Brawl Theory: The Origin of EVERY Brawler! 

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The Origin of EVERY Brawler! | KairosTime
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In this Brawl Theory video, we're going to uncover the origin of every brawler! We're going to talk about their original concept, reveal some unknown facts about the Brawlers, talk about how they got their name, and much more! You don't want to miss this special Brawl Stars Brawl Theory!
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11. apr. 2021

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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Pred 27 dnevi
BUT HEY! THAT'S JUST A THEORY... a BRAWL Theory... Use Code Kairos in the Brawl Stars Shop Follow Paul on Twitter ► twitter.com/pawchaw
CupCat Pred 9 dnevi
@Doodoo Man ok so your joking
RobotBoy 3030
RobotBoy 3030 Pred 13 dnevi
What if STU means Stuart?
Doodoo Man
Doodoo Man Pred 14 dnevi
Are you gay or do you just look gay🤣🤣
b long
b long Pred 20 dnevi
Kairos your where i go for brawl theories. Your the first person i ever watched on tribe while OJ being the last (don't tell him that)
MLGkoala Playz
MLGkoala Playz Pred 20 dnevi
@Sugandhi Sharma ok
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Pred 8 urami
Gale is one of my favorite brawlers. So sad he got nerfed so hard. I just want to get back to season 2, with the gale and surge meta
Jayden Fernandez
Jayden Fernandez Pred 11 urami
what does a bad a mean?
Shiv Rai
Shiv Rai Pred 12 urami
Thumbnail: Pop it on Hamer Me: fidgets
Mikeal HH
Mikeal HH Pred 12 urami
Rico and Mortis being like Rick and morty blew my mind
Henri Reichmann
Henri Reichmann Pred 16 urami
That Rick and morty thing is interesting. I really love the series and I was already thinking about a Rick in brawl stars with a little robo- morty as his gadget or so
NxChip Pred dnevom
In French, Sprout's name is actually Wally!
Md Kashif
Md Kashif Pred dnevom
Leon is killua from hxh
MGamer765 Pred dnevom
I think Byron was Mortis before he turned to undead. Also they are both diabolical and their powers can damage and heal.
Tomki321 YT
Tomki321 YT Pred dnevom
when i heard max's name in my head was only one think - Max Verstappen
Damjan Berak
Damjan Berak Pred 2 dnevi
In the files brock is called "rocket girl"
Linc Turnbow
Linc Turnbow Pred 3 dnevi
Noob Noob
Noob Noob Pred 3 dnevi
Mr p /Mr penguin
VerPa Pred 3 dnevi
Poco:you wanna have a bad time?
realstr Pred 4 dnevi
broket will be a great skin
Miguel Salcido Hernandez
i remember when this game came out caus i remember being in clash royale for a while
Isaac Pred 5 dnevi
I loved this video ! Could you pleease do more videos like this one
Marin Jeong
Marin Jeong Pred 5 dnevi
brock is a girl....
Caleb Series Gang
Caleb Series Gang Pred 5 dnevi
Littery no one- Rick and Morty Me- The undertaker and ricochet
They also say primo for like saying bro so he is the bro
Aleksa Gavrilovic
Aleksa Gavrilovic Pred 5 dnevi
It would be cool if supercell add a brawler who can throw some kind of hook and get closer to enemies like Amumu from League of Legends, like gene, but reverse
PILL0W Pred 5 dnevi
Genies power reminds me of Aladdin from Magi
Jackal Sniper Snipez
Haven’t touched brawl stars in a while but once I saw how Belle performed, I immediately was like “what the f-“. That’s because I actually had a concept for a brawler that very similar, a western hit man brawler. What surprised me the most was the super which caused enemy brawlers to take more damage, that was also what I had for my concept. I know you’re not going to believe me but those are the only similarities between Belle and my concept. There are more differences than similarities such as gadget, star power, auto aim and aiming (which I planned to be very different). But then again, I’m not programmer, just some dude
keano dylan koster
keano dylan koster Pred 6 dnevi
what about belle
Nurman Seidamatov book 2
It's a prototype in brawl stars
No Name
No Name Pred 6 dnevi
Nada De Nada
Nada De Nada Pred 8 dnevi
i tihnk if Shelly have the Chicken super instead of the stack powered attack... maybe Shelly it was going to be pretty good in 3v3 but least played in showdown
Sasy Dp
Sasy Dp Pred 8 dnevi
4:56 as an italian,i can confirm. I thought from the start that his name was "the first"
Tacticool 12
Tacticool 12 Pred 9 dnevi
I like Ruff I would like to see more Dog or animal brawlers Im thinking of Wood as a sibling of Ruff and more of a Farmer opposite of Ruff thats a Space commander
Yes, I Use Discord
Yes, I Use Discord Pred 9 dnevi
So, all i have learnt is that the original concept of most brawlers had dude in their name
Some Guy
Some Guy Pred 9 dnevi
byron's name i think is either buy one get one free or bryon sell you snake oil extract then he run
The Slayer
The Slayer Pred 9 dnevi
I think stu is short for stunt because on him he has the letters nt finishing it off
Avvyoi Pred 9 dnevi
Theory: gale and Lou are working for mr.p because in one of gales lines he says “don’t blame me I only work for mr.p and Lou has a penguin in his hat
JaseT Pred 10 dnevi
I refuse to believe Leon isn’t inspired by Meleoron from HxH. Invisibility, green reptile (suit but.. it’s still green reptile in the design).. and Leon being in the name Meleoron.
Xce Pred 10 dnevi
Soidri Marcus
Soidri Marcus Pred 10 dnevi
Fun fact sprout in French is wally
Ryotamal - Eismagier - Oldsam
I KNEW IT XD! Rosa inspired by Rosa Parks
Michel Kalongo
Michel Kalongo Pred 10 dnevi
Wait, who's bruce??
Faz Nugget Doodles
Faz Nugget Doodles Pred 10 dnevi
Frank’s name is actually short for ‘Franklyn’ heard in the brawloween animation
Gustavs Beļskis
Gustavs Beļskis Pred 10 dnevi
Spikes family photo: dad: looking at wife. wife: looks at cactus.
Enitan Ajeigbe Year 4
Enitan Ajeigbe Year 4 Pred 10 dnevi
dude after name lol
Enitan Ajeigbe Year 4
Enitan Ajeigbe Year 4 Pred 10 dnevi
gunsligner colt lol 2021
Omya Sminti
Omya Sminti Pred 11 dnevi
Starfiification Pred 11 dnevi
Piper is called thar becaus piper sniper
a person owo
a person owo Pred 12 dnevi
Fun fact I unlocked gale today
David Riobó Cicero
David Riobó Cicero Pred 12 dnevi
Collete's name comes from her being legally crazy and using an "asylum vest", that can also be refered as "collete"
Damogus Pred 12 dnevi
Byron get one free
Fafnir Gaming
Fafnir Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
I actually know all of this. One day Brawl Stars glitched and every brawler turned black.And the names changed. Format: Tid_(insert something here) Nita was shaman,brock was rocket girl,mr p was spawner dude,and more(i might turn these outdated pics into a vid soon lmao)
Fresh Sun
Fresh Sun Pred 13 dnevi
13:37 she draws really good
mineman the gamer.
mineman the gamer. Pred 14 dnevi
There was a glitch in brawl stars where it would show the file names instead of the in game names. I don't know if it was patched or not but that's how I knew Brock was once a girl.
Scorpio_Bros Pred 14 dnevi
Did you know the reason dynamike has a canary is because miners let canaries loose in mines. If you find a dead canary, you have to run back because that means its dangerous there.
yeo sophie
yeo sophie Pred 15 dnevi
tell me sprouts binoculars look like walie eyes
RUV Pred 15 dnevi
5:20 omg barley
Relzz_209 Gaming
Relzz_209 Gaming Pred 16 dnevi
Bea comes from what she will do to you BEAMMMMMMMM
Yaowy Pred 16 dnevi
Colt Crunch Bottom text
Classifies Confidential
I believe Amber is named that because her mechanic is a single "Ammo-Bar." "Amm-Bar." "AMBER"
Nuca Nuca
Nuca Nuca Pred 16 dnevi
Do more brawl theory’s please I love these videos i have watched All of the theory videos! 🥳😺
LiFe AuOrA PlAyZ
LiFe AuOrA PlAyZ Pred 16 dnevi
Rick O'Shea
Hezin Ak
Hezin Ak Pred 16 dnevi
Crow is a villian. But he is my hero ❤️
Tejas Paluri
Tejas Paluri Pred 17 dnevi
I hate Kairos he is a tryhard!!
Theo Loke
Theo Loke Pred 17 dnevi
Carl looks like a minion and there is a minion named Carl
veRs- over
veRs- over Pred 17 dnevi
So this whole time I thought barely was a robot but no his a human
Damir Išek
Damir Išek Pred 17 dnevi
Collonel Ruffs was originalny created when the ,,Project Lazer" was out.
Alvar Yussupova
Alvar Yussupova Pred 17 dnevi
BCubed Pred 17 dnevi
10:24 Supercell: that's a boys name... Sandy and Max:
Morgan Pred 17 dnevi
On nita’s super description, it says Bruce is a spirit bear. Yes, I know I’m very late, but I only just found this out when randomly clicking through the brawlers
shaunNshiba Pred 17 dnevi
Rico's original name was Rick a' shea His bullets bounce off of walls that can be destroyed by certain supers, bullets that bounce off of heavy objects is called "ricochet" Pronounced RI-CO-CHEY And Rick is a common name for a gunslinger Bruh brawl stars community are so amazing they put alot of effort into each character I AM SO IMPRESSED most companies just focus on money and not the quality Ahem ElectronicArts:/
Alexander Ley
Alexander Ley Pred 17 dnevi
Rosa fighting surge at 6:13 is cap fighting thanos.
Magical Hazzard
Magical Hazzard Pred 17 dnevi
love your voice
Arush Gupta
Arush Gupta Pred 17 dnevi
El primo look like wwe wrestler rey mysterio
Crow'em Pred 18 dnevi
8-bit have a ps4 ====))))
Crow'em Pred 18 dnevi
Omg, girl brock
Miray Kuyumcu
Miray Kuyumcu Pred 18 dnevi
Su brok ve selinin kostümü birleşimi çok iyi
Maximilian Riedel
Maximilian Riedel Pred 18 dnevi
P.P P.k
P.P P.k Pred 18 dnevi
Skip Snap
Skip Snap Pred 19 dnevi
Therapist: Girl Brock isn’t real, she can’t hurt you. Girl Brock:
Shreedhar Agrawal
Shreedhar Agrawal Pred 19 dnevi
Hey I have a theory about Mr p like mr p can reference to agent p from p&f so in p&f agent p was an secret agent right so may me he took this name as a person who was a secret agent in brawl stars theme park .
Animation Dog 66
Animation Dog 66 Pred 19 dnevi
I just got the book “THE ART OF SUPERELL” so this is a fitting video
Irvan Mahendra
Irvan Mahendra Pred 19 dnevi
Stu's icon is missing
Klaas Morsch
Klaas Morsch Pred 19 dnevi
If you look closely at mr.p ‘s attack you see that there are spike socks coming out when it hits a target, like this so that KAIROS SEES THIS...
Baby Yot_YT
Baby Yot_YT Pred 19 dnevi
And poco from a movie
Baby Yot_YT
Baby Yot_YT Pred 19 dnevi
I thought brock was from Brockoboma
Mohammed Zeeshan
Mohammed Zeeshan Pred 19 dnevi
Why do most names have dude in them
Scully gaming
Scully gaming Pred 20 dnevi
wow love it
Mr. React
Mr. React Pred 20 dnevi
I actually read in the 2019 version that El Primo was a good wrestler, and one day he got hit by an asteroid and thats where he got his powers drom. What do y’all think?
Rodrigo Pred 20 dnevi
Im Spanish and I used to laugh at El Primo because it meant “The Cousin” 😂😂
Gaddiel Alejandro
Gaddiel Alejandro Pred 20 dnevi
i thought EMZ was for ElectroMagnetic Zombie 🤡
Amalgamate Frisk
Amalgamate Frisk Pred 20 dnevi
Ngl Brockette actually looks pretty dope
Blazzing Pred 20 dnevi
The 8-but mini game was definitely not in 8-bit just as an estimate I would say it is 64 or 128 bit
Akiritu Pred 20 dnevi
Honestly it all makes sense.
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan Pred 20 dnevi
*matpat intensifises*
CookieFY XD
CookieFY XD Pred 20 dnevi
Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment. Currently: 404 subs
Uneza Amaar
Uneza Amaar Pred 20 dnevi
Kairos you were correct in the 8 bit vid that there would be a space theme and ther was wow
910 gaming
910 gaming Pred 20 dnevi
Fun fact : if you translate bibi in indonesian it means auntie, but i dont think it has nothing to do with her background and just to be a coincidence
Gianne Mariz Marbella
Gianne Mariz Marbella Pred 20 dnevi
"how was spike created"
Steven Su
Steven Su Pred 21 dnevom
I think crow is a mutated crow
typical6789 Pred 21 dnevom
Alpha Animation by Franchesca
Mr. P’s name sounds like Mr. P from piggy
Oreoz and Chill
Oreoz and Chill Pred 21 dnevom
Hearing kairos say ‘bad-a’ is so weird for some reason
Alex Corkill
Alex Corkill Pred 21 dnevom
No he looks like frankensteins monster
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Bait and Throw 🍊
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My Apology to Jake Paul...