Bebe Rexha - Baby, I'm Jealous (ft. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video] 

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Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Special thanks to: Charli D'Amelio, Avani Gregg & Nikita Dragun
Went from beautiful to ugly
Cuz insecurity told me you don’t love me All it takes is a girl above me
On your timeline to make me nothing
This is me
A woman in dichotomy
I love me
Until I don’t
Baby I’m jealous
Of the pictures that you like
Baby I’m jealous
Of the girls with lighter eyes
Baby I’m jealous
And I know that it ain’t right
But I’m jealous jealous
The jealous kind
I’m jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly on a plate
Sunnyside up I got egg on my face
Waste trainer for a tinier waist
But I can’t help if I like the way food taste
This is me
A woman in dichotomy
I love me
Until I don’t
My apologies
For looking at your history
I’m trying to let it go
Baby I’m jealous
Of the pictures that you like
Baby I’m jealous
Of the girls with lighter eyes
Baby I’m jealous
And I know that it ain’t right
But I’m jealous jealous
The jealous kind
That chick can’t be that chick
Baby I’m a bad b*tch
If he feindin he’ll prolly get a catfish
Keep him dreamin to pull up on a nap, sh*t
I don’t even be askin him who dat chick
Uh huh who dat chick nah
That’s pitiful that’s so average why
Some women want men and some girls want bwahs
Tell lies until they buggin they pants on fire
I stole ya man
He got freedom to chase what he likes
I know ya mad
But he ain’t even worth none of ya time
It’s such a drag
I’m not being spiteful but he’s trash
Won’t be the last
To let you know but he gon show you
Baby I’m jealous
Of the pictures that you like
Baby I’m jealous
Of the girls with lighter eyes
Baby I’m jealous
And I know that it ain’t right
But I’m jealous, jealous
The jealous kind
I’m jealous of her
I need ya number
She doesn’t love ya
Boy lemme show ya
I’m jealous
I’m jealous
I’m jealous
I’m jealous
I’m jealous
I’m jealous
I’m jealous
I’m jealous of her
I need ya number
She doesn’t love ya
Boy lemme show ya
B-baby I’m
Baby, I’m jealous
B-baby I’m
B-baby, I’m jealous
Bebe Rexha - Baby, I'm Jealous (ft. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]
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9. okt. 2020

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Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha Pred 21 dnevom
I'm so excited this video is out! Thanks for taking a little time travel with me Doja 💞 What makes you jealous?
Charles The literal person ._.
It makes me feel jealous that your boyfriend is acting SHADY 🤪✨
Misael Hdez marin
Misael Hdez marin Pred 6 dnevi
you are the best bebe rexha
Mauricio Alviso Rodriguez
Bebe I love you
Skepooz Pred 9 dnevi
Skepooz Pred 9 dnevi
Tiger Pred 57 minutami
For charli
bibahali __
bibahali __ Pred uro
At first i thought it was Cardi B and Kylie Jenner in the thumbnail
Parisha R
Parisha R Pred uro
So is nobody gonna talk about how they looked so freaking good in whole video?
sathush tejan
sathush tejan Pred uro
She should get a pixel 4 but she has a pixel 3XL with a bathtub notch
Iman Liberty
Iman Liberty Pred uro
who is here after watching the ASMR video on charli's channel?
sara Pred uro
esta charli y avani :0!?
Wilkister Cherotich
Bebe rexha:Baby am jealous Me: where's my babe🙄🙄
Angel Sweet Heart
the way she says bad Bit*h makes me like obbsessed lmao
Róbert Èvi
Róbert Èvi Pred uro
.HIUUUUUU....... ...... .........
Danielle McCarty
This song is relatable as a woman, even if you don't get jealous like that. I think every woman knows what it's like to love yourself until you don't. There's always something that can make you insecure, even if it's not someone else's fault. It's so hard to hold onto the confidence sometimes.
Markus Huijsmans
Markus Huijsmans Pred 2 urami
I can’t believe Charlie is in here
Ruhul Amin
Ruhul Amin Pred 2 urami
Favourite one🥰🧡💛
i love custis blue
i love custis blue Pred 2 urami
i love this song sooo much! ahhh the beauty!
smores cat
smores cat Pred 2 urami
3:50 0-0 what ...
smores cat
smores cat Pred 2 urami
Rock that red hair gurl!!!
Sofia Van Wilderbeest
#pessimist #empath #rofl
Jaydee & Kyle
Jaydee & Kyle Pred 2 urami
Doja looks so good in the dawn of creation part 😌
Meg Iyere
Meg Iyere Pred 2 urami
So basically men I cheat in all era😂
Francesco Rivolta
Francesco Rivolta Pred 2 urami
not Nikita dragun having the part of exposing DOJA PLSSSSS NOT HERRRR
Nikita bisht
Nikita bisht Pred 2 urami
Who is here only to watch Charlie😍😍😍😍💓💓💓 Or it's just me😯
ala kramarczuk
ala kramarczuk Pred 2 urami
Omg Charlie d'amelio
Aimee Pred 2 urami
did Avani say anything?💀
Aimee Pred 2 urami
she looks like priyanka chopra in that something in the 1800’s look
Umbrella Academy
Umbrella Academy Pred 2 urami
Bebe friend: you could get canceled Me:👁👄👁
PRADERA HATO65 Pred 2 urami
Omg there is avani and charli 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Dustin _
Dustin _ Pred 2 urami
Don't let Tiktok's venomous mouth take a bite out of this masterpiece
Felipe Carlos
Felipe Carlos Pred 2 urami
omg the costumes
Bruna Ribeiro
Bruna Ribeiro Pred 3 urami
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Sarah Bickford
Sarah Bickford Pred 3 urami
The lady just staring blankly
Mr outplay
Mr outplay Pred 3 urami
jayzy- playz
jayzy- playz Pred 3 urami
May Bede-Nwokoye
May Bede-Nwokoye Pred 4 urami
Are y'all sure that Bebe Rexha is 31, like very sure?
Waddle Di
Waddle Di Pred 4 urami
Sexy cave man lol
Дмитрий Шестернин
Девочки красотки,клип тоже красочный.
Jugendra Singh
Jugendra Singh Pred 4 urami
Bebe i am realy jealous because this is much better than my favorite one.
Krish Chakraborty
Krish Chakraborty Pred 4 urami
Baby I'm jealous Of the comments that u like Baby I'm jealous......
Geo Pred 4 urami
dont ask to back in the 60s gurll there was apartheid then or have your forgot? dont romancize that
Daniele Vine
Daniele Vine Pred 4 urami
2:20 is my favourite moment of the song
it’s sophiYuH
it’s sophiYuH Pred 5 urami
The plot of the video is kind of problematic for me. I’m not down with the Freaky Fridayish thing going on with the Chinese lady and her “fortune cookie magic”. I don’t that’s just my personal opinion
Abhiman Kher
Abhiman Kher Pred 5 urami
Me not relating to this at all- Let’s put a like on this video
Lusijana Donovic
Lusijana Donovic Pred 5 urami
is it just me or was that Avani and Charli at 0:02
L0DY Pred 5 urami
The restaurant reminds me of the same restaurant from IT 2
Babuş Marius
Babuş Marius Pred 6 urami
"5:11" Try and set the amount you want as you like *I got the amount I really wanted **pyptolmon.xyz* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
Mine yoongi
Mine yoongi Pred 6 urami
I don't know why but I am so confuse after watching this I- What to say I have nothing to say I am in confusion ☠️☠️☠️
•90s thinqs•
•90s thinqs• Pred 6 urami
No one be talkin’ bout Avani and Charlie in here? 🤭🤭
João Costa
João Costa Pred 6 urami
DNA Pred 6 urami
Красивый клип
Nicole watt
Nicole watt Pred 6 urami
who else loves her red hair
Tuesday G
Tuesday G Pred 6 urami
What was that about getting cancelled Nikita? LMFAO
Göksel Güney
Göksel Güney Pred 7 urami
I love you Bebe Rexha
Megha Roychowdhury
Megha Roychowdhury Pred 7 urami
Doja stole the show she's so hot 🔥
Fujoshi Weeb
Fujoshi Weeb Pred 7 urami
Isabella Zhu
Isabella Zhu Pred 7 urami
the fact that Bebe got Charli D'Amelio, Avani Gregg & Nikita Dragun is just...
joni kejani
joni kejani Pred 7 urami
Martin Franek
Martin Franek Pred 7 urami
To se nedá poslouchat..mojda první kategorie.
Official free fire UK
"Charli is only 16 but gets to hang around with big stars" *Baby I'm Jealous*
VILGAX OP Pred 8 urami
Baby I'm jellyfish...😂
xueerha Pred 8 urami
They really are out here looking like anime protagonists
gro prop
gro prop Pred 8 urami
Bebe rexha, voice is totally different .i love her all songs .now it's also awesome .because cool songing +melodies voice+glamo look +interesting lyrics =bebe rexha
tach tach
tach tach Pred 8 urami
does anyone else's google starts to respond to bebe's voice at the start? 🤣🤣🤣 mine did
Red Rose
Red Rose Pred 8 urami
Doja should just sing more her voice is great
NamNam_ JoOniE
NamNam_ JoOniE Pred 9 urami
ISURU Pred 9 urami
The camera quality is better then my Future😏😂
mr shades boii
mr shades boii Pred 9 urami
girl in the 1960’s nikita dragun would be dead... and i dont think you would have rights too honey...
Onion Teehee
Onion Teehee Pred 9 urami
When a girl sees her man with another girl: "I'm jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly"
Alex Jos
Alex Jos Pred 9 urami
sltv.info/label/f7SD0pWqoYytZp4/video best video
MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall
Nikita: "You can get cancel on Twitter" Doja: 👁️👄👁️
Melina Trinidad
Melina Trinidad Pred 10 urami
Why did I think nikatia look like James Charlie’s
Joshian Fleming
Joshian Fleming Pred 10 urami
Am I the only one sad that Avani didn't get to say anything?
itxrtise Pred 10 urami
The phone really said ____ _____ \____/
Moonlight Grande
Moonlight Grande Pred 10 urami
lmao the first scene reminds me of the movie, Freaky Friday
Why don't YOU have bread in YOUR pocket?
Miguel Manuel
Miguel Manuel Pred 10 urami
I love shot are fired and the reaction by doja
Amy Roblox_Gacha
Amy Roblox_Gacha Pred 10 urami
Omgg I see Charlie Damelo and Avani Greg
Amy Roblox_Gacha
Amy Roblox_Gacha Pred 10 urami
I see Avani Gregg
PWOSH DUO Pred 11 urami
OMG! Something that makes me jealous is when my friends are always bragging about their new things!
Melissa Cortez
Melissa Cortez Pred 11 urami
This is a great song and music video for Halloween
28-skate -masturbate
28-skate -masturbate Pred 11 urami
What a load of actual horse 💩
28-skate -masturbate
28-skate -masturbate Pred 11 urami
Nikita dragun sure has climbed up that social ladder like a shady slippery slu*ty snake🐍
jaziah_fall_ Pred 11 urami
Remind me of freaky Friday
Yu Ya Than Lwin
Yu Ya Than Lwin Pred 11 urami
mrbinkey04 Pred 11 urami
Who plays Bebe's boyfriend? I've seen him before.
Phương Anh
Phương Anh Pred 12 urami
My google turned on when Bebe said 'hey google' :))
Brittany_Lxve Pred 12 urami
Is anyone gonna mention the fact that Avani Charli and Nikita are there
Is just me or my eyes fooling me is charli d
Charley Chioma
Charley Chioma Pred 12 urami
Beautiful ladies!!!
Yonis Yusuf
Yonis Yusuf Pred 12 urami
This gives me say so vibes only a little tho
The Sofi and Eli Show
The Sofi and Eli Show Pred 13 urami
There is so much you know
Galaxy Pred 13 urami
And avani
Galaxy Pred 13 urami
Charli and niki
kamiya .M
kamiya .M Pred 13 urami
I wouldn’t go back not trying to be a slave or trying to be in segregated times sooo
sunkify c:
sunkify c: Pred 13 urami
Omg this is such a bomb song-
Lumi Lanier
Lumi Lanier Pred 13 urami
I love Charlie's character.
Dan1el_ RBX
Dan1el_ RBX Pred 13 urami
"Is she gonna venmo me?"
Katelyn Straley
Katelyn Straley Pred 13 urami
This is cringe
Lmaø • Skye
Lmaø • Skye Pred 14 urami
The baddies back at it again😉🖤
art pasar
art pasar Pred 14 urami
The boy in that mv was also the boy from south of the border Music video
Ikaika Madayag
Ikaika Madayag Pred 14 urami
Sexy lexy
Sexy lexy Pred 14 urami
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