Highlights Sevilla FC vs FC Barcelona (0-2) 

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FC Barcelona beats Sevilla FC at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán and achieves three important points in their fight for the championship. Dembélé and Messi scored the goals for the azulgrana team #SevillaFCBarça Matchday 25 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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27. feb. 2021

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Ell iott
Ell iott Pred mesecem
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred mesecem
The way the ball sticks to Messi's feet is alien.
Natürliche Fruchtbarkeit
The Messi Goal was really insane, he tries to shot over the keeper and then he dribble around him. Only Messi can do this ;)
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred mesecem
Koeman finally got it right!!!
LegendGamePlay Pred mesecem
Its 3-0
mohammed mechennef
mohammed mechennef Pred mesecem
3/5/2 in the best one if they continue like that they win everything
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred mesecem
Daddy Messi
nYZ GD Pred mesecem
0 x 3
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred mesecem
Jesus Navas still playing 😧 I still remember him from my Ps2 game PES 4.
dxfault Pred mesecem
If barca arent careful they might actually win something this year
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred mesecem
Jesus Navas still playing 😧 I still remember him from my Ps2 game PES 4.
David Scheffer
David Scheffer Pred mesecem
Who came here after Barca just won 3-0????
Petter Røhr
Petter Røhr Pred mesecem
Espoir ilanga ilanga
Bom jogo
COYS Barry
COYS Barry Pred mesecem
People said Messi was done hah how wrong top scorer of the league shuts up doubters
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred mesecem
Koeman finally got it right!!!
ricardo irrazabal
ricardo irrazabal Pred mesecem
MESSI POR FAVOR VETE DE ESE CLUB DESAGRADECIDO CON SUS FANÁTICOS DESAGRADECIDOS. QUE SE QUEDEN CON SUS CANTERANOS DE CUARTA A VER QUE GANAN SIN MESSI. VETE A OTRO CLUB QUE TE VALORE. DONDE NO TE CARGUEN LA CULPA DE TODOS LOS MALES DEL CLUB LOS MÁXIMOS GOLEADORES DEL FÚTBOL TOP 5 EN LO QUE VA DE 2021 (CUENTAN TODAS LAS COMPETENCIAS OFICIALES) Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona): 13 goles en 13 partidos.Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich): 12 goles en 13 partidos.Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund): 10 goles en 11 partidos.André Silva (Eintracht Frankfurt): 9 goles en 9 partidos.Alexander Isak (Real Sociedad): 9 goles en 10 partidos.Ilkay Gundogan (Manchester City): 9 goles en 14 partidos.Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus): 9 goles en 14 partidos.Gerard Romero (Vilarreal): 8 goles en 8 partidos.Luis Suárez (Atlético de Madrid): 8 goles en 10 partidos.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal): 8 goles en 10 partidos.
Zain Ali
Zain Ali Pred mesecem
One of the most lucky goals I’ve seen Messi score 😂🤣🤣
Matty Savage
Matty Savage Pred mesecem
Messi outscoring and assisting Ronaldo this season in a rubbish Barcelona team. Ronaldo at one of Europe's current best top 5 teams best in Italy for years. Messi having a poor season still outshining Ronaldo. FACTS!
Matty Savage
Matty Savage Pred mesecem
@bocoy noiu he has to prove it and has failed hugely so far.
Matty Savage
Matty Savage Pred mesecem
@bocoy noiu except he isn't mabbape is far outscoring and contribution this season that's another fact.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred mesecem
A fit Dembele can be the answer to the centre-forward problem at Barcelona (and a better player than The Turtle (aka Mbappe)).
Sharad Mohip
Sharad Mohip Pred mesecem
Messi awarded not for killing the game idiot ... for pulling the strings all game .
XboxPal Gaming
XboxPal Gaming Pred mesecem
What a victory for us👍👍
XboxPal Gaming
XboxPal Gaming Pred mesecem
This what we want❤❤
Kelly Mungomo
Kelly Mungomo Pred mesecem
Daddy Messi
chicas lindas xxx
chicas lindas xxx Pred mesecem
5thDawg Pred mesecem
Jesus Navas still playing 😧 I still remember him from my Ps2 game PES 4.
Jonney Silver
Jonney Silver Pred mesecem
Incredible goal! Thank you Messi ❤️👏
Krisztian Kalocsai
Krisztian Kalocsai Pred mesecem
RobertL Raś
RobertL Raś Pred mesecem
Grande Barca 💪💯✌️👌😇🙏
Tata Kane
Tata Kane Pred mesecem
fc Barcelone 💯⚽🏆🤝😍❤️🥰messi
Jensen World
Jensen World Pred mesecem
I hope Barça play with Real Madrid will have 10 scores for Messi
ال لا
ال لا Pred mesecem
عاشت ايدك على هدف ميسي و دبلي
Ollie W#11
Ollie W#11 Pred mesecem
so there's a rule where defender can only pressure but can't tackle. only in la liga 😂
cjewelz Pred mesecem
A fit Dembele can be the answer to the centre-forward problem at Barcelona (and a better player than The Turtle (aka Mbappe)).
Nazar Hudaykulow
Nazar Hudaykulow Pred mesecem
Yassine OURO-DJOBO Pred mesecem
Cool leo messi
Шариков SAY YOU
Шариков SAY YOU
Sənan İsmayılov
Sənan İsmayılov Pred mesecem
Leo Mesdi ❤🇦🇿
Asturies XXI .
Asturies XXI . Pred mesecem
Bartkac Pred mesecem
Messi's goal reminds me of something... *ENCARA MESSI ENCARA MESSI ENCARA MESSI* *GOL GOL GOL GOL*
Senso Pred mesecem
People hate Koeman alot, but he is honestly doing a good job. Don't forget how many injuries Barca has had. He has made some poor choices sometimes yes, but he is willing to learn and adapt. Give the man some respect and support. If it's not for the individual errors we would have been first and won the Supercopa. I believe in Koeman, even when we are losing points. He brought back the fighting spirit in this team and is giving La Masia a chance again. It's just we have been so unlucky with wasted chances, injuries and errors.
King D
King D Pred mesecem
Messi is a boogieman to goalkeepers. the fear of what he can do next with the ball just makes them passout
Оятулло Хумайни
김세윤 Pred mesecem
Nata Li
Nata Li Pred mesecem
Barcelona ✊ Messi 🤘🔥🤘 Dembélé 👍🙏🤘 😍👏👏👏🌹
Beka24 Pred mesecem
ESO1D-Ibrahima Koita
ESO1D-Ibrahima Koita
Venant Pred mesecem
Too late for barca?
Cj Newman
Cj Newman Pred mesecem
Continue use 3-5-2 Formation
Cj Newman
Cj Newman Pred mesecem
Yes my sideeee Fc barcelona yeaaaaa
loco official
loco official Pred mesecem
5”7 and he’s carrying an entire CITY on his BACK😣‼️
Ariv Pred mesecem
More than a city
Inspectah deck
Inspectah deck Pred mesecem
The only sad thing is I remember when griezmann said he belongs up their with messi
Manumaniacc Pred mesecem
ulan fernandoo
Kai Gaming
Kai Gaming Pred mesecem
These highlights do not do this match justice...Barca looked like a new side with amazing play. GG Barca!!!
cheesball96 Pred mesecem
19 league goals, no bad for a player who’s supposedly past his best
mohammed mechennef
mohammed mechennef Pred mesecem
Barcelona team rating 84 Sevilla 81 Fifa 21 world's game😁
TheWitness1001 Pred mesecem
The way the ball sticks to Messi's feet is alien.
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen Pred mesecem
Sevilla's D is such garbage
majlinda morina
majlinda morina Pred mesecem
Barca_01 Pred mesecem
sltv.info/label/lbOd36LZcal5n4A/video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jabez Reji
Jabez Reji Pred mesecem
The reason for barca to win is 3-5-2 formation
Jay Shan
Jay Shan Pred mesecem
Messi #GOAT
Aaron M. Beah
Aaron M. Beah Pred mesecem
bostjan hudolin
bostjan hudolin Pred mesecem
Vamos Messi barca💪🇪🇸❤️💙🇦🇷👑
Ömer Faruk Han
Ömer Faruk Han Pred mesecem
Is Barça can make comeback against PSG ?
Aminata Bondo
Aminata Bondo Pred mesecem
Messi ouuuu
don't mess with me
don't mess with me Pred mesecem
Dembele on 🔥🔥🔥
Copyright Free Background Music
visca messi
Fantastic3 Pred mesecem
I can’t see why a ex barca player cannot win the title.
FF DEMON Pred mesecem
FF DEMON Pred mesecem
FF DEMON Pred mesecem
Rex Abruzzi
Rex Abruzzi Pred mesecem
Messi is just magic! Honestly don’t think there ever was, is or will be one like him.
Wang kerrigan
Wang kerrigan Pred mesecem
Never bro
Q & A Football
Q & A Football Pred mesecem
i think this is the formation barca should use.....3-5-2 on the attack they push the fullbacks forward as well as some mids and on defense they can shift into a 5-4-1 with alba and dest joining the center backs in the back and dembele or messi dropping into a midfielder role. this was key in the first goal when messi was the one back and dembele was forward. it allowed for a quick counterattack. also praise to koeman for trusting lenglet to play with all the criticism but questions to koeman as why he subbed araujo if he wasn't 100% fit 🤔
LilAntek Pred mesecem
Messi is from outer space.
nasna 1070
nasna 1070 Pred mesecem
Forca barca 🔵🔴
Rafi David
Rafi David Pred mesecem
MOTM award + an assist/goal in a 2-0 result. Top scorer in La Liga yet he’s having a bad season? WOOOW King Leo WOOOOOOOOOW 🙌
Toure Mamoud
Toure Mamoud Pred mesecem
Bravo Léo tu es meilleur mon frère
Alonzo 22
Alonzo 22 Pred mesecem
Watching messi happy is just good
Warior 510
Warior 510 Pred mesecem
Barcelona is the best team from world
MH 26
MH 26 Pred mesecem
sltv.info/label/ib16trvaqXd8ZZ4/video MESSI VS SEVILLA
Ulka Ali
Ulka Ali Pred mesecem
Crazy 🔥🔥 Champion Barça 🔥❤️❤️
big papa
big papa Pred mesecem
ousmane can is a very good dribbler. But he plays like his crush is watching. He needs to focus on rather then stick out from the others. Because U could dribble the whole field but it's useless if u don't score
Maciek Modelski
Maciek Modelski Pred mesecem
Hala madrid
Naveen Bosco
Naveen Bosco Pred mesecem
3-5-2 worked this game. Lope was taken aback by Koeman's tactics that in the start of the second half he made 3 changes and Sevilla played better. But I don't see this becoming our default formation.
Di Chi
Di Chi Pred mesecem
#6500 deaths in Qatar
Abdalla Yare
Abdalla Yare Pred mesecem
This short man is genius
Егориус Кэмбербэтч
Мессии))))))какой красава
kakarot 95
kakarot 95 Pred mesecem
Este año doblete liga y copa y Messi balón de oro
WEEB 101
WEEB 101 Pred mesecem
Messi ballon d'or
Phạm Phạm
Phạm Phạm Pred mesecem
Andrew Ngwenya
Andrew Ngwenya Pred mesecem
Messi is the only onr carrying this team👀 it wouldn't be a Fc Bacelona with out leo Messi 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Max Larsson
Max Larsson Pred mesecem
Asiama Boahene
Asiama Boahene Pred mesecem
Dest smh
The Vall
The Vall Pred mesecem
Sell Messi
Klaus Kaufmann
Klaus Kaufmann Pred mesecem
Messi té la sort dels superkracks
Ale Cera
Ale Cera Pred mesecem
Someone made Leo angry
Monique Ndaya
Monique Ndaya Pred mesecem
This is called giving them a taste of their own medecine
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar Pred mesecem
Back in the top 3. Barca will be to soon.
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes Pred mesecem
Nice match!
Lesego Mabe
Lesego Mabe Pred mesecem
Sevilla is a tough opponent. Good to see that we were prepared and not only won the match, but that we didn't concede. We need to perform like this against big clubs if we're going to have a chance in the Champions League. Força Barça!!
баки бакибаев
Я кайфанул от игры барсы,особенно в 1 м тайме
Juang Firman Haq
Juang Firman Haq Pred mesecem
how about penaldo skills right now? 😂
Juang Firman Haq
Juang Firman Haq Pred mesecem
@I WON A GIVEAWAY of course brother wkwk 😂
I WON A GIVEAWAY Pred mesecem
u mean the proffessional tapper? 😂
Lillihamer_75 Les puy
I actually felt sad that Griezmann didn’t play😢 but forca Barca❤️💙
Denis Farkas
Denis Farkas Pred mesecem
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
This Made W2S Nearly Cry...