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19. apr. 2021

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Pred 18 dnevi
Thank you guys 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 Grab your DP book here! bit.ly/NewDPBook
Bassam Ghaferi
Bassam Ghaferi Pred 14 dnevi
Dude perfect do gaming stereotypes
Mariam Zafar is creative
I cant bcz i am from pak
SKM Pred 17 dnevi
Last lol
Aarav Shah YT
Aarav Shah YT Pred 17 dnevi
When does TY read a book? Last reply btw
SKM Pred 18 dnevi
Jaime Lopez
Jaime Lopez Pred uro
Do metal detector again
Nick Guzzo
Nick Guzzo Pred 3 urami
Sneaky Peeky 😂
Aj O’dell
Aj O’dell Pred 5 urami
I remember when they came out with their first season of their show 😭
Beth Chastain
Beth Chastain Pred 6 urami
when ned took off tha wig i literaly choked for like ten seconds
RiverKid80 Pred 6 urami
Shagley Productions
Shagley Productions Pred 6 urami
I think the new segment should be called sneaky peaky.
Andy Vasquez
Andy Vasquez Pred 7 urami
18:45 for a sneak peek
PARKER_GOLF I Pred 7 urami
Mr. VibeMan
Mr. VibeMan Pred 8 urami
Petition for Jim shorts (Cory’s character) to host wheel unfortunate on the next OT
Anime VR Official
Anime VR Official Pred 8 urami
: tall guy beard twins purple hoser dude perfect in over time tall guy beard twin purple hoser now were heading and on to over time
Teddy Pred 8 urami
sneeky peeky
Peyton Herd
Peyton Herd Pred 8 urami
Do they have anime posters?LOL
Ella The Dancer
Ella The Dancer Pred 9 urami
Sneeky peeky
Bigmac Macdonalds
Bigmac Macdonalds Pred 9 urami
DrHuss08 Pred 9 urami
14:24 wow
Jayani A
Jayani A Pred 9 urami
0:01 Cody: "T, you ready" Ty: "Sorry I'm reading a book" Cody: "I didn't know you read books" 😂😂😁
Zachary Jorrey
Zachary Jorrey Pred 9 urami
Do trailer park
EVLU playz
EVLU playz Pred 10 urami
Wheel unfortunate is scripted
Butterfly Queen
Butterfly Queen Pred 10 urami
They should collab with mrbeast
Khanho Lee
Khanho Lee Pred 10 urami
ur probably not gonna see this but what happened to the vocab of the week OT. BRING IT BACK! WE NEED KNOWLEDGE!
Darran D's Toys
Darran D's Toys Pred 10 urami
I think is cool don’t bereach
Jonathan Arensman
Jonathan Arensman Pred 11 urami
Wow! Dude, I totally think Coby wins the fatman competition... By a LONG shot!
Fr0g G0
Fr0g G0 Pred 11 urami
Is it just me or was Gary wearing a rob
Matthew Butters
Matthew Butters Pred 12 urami
Haven’t done a trick shot vid in a while
Tre Garcia
Tre Garcia Pred 12 urami
Hey dude perfect guess what I got I got a Dude Perfect poster
TBX Pred 12 urami
what happened to the music video??
Wolt who is a minecrater
May 3rd next video Its May 8th bruh
Tate’s Trick Shots
Tate’s Trick Shots Pred 12 urami
Who’s where when they delete the music video
Sean Gulbrandsen
Sean Gulbrandsen Pred 12 urami
Wait what happened to the pet peeves song
Ole Anderson
Ole Anderson Pred 14 urami
How about a wheel unfortunate for Ty to shave his beard?
Aimee DeFilippo
Aimee DeFilippo Pred 14 urami
Put "Be baked in a cake" on wheel unfortunate.
David Ragosa
David Ragosa Pred 17 urami
Hey DP you guys should do prism glasses for cool not cool
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson Pred 18 urami
Coby has become more machine then man. happy may 4th!
MattTheBest 130
MattTheBest 130 Pred 18 urami
TT: KiwiCo is for all ages Me an intellectual: 14:42 it says 14+ years
Totoro Pred 18 urami
Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser.
Hunter 9
Hunter 9 Pred 18 urami
Sneaky peaky
Mark Gian Abad
Mark Gian Abad Pred 19 urami
this date18:20 is my birthday im just woah coincidence
The Streak Klan
The Streak Klan Pred 19 urami
Can you do more "I SPY TY"
Аноним Неизвестности
Почему среди них нет ни одного чёрного парня , разве они не повёрнутые на расизме и равноправии и т.д.?
Kinza Thiessen
Kinza Thiessen Pred 20 urami
Sneaky peeky
Ondřej Liška
Ondřej Liška Pred 20 urami
14:50 reading the script behind the box :)
hakim Lavoie
hakim Lavoie Pred 20 urami
AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Virginia Whitetail
Virginia Whitetail Pred 21 uro
13:50 😂 bruh
Christopher Hansen
Christopher Hansen Pred 21 uro
dude! i've seen the crunch cup before! I've wanted one of those for ages!
Code Kobe deserves that because he ran back to the peace in the Box website and I agree with you that's a totally read
Yishai Shapiro
Yishai Shapiro Pred 22 urami
Gars right he’s the best dp guy
Van Garnham
Van Garnham Pred 22 urami
Dip probably has like a cool not cool storage room with just like every item from ot
Elana Kahan
Elana Kahan Pred 23 urami
Cool 😎
Eftychia Nicholas
Eftychia Nicholas Pred 23 urami
Guys,if you can do OT 27 I want Smelling bee Top 10 colours Wheel unfortunate Betcha
Eftychia Nicholas
Eftychia Nicholas Pred 23 urami
Ty. Just please 🥺
Danial Pred dnevom
Two most epic moment in dude perfect for me is Garret's Egg and Coby Second Win
TheBoi Danny
TheBoi Danny Pred dnevom
They need to rename this video Tyler hosing Cody for 26 minites
Ratnakirti Paudel
Ratnakirti Paudel Pred dnevom
I had thought then new dude perfect book would be like 50$ to 60$ but it's cheap just 18$, a normal encyclopedia cost's the same price and the book is from dude perfect so I thought I would rather be more expensive.
Limitless Gaming
Limitless Gaming Pred dnevom
So wait the activities will make my divorced parents get back together?
Rajgopal Yumnam
Rajgopal Yumnam Pred dnevom
The new guy is very dry
Cooper Strahorn
Cooper Strahorn Pred dnevom
I want that crunch cup
The Bobbiverse L
The Bobbiverse L Pred dnevom
Again i still say trailer park
ff danhil
ff danhil Pred dnevom
aku di manaaaaaa????
Faye Law
Faye Law Pred dnevom
This was amazing I got 20 GF's now thx dude perfect
dmo031280 Pred dnevom
Garett 😃
christian ogden
christian ogden Pred dnevom
Call me at 740-208-8629
kippy wise
kippy wise Pred dnevom
The Best part of wheel unfortunate is that I’m not in it
My world
My world Pred dnevom
Sneaky peaky!!!
Christian Kasadelis
Best Get Crafty so far
Steve and Marnie Cooper
Can we just acknowledge a temple tantrum caused $500
TOXIIC Pred dnevom
Trailer park
nice trailer ty
Adriana Castillo
Adriana Castillo Pred dnevom
I've watched all your videos
Param Chawla
Param Chawla Pred dnevom
You guys should do airplane stereotypes that would be dope
Rachel Friesen
Rachel Friesen Pred dnevom
Pet peeves are on my mind.
lauren geraci
lauren geraci Pred dnevom
Hey Ty, I am also a huge HP fan. My favorite characters are Tonks, Hermione, Sirius, and Lupin. Who is your favorite? Also Cory is my favorite out of y'all. And I am a proud Gryffindor
Shay lane
Shay lane Pred dnevom
Next get Crafty do the best one too build a model airplane
Robloxchy Insua
Robloxchy Insua Pred dnevom
Tyler is the best chubby guy or if y’all remember TT 😂
Morgan Kuo
Morgan Kuo Pred dnevom
U guys now realize that cobys been picked as much as Cory now
Ruth Remkus
Ruth Remkus Pred dnevom
Can you please send the video it’s supposed to be out on May 17 can you please send it posted before that because of the day it posts I have school again and my mom doesn’t let me watch TV on school days.
Lohitaksh's Labrinth
This is like Coby the guy who forcibly takes children's lunch box in class/school The gluttony Coby
Galaxy Pred dnevom
Farrel Gerzatin H
Farrel Gerzatin H Pred dnevom
do you guys miss panda if you do hit the like so i can know
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Pred dnevom
Wild Benno Swart
Wild Benno Swart Pred dnevom
I climbed table mountain and I am 11 it took 4hours lol 😂🤣😂
Wild Benno Swart
Wild Benno Swart Pred dnevom
I live in South Africa🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 Btw love the channel 😻😻
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Pred dnevom
These Dudes are perfect 👍🏻😁😎🔥
Thewolfwastaken Pred dnevom
What Ned you were my hero I don’t no if I can forgive you
Travis Moore
Travis Moore Pred dnevom
I wonder how many more subscribers you could get if you all stopped saying "let's go!"
Brinkle Town
Brinkle Town Pred dnevom
I love how giddy Coby got when Cody was having trouble pulling off the peace in a box
Svqn Rqben
Svqn Rqben Pred dnevom
If dude perfect is going to make some kind of a hangover film I would freak out
Leanna Bolden
Leanna Bolden Pred dnevom
Suggestion: Do a WIPEOUT COURSE competition episode (the TV show Wipeout with John Cena). That would be epic!
Aprameya G
Aprameya G Pred dnevom
Since there is covid. Can you give me a chance to call them. Please
Aprameya G
Aprameya G Pred dnevom
Snieki peaki is nice. I am a big fan of dp. I am an Indian and also stay in india. Can dp give me a chance to meet that great 5 guys. Please
Unstable Pred dnevom
Am I the first one to notice that Ned forester has a Napoleon dynamite wig on. Well before he took it off.
GLADYS CRUZ Pred dnevom
What about the vocab word?
me and Loneliness
me and Loneliness Pred dnevom
idk but twins are my favorite they are so funny, they're acting never makes me to stop laugh :)
Mikayla Harris
Mikayla Harris Pred dnevom
I am getting that book
Alison Kordic
Alison Kordic Pred dnevom
DP is really disrespectful to Cobyy!! I mean I love dp and their content is amazing, but poor Coby!!!
Koolest Kid
Koolest Kid Pred dnevom
Jesus loves yall
Neo James Peroy
Neo James Peroy Pred 2 dnevi
2040 bucket list Dude perfect climbs Everest
Hiddensky Pred 2 dnevi
These Dudes are perfect 👍🏻😁😎🔥
Dung Le
Dung Le Pred 2 dnevi
The crunch cup was from vat19
Big Banana
Big Banana Pred 2 dnevi
Maybe it’s just me but comfort in a glove sounds cool
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