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Thank you for sticking with me and all the positive comments across my social media platforms, you guys are the gang & I cannot let you down. I'm extremely sorry for being so fluctuative with my upload schedule, I'm just really trying to put so much work in right now and I'm loving it, As I'm typing this I just got back from another high detail boxing session and I feel so accomplished as I'm nailing so many tiny things to enable me to be a better fighter come august, love gang.
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14. apr. 2018

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caspianYT Pred 7 meseci
Lol protons
foxtheiceking_ Pred letom
When tf is the fight XD
Kyle Pred letom
Wow! You've changed so much! Altough the fight never happened, you still continued training and now you you don't leave the gym
Gaff3r1976 Pred 9 meseci
this is what incorouge him to train
Extra User
Extra User Pred 10 meseci
Imagine Behz fighting now this is 5 months after u commented behz has gotten more fit and in the sidemen how hard can the Sidemen hit behz looked like he had good potential
I dont care
I dont care Pred 2 leti
behz dun know what protein is.
harvey hunter
harvey hunter Pred 2 leti
Sadly never happened
Aokiji Pred 2 leti
Comparing u in this video to the way u look is mad. Big up bez
Jeremiah Piwas
Jeremiah Piwas Pred 2 leti
Mini jumpscare 0:30
Xcelgum Pred 2 leti
Good job
NSY9Distroyer GNNR
NSY9Distroyer GNNR Pred 2 leti
Take V.H.S view out I don’t like it that much
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson Pred 2 leti
u dont even have to train
John Millar
John Millar Pred 2 leti
Well done behzinga for overcoming all of your hate on the you wheight and the amount of wheight you have lost
James Williams
James Williams Pred 2 leti
What are them press ups tho tf
Lucas Pred 2 leti
Is the fight still on?
Suly Bham
Suly Bham Pred 2 leti
Jalen M
Jalen M Pred 2 leti
Everyone want to box now
Brandon Keegan
Brandon Keegan Pred 2 leti
Light heavy weights and above at amatire lever have to wear 14oz gloves or above I have been told so just be happy your not wearing 16oz there bulky af fun tho cos you don’t feel much
Sultana Bandar
Sultana Bandar Pred 2 leti
It'sBeth! !!!
It'sBeth! !!! Pred 2 leti
"England is my city" 😂😂😂😂FML go on behz
klaudiusz sobecki
klaudiusz sobecki Pred 2 leti
Those press ups hehe XD
Internalised Oppression
Moon Head
Moon Head Pred 2 leti
Been boxing only a few months myself now! It’s a great thing to start doing, if you’re fan of boxing or just for fitness! Awesome watching your journey too. Keep it up man
PhanthomSnake Pred 2 leti
Kassim Ndikumana
Kassim Ndikumana Pred 2 leti
Came back to the video just for Behzinga's singing XD
Mason Dunbar
Mason Dunbar Pred 2 leti
Film some more gym / boxing videos
Jamie Struthers
Jamie Struthers Pred 2 leti
Love to see more videos like this behz!!!
Nicholas Van de Kerckhof
Little tip: you can shake the whole mixer to make it easier
Tommy Pred 2 leti
I dont like that vhs effect
Dilan Pred 2 leti
Not a fan of the VHS effect mate
B H Pred 2 leti
It will be great if you train has hard as ksi and that and destroy creepy cromton
Demar Martin
Demar Martin Pred 2 leti
Your meant to add milk to the smoothie 😂
Ragin Ranga
Ragin Ranga Pred 2 leti
You need to add fucking milk or water to your shake
Lachlan Williams
Lachlan Williams Pred 2 leti
When he says eating protons it sounds like he is eating red because protonopia is the red colourblind Ness
swazy11 Pred 2 leti
Why does he have a massive bruse
S4T1NSDAD Pred 2 leti
This is a joke grow these biceps and also making these biceps
David Levett
David Levett Pred 2 leti
I love the video but dont really like the effects btw nock out crompton
Cortex Bantam X
Cortex Bantam X Pred 2 leti
nicks gonna bail
Sampo Poikelin
Sampo Poikelin Pred 2 leti
Duncan Harvey
Duncan Harvey Pred 2 leti
Can’t wait for this guys fight
Kamrul Bari
Kamrul Bari Pred 2 leti
Remember when we all subbed these guys for FIFA? Yeah. Where has it gone now...
James Smith
James Smith Pred 2 leti
Take filter off
Frank .B
Frank .B Pred 2 leti
Don’t really like the editing old diary thing
xzarria Pred 2 leti
i like the vhs thing but dont use it anymore then you have. Make sure its just clips like that but yeah awesome idea, awesome vid!
Diyan Bhudiya
Diyan Bhudiya Pred 2 leti
man said protons
Light IV
Light IV Pred 2 leti
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Pred 2 leti
Ur wasting ya time fella
Raidz Pred 2 leti
@Behzinga next time defrost the fruit first
Hectic Hector
Hectic Hector Pred 2 leti
isnt gods plan copyright for u ?
Some Kid
Some Kid Pred 2 leti
Behz working harder than Deji
Zebroose Pred 2 leti
Seeing Behzinga with Abs is gonna be mad
Jamie Barnes
Jamie Barnes Pred 2 leti
Defrost the berries before u blend them
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Pred 2 leti
Keep up the training! Good on you !
jake prd
jake prd Pred 2 leti
this is going to be the best fight ever
Petey J
Petey J Pred 2 leti
Cook a healthy meal on camera with steak or chicken or something :)
Diego Escamilla
Diego Escamilla Pred 2 leti
Your commentary in banter 🤣
Mohsin Ahmed
Mohsin Ahmed Pred 2 leti
Don't forget that if you lose (which I doubt), you are going to be known as the guy who got KO'd by the England is my city guy...
Scott Pred 2 leti
What moron blends without liquid in it 😂
Reapinit Pred 2 leti
3:11 "She said do you love me... You like that? Yeah?" I do like it yes.
Kessy Okonkwo
Kessy Okonkwo Pred 2 leti
Protons ? Did my guy mean protein ? 😂
Jagz X
Jagz X Pred 2 leti
You need to add a base for the smoothie
Musa Hussainn
Musa Hussainn Pred 2 leti
Do vlogs
Sasheel Surjoo
Sasheel Surjoo Pred 2 leti
u eat breeyani and tinfish
Sam Kanjiani
Sam Kanjiani Pred 2 leti
Even behz is training harder then deji
good vid 👍🏻 keep up the vlogs big gun
erik mancilla
erik mancilla Pred 2 leti
Your lady is very pretty mate
Rangerrye Pred 2 leti
If you don’t beat gayfuck I’m going to unsub and never watch you again
Ishy Tube
Ishy Tube Pred 2 leti
You are soooo Good . Keep up the great work!!!😍
J B Pred 2 leti
That yoghurt has protons, his hand has protons, the wall has protons
x7-Reign Pred 2 leti
can u go back to helmet boy
zlx Pred 2 leti
Im happy for you bezinga good luck on the figth....i know you got this
Kobi friedchicken
Kobi friedchicken Pred 2 leti
More vids mate I can see you in 5 months U will look so handsome
Zed Girl Gamer
Zed Girl Gamer Pred 2 leti
So proud of behz... it takes a lot of effort to get in a boxing ring and as a boxer i know
Cov Volume
Cov Volume Pred 2 leti
This is sick I do these work outs in my law enforcement class
Matt Pred 2 leti
"proton" 😁
ADJ001 Pred 2 leti
You are not supposed to fill the cup up all the way, only 4/5
Andres Aviles Grue
Andres Aviles Grue Pred 2 leti
I like the GarageBand track in the background
SBWA Pred 2 leti
Watching him attempt to create that yogurt without adding any liquid apart from another yogurt pained me. I own that blender and it will blend solid things but it throws them up and they stick to the side of the bottle and don't drop back onto the blades, the blades just spin with no resistance and it burns out the motor so quickly it's horrible haha
OllyG7 Pred 2 leti
Bez gonna be ripped by August
Vit Kozusky
Vit Kozusky Pred 2 leti
Fucking Behz can't even make a smoothie :D
J1 Pred 2 leti
Itz Max
Itz Max Pred 2 leti
Don’t like the CHS effect the grafics make it hard to see the actual footage
UtdAdrien Pred 2 leti
you need to put liquid in the blender common knowledge
Aidan shote
Aidan shote Pred 2 leti
can we see more gym stuff
Diamond Anderson
Diamond Anderson Pred 2 leti
More of your workout
James Kelly
James Kelly Pred 2 leti
More workout vids plz
King Cloud
King Cloud Pred 2 leti
Lets get those protons behz!
King Cloud
King Cloud Pred 2 leti
I am going on this journey with you. Lets do it!!!
King Cloud
King Cloud Pred 2 leti
These videos are good.
George Sceaphierde
George Sceaphierde Pred 2 leti
Why do all these SLtvrs think they’re fighters 😂
Rif103 Pred 2 leti
i dont care if you dont post vids, we want you to keep training and smash Mr England is my citys face
Seko 702
Seko 702 Pred 2 leti
This man is fighting? Wow irrelevant
72erys Pred 2 leti
I beg you and JJ make a song for the fight
CHIMERA ToAbZzTeR Pred 2 leti
I want to see more boxing training! Keep the good workup!
Matt larkins
Matt larkins Pred 2 leti
i actually quite enjoyed this video mate :)
Ara Oomed5050
Ara Oomed5050 Pred 2 leti
Keep doing this
NotDaniel327 Pred 2 leti
Smh that’s a good blender but u gotta put some damn liquid in it
yeeleng thao
yeeleng thao Pred 2 leti
Thijs Vorstman
Thijs Vorstman Pred 2 leti
It hurts to say it but bezhinga could beat comedyshortsgamer
lookin' good Behz!
Flexer Pred 2 leti
Nigga really called protein protons
lgor Bogacki
lgor Bogacki Pred 2 leti
Okay, the video was quality. Loved the old school filter. If you want to stop making videos for a while to focus, I think people would understand and give support
George Spencer
George Spencer Pred 2 leti
More of these
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