LeBron James' TOP PLAYS | Last 5 Seasons 

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Relive the TOP PLAYS from LeBron James over the last 5 seasons.
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18. apr. 2020

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tamara lacna
tamara lacna Pred 3 dnevi
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Alvin Yuan
Alvin Yuan Pred 4 dnevi
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Esilda Islamaj
Esilda Islamaj Pred 7 dnevi
lets go Lebron James
Tristan Britt
Tristan Britt Pred 13 dnevi
Lebron gone to hoop til he's bald head like the rest of the greatest . Jordan Kobe Mail Man ect ..I really belive lebron will leave nba 2nd I. Scoring.. thumbs up if u agree
Tristan Britt
Tristan Britt Pred 4 dnevi
@jima dak lebron: 35,300 Kareem: 38390 ...he got long way to go and plenty time .
jima dak
jima dak Pred 5 dnevi
1st forsure. he'll get it trust
Johnny Crain
Johnny Crain Pred 14 dnevi
Crazy how many of these are in the finals
Chris George
Chris George Pred 14 dnevi
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Daniel James
Daniel James Pred 14 dnevi
LeBron greatest of all time
Sefa Can Genç
Sefa Can Genç Pred 17 dnevi
legend 🔥🔥
AZ Pred 18 dnevi
I made my own montage about MONTREZL HARRELL. check in my channel if you want, sorry for spam.
Tyree Powell
Tyree Powell Pred 19 dnevi
Lebron James Is The Most Valuable Player Of All Time In NBA History As His Legacy Continues.
Jackey Chen
Jackey Chen Pred 22 dnevi
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Yusuf Yıldırım
Yusuf Yıldırım Pred 26 dnevi
Caua Eduardo1337
Caua Eduardo1337 Pred 27 dnevi
Algum BR
Johnny Acevedo Soto
Johnny Acevedo Soto Pred 27 dnevi
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Juan francisco Geraldo
Este hombre es una bestia madre mia
Cj Prince
Cj Prince Pred 29 dnevi
Prime Lebron was 2017-2018 Lebron.
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred mesecem
Lebron is not a top 20 NBA player all time. Lebron is the most overrated player ever in any sports history 💯💯💯💯💯
Jay Ward
Jay Ward Pred mesecem
Jeezz. He is already broke the all points scoring record. Word
slick world
slick world Pred mesecem
Only a lebron fans turn haters a.k.a gsw fans got something shit to say about this🤣
Divion Ocheltree
Divion Ocheltree Pred mesecem
*lebron bullying Toronto montage
HipHopNerd Thetall
HipHopNerd Thetall Pred mesecem
Look left,pass right..come on now
Tristan Patriarca
Tristan Patriarca Pred mesecem
Amparo Schober
Amparo Schober Pred mesecem
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Marri Bindu
Marri Bindu Pred mesecem
leclutch james
Rowena Dasmariñas
Rowena Dasmariñas Pred mesecem
My admiration to LBJ is forever..🤩😍
Joseph Sasu
Joseph Sasu Pred mesecem
Just asking how fast can LBJ run,this is too much,crazy.Gotta love him.
Hansel Velasquez
Hansel Velasquez Pred mesecem
Stil mvps the seassons
Preme Divina
Preme Divina Pred 2 meseci
#Lbj23 walang katapat!
Terrell James
Terrell James Pred 2 meseci
Now nobody in the league has better highlights then king James. Might be in history never ever
Erran Manguerra
Erran Manguerra Pred 2 meseci
very strategic, very good at reading the opponent's game it's just funny to think that for me he is still the best NBA player now even though he is old go LBJ 💪💪solid lakers
Vash Pred 2 meseci
12:18 "i love the attack one on one this is KD vs Lebron James" he tells Javelle Mcgee "MIND YOUR BUSINESS!"
Alimango Sports Tv
Alimango Sports Tv Pred 2 meseci
The best play of king jame. King of the court.
Cold Wolf
Cold Wolf Pred 2 meseci
Lmao just think this 33 minutes of his past 5years out of 18 😂😭
Reynaldo fuentes Garcia jr
He kick the devil Running for mvp
Allen 'The Answer' Iverson
Say he ain't the goat whatever but he is the one and Only King LBJ and the greatest of our era
Martine ange-Trovet
Martine ange-Trovet Pred 2 meseci
know the king cury fear his reter in front of him all the fane de cury parter make you back
ashunt29 Pred 2 meseci
LeBron may not be the GOAT to most but he is definitely THE KING!!! He's like a magician. His eye coordination is out of this world. When he passed the ball behind his back through Tristan Thompsons' legs, caught it on the other side for himself and shot it. I don't know if Tristan Thompson still knows that he did it. Blessed! Is it me or does Kyrie Irving seem more happy playing alongside of LeBron???
SinisterMud Pred 2 meseci
OOOO BLOCKED BY JAMES!! One of the most legendary commentary moments aswell!
Tom Mateu
Tom Mateu Pred 2 meseci
If you think about how many players got way better thanks to LeBron. He has impacted so many players, coaches, franchises and entires cities. Enjoy while we can.
Bhing Esmas
Bhing Esmas Pred 2 meseci
imagine thos brainless said that jordan can beat this guy in there prime sshhh even dat 4rth season lebron can defeat prime jordan if brainless knows bsketball yet..jordan eat the dust of lebron lmao
Mongo75Slade Pred 2 meseci
In this 5 years he got better in the all time list
Real brew
Real brew Pred 3 meseci
Stop playing Derrick rose is in hall of fame dude has average 18 for the last 8 years he get buckets in chi he #1 of all time
Real brew
Real brew Pred 3 meseci
He has been to 5 more finals since the last time he played with wade two more finals since kyrie in three years this man has had 12 years of none stop playoff basketball he has gotten past the second round playsoff 16 out of 18 years 10 finals in 13 years i dont care what seed you have when you see LeBron name and it before the conference finals you already know its over
Real brew
Real brew Pred 3 meseci
There was not one highlight twice in 30 min let that sink in
ArtsyAngel Pred 3 meseci
Prime Pred 3 meseci
jamaine berry
jamaine berry Pred 3 meseci
🐐 James
ace matitu
ace matitu Pred 3 meseci
I hate lbj for being born 100years too early. Too unfair. Somebody tag skip
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred 3 meseci
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빛이유 Pred 3 meseci
그저 경이롭다는 말밖에는....
Bean Pred 4 meseci
god's son
JC Santos
JC Santos Pred 4 meseci
Can anyone show this video to Kyrie Irving? HAHAHA
Ethan Blandon
Ethan Blandon Pred 4 meseci
Ethan Blandon
Ethan Blandon Pred 28 dnevi
@Gerald Wilson lmao talking about missing two playoffs in the first 2 years when he’s made 10 finals. What a casual
Ethan Blandon
Ethan Blandon Pred 28 dnevi
@Gerald Wilson bruh with no bron Kyrie ain’t making playoffs. 🤡
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 29 dnevi
@Ethan Blandon bron miss 2004 and 2005 playoffs with Cleveland 😭😭😭😭😭 and lebron had big z who was 2005 all star nooo excuses
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 29 dnevi
@Ethan Blandon lebron missed 2 playoffs with Cleveland 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred 29 dnevi
@Ethan Blandon Cleveland made playoffs all in the 90s clown
Sherman Tung
Sherman Tung Pred 4 meseci
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Mike Abe Opinions
Mike Abe Opinions Pred 4 meseci
Lbj and Ad the best for L.A
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred mesecem
Kawhi better than lebron James
FenkinBu Pred 4 meseci
Guys I don't think LeBron likes people from the Balkans
FenkinBu Pred 4 meseci
Can u believe the fact all of these are from LeBron? That just speaks volumes
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor Pred 4 meseci
Lebron his 35 and still doing nba and still the best of all Time with 4 mvps and 4 nba championships with 3 different teams 😯
Tiger Hodzen
Tiger Hodzen Pred 4 meseci
"mama... There Goes that MAN" lol
Psalms 56:4 In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.
İzel Alvon
İzel Alvon Pred 4 meseci
And they say that he’s not clutch
大隣豊 Pred 4 meseci
2018 was definitely his year. They stole his MVP from him.
Zhuo Liu
Zhuo Liu Pred 4 meseci
Are We gon ignore the fact that this is 30 mins
L & G
L & G Pred 4 meseci
LEADING 3 different franchises to a title & winning 4 FMVPs is UNDERRATED...only 'the MEN in the ARENA', and maybe genuine basketball fans, can fully comprehend & appreciate this!!! 🏀🏆🏀💪🧠🏀🥇🏀
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pred 4 meseci
This man is so entertaining to watch ball bro. Gonna be a sad day when he retires
Shinsuke Daddy
Shinsuke Daddy Pred 4 meseci
"Mama there goes that man"
KIM SHIN Tv Pred 4 meseci
*LBJ* *KB* *MJ* *Still the best 3 players of all time*
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis Pred 4 meseci
unknownymous Pred 4 meseci
the way lebron been bullying the raptors thru the years...
Cristal Alcantara
Cristal Alcantara Pred 4 meseci
Cristal Alcantara
Cristal Alcantara Pred 4 meseci
yyiyetiyyiuyjuty9 8🛌🛀
Cristal Alcantara
Cristal Alcantara Pred 4 meseci
Cristal Alcantara
Cristal Alcantara Pred 4 meseci
uyryni ytu8e euiyw yy wu3 ewyiyt 🏀🏆h6u53u7i47iu5ou58o8 y6eyy8
Al Joshua?
Al Joshua? Pred 5 meseci
It's crazy because a lot of his highlights came against the Raptors.
Al Joshua?
Al Joshua? Pred 5 meseci
Mike Breen almost lost it when he caught the alley oop play.
Enrique More
Enrique More Pred 5 meseci
Hey fans this is an awesome video and the song is great!!! sltv.info/label/f5B5vrHXi2lojYg/video
Gian Tanga
Gian Tanga Pred 5 meseci
he is very entertaining to watch his play makes me so hype
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Pred 5 meseci
LeBron has tons of EPIC plays...
Ogambi Phecko
Ogambi Phecko Pred 5 meseci
"Mama there goes that man"
Rawlewin Chapman
Rawlewin Chapman Pred 5 meseci
Mateus Lages
Mateus Lages Pred 5 meseci
Micheal Kelly
Micheal Kelly Pred 5 meseci
Makes regular stars seem ordinary
Elsa Jean
Elsa Jean Pred 5 meseci
I wish everyone could just appreciate him, this greatness won’t last forever.
suwqp fkxks
suwqp fkxks Pred 5 meseci
that block on Iguodala my god still gives me chills to this day just unbelievable
Ken Andon
Ken Andon Pred 5 meseci
King James the best player in the land.....
power Girl
power Girl Pred 5 meseci
I like his body is huge and slender at the same time, really cool ❣️🇩🇿
Trishxa Vlogz
Trishxa Vlogz Pred 5 meseci
ashkira onyer
ashkira onyer Pred 5 meseci
when he decided to retire,i also retire to watch NBA anymore .,whenever he is,..he take good care of his self always 😭😭😭
Brian Daly
Brian Daly Pred 5 meseci
@3:44 Mama ... there goes that MAN !!!
Crypto Chofo
Crypto Chofo Pred 5 meseci
when he retires I'll cry man been watching him since his Junior year he's had like 10 peaks it seems. when he retires there will be officially 2 players ever in the game that WILL never EVER be replicated MJ and Bron. there will be a close MJ someday in terms of scoring, but it will take another 50 years to even come close to an overall player like Lebron. My hats off to both MJ and Bron.
Stephen WA
Stephen WA Pred 5 meseci
May I Own You
May I Own You Pred 5 meseci
@17:18 The fact that LBJ still doing “grown man” moves like this is insane...😔
May I Own You
May I Own You Pred 5 meseci
@11:41 LBJ a real one 4 dat 😭😭😭 I knew I woulda been hyped af !
Miles Davis
Miles Davis Pred 5 meseci
98% of lebrons plays are highlights. I wonder how long a full career ( reg season and playoffs) highlights video would be? Ima say around 3 hours. Just shows the consistency and greatness.
Cristal Alcantara
Cristal Alcantara Pred 5 meseci
tyugdgc 8
Great world 1
Great world 1 Pred 5 meseci
suwqp fkxks
suwqp fkxks Pred 5 meseci
that block on Iguodala my god still gives me chills to this day just unbelievable
ShowMeHowTube Pred 5 meseci
Most of the players we only knew them more after joining Lebron. Such an epic goat
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson Pred mesecem
Lebron ruin players career, lebron tradh he toxic and hes not better than kd
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This Made W2S Nearly Cry...