react to bare knuckle fist fights or Russian slapping contests
Lets Talk About It
Lets Talk About It Pred 25 dnevi
If u man start licking each other pure unsubs coming
Dan Pred 25 dnevi
This is a shit video though, all random amateur shit or whatever the fuck that Russian looking promotion is, there’s better knockouts on every UFC card than every single knockout in this video, should have reacted to something better tbh. Especially if it’s just “2020 knockouts” while the original I’m pretty sure is only august the top 2020 knockouts would easily have the clip where the guy catches his opponents leg and the donny spins around and knocks him out with his heel.
BaffoNigga Pred 25 dnevi
0:46 I guess jj taste li shit... I'm jocking he tastes like mango
Lyrk Pred 25 dnevi
It’s pen not a tattoo
lawry Pred 25 dnevi
They should react to best ufc knockouts so they can see the Joaquin Buckley kick
Gamer and reactor
Gamer and reactor Pred 25 dnevi
F ullcounterSin
F ullcounterSin Pred 25 dnevi
Those arent real tatoos theyr just those that stay for a few days
Corbin Bugler
Corbin Bugler Pred 26 dnevi
Sidemen ufc watch party ?
TwinkyDK Pred 26 dnevi
React to best boxing knockouts
Sindre Edvardsen Lundring
12:48 I swear that's gotta be Harry Kane's long lost brother
Mark Mcintyre
Mark Mcintyre Pred 26 dnevi
Filip Brtan
Filip Brtan Pred 26 dnevi
They deleted the yugoslavia comment what an idiot he is
Aryan Mishra
Aryan Mishra Pred 27 dnevi
Gregor Vs cerrone?
Azeem Qayyum
Azeem Qayyum Pred 27 dnevi
You should check out Asim hamed
TryHardJordxn -_-
TryHardJordxn -_- Pred 28 dnevi
Bro that hand licking thing is corona waiting to happen
Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray Pred 28 dnevi
crazy how these guys are getting 1-2 mil views average on every video and haven’t had 1 video under a mil
Ash Campbell-barnes
Ash Campbell-barnes Pred 28 dnevi
I think maybe you guys should react to some of Joanna Jedrzejczyk Fights, i believe she is the best woman boxer there is
KingKaiO5 Pred 28 dnevi
13:50 nah nah nah I’m not having that, don’t do Herb Dean like that, he a legend.
Paul Vos
Paul Vos Pred 27 dnevi
Man should've said Mario Yamasaki, that would've made sense. Saying that that is Herb Dean shit is just very wrong
veyaJK Pred 29 dnevi
Ethan should be a boxer
PWR BWS Pred 29 dnevi
I don't like someone if they tattoo if it small I allowed it but if it big nah out the house
Peace Rey
Peace Rey Pred 29 dnevi
that is how I want to see ksi knock out jake paul
Vukašin Nikolin
Vukašin Nikolin Pred 29 dnevi
those are not real tattoos on their bodies... its painted until the fight ends
Davo Pred 29 dnevi
If you come to Australia I wouldn’t say you want a bag when referring to money
Kuba N
Kuba N Pred 29 dnevi
U know that logos on their back aint tatoos??
David Pred mesecem
react to best UFC knockouts 2020
viggan XVII
viggan XVII Pred mesecem
pls react to mirko cro cup finishes
Scott Gamble
Scott Gamble Pred mesecem
Me waiting for Connor megegor v Jose Aldo
Itz_ Woodzy
Itz_ Woodzy Pred mesecem
Meanwhile under a bridge in western Yugoslavia
Zachary Sobczak
Zachary Sobczak Pred mesecem
Need to react to spinning knockouts they are crazy
RON TEX Pred mesecem
Ethan:- see there is Roman dik Everyone:- we are going to pretend we didn't saw anything
Lore Catan
Lore Catan Pred 29 dnevi
*instant flashback to Dick Roman from Supernatural*
CzC Diabloinsti
CzC Diabloinsti Pred mesecem
Robert Yeats
Robert Yeats Pred mesecem
SLtv are getting really comfortable with these 2 unskippable ads
Andrew Parr
Andrew Parr Pred mesecem
How are they gonna leave out Buckley’s knockout
K.Zarembiak Pred mesecem
The tatooes on their bodies aren't permanent. They last for a few days and many figthers do that because not all of them have the money for preparations to fights.
Zoe J
Zoe J Pred mesecem
"do all sidemen taste the same?" video coming soon!! lmao
The Z3nBLUE Pred mesecem
Yous should watch best ufc knockout. They are fucken gold
Landriuss Jr
Landriuss Jr Pred mesecem
Why was there no UFC knockouts in this video I’m so confused
Nejc Blažun
Nejc Blažun Pred mesecem
Has anybody noticed that sidemen vids r off center
We need to stop kids content
The intro is giving me ptsd of Greg Paul
S Pred mesecem
Surely they didn’t think they were real tattoos??
steez Pred mesecem
there is no ufc clips why?
steez Pred mesecem
do they realize that there is actually technique involed on the ground?
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