Democrats Conclude Trump’s Impeachment Case 

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Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, February 11.
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Democrats Conclude Trump’s Impeachment Case- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




12. feb. 2021

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Elise Code
Elise Code Pred mesecem
americans always say monn-tree-all, it's mun-tree-all. well, it's moh-ray-al over there, but yeah.
Lisdxcshfg Cvqzjqhanm
Ethan Sears
Ethan Sears Pred mesecem
I made it to 0:10 before i realized the audience reaction i was hearing were entirely in my head lol
Matthew James Hemmer
Andy Snider
Andy Snider Pred mesecem
Democrats are projecting their own flaws onto Republicans.
Marjohn's Musings
Marjohn's Musings Pred mesecem
Seth, why weren't Senators on the Senate Record, who voted against counting the Electoral College Votes, Recused? They stated they were partial to the defendant's protest. The level of mob violence is moot in this case, as this specific issue is; "Were they Impartial Jurors?" They are obviously biased, corroborated by their own official statements; Not to count the Electoral College Votes, as required by the Constitution. Since the Democratic Majority Leader had not yet closed the Impeachment Trial Session on 2/13/21, was Mitch McConnel still Under Oath when he stated; 'Donald Trump is Guilty of Federal Crimes, which should be prosecuted!' ? This is a vital question. If Mitch McConnell was still under oath, he perjured himself by accusing Speaker Nancy Pelosi of not being timely, therefor Donald Trump could not be Impeached. Acting as Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnellrelief billMitch McConnell intentionally set up an impossible double bind for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and he thinks he is too crafty to be caught or held accountable. Perjury under oath is a federal crime. The facts; Nancy Pelosi hand carried those fully prepared Second Impeachment Documents with the sole charge of 'Incitement' to him on 1/8/2,1 while Donald Trump was still sitting president. He smugly refused to accept them. She told several reporters this on 2/13/21. Since then people have attacked her for not providing witnesses. Donald Trump's inflamitory speech, and those of his party, were televised live! People all over the world saw those Orders to Action by The United States Commander in Chief and the immediate consequences of the mob attack at the Capitol. Prosecution proved President Donald Trump set this group of followers up to act out on his orders. He did so in advance and publicized the protest with massive funds. Senator Mitch McConnel voted to Aquit, then he stated "Donald Trump is Guilty of Federal Crimes." while he may still have been under oath. Mitch is one man and he only gets one vote. Which was it guilty or not guilty? 58 Guilty to 42 Not Guilty is a far closer call for Conviction. If prejudiced Senators are denied their vote, by their own statements of record not to perform their Constitutional Duty, the math changes and unless I am wrong, Donald Trump's verdict becomes Guilty by a majority of impartial Senators legally eligable to vote. Conviction would be upheld. Trump supporters would be furious. But the rest of Americans could then demand a Re-trial by the Senate with perjured Mitch McConnel disqualified and Mob Enablers forcibly Recused. The 141 murdered and wounded Capitol Police Officers deserve Justice. So do the American people.
bear Pred mesecem
democrats once again mishandled the impeachment. first one at least their hands were tied by senate majority. but this time by failing to call even one fucking witness and conclucding the trial in a week is a fucking joke. you had a chance to hold him accountable and failed. you knew the republicans would not convict but you could have at least shown the public, and the world, all his misdeeds with witnesses
Gary Kindt
Gary Kindt Pred mesecem
That older people likely picture comment hit home. Except mine is of a lump. Sad that and a couple selfies is all I got.
Joy MacKinnon
Joy MacKinnon Pred mesecem
Seth. . That was hysterical. Now I am hysterical, which is a completely different issue. Also, I'm always watching you which is somehow kind of creepy.
Tru Y
Tru Y Pred mesecem
Fred Ingram
Fred Ingram Pred mesecem
Well you must understand that trump has at least 70 million followers, so he truly can make or break a Republican candidate and this is why republicans, in a cowardly fashion, chose not to go against him. Their reelection is much more important than democracy or the welfare of the American people. Don't get it twisted Seth... this is totally class warfare at its finest.
Awesome Opossum
Awesome Opossum Pred mesecem
The mole joke hit way too close to home.
Sean Rathbone
Sean Rathbone Pred 2 meseci
The whole world was looking on this debacle now we know america is not the UNITED STATES but plain America. we now look with interest as the 2 new countries in the former united states vote for their respective presidents in the upcoming 2024 elections.
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu Pred 2 meseci
Greg K
Greg K Pred 2 meseci
Aaaaand not guilty. Don the Con is the undisputed leader of the Qanon Party.
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds Pred 2 meseci
Trump WON AGAIN. Its hard to be funny when everything you say sounds like " sour grapes".
Maria Davis
Maria Davis Pred 2 meseci
McConnell is so full of BS! What was the purpose of the previous vote on whether it was constitutional to proceed to a trial? In a normal criminal court, the judge would instruct the jury to disregard any argument whether it is constitutional to charge Trump because he's out of office. It was established that it WAS constitutional. That portion of the case has been established therefore has no bearing on this trial. The only relevant matter is whether the Trial Managers prove their case for a guilty conviction on whether Trump committed a crime. Trial Managers proved their case!! Anyhow, this was a sad day for America! McConnell is a traitor to our country and a hypocrite!!!
let's talk about it
let's talk about it Pred 2 meseci
Graham: I have no moral or value Mitch: I have no shame I'm a disgrace for my country. We both betrayed our country.
Jacqui H.
Jacqui H. Pred 2 meseci
Lol is it just me or does he seem so bored... really great hair tho
Jacqulyyn W
Jacqulyyn W Pred 2 meseci
That white supremacy joke wrote itself.
Rubicon920 Pred 2 meseci
N3M3S1S 75
N3M3S1S 75 Pred 2 meseci
Why did they even bother turning up when republicans are so corrupt they were never going to vote against Drumpf
Kat C
Kat C Pred 2 meseci
If anyone can clone Seth for a husband for me I am willing to trade a kidney
Christine Musselman
Christine Musselman Pred 2 meseci
"....against White Supremacy." Good one, Seth!
Doug Leschak
Doug Leschak Pred 2 meseci
The republicans have acquitted the most corrupt traitor in the history of our country. They have marked their approval on the person who wanted to become the American Stalin. Now you slime have to live with your disgrace and despicable actions. It is obvious you just don't care, but, hopefully, you will care, big time.
Randy Cleveland
Randy Cleveland Pred mesecem
More Trump sores? Hahaha
dorten munurd
dorten munurd Pred 2 meseci
u fail
Kuro myou
Kuro myou Pred 2 meseci
Rand Paul is dead to me after this.
John Taylor
John Taylor Pred 2 meseci
GOP is the joke of the world.
TimeLord42 Pred 2 meseci
Hope A.
Hope A. Pred 2 meseci
1:52 wtf????
Chase Charland
Chase Charland Pred 2 meseci
Still waiting for the 8 year old black girl who was shot dead in her mother's car by a certain organization that claims her life matters to get her own protest, but no one cares about her.
Cee Gabe
Cee Gabe Pred 2 meseci
'"ACTIONS really do speak louder than words. Just because You SAY you are a person of integrity or that you know what you are doing or that you care about people does not make it true. The adage “Talk Is Cheap” applies here. Talk all you want, but it’s WHAT YOU DO THAT MATTERS. And REMEMBER, people are watching: Your CHILDREN watch. Your employees watch. Your friends watch. If you choose the wrong path and never admit your mistakes, or you try to protect those who have done wrong (including yourself), you will dig a deeper hole to rise from WHEN you are trying to earn RESPECT. Do what you would do if your actions would be plastered on the front page of the paper tomorrow morning." ...From Psychology Today Beverly D. Flaxington
Katherine Gardner
Katherine Gardner Pred 2 meseci
The truthful arithmetic identically sound because stocking fittingly sign throughout a tame clam. heady, spooky shoemaker
Darth Obscurity
Darth Obscurity Pred 2 meseci
Love the closing joke, but seriously hate hearing that type of joke. Only because any other color mentioned gets Seth lynched and fired, which is literally racist bullcrap lmao. The lack of self awareness of the staff on this type of subject is crazy considering how much work and effort is put into everything else. :(
Joe Biden Official
Joe Biden Official Pred 2 meseci
That's it. Seth said it right. Late night show hosts and celebrities are the real people of our country.
Angie Flores
Angie Flores Pred 2 meseci
love the arms...nice!
Herowebcomics Pred 2 meseci
The ignorance of Trump supporters ticks me off! He is totally worthy of impeachment! Just do it!
Micheal Nicholas
Micheal Nicholas Pred 2 meseci
(Judas is Trump )should be trumps new name for denying his followers . am glad he has lost 50% of his followers as of now , he will lose more , i am so sure they have just realize how bad he is as a fake leader .
Bee Whistler
Bee Whistler Pred 2 meseci
... The picture of the mole is on my ipad, not my phone... I got a lot of sunburns as a kid, okay? I worry.
TURBOCHARGER Pred 2 meseci
Stephen White
Stephen White Pred 2 meseci
Is Karen still working for you or did she go to Cuisine AuntDai?
Elena Parker
Elena Parker Pred 2 meseci
As today Friday 12th, the Trump's lawyers continued with the same irreverent attitude as their leader. Not only to the country but now they are doing it to the court! In everybody's face! This morning the lawyer attack as if "people who hear is intelligent or have common sense " so...., if the judge doesn't dismiss this accusation , means the judge is not intelligent or have common sense. Such a poor and disrespectful behaviors, same we have to take for 4 miserables years of abuse. Until when this culture will continued to be accepted and tolerated? If the judge does not make this lawyer to refrain his attacks the abuse will continued. Not only they stand by their beliefs of fraud, but now the court is a fraud if their don't let it go. Trump's Mafia style should be put to rest for good.
Ghost of Matsubara
Ghost of Matsubara Pred 2 meseci
Xi is a DICTATOR!!!! Do NOT call him a "president"!!!!!!
Adamant Forge
Adamant Forge Pred 2 meseci
There are still people out there who think Tr**p is going to take the seat of President, relcaim the White House, and imprison the Democrats because pizzagate was totally true. The cult members are out there and still screaming deranged maniacs (with kids)
Michelle Richard
Michelle Richard Pred 2 meseci
i have both nudes and moles...soooooooo....i'm 38. this makes sense.
jodiebug1 Pred 2 meseci
As if Seth’s audience wouldn’t normally applaud the crushing of a police officer by a mob
Linda Brogdon CARPE DIEM
What a great monologue loved it.
Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas Pred 2 meseci
How do you know people have a lot of guilt they aren't aware of? They spend a lot of time finding fault with other people. It's called projection.
Shawn Charles
Shawn Charles Pred 2 meseci
Wait.....there's a chain of gas stations called Wawa? And they use a damn goose in their signage????
frog mann
frog mann Pred 2 meseci
tired of hearing about trump. Tell us about the governor cuomo cover-up that led to hundreds of senior citizens deaths. thats total terrorism right there folks.
Emsley Wyatt
Emsley Wyatt Pred 2 meseci
I flipped off a cop once. Actually, he was a friend of mine, but the hitch-hiker in my car didn't know that.
Jacques Mostert
Jacques Mostert Pred 2 meseci
😂 last bit about WS ....
New Message
New Message Pred 2 meseci
Xi must have had a hard time adjusting to a meeting with American leadership that wasn't 95% shaking his keys and making funny words with colorful wooden blocks.
Maddie McCready
Maddie McCready Pred 2 meseci
Okay but it's MUN-treal, not MON-treal lol
Shannon Jacobs
Shannon Jacobs Pred 2 meseci
Wait for it. As soon as Trump is "acquitted" he'll start revealing the secret pardons. Like the blanket pardon of the January 6th rioters and cop killers. Then the Trumplicans will look like fools to go along with being traitors to the Constitution. Republican since 1980. Ex-Republican since now. I am a PROUD ANTI-Trumplican.
Jotta H.
Jotta H. Pred 2 meseci
And now the Republicans come in and preach unity and lie about what the constitution says. Lovely.
Kevin Street
Kevin Street Pred 2 meseci
I kind of love that restaurant with the honest food descriptions.
Modupe Sanda
Modupe Sanda Pred 2 meseci
"A Florida man..."
Kathleen Klein
Kathleen Klein Pred 2 meseci
Wawa has Sushi?
Maximilian C
Maximilian C Pred 2 meseci
GOP IS TOTALLY WRONG. THEY HAVE LOST THEIR MORAL FIBER. THEY NO LONGER REPRESENT AMERICA AND IT’S PEOPLE. HOW COULD THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT? Remember GOP Lawmakers, supporters, enablers...and you Donald Trump, and your family...what goes around...comes around...
The Cat
The Cat Pred 2 meseci
Watch the ten minute clip where the Democrats advocated for violence and chaos during the second trial. I hate Donald Trump, weaponising free speech as a political tool by the Democrats is complete hypocrisy.
Arden McConnell
Arden McConnell Pred 2 meseci
OMG! A Republican President of the United States incited a violent, angry mob to storm the US Capitol and assassinate the Republican United States Vice-President. OMG!
Jesse Valentine Portz
Jesse Valentine Portz Pred 2 meseci
Why does Seth ALWAYS mansplain what our response is to “how you doing?”? WASP privilege/culture where you only pretend care.
Clifford Zellner
Clifford Zellner Pred 2 meseci
The phrase a "Florida man" is always followed by some crazy 💩
Elizabeth Barnett
Elizabeth Barnett Pred 2 meseci
I mean it is gas station sushi but Wawa would have the best... 😑Suck on that Sheetz
Jeffery C
Jeffery C Pred 2 meseci
finris1 Pred 2 meseci
At this point, why does Trump even put forward a defense? They are not even trying to defend him with a reasonable argument, and the Republican Senators are blatantly ignoring the prosecution’s case. Why not just ignore them and say “F you. I am above the law.”
toodles oops
toodles oops Pred 2 meseci
"strong argument against white supremacy" - naked white guy - also fully clothed peanut butter boys
Refined Insanity
Refined Insanity Pred 2 meseci
David Foster
David Foster Pred 2 meseci
Why do you always close on such bad jokes? The monologue is usually god, the very last joke is usually a throwaway and you jump in with ” Well that was a monologue “
Steve Krajewski
Steve Krajewski Pred 2 meseci
The Republicans senators that were making a mockery of our justice system Cowards treasonous criminal should be prisoned.
Jacob Par
Jacob Par Pred 2 meseci
I thought you were dum until your got political Seth, now I think you're amazing.
Julio Bk
Julio Bk Pred 2 meseci
Freedom of Speech The First Amendment DONT Give the president or any Citizen to direct violence fight like hell toward The Capitol or threads toward anybody CITIZENS LIVES!
salemandreus Pred 2 meseci
"Witnesses said it did make a strong argument ... against white supremacy." Brilliant. 👍
Big Herb McHerbface
Big Herb McHerbface Pred 2 meseci
Hahahahahaha that white supremacy joke relied on the joke before it doing well (foreplay)
Curious World
Curious World Pred 2 meseci
My son once opened a fortune cookie in a crowded restaurant and read aloud: 'You will die alone and unloved, knowing everything you believed was a lie.' I spit food across the table, laughing, while horrified diners carefully set their fortune cookies aside. :)
Hail2 Jigglypuff
Hail2 Jigglypuff Pred 2 meseci
Which restaurant? That place sounds like fun.
W. Tollefson
W. Tollefson Pred 2 meseci
Kathy Solorio
Kathy Solorio Pred 2 meseci
Ok, DEMOCRACTS say, and said will fight fight fight. But, Dems never said, I will meet you there and we will fight like hell. Listen to the wording. Trump I will pay your legal fees. Meaning Violence. .
Belinda Spechtenhauser
I miss the good ole days when we found out Mr Trump favorite food is Mcdonald's
magicbar13 Pred 2 meseci
Will SNL bring out Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain to reprise their Point-Counterpoint sketch roles?
imran ahmed
imran ahmed Pred 2 meseci
Did he just say "Rand Paul" man that name has a total different meaning in India.
alydar21 Pred 2 meseci
Didn't the Supreme Court rule on flipping off police? For some reason I think it was back in the 80's?
GreenM&M_11 Pred 2 meseci
LOVING the gray sweater 😍😍😍
marie kastler
marie kastler Pred 2 meseci
That mole joke really captured why I'm mad about aging.
Jimi Lee
Jimi Lee Pred 2 meseci
Trump did more to advance the neoliberal agenda than ten Bidens could have done alone. Get ready for Patriot Act II. You know, for the scary MAGA people.
Aaron Telander
Aaron Telander Pred 2 meseci
Suicide fortune cookie joke was not funny.
Wank Yiffer
Wank Yiffer Pred 2 meseci
Damn I didn't know Seth was based.
Marine McCord
Marine McCord Pred 2 meseci
If I paid as little attention while a professor was speaking I would be kicked from class, but these are our leaders 🤦‍♂️
May the Science be with You
Most intelligent, educated, well-behaved, decent people do not aspire to become "leaders". And even if they did, such people would be the first to be chased out by the population with sticks and stones.
Nikolai Persad
Nikolai Persad Pred mesecem
clownnookie Pred 2 meseci
"Biden spoke with Chinese leader, Winnie-the-Pooh..."
EDMTML Films Pred 2 meseci
I served 6 hard years on the front lines inside a Wawa. During a time when there were no touch screens and we actually had to take deli orders verbally from customers. I appreciate the shout out.
EDMTML Films Pred 2 meseci
@clownnookie the real ones already knew wawa never had sushi
clownnookie Pred 2 meseci
Never carried sushi, though, right? But if it did, it would be the BEST DAMNED SUSHI IN THE WORLD !!!
alm 123
alm 123 Pred 2 meseci
Trump Trump twice a day, Seth Meyers cannot go to sleep without him 24/7 any day
Jessie Gabs
Jessie Gabs Pred 2 meseci
It SHORTly did, Seth.
Oigetit Fake News Filter
Ok but...Wawa does have the best sushi out of any gas station
apple tile
apple tile Pred 2 meseci
The Democrats have allowed the Republican Party mock our country......arrest the GOP and start fresh. Trump, his party, his enablers and followers need to face legal consequences of attempting to overthrow democracy.
debbie duccini-day
debbie duccini-day Pred 2 meseci
So, yes, the clear and evidentiary case was presented against Trump. For most sane people it was cut and dry. And I believe, aside from all opposition from the corrupt Republicans, that it needed to be done. Trump is guilty but the bad boys don't give a damn. The other sad thing is those select "jurors" should not be in a position to decide. Conflict of interest, so to speak. It's like mobsters being able to decide if their mob boss is guilty. They should not be allowed. But yet we let it go by and the criminals know they can get away with it.
Joel Bizzell
Joel Bizzell Pred 2 meseci
I'm 36 and have, in fact, sent pictures of a mole asking about it. 😆
Light Lodges
Light Lodges Pred 2 meseci
Keep the crewneck sweaters, they’re working for you - but give us more color - blues, greens, rusty reds, you’ve got those winter jewel tones coloring - everything but blood red burgundy ;)
Phoenixx Trih
Phoenixx Trih Pred 2 meseci
Last Line: Brutality at it's finest. 😉
Lily Jade
Lily Jade Pred 2 meseci
Republican Senators STAY HOME this weekend and don't go in to vote, since you are afraid of trump and redhatters knowing how you would vote. if 20 GOP Senators STAY HOME, 56/80 Senators = positive passage of disqualification of djt.
Claire Conover
Claire Conover Pred 2 meseci
last cat week tonight was genius....
Laurie Cook
Laurie Cook Pred 2 meseci
OMG, I DO have a closeup pic of a mole! Hilarious.
Annie Pred 2 meseci
Lindsey, Ted, Hawley and others need to be removed from congress and never allowed to hold any public office and charged as Trump's co-conspirators. Lindsey was giving Trump's lawyers advice and called Trump to tell him "everything's gonna be fine." Why have the friggin lawyers that Trump won't pay anyway, when he has Lindsey and other coward suga panties that's gonna acquit him?! Maybe Trump should've just told Lindsey to be his counsel.
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