Engineering & Tech Overview - NASA Perseverance Mars Rover 

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Join engineering and technology experts on the Mars 2020 team for a live panel where they will talk about the Perseverance Mars rover's advanced landing system, teach us more about the instruments that will aid in the search for ancient microbial life and the tech demos, such as MOXIE and the Ingenuity helicopter.
Our speakers:
• Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA associate administrator for science, NASA Headquarters
• Jennifer Trosper, Perseverance deputy project manager, JPL
• Adam Steltzner, Perseverance chief engineer, JPL
• Erisa Stilley, Perseverance entry, descent, and landing systems engineer, JPL
• Trudy Kortes, director of technology demonstrations, NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), NASA Headquarters
• Jeff Sheehy, chief engineer, STMD, NASA Headquarters
• MiMi Aung, Ingenuity project manager, JPL
For more information, how to participate in the mission and how to watch landing live, visit go.nasa.gov/mars2020toolkit
Credit: NASA-JPL/Caltech

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16. feb. 2021

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qtherst pt.inti indorayon utama titan inframerah
splagada Pred mesecem
I'm so admirative of JPL... All engineers (which i am) look at you people as the holy grail of labs. Congratulations for so much achievements!
MisterX Pred mesecem
13:02 For the guy holding perseverance wheel
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi Pred mesecem
CONGRATULATIONS NASA NASA ROVER'S LANDED ON MARS SAFELY PRESERVANCE SETTLES IN The newest Martian, a robot named Preservance, is alive and well after its first day and night on the red planet Nasa's scientists were exhilarated as they shared pictures captured by its cameras during landing and after the rover reached the surface. Mars rover Perseverance is ready to begin seeking the signs of past life. Perseverance is highly advanced technically and will work for long time. DR.MOHAMMAD LAEEQUE NADVI Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies) DIRECTOR Amena Institute of Islamic Studies & Analysis A Global & Universal Institute, Donate to promote this Institute SBI A/C30029616117 Kolkata,Park Circus Branch nadvilaeeque@gmail.com Thanks
RedRocket4000 Pred mesecem
Someone jokes about the war with Mars begins. No problem COVID will take care of them Martians they can't take earth virus.
Top3 Pred mesecem
Deonex Pred mesecem
mmm mm mmm. mmm mm? mm mmm
David Sims
David Sims Pred mesecem
You don't really need the masks. Covid is endemic, and the only persons at risk are those who already have, for one reason or another, one foot in the grave. Most people who get it recover without even knowing that they were infected.
James Hewitt
James Hewitt Pred mesecem
Robert Zubrin/Mars DIrect built a 'moxy prototype' for NASA a least 25 years and he was not a chemical engineer. NASA does not like to give him credit. NASA IS SLOW AND BACKWARD AT TIMES. it took them over 25 years to develop ZUBRIN'S idea. To me, Robert is the FATHER of human Mars exploration. 'MARS DIRECT', do your research and you'll realize NASA'S short comings - man went to the moon 50 years ago. NASA can do mars and the moon simultaneously
James Park
James Park Pred mesecem
Wonderful explanation!
Encoun2er Pred mesecem
Why they wearing two masks??? Just get them n95 masks. The research has already been done that one n95 mask is 10% better than wearing 2 masks of differing material, and stacking masks only provides marginal benefits.
Samantha Clifford
Samantha Clifford Pred mesecem
The deputy project manager Matt said they are wearing n95s for protection and the other mask I presume is just for the logo, same as everyone wearing the same shirt.
Dick Sisco
Dick Sisco Pred mesecem
Fake AF
wirat wattanapunyasiri
Kamal Anthony Justine
😃👌These are the beginnings. Landing a vehicle/rover on a alien soil might seem insignificant now. We need take this seriously. This is we as a species on a survival of the fittest drive. A infant trying to stand up, falling down, crawling and trying to walk again. This is the situation of our interplanetary travel at this moment. Maybe in another 50 to 100 years Human presence will be there on Mars 😃🌷
Kamal Anthony Justine
👍👌😃 perfect landing
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred mesecem
The truculent quicksand cellularly bleach because baseball cumulatively drip besides a smiling medicine. imminent, null trick
Learn Learn
Learn Learn Pred mesecem
God Bless America ! NASA has been the Leader of space and technology and will lead this world in the decades to come !!!
Dirk Pitt
Dirk Pitt Pred mesecem
Loose the mask and the virtue signaling.
Bruno Warkentin
Bruno Warkentin Pred mesecem
Where can I get a shirt with the logo
alec cap
alec cap Pred mesecem
Wow a planet named after a chocolate 🍫
Bill Sullivan
Bill Sullivan Pred mesecem
Some clever people in that room, good luck to you all, I am sure it will be a success. From the uk
Halomoan Pred mesecem
You are letting other to copy your intellectual property by showing off in this video
Theresa Zemko Lorch
Theresa Zemko Lorch Pred mesecem
Go Erisa!
Theresa Zemko Lorch
Theresa Zemko Lorch Pred mesecem
I'll let you finish but first
The thieves guild is really improving their technological abilities.
raconcee Pred mesecem
looks like the stenographer cant keep up , again.
Paco Lastra
Paco Lastra Pred mesecem
Tolko Bear
Tolko Bear Pred mesecem
The tough teller unfortunatly serve because bakery comparably play underneath a wacky spoon. helpless, penitent shark
Nixon Pred mesecem
Loose the masks when speaking
Maurice Dubois
Maurice Dubois Pred mesecem
Very impressive ! Much luck. Very exiting and will be watching
Andrew Riddle
Andrew Riddle Pred mesecem
WTF is with his voice? Is he an android? Sounds like that robot from Spacecamp lol
BoldyB !
BoldyB ! Pred mesecem
Go Percy!!!! Good luck guys, you've all made leaps and bounds even without landing, thanks for progressing the human race further!
Greg K
Greg K Pred mesecem
What is the point of the sample collection if by the time they launch to collect it by the 2030s, Space X astronauts could already be on Mars way before that and collect samples much faster? Why waste the rover’s time and power?
Samantha Clifford
Samantha Clifford Pred mesecem
I love SpaceX and Elon is the closest we will ever have to a real Iron Man, but if his previous optimistic timescales were missed I don't think he'll have humans there much earlier than these samples being retrieved. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it, but I take his estimates with a grain of salt nowadays. 😂
Samantha Clifford
Samantha Clifford Pred mesecem
@silvercomic I completely agree with you, especially since they have an entire team working solely on avoiding earth based contamination for Percy!
silvercomic Pred mesecem
That is actually part of the point. Gathering samples before biological contamination due to common trips that won't have rigorous measures to prevent that. Or they might bring people if all goes well. If they find evidence of life in these samples it is far less likely to have been brought by people. If in a decade or whatever a human finds evidence of life on Mars they'd have to rule out that we brought it with us.
Le Spoozum
Le Spoozum Pred mesecem
Why wearing face-masks when recording a video? The involved don't need to sit in the same room, Video-recording is for visuals and watching not for hiding the spoken words behind masks in TV And you are also ignoring the hearing-impared that do lip-reading *in HD-quality* Masks is for bad demonstrators, not standing behind their words, those that lie "Don't show your ZzZzzZ tounges when speaking to camera.. ..okey Rudy wait.. zZzz letz put on theze mazkz to act like them zhall we - yeazzkszzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ" - aahZzzZZZzZZzzzyes - zZZzYzzEzzSzZzzZZZ - ZzzZYESZZZ"
Brian Smithson
Brian Smithson Pred mesecem
As an old-geezer-space-geek I have to say I'm as excited about this as I was about Apollo 11. Kudos to the 1000's of dedicated and brilliant team members for pulling this off. I'm leaping past the "7 minutes" and I feel good about that leap! Congratulations, and thank you all!
Katy Pred mesecem
When is it?
Baleur Pred mesecem
"Moxie" Non-gamers: "Uh what?" Everyone that's played Surviving Mars: "YOO nice, infinite oxygen generation!"
Julissa Arce
Julissa Arce Pred mesecem
Hoy me di cuenta que los osos polares se estan muruendo por el calientamiento gloval ustedes pordrian transportar a los osos polares a un lugar de mucho frio un ejemplo minesota ustedes podriqn llevarlos a un vosque y liberarlos establecer una nueva le que quien los lastime o los quiera exivir frente a una camara sera arrestado a años de carcel Porfavor agan correr la voz agan que la NASA lea esto .no se mucho de ciencias pero creo que esto los podria salvar haslo para que la generacieon que pase los conosca para que tus hijos o nietos los conoscan #HASCORRERLAVOS
Karel Mestdagh
Karel Mestdagh Pred mesecem
Listening to all those smart brains talking passionately about what they do and seeing what they have accomplished by working together towards a common goal, makes me feel both extremely humble as a human being and hopeful for humanity
Quitus Maximus
Quitus Maximus Pred mesecem
Couldn't understand a single thing the guy wearing two masks was saying. Really???? Two masks???? After 3 minutes I had to turn it off. I hope the probe works better than your news conference.
Eddie42023 Pred mesecem
UM! my UM MOST UM im UM pordandt UM word UM has UM UM UM to UM UM be UM. UHHHHMMMM I UM have UHM to UM say UM UM UHHHMMM at UM least UM every other UM word UM I UM use UM or UHM I won't UM sound UM smarter UHM than UM everyone UM I am UHM trying UM to UHMpress.
Darek K
Darek K Pred mesecem
Love NASA but the double MASKS!!!??? WTF?
Oh Really?
Oh Really? Pred mesecem
QUESTION: Does the rover have a backup parachute ?
ZeHoSmusician Pred mesecem
37:40 So basically you plan to apply a concept that was pitched to you *over THIRTY YEARS ago* by Dr Robert Zubrin... 'Mars Direct' ring any bells? -.- If you're going to be that slow, you can be sure @SpaceX will beat you to putting humans on the Moon and Mars...
John Doe
John Doe Pred mesecem
Hazel Mae Gaerlan
Hazel Mae Gaerlan Pred mesecem
Hii! I'm so excited!!!
terence Sheehan
terence Sheehan Pred mesecem
There are already bases on Mars German and American. So why all the bs. Land next to the pyrmids or the face or the cave systems. Full of bs.
CptDoodles Pred mesecem
I'm detecting immense amounts of bs and none of it is coming from NASA.
terence Sheehan
terence Sheehan Pred mesecem
Other planets that we see and moons and send satellites too to see if there's life. As soon as we see nothing crawling around or walking around we say there no life there. We maybe the only idiots that dig up everything to put on top of land but how about thinking under the surface where its safer . Not aliens just more advance species than us humans. Life is everywhere. We are not alone but humans are alone because of ignorance towards a more intelligent species.
terence Sheehan
terence Sheehan Pred mesecem
What you are looking for on Mars nasa is a long way underground. You are going to need more than a scoop. Is this just to make more money to fund other things. Blind humans or just dumb.
terence Sheehan
terence Sheehan Pred mesecem
Digging a couple of inches into the surface after dust storms is not going to show anything.
replica Pred mesecem
(explore our talents)
Death Valley Dazed
Death Valley Dazed Pred mesecem
Totally inspiring how talent from all over the world is brought to bear on this project. Millions of people will be on the edge of their seats wishing Perseverance success tomorrow.
David Pred mesecem
I still to this day can’t believe you landed Curiosity like you did. The concept seemed crazy like to many things could have gone wrong. I’m thinking there’s no way you could do that again, so I look forward to be proven wrong again in a couple of days. Also hard to believe it was nine years ago, I remember it so vividly. Wishing you...I’m not going to say luck, because like the last landing I’m sure you’ve taken luck out of the equation, but every success instead. We need something to cheer about down here on earth!
Mark Telfer
Mark Telfer Pred mesecem
The pre-landing simulation is so cool, so is the .glb model. I think the descent stage should have a big explosive animation. You know like there's Perseverance with a big fireball in the background and she's not even flinching just chewing on a cigar saying "I love it when a plan come together!" The heatshield in the background saying "I pity the fool" and Ingenuity flying off like a crazy person in a bomber jacket...all while the A-Team theme song blasts.
BoomedYetLush Pred mesecem
Thanks for the clear discussion and openness. Great outreach.
Scam Assassin
Scam Assassin Pred mesecem
Let's land this Bad Boy!!
Oh Really?
Oh Really? Pred mesecem
But it sexually identifies itself as female.
El Lobo
El Lobo Pred mesecem
It appears that the first speaker has drank Fauci’s Kool Aid and has double mask on. Does he not know if he had 4 on he would double even that protection ? Why stop there ? Wear 6 or 8 masks. He’s a scientist yet just jumps on the mask bandwagon without asking for any studies/data of the validity of his decision. Just goes to show that no matter the education or intellect, most humans are SHEEP.
Lila Prakash Sitaula
Congratulations, wish you all success of great endeavour that will help to bring the dream of man to Mars comes true
Larrythebassman Pred mesecem
Totally cool 😎 ✨👌
peter lewis
peter lewis Pred mesecem
Nasa are super good at congratulating themselves over and over and over..Is it an American thing ? , still at least the patriot flags are missing .
Coffee and bytes
Coffee and bytes Pred mesecem
They're at the forefront of human endeavour - should they not be congratulating themselves?
21 st century common man
NyceBryce Pred mesecem
Google Chrome isn't your default browser... *insert engineer meme here*
Kouta Ezebuike
Kouta Ezebuike Pred mesecem
Good luck Percy, the whole of earth has you at heart
Rickghil Varilla
Rickghil Varilla Pred mesecem
Please bring me to Mars
Jon Baker
Jon Baker Pred mesecem
Go Percy
Jocelyn Joseph
Jocelyn Joseph Pred mesecem
First, don't wear a mask 😷 while speaking. Dr. Joseph MBBS, actively involved during the 2019-2020 pandemic period.
Robin Blankenship
Robin Blankenship Pred mesecem
This is Black History Month. So, what is NASA doing being so totally racist and white supremacist?
Phoenix1969 Pred mesecem
WTF is wrong at NASA with this 720p all the time?
Oh Really?
Oh Really? Pred mesecem
Remember: Trump had slashed a significant sum of budget for multiple science related institutions. This is one of many precautions that NASA had to do in order to save some money. keep high bandwidth for missions and low bandwidth for non essentials ( such as uploading a stream to SLtv) and also simple media equipment ( no 4K 60fps camera's for example )
Rrandom Pred mesecem
Tony sessions
Tony sessions Pred mesecem
I would like to watch this but I think we are overdoing the mask thing.
Darryl Conliffe
Darryl Conliffe Pred mesecem
🙄Masks work. Focusing upon people using them is just political posturing. 🤔 SMH
Robin Blankenship
Robin Blankenship Pred mesecem
Gotta follow the science. Even it is right off the cliff. It’s what your President expects.
Aaron Got Everything
Hope it gets landed, Best of luck, cant wait to see live steam. in 19th, because i am in U.A.E. Perseverance to Mars.
Sonika K c
Sonika K c Pred mesecem
Best of luck from nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵
Scott Gauer
Scott Gauer Pred mesecem
Smart enough to know how to fly a helicopter on Mars but doesn't stop to think about how ridiculous it looks to have a cloth mask over an n95
Me MyselfandI
Me MyselfandI Pred mesecem
Who’s the idiot that thought it was necessary to wear a mask during a briefing?
Me MyselfandI
Me MyselfandI Pred mesecem
@ZeHoSmusician Thanks to evil democrats and their mindless drones, they already killed the susceptible elderly in order to embarrass the real president. Is that who you were pretending to care about? Democrats hate seniors, veterans, and any authority outside their own miserable godlessness . May eternity last just a little bit longer for you.
ZeHoSmusician Pred mesecem
Erm, probably the same "idiot" who is aware that we're still in the middle of a pandemic and that phsical distancing couldn't be maintained appropriately... Why, difficulty understanding what they say?
Uday Jagdale
Uday Jagdale Pred mesecem
Best of luck 👍
Jasper Zanjani
Jasper Zanjani Pred mesecem
Next image..
woody Vallallellalunga
I hope Nasa find Mark Watneys home where he was left alone by his space crew, it would be good to see where it was they filmed it.
MOTOX33 Pred mesecem
A mask, bye
Andrew Riddle
Andrew Riddle Pred mesecem
The failure of the American education system seems to have been underestimated, when we're presented with such comments from people like yourself....
Oh Really?
Oh Really? Pred mesecem
Nobody cares about you
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson Pred mesecem
Double masks? What a bunch of governmental sheep. guess you have to be a liberal socialist to work for Big Brother .
shadowfax games
shadowfax games Pred mesecem
I’m just interested what would happen if the coof will fly to Mars.
john smith
john smith Pred mesecem
I think we all need to see that some mad lad engineer snuck an ill fitting mask to the front of Percy.
Murilo Luiz Cardoso
Murilo Luiz Cardoso Pred mesecem
Congratulations to everyone at NASA for their commitment to the Perseverance project. You are amazing! I look forward to seeing the broadcast of the arrival on Mars! We are sending positive energies here from Brazil to all of you!
G B Pred mesecem
Was really looking forward to this, but I find this format is quite confusing 😩 seemingly wrong visuals, surprisingly awkward and glitchy at times, too many inconsistencies and acronyms.
WierdSpookyDude Pred mesecem
Take that diaper off your face before you speak so we can understand you. How ridiculous!
G B Pred mesecem
Soner Baysal
Soner Baysal Pred mesecem
Good luck! Cant Wait!!!
Craig Heide
Craig Heide Pred mesecem
Fofaw foooh thuthwa hawfewf For gods sake give me a break with the virtue signaling masks already. This is ridiculous.
The Ethicist Philosophy Show
These prequel episodes of "The Expanse" are getting wicked good!
photonep Pred mesecem
if u can make earth a better place. invest here not in march where u cant do anything. peoples reached moon 60 70 yrs ago. what humanity actually go from that. some dust and sand...
Marvin Flatt
Marvin Flatt Pred mesecem
Well it did bring this country together for awhile, when it happened live back then.
AJ Cook
AJ Cook Pred mesecem
Partially agree...But, So many innovations are due to the 1960s space race. I believe that if we can learn to live sustainably on Mars, we may save Earth as we learn how to do it. Google inventions as result of Apollo program. You’d be surprised.
NY Professional
NY Professional Pred mesecem
Please please don't tempt fate by having these meetings.... wait until Perseverance is traversing and transmitting!
Trace Miller
Trace Miller Pred mesecem
We will create a new world for our decendents, a new reality free of the pains our ancestors enduered, one where it's just good live and everyone wants to live, no one has the thinking to harm or prevail over others or person. The mind of God is an infant on on its back flayling it's arms legs, knowing some how, they will able to move and they know there's even more than that! A billion minds working together to solve a problem, electrically that is approx 250MW of unimaginable calculating power. The mind if God is an infant!
Trace Miller
Trace Miller Pred mesecem
@terence Sheehan we have only been using to science in this way for about 175 years. We're slow to see our place purpose, the learning of what we really are.
terence Sheehan
terence Sheehan Pred mesecem
Other planets that we see and moons and send satellites too to see if there's life. As soon as we see nothing crawling around or walking around we say there no life there. We maybe the only idiots that dig up everything to put on top of land but how about thinking under the surface where its safer . Not aliens just more advance species than us humans. Life is everywhere. We are not alone but humans are alone because of ignorance towards a more intelligent species.
Trace Miller
Trace Miller Pred mesecem
@Jake McKee the animal mind not god and it's indifference
Jake McKee
Jake McKee Pred mesecem
No thanks
All Good
All Good Pred mesecem
Persevere! 👍🇳🇿
Robert Omo
Robert Omo Pred mesecem
Explain the power source, what types of batteries or power generation?, how long will will its power supply last?
Jake McKee
Jake McKee Pred mesecem
(RTG for short)
Jake McKee
Jake McKee Pred mesecem
It has a radioisotope thermoelectric generator. I think it uses the heat from the decaying isotope to generate electricity.
selfworthy Pred mesecem
Please dont wear masks when other methods of protection are avaliable, it is terrible to listen to masked speech.
Games TV
Games TV Pred mesecem
I am going to build my own Mars explorer with an Arduino and send it into Mars orbit using conventional fireworks.
Shivam mathur
Shivam mathur Pred mesecem
@Randy R I meant an actual rover for NASA like the Mars 2020 but more advanced. Thanks for the tip I will use it for the prototype. Raspberry pi 4 or a Nvidia jetson with EV3
Randy R
Randy R Pred mesecem
Good luck with that... And I might suggest a raspberry pi instead of ardunio 😉lol
Shivam mathur
Shivam mathur Pred mesecem
Prototyping is a good idea. I did that as well I am also proposing a new mars rover to NASA as well
Alvin Richardson
Alvin Richardson Pred mesecem
@13:45...Please go to the next image.
Tintin Mars
Tintin Mars Pred mesecem
Rocket scientists with masks...Dont tell me they believe in this hoax perpeteated by Elite Oligarchs that use this as an excuse to take control of the entire world. If they really do...we are doomed as a species. Stupidity is taking over the World. Ditch the masks for heaven sakes !!.👈
zapfanzapfan Pred mesecem
20 inch rims... nice pimped out ride :-)
velton ho
velton ho Pred mesecem
Barrie Peck
Barrie Peck Pred mesecem
Cant wait
Casual Satanist
Casual Satanist Pred mesecem
Its scary to think that theres atleast 1 universe where this landing ends in failure.... Let us hope *this* isnt that universe...
Casual Satanist
Casual Satanist Pred mesecem
@Baleur ik there might b 0 universes where it happens but...i wanted atleast some suspense u kno?
Baleur Pred mesecem
Not necessarily.
Embrace the Manspider. random troll.
There also one where ailens inspect the rover bullying it lol
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Touch Me…
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