Make A Toy Car Look Real 

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Gear Used
Toy car: www.amazon.com/Jada-Furious-Charger-Die-cast-Collectible/dp/B00ZWQJY0E/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1541002230&sr=8-19&keywords=fast+and+the+furious+car&linkCode=sl1&tag=fstoppers-20&linkId=b4c4042af76fc75b194236ae7464075f&language=en_US
Nikon D750: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1082599-REG/nikon_d750_dslr_camera_body.html/BI/6857/KBID/7410
Tamron 90mm: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1233542-REG/tamron_sp_90mm_f_2_8_di.html?sts=pi/BI/6857/KBID/7410
Litra Pro: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1417268-REG/litra_lp1200_black_pro_light_with.html/BI/6857/KBID/7410
In this video Lee Morris photographs a toy car and makes it look like a real full sized car.

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Epidemic Sound - bit.ly/3aaE7GJ
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Luminar 4 - skylum.evyy.net/M6RAM
Capture One - captureone.38d4qb.net/NO29q
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31. okt. 2018

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YungYata Pred 29 dnevi
If you know... you know... Never in a 100 years that thing would look close to a 70 charger... haiyaaaaa
Let's Play!!!
Let's Play!!! Pred 2 meseci
If you say 1lack time Johnny sins so you are a pro legend
TrumanHW Pred 3 meseci
Most amazing part of the picture,? He got a picture in SF with OUT a homeless person in it,
The Kaiser
The Kaiser Pred 4 meseci
Photoshop?! Only losers use Photoshop.
Humans R Ants
Humans R Ants Pred 4 meseci
great job.
manohar mgr
manohar mgr Pred 4 meseci
வீடியோ மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருந்தது மிக்க நன்றி 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 R.மனோகர் சென்னை . Very useful this video sir big thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 R.MANOHAR Chennai.
Jan M
Jan M Pred 4 meseci
I tried a couple of the Tamron lenses, including the new 70-200 f2.8 G2 and found them to not be as sharp as Nikon lenses. I returned that lens and bought the Nikon, big difference. The Tamron had such bad back focusing that It couldn’t be fixed. Cool video.
oliver izzard
oliver izzard Pred 4 meseci
Step #1 ... buy a toy car that looks real...
Prajyot Kadam
Prajyot Kadam Pred 4 meseci
Hey! You know what you are crazy at this. I loved it. Given the amount of time and efforts put in. Hats off...👏👏👏
yeety boy
yeety boy Pred 5 meseci
I did a 1940s photo using a metal toy/pencil sharpener train I think it looks good btw i used my phone
jay morris
jay morris Pred 5 meseci
The door gaps give it away, your work is excellent.
Kingster Sreejit
Kingster Sreejit Pred 5 meseci
Zachary Young
Zachary Young Pred 5 meseci
I did this 10 years ago with my friend's toy car in his driveway. I showed him the picture and he was like "Who pulled up when I was sleep?" It's all about the angles.
Mark Pred 7 meseci
so relateable, any time im copositing with a car, you can never be satisfied HAHAHA, you always find something to fix or add
patricio madrid
patricio madrid Pred 7 meseci
Para ser profesionales mala la técnica
Merchant Ivory
Merchant Ivory Pred 7 meseci
Why not reduce the white hot light on the car? Your the pro and im an amature but it seems like reducing the light would totally make it fit in better with the shot, just a thought, still cool video, thanks for making it, cheers!
sen pai
sen pai Pred 8 meseci
Just ordered a MCLAREN P1 ScaleModel on amazon waiting to arrive then ill shoot some bangers
focused313 Pred 11 meseci
looks good to me. Some of us who know about tires and such may think that something is off, but it's a $15 model car for goodness sake.
Aki K
Aki K Pred letom
Why is the music so loud? What happened to mastering?
Naga Raj
Naga Raj Pred letom
Canon 5D Mark IV best tripod?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Pred letom
The clipping mask is your friend. Give it a try sometime.
Andrew Pred letom
Mee Lorris
wheeleewheels Pred letom
swish1onu Pred letom
Had a long winded explanation on everything that's off.. but clearly this isn't his specialty... so suffice it to say, buddy if you do read your comments, that Photoshop job is all kinds of wrong... maybe do it over and redeem yourself.
wheeleewheels Pred letom
Amazing -
Beloma Youtube
Beloma Youtube Pred letom
Worst tutorial, boring.
Dave Williamson
Dave Williamson Pred letom
Totally lost itwith the amber...so unnecessary
Taha Balti
Taha Balti Pred letom
I think you need a tutoriel man !!
Cattivo Pred letom
stop torturing yourself and just buy the real car! you'll quickly forget about photography and have a smile from ear to ear once you turn the key and hear that hemi roar!...just tell your wife its an anniversary present lol
Evangelos Pred letom
Awesome Composition
futureryo Pred letom
This was a pretty cool tutorial, my only note for the photoshop section was I would have liked to see you darken the car slightly. I feel it looked a little off because it was much brighter than its surroundings and messing with the highlights in levels would have made this look even more realistic
3D LAYERS Pred letom
The white spot on the front bumper kind of bugs me.
Ponte Ryuurui
Ponte Ryuurui Pred letom
This is an insult to compositing. Front bumper has white background color cast, yet the concrete is dark. Where is all that light at the lower half of the car coming from, because it does not match the shadows, ya its the light that was reflected from white environment. Entire car is not matched in brightness level with the env. I cant even be fucked to keep writing. Waste of time
Richard's Adventures
Cool idea
Crimson Pred letom
This may take a lot of time, however the end result is very satisfying!
Phil R
Phil R Pred letom
Artist Michael Paul Smith is the OG guy making realistic photos, check him out on youtube because he's head and shoulders above the rest and he uses cheap cameras...
karthikjr Pred letom
This is a legitimately bad tutorial.
Corey's monumental mori
Rainy Club 90
Rainy Club 90 Pred letom
Good video 👌😍
Andreas Koch
Andreas Koch Pred letom
Well done my friend
Alpha Whiskey
Alpha Whiskey Pred letom
Diecast nostalgia... sltv.info/label/jrVrrbW0i4KjdYw/video
Children of Malcolm
This guy is a Spitting image of Tom Brady
TGN -INACTIVE- new YT is GamingNorwegian REVIVED
i feel like the body itself looks convincing, but all the chrome thats not darkened ruins it... Wheels, rear bumper, that reflection line right infront of the supercharger on the hood and the supercharger itself r just way to bright to look convincing. U can see the poles behind the car, those r chrome aswell, and theyre dark and warm. I atleast think what i did here looks a bit more convincing. before: gyazo.com/e2884b2e21cd2d1d8eef352a4fcea313 after: gyazo.com/44a7c0458058c58ef757b2cf187cf231
hungryalien Pred letom
do check out my instagram: kai.garage for my toy car shots :)
OneWayStudio100 PhotoVideo
the same suffering when I edit :)
Joseph Wallace
Joseph Wallace Pred letom
That a muscle car not a sports car and it's a 1970 dodge charger.
I think it turned out ok, for what he used an time. I would have added lights under the car an fender wheels like dark blue. An added a moon in the background that looked cool. But I think he did a nice job. I might give it a try.
MrVangassen Pred letom
People are fucking vicious in SLtv comment sections. The highest grade critique most often comes from channels with zero content :) Fucking Instagram warriors complaining about photoshop. How many pics from dslr aren't retouched? Almost every mobile retouches photo output without you knowing this. Triggered hehe. Well this wasn't perfect and leaving the white reflection on the front was bad but overall enjoyable vid for newbies.
Orlando Florence
Orlando Florence Pred letom
I think the car looks more real than the photoshop, how about that?
Shaujun •_•
Shaujun •_• Pred letom
Der sieht aus wie flying Uwe
denis avdic
denis avdic Pred letom
you could be a photo modell
Cyba IT
Cyba IT Pred letom
Wow, photographers are like audiophiles. So f'n pretentious. I'm talking about the commenters and not the guy who's showing us how to get cool pics of a model car
W.M. Aslam - Author
Very creative but not convincing. I think the car isn't a realistic enough model, your background looks great however.
Salem Crow
Salem Crow Pred letom
I took this on a piece of blue poster board, and I think it looks better than this. i.postimg.cc/pVDLrD3n/impala1.jpg
Marvin F
Marvin F Pred letom
Sorry......that doesn't look real....looked photoshopped.
Yuz Asaf
Yuz Asaf Pred letom
It has looked like a toy, the ENTIRE video...it was sad watching his efforts go south to such an... unnecessary task.
Octavian Popescu
Octavian Popescu Pred letom
Ok looks nice but what’s the point wasting time for taking pictures when you need photoshop for editing anyway? I mean you can do it in photoshop from scratch🤔
darkestsummer2 Pred letom
I love the idea but he seems like he has no idea what he is doing
West B.
West B. Pred letom
Now it's my wallpaper. 😊
Sam From Ohio
Sam From Ohio Pred letom
Anybody else think that photography shouldn’t rely so much on photoshop?
Sam From Ohio
Sam From Ohio Pred letom
“Sports car” 😂
J Y Entertainment
J Y Entertainment Pred 3 meseci
Adam Adam people are just childish thinking oh yeah I’m a car guy and you’re stupid. Like bruh we get it, it’s a muscle car.
Adam Adam
Adam Adam Pred 4 meseci
MD Builds I actually am I know quite a lot actually but I just don’t see the issue with calling a muscle car a sports car like don’t be such a bozo
chroot Pred 4 meseci
"Computer Paper"
MD Builds
MD Builds Pred 4 meseci
@Adam Adam you're clearly not a car guy
Adam Adam
Adam Adam Pred 7 meseci
Will Couch
Will Couch Pred letom
** "It's extremely bright!"... Let me just shine it on my face real quick.. Ahh that feels good yeah that's it that's the spot Good video haha
Rodo M.
Rodo M. Pred letom
It cam bee done better and easier
Andrew Pred letom
Michael Andreoni
Michael Andreoni Pred letom
I hate the amount of times he smacks his lips and swallows his spit
Jonny b
Jonny b Pred letom
I lost it when he said "sports car"
darkestsummer2 Pred letom
I thought it was just me
Callum Pred letom
Is this meant to be a joke?
abmo32 Pred letom
7:35 is this really the right selection tool, considering the background is all pure white??
Arthur Gandara
Arthur Gandara Pred letom
Yes because with the pen tool you can actually control what pixels get masked out rather than relying on just the white enough pixels getting chosen. You can play with the range but you run the risk of part of the car with bright reflection getting selected then having to go de-select etc.
vpg57 Pred letom
9.58, if youve watched the movie where its from, you can see that the car is actually tilted forwards, and so, the wheels are, when you tild it horizontally, not on the same height, so it looks shavy and not real.
William Singewald
Bald tom Brady???
M.Adeel Sajjad
M.Adeel Sajjad Pred letom
Jordan Beasley
Jordan Beasley Pred letom
Why you look like a bald Tom Brady😂
MusicStudent1 Pred letom
This ROCKS! Do some Batmobiles, Action Jackson, or G.I. Joe photo shoots!
xerad King
xerad King Pred letom
Photo shop thumbs down
CelentAle Pred letom
Real fake!👌😄😄😄
Ashraf Ali
Ashraf Ali Pred letom
1969 dodge charger. Love it...
Queenie Mars
Queenie Mars Pred letom
Vikas J
Vikas J Pred letom
you were unable to remove that remaining white color from under the front side of car except that you did all fucking things
W Leon
W Leon Pred letom
Could you do this with a bridge camera, which is also capable of doing microphotography?
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim Pred letom
Wasn’t this the guy who took a photo of his dads dream car and gave it to him the one he took the photo he took?!?!
William Christian
I thought A. Iniesta doing SLtv videos 😂😂
Abhimanyu Anandan
Why the fuck did I read it as A -dot- iniesta
On3S1CFuK W4N51CF4K136
Hahahaha,Yea' When He's Not On The Field He Messes Around With Toy Cars & Shit Hahahaha
dreamingcode Pred letom
The white under the bumper was so frustrating along with you not knowing that car is supposed to sit like that.
Chris Thumann
Chris Thumann Pred letom
Henri Aho
Henri Aho Pred letom
Mä teen vanhalla älypuhelimellakin parempia fotosoppauksia kun toi äijä noilla kalliilla ja hienoilla vehkeillä :) :) :) LoL.
King1 Julian
King1 Julian Pred letom
Can some one tell me what he is using on his computer
Thunderbyrd Pred letom
The number of perfect photoshop guru's in this comment section is incredible. But I didn't see any photoshop tutorials on any of the critics pages, Hmm. Thanks for posting, I'm just starting to use PS and this video gave me a few ideas I haven't thought of, thank you for posting.
doel89 Pred letom
the front of the car looks horrible
JamesyEdward009 Pred letom
Someone give this man a spittoon! Back your mic off or something! I can’t stand hearing every time you swallow. 😩 cannot continue watching unless it is without audio.
Oil Bama
Oil Bama Pred letom
Do you now "der 8auer" ? No one beat him in swalloing.
UFOs Are Real!
UFOs Are Real! Pred letom
‘And’. Lol, how many times he said ‘and’?
Otto Heinavaara
Otto Heinavaara Pred letom
This looks great
Alf Coron
Alf Coron Pred letom
yo i did a video like this called adobe photoshop easy: photo transformation speed laps can someone compere em pls?
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson Pred letom
The bottom of the front bumper... It's just... Augh
MARC LOST Pred letom
Dafuq was that
Grande Gringo
Grande Gringo Pred letom
This is a photoshop tutorial not photography
Grande Gringo
Grande Gringo Pred letom
fstoppers.com/automotive/how-photograph-toy-car-and-make-it-look-real-300936 this is the link that brought me here. How to PHOTOGRAPH a car and make it look real was the title smart guy
Exotic Ys
Exotic Ys Pred letom
Lee Daniel read the title, it doesn’t say it’s a photography tutorial anywhere
Sebastian Mandal
Sebastian Mandal Pred letom
I’m 2000 miles away from my camera which has no battery and all I have is a MacBook with a 720p FaceTime camera and I don’t have a toy car. Can I REALLY do this?
Zha Cal
Zha Cal Pred letom
Great video.
Knight Vision Media
#salute - That was nice - Great Job
Ernst de Roo-Straatemans
Great job! But why not create masks (for the overlays) using the cutout from the car. Then all you need to do is paint over the parts of the car you don't want the overlay.
wanoman99 Pred letom
jesus christ the blending mode doesn't solve everything, the white of the car left an outline that wasn't perfectly clear so there is this weird box shaped outline that I was dying for you to just simply erase with a soft eraser or even overkill with a feathered mask but you did neither, honestly made me disregard the rest of the video if you missed out such a simple mistake.
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