Answering Questions I Really Don't Want To Answer 

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1. jul. 2020

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Behzinga Pred 8 meseci
Hope you guys enjoy this video, Feel like in the last two weeks you guys have got to know me a little bit more! Remember go to expressvpn.com/behzinga to take back your internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free 📲
Naud Ams
Naud Ams Pred 26 dnevi
You’re a hero
Faye Teigan
Faye Teigan Pred mesecem
Well done for opening up it’s a hard thing too do trust me ! Your amazing and we all love and support you ❤️
Ana 1
Ana 1 Pred 2 meseci
We’re very glad you did get out of the car❤️
Vinnie Owens
Vinnie Owens Pred 2 meseci
U r so strong for coming out well done not many people have the courage. Big up u
Cameron Booth
Cameron Booth Pred 3 meseci
@Ben Humphries my dad just passed away in august, I love to think of him as a friend, as well as a dad...know the pain
summer games
summer games Pred 2 dnevi
There is no god higher than truth. An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Where there is love there is life. Hate the sin, love the sinner. In a gentle way, you can shake the world. The future depends on what we do in the present. Action expresses priorities. If you don't ask, you don't get it Just some good gandhi quotes!
Burningflame 19
Burningflame 19 Pred 6 dnevi
Hiya I admire your braveness for opening up! I dont know if you will ever read this or see it even but your words of encouragement helped me a lot. I tried to take my own life two nights ago and it failed clearly but this may sound crazy but I am not much of a believer when it comes to God but I can not help but think it is a sign for me to stay here and finish my story. Thank you for being so brave and encouraging you have no idea how much your words and your story has helped me and can inspire others. Annalise
SBK - Pred 7 dnevi
Some of those questions wtf
Simply Sergei Vlogs
Simply Sergei Vlogs Pred 9 dnevi
9:50 start of Behzinga sad story
Aidan Cooper
Aidan Cooper Pred 9 dnevi
Stay strong legend💙💙
ExoticTaco Pred 10 dnevi
That guy looks like declan rice ngl
dennis dedan
dennis dedan Pred 16 dnevi
Watching these videos without bathing, my mama is going to kill his first 21 son for not bathing early.
A.1806.S Pred 19 dnevi
Every one talking about his story What about that fookin massive shlonger
CottonCloudyPlays Pred 21 dnevom
That you shared your story wow.That is amazing,Ive seen some things on it i saw Tobi say some stuff about out and a tiny but ive seen Josh.
Y A Pred 21 dnevom
ljummingen Pred 22 dnevi
Telling that story was brave, you are an inspiration.
Sweetsee Pred 23 dnevi
Lol your probably really innocent 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erik Johannessen
Erik Johannessen Pred 23 dnevi
Zachary Chapman
Zachary Chapman Pred 24 dnevi
So proud of you mate. Only real men talk about their battles and their emotional and mental health. Love yah work man
Jacksonmakesnoise Pred 24 dnevi
I think at 5:01 he says ‘f’d a cat’
AGR_H4r1bo 0
AGR_H4r1bo 0 Pred 27 dnevi
I just broke down in tears when he spoke about what he wanted to do as I’ve gone through smt similar before and it’s hard to get thru but if u just keep ur head up u can do anything
Woozy Pred 28 dnevi
It takes a lot of courage to let out your story. So glad you are strong.
FLEx MEx Pred 28 dnevi
Unknown Pred 28 dnevi
I feel sooo sorry for bez man he is such a good man 😌 luckily he didn’t do anything ❤️❤️ we have to protect and love him at all times I just want to give him a BIG hug ngl he keeps me going every day and so does all the sidemen they all speak real facts and keep me going #lovebez
Bradley Starkey
Bradley Starkey Pred 28 dnevi
Bez is a top donny - big respect bro
Finn Dugmore
Finn Dugmore Pred 29 dnevi
You think the car thing was stupid, bez said cows drink milk!!! (Joke btw your an inspiration£
qash 123
qash 123 Pred mesecem
P n
P n Pred mesecem
Well done pal. I believe more men suffer and keep quite. I have suffered with depression, so I know how hard it is to turn the voices off..... Keep. The content coming
jasson toorn
jasson toorn Pred mesecem
Not that many people have that much strength or will power
Felix Rylin
Felix Rylin Pred mesecem
Remember we love you ❤️😥
Jessica Ryn
Jessica Ryn Pred mesecem
This is in no way to make fun of him as I am very proud of him for telling us but why was he smiling whilst talking about commiting suicide
Jessica Ryn
Jessica Ryn Pred 26 dnevi
@Makaseem true lol
Makaseem Pred 26 dnevi
i think its him feeling uncomfortable some people do that as a coping mechanism i
Bella xo
Bella xo Pred mesecem
i didn’t want to cry tonight but here we are. inspirational
Lil Cumrag
Lil Cumrag Pred mesecem
i’ve always liked you bro i’m glad you’re still alive today
Bethany Thorpe
Bethany Thorpe Pred mesecem
when you explained that story i actually cried
Lucas Dalli
Lucas Dalli Pred mesecem
Yes my g
charl Pred mesecem
so much respect for you i’ve never felt so inspired thank you
A- Fifa
A- Fifa Pred mesecem
Behz is underrated 🐐👑
Supreme Jonathan12
Supreme Jonathan12 Pred mesecem
Im crying
sky Pred mesecem
my old hamster was called behzinga , also absolutely love your video's ❤, keep it up 👌
anna-leigh x
anna-leigh x Pred mesecem
yourvso strong i love u
mossy2005 Pred mesecem
Rayy Ali Ali
Rayy Ali Ali Pred mesecem
10:01 Your Welcome
Shannon Lewis
Shannon Lewis Pred 2 meseci
i don't normally comment on youtube videos, but this video was amazing! you will have helped so many people without even realising, thank you so much!!! xx
Frog Man
Frog Man Pred 2 meseci
Jadeabby Pred 2 meseci
Thankyou for being so open❤️
Rehan Afzal
Rehan Afzal Pred 2 meseci
Let's go bhez keep strong
Nach0 Pred 2 meseci
Gotta love finishing exams and coming to this HAHA
Joshua Hunt
Joshua Hunt Pred 2 meseci
cant believe we nearly didnt have a 7th sideman today. glad ur still here king 👑
Fuck Youtube
Fuck Youtube Pred 2 meseci
Death gotta be easy, cause life is hard
Tiago Alves
Tiago Alves Pred 2 meseci
"4 mil subs by the end of the year" already done that mate
daniel fleming
daniel fleming Pred 2 meseci
@behzinga thank u for still bein here u inspire me so much
ChloeJane Equestrian
ChloeJane Equestrian Pred 3 meseci
‘Got into the car without the intention of getting back out’ that really hit hard, thank you so much for staying strong you are an amazing human ❤️
Tygo Woud
Tygo Woud Pred 3 meseci
even though this vid is like half a year ago and all the things happened in your life a lot longer ago i still want to let you know you are a strong men and no matter what others might say or think you are an inspirational person
Listenerz Pred 3 meseci
7:47 I was dieing
noscopefuzion Pred 3 meseci
I wonder what was actually said when it was blurred
420 MorningStar
420 MorningStar Pred 3 meseci
5 mil subs by the end of the year cmon lads
Go Beauty
Go Beauty Pred 3 meseci
Bxze Pred 3 meseci
"Have yu ever found a child attractive" *Shane Dawson has entered the chat*
Melissa Dale
Melissa Dale Pred 19 dnevi
Omg I read that as he said it haha
Moa A
Moa A Pred 20 dnevi
Different controversy, friend
Nicholas Shewchuk
Nicholas Shewchuk Pred 3 meseci
Behz I’m going through the same thing u went through, what’s the best way to overcome it
Erick :
Erick : Pred 3 meseci
Ayse Ayse
Ayse Ayse Pred 3 meseci
That Frog
That Frog Pred 3 meseci
If you ask "Do you want a hug?"... And they say, "No, I'm ok, I'm ok" as if trying to convince you AND themselves, they really, really need that hug. SO... Give 'em a good hug, make them feel loved, as i it were you. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” - Mae West
Waffling English Man
Waffling English Man Pred 3 meseci
Sliders n socks yes now den fella
Lyndsey Elting
Lyndsey Elting Pred 4 meseci
You could tell he was anxious because he was twisting his ring 🥺 I love him
Poaers Basei
Poaers Basei Pred 4 meseci
"I got in that car, with the intention of not getting back out of it." That line hit me!
no one
no one Pred 4 meseci
This the story that even grown man will cry You are a fucking legend behz
Ya like Jazz
Ya like Jazz Pred 4 meseci
Keep strong Behz 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Alej.0rea Pred 4 meseci
why do u name yourself
Riv Hip-Hop
Riv Hip-Hop Pred 4 meseci
Inspired me to be more honest about my depression. Cheers man
Aaron Bane
Aaron Bane Pred 4 meseci
Such an inspiration i respect this man so much
N6b Pred 4 meseci
Tia Isadore-Badger
Tia Isadore-Badger Pred 4 meseci
“Many of you watch my videos unsubscribed” Me: 👁👄👁
TrippyLucas Pred 4 meseci
I wanna cry dude I don’t want this dude to ever leave the earth if he died I would cry anc cry and cry 😭 I will never be my self ever again
Dalaw_ 6226
Dalaw_ 6226 Pred 4 meseci
It's the toaf to 5 mil not 4
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad Pred 4 meseci
I bet Lauren alexis is the first to hit this video🤣🤣
Josh Reilly
Josh Reilly Pred 4 meseci
Honestly Behz your an absolute legend so happy you fought through the tough times because if it happened you on my screen I would’ve missed the reddit and the laughs
Bleach Vibezz
Bleach Vibezz Pred 4 meseci
We’re all crying rn
clip erz
clip erz Pred 4 meseci
bro ethans so inspiring and so is the mindset he makes my day every day and i get out of bed purely because of how you pulled yourself out of your battle and hopefully your happiness helps me pull myself out of mine thanks for the happiness you bring
Joshua Carrasquillo
Joshua Carrasquillo Pred 4 meseci
8:00 POV girls on comment section “i can change that”
Alex Pred 4 meseci
At 5:39 put on your headphones and turn the volume to max...Good luck;)
Vector Bond
Vector Bond Pred 4 meseci
Behzy bear 🥺🥺
CrSoham Pred 4 meseci
"I got in that car, with the intention of not getting back out of it." *NGL I legit had goosebumps*
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro Pred 4 meseci
I got a jack daniels ad pretty ironic
Keiran Woods
Keiran Woods Pred 4 meseci
Is he gay now?
miningmonkey1 Pred 4 meseci
RM Gamez
RM Gamez Pred 4 meseci
Sky remotes are 10 inches
miningmonkey1 Pred 4 meseci
Sri sai Dutt
Sri sai Dutt Pred 4 meseci
is sam gay?
Samina B
Samina B Pred 4 meseci
I just had to subscribe 🙌🏽
Gamer Peezy
Gamer Peezy Pred 4 meseci
Best like ratio I’ve seen on a video
miningmonkey1 Pred 4 meseci
TheMrbiggs Pred 4 meseci
One of my closest friends killed himself in a car crash a few months ago. He maybe gone, but I’m just happy you stopped before you did something irreversible.
Natasha Daniels
Natasha Daniels Pred 4 meseci
I couldn't think of losing behz😢😢
Iro Pred 4 meseci
That’s why never hate when u don’t know them properly
cole Younger
cole Younger Pred 4 meseci
Keep your head up king you have so many reasons to be here and so many people love you. Stay blessed
femke ter beek
femke ter beek Pred 4 meseci
OMG.... glad you came to your senses.... good for you.... 😇
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins Pred 4 meseci
Watching this video months after and it still hits deep,keep going man no stronger person than you ✌️
Mumeet Pred 4 meseci
Nothing but respect for this man. Truly inspirational.
Emily Bradfute
Emily Bradfute Pred 4 meseci
Wow mad respect.
Oliver Simpson
Oliver Simpson Pred 4 meseci
Man here i am saying your my favourite person on youtube and you felt this way? I'm so happy you didn't go through with this more people would've missed you than you'd ever know
Maggie Sherou
Maggie Sherou Pred 4 meseci
we did it guys....we reached 4 mil subs
Hannah Whittall
Hannah Whittall Pred 4 meseci
I am so proud of you for coming out with that story must of been hard to talk about it but yu kept strong that’s something I can look up to and you thank you love yu
RKsteve Pred 4 meseci
A Sky controller is 10 inches in length wtf
I’m A Potato
I’m A Potato Pred 4 meseci
He was the last person I would expect to have suicidal thoughts
Cadynce Williams
Cadynce Williams Pred 4 meseci
its 2 in the morning and im balling my eyes out after hearing your story
Lokesh Sharma
Lokesh Sharma Pred 4 meseci
Stay strong, we love you❤️
Mr Tekkerz
Mr Tekkerz Pred 4 meseci
“Do you want a hug” that’s a real friend right there
Ending it all
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