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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme \u0026 Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Shystie: iamshystie
Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
Elicit: ThisIsElicit


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19. dec. 2020

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M Sons
M Sons Pred 15 urami
Josh is truly the dad in the sidemen
Mavo IL Miamie
Mavo IL Miamie Pred dnevom
love from sri lanka for sdmn
Split ψ
Split ψ Pred 7 dnevi
Voxi: yo can I copy your homework? Dazn: yeah sure but change it up a lil bit so the teacher doesn’t notice Voxi: say less
Abi Dzul
Abi Dzul Pred 8 dnevi
harrys reaction to his new phone is the most wholesome thing i’ve ever seen 🥺
Dixieboy1503 Pred 8 dnevi
The kind bread indirectly mug because racing unexpectedly doubt into a alert saxophone. general gentle, callous tanker
WZRD_lumpy Pred 15 dnevi
I made a sidemen monopoly :)
Joian NG
Joian NG Pred 16 dnevi
why does ksi not know what milk powder is
TMR Pred 16 dnevi
Vik got fucked and still respected the gifts more than JJ he could literally buy whatever he wants
Aarastu Sharma
Aarastu Sharma Pred 19 dnevi
12:33 what a lovely couple
Aaronical Pred 22 dnevi
JJ is so jeleous
BDE 2390
BDE 2390 Pred 24 dnevi
Whats happened to Harry last present lol
carson murray
carson murray Pred 25 dnevi
I still rewatch this video every few months it's a timeless one
Alex Pred 26 dnevi
Every vid where JJ gets "cheap" presents he acts so ungrateful... It is actually getting said now. He doesn't deserve anything if u can't be happy with the small things 😬
Its YoBoy
Its YoBoy Pred 28 dnevi
11:00 am I the only one who realised simon’s joke?
trey tharpe
trey tharpe Pred mesecem
Had all pieces of forbidden one but my dumb ass lost them when I was little
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Pred mesecem
Harry broke his phone again
Aaron Burke
Aaron Burke Pred mesecem
Man said 14 Grand for BitCoin 6 months ago.....40k now hahaha
Matija Kutnar
Matija Kutnar Pred mesecem
Lets be honest...jj never use that headphones😂
Ꭱite Pred mesecem
TobyRann air kinda smacking though E
Haha I’m in the future they got 11 mil
Alex Andra
Alex Andra Pred mesecem
I feel like ethan is the most greatful everytime
Alex g143
Alex g143 Pred mesecem
i got that same lego that tobi got and still havent built it
Alex g143
Alex g143 Pred mesecem
and i got the same retro sweets
Vic Ali Official
Vic Ali Official Pred mesecem
Simon gets anything : Aaaaahhhhhh or Jeeeez okayy!!
Xander Blaze
Xander Blaze Pred mesecem
People from every corner of the earth watch the Sidemen. I'm watching them here on YeYe Island.
NR Pred 2 meseci
ksi broke his own phone
NR Pred 2 meseci
BeastXX Cades
BeastXX Cades Pred 2 meseci
Josh be steeling dude perfect overtime items
Sumit Paul
Sumit Paul Pred 2 meseci
Josh is so kind...
drflyingidiot Pred 2 meseci
Its always josh that gives stuff to the sidemen its nice
bigt songs
bigt songs Pred 2 meseci
I don't need gifts cos I am the gift ye don't need gifts nah nah don't need gifts don't need don't need nah nah nah why because I am the gift
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis Pred 2 meseci
Ddddjjjjjj vickkkstarrrr
Niall Harnett
Niall Harnett Pred 2 meseci
Did anyone else see when Harry looks like he is crying after he got his gifts with tobi
lily Pred 2 meseci
JJ and Simon are like brothers
lily Pred 2 meseci
JJ and his hamsters are the things I need
Emma Lamont
Emma Lamont Pred 2 meseci
vikk got done dirtttty
Nevin Hattle
Nevin Hattle Pred 2 meseci
Vikk your big josher hat is the best love that
Sharon Madu
Sharon Madu Pred 2 meseci
Tai Bach
Tai Bach Pred 2 meseci
Danyal Syed
Danyal Syed Pred 2 meseci
he shouldv got actual bitcoin, man said £14k for one?, we looking at £58k now mr zerkaa
Pajusz 95
Pajusz 95 Pred 2 meseci
18:04 i wish someday someone will look at me like this :)
Angus McKay
Angus McKay Pred 2 meseci
No one gunna talk about the amount of moet vik had in the back
Rowen Naidoo
Rowen Naidoo Pred 2 meseci
Tobi I am jealous
Ndl for ldn -_-
Ndl for ldn -_- Pred 2 meseci
14 June is my bday LOL
Theophilus Fangaloka
Theophilus Fangaloka Pred 2 meseci
I know I'm late to this vid, but Josh is a legend.
Farouk Mohamed
Farouk Mohamed Pred 2 meseci
Scott Young
Scott Young Pred 2 meseci
Harry’s reaction was so incredibly wholesome it was class What a guy 👏👏
TheSportsGuru Pred 2 meseci
20:33 They are. Definitely not LEGO. Much worse quality all around. But, they do look really nice when completed.
Lylah Hulston
Lylah Hulston Pred 3 meseci
JJ and his hamster tho 😭😭
Martin Hall
Martin Hall Pred 3 meseci
Why is ksi’s legs so big🤣🤣🤣
Tin Long Chu
Tin Long Chu Pred 3 meseci
Sebastian Morales
Sebastian Morales Pred 3 meseci
14k for bitcoin crazy now it’s 50k plus
Rashed Alm7rmi
Rashed Alm7rmi Pred 3 meseci
"Smash Mine!"
Areeb Pred 3 meseci
wait, why is vikks right arm so much bigger than his left? lmao
Eve Walton
Eve Walton Pred 3 meseci
Who was the boy on tobi’s Home Screen ?
do it, no socks
do it, no socks Pred 3 meseci
for some reason seeing Ethan so happy and grateful had my eyes leaking
LilWxnkZz YT
LilWxnkZz YT Pred 3 meseci
No one realise how huge freezys eyes were 🤔 hint to something maybe 🤣
GCustomKickz Pred 3 meseci
simon and jj are like brothers on christmas morning
Gaming Is Fun
Gaming Is Fun Pred 3 meseci
Robert Medeleanu
Robert Medeleanu Pred 3 meseci
MY GUY GOT HIM BEATS HAHAHA. Those are the worst headphones ever released. They are made just to look good.
Chad Wood
Chad Wood Pred 3 meseci
I need me some wealthy friends
xHoboMan16x Pred 3 meseci
Harry and your final present.... 25:40 Cuts it out lmao!
Mae Bönnêr
Mae Bönnêr Pred 3 meseci
So I found the KSI Milk on Amazon... it’s not to be eaten 😂 it’s non-toxic but it’s a chemical made product for a toy and says all over the Amazon description DO NOT EAT 😂 there’s like a whole range of KSI- x things for this random toy thing 😂
slimshady123 Pred 3 meseci
What I saw from this video was a Dad buying his 6 children presents for Christmas 😂😂
Robert Mac
Robert Mac Pred 3 meseci
Ethan was gassed
Sweenal Bandodcar
Sweenal Bandodcar Pred 3 meseci
Josh is an underrated guy
Akuto5an Pred 3 meseci
Man, Jj's hamsters are mad adorable
Torpedo_R8 Pred 3 meseci
What really annoys me nowadays is that Vik is looking and acting more and more like a friend that I always hated. It makes me cringe so much
Ella Lupton
Ella Lupton Pred 3 meseci
Harrys so wholesome i cannot
Ella Lupton
Ella Lupton Pred 3 meseci
When he said jj was the most attractive 👁👄👁
Joanna Hann
Joanna Hann Pred 3 meseci
Tobi I have one and they are a pain In the arse
Oscar Cleaver
Oscar Cleaver Pred 3 meseci
Simon has never lied, also Simon to JJ: “YoU lOoK gOoD tOdAy”
Alfie russell !
Alfie russell ! Pred 3 meseci
Jj: OMG thank you so much for the beats 2 months later Jj still hasn’t worn the beats in a video
Cestus 105
Cestus 105 Pred 3 meseci
Harry reacting to the phone and exodia is so wholesome bro
ErnestMak 88
ErnestMak 88 Pred 3 meseci
Back in the first sidemen holiday, if you be nice, all sidemen members (including randy lux and cal and Couples) to the luxurious hotel
Bogdan Ciocan
Bogdan Ciocan Pred 3 meseci
Why jj looks wasted in the thumbnail
Legendaryspacecadet Pred 3 meseci
Hey just realised sidemen channel started on my birthday 🥳 yesss!!
Sync Pred 3 meseci
name of music pls at 19:10
Anja Kapurova
Anja Kapurova Pred 3 meseci
Jesus cals pupils are fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked
Corck 9
Corck 9 Pred 3 meseci
Don't you have unlimited internet in England?
valve _14
valve _14 Pred 3 meseci
Vikk looked so much like the average British person at a festival
Evan Sherritt
Evan Sherritt Pred 3 meseci
Jj: I have a skipping rope *pulls out 1 BATTLE rope
Tioxly Pred 3 meseci
i love how wholesome this is
tumelo mothoa
tumelo mothoa Pred 3 meseci
daddy josh splashing gifts to his children how wholesome🤗
TRXVIS SCOTT Pred 3 meseci
jjs emotion changed so much
Spotify Premium
Spotify Premium Pred 4 meseci
Ethan is such a wanker
harrison thompson
harrison thompson Pred 4 meseci
Little does he know less then a month later he shouts Amazon out
Kushal Kumar
Kushal Kumar Pred 4 meseci
JJ just looked really hungover lol😂
Gay Bowser
Gay Bowser Pred 3 meseci
Just no
Purple Bookworm
Purple Bookworm Pred 4 meseci
i got the sidemen merch yesterday it is so comfy i love it
Ron Koshy
Ron Koshy Pred 4 meseci
3:54 song coming boyssssss
Jamie Rose
Jamie Rose Pred 4 meseci
Btw it’s 5 years on not 3 lol not tryna be rude
4dToros Pred 4 meseci
Really baught Harry a zanco
Hayz1982 G
Hayz1982 G Pred 4 meseci
So who got josh stuff as he got everyone some think
Alanthe_21 Pred 4 meseci
FootballLewis2011 Pred 4 meseci
Up the reds toby
Gursimer Singh
Gursimer Singh Pred 4 meseci
ethan used that push-up thing in the sidemen calorie video
Abulfaze Sultani
Abulfaze Sultani Pred 4 meseci
Poor jj always getting yeah preasents
Liam Singh
Liam Singh Pred 4 meseci
i know im late watching this but, harry is my guy 20:05
Sam Zummo
Sam Zummo Pred 4 meseci
JJ and Simon are brothers from another mother
Onni B
Onni B Pred 4 meseci
JJ: aaaaaaaah johoo HAAAAAAAHAAAAAa
Sereny Andy
Sereny Andy Pred 4 meseci
Why is there like 6 bottles of most in time room is Harry going round