Under Armour Launches Curry Brand For Stephen Curry Shoes! 

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1. dec. 2020

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Delfino100 Brazil77
Delfino100 Brazil77 Pred 11 dnevi
Under armour and currys shoes are lame
Ignatius Ethan Lau
Ignatius Ethan Lau Pred 29 dnevi
love curry but i just don’t see that fire in him... i’m not saying there isn’t, there definitely is, but it’s not as visual as mj’s
Pradhyumna Kumar Pillamari
The answer is pretty simple it’s a shitty design
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Pred mesecem
Orthopedic shoes
Diverce Pred mesecem
Because of ua's poor repu.
Sports Bro
Sports Bro Pred mesecem
I know someone who has a lot of Curry Shoes..... Ross
Monica 144
Monica 144 Pred mesecem
curry’s shoes arent bad looking. if they were nike, they would sell a lot more.
Jet Man
Jet Man Pred mesecem
People want Nike, not Under Armour, it's that simple.
Brick City
Brick City Pred mesecem
Nike has had a better brain washing marketing plan for decades now.
Blue Lagoon Tippler loft
Need it in wide with ??
trees21 Pred mesecem
Curry 1 and 2 were dope (and great performers). Straight trash ever since. Under armors’ designers are HORRIBLE.
Real Conspiracy Wow!
It's how the shoe look ,it reminds me of the shoes hazmat teams use to step in nuclear waste .
Diverce Pred mesecem
Put Lifestyle in curry shoes.
John Han
John Han Pred mesecem
A lot more needs to go into it than a rebrand, though curry has the ingredients (ha)
Rasshaan Bey
Rasshaan Bey Pred mesecem
They are uncomfortable, under armor has to fix that first then the designs gotta step up. Its basic and not style as well as functional.
Nx Nu
Nx Nu Pred mesecem
U.A shoes designers need to contact me ...your designs are under tested... The material is low end.
Mr Mitchell
Mr Mitchell Pred mesecem
Under armpit should never make another shoe again.
Andrew Pred mesecem
God is always amazing! Read the Bible! And repent from your sins!
Kevin_Blanco Pred mesecem
Curry should join adidas what do y’all think
baileyalex23 Pred mesecem
Where is the clip of those kids shooting 3s
Luis H
Luis H Pred mesecem
Not selling because he's not Michael Jordan it's that simple.
Eddie Tran
Eddie Tran Pred mesecem
remember when ppl said nike made a noob move by not resigning curry to a shoe deal? lmao that was laughable
Codie Olson
Codie Olson Pred mesecem
As someone who WORKS for Under Armour, the Curry 8's are going to be by far the best looking line of basketball shoes at Under Armour. As far as Under Armour's shoe line and sales in general, I think the public has a preconceived notion that Nike is the most well known and accepted sports brand in terms of fashion. And with that, the majority of basketball shoe buyers are automatically heading to the Jordan and Nike brand without fairly considering basketball shoes with adidas or under armour. It sucks as an employee who thinks we have plenty of products that are fantastic and a slightly lesser price.
Nicklaus Christofono
Too bad Nike got his name wrong! Or he'd still be signed to the CHECK!
BIG SMOKE374 Pred mesecem
Curry Land please Curry Land!!!!!
Tall343536 Pred mesecem
Those are some ugly shoes
Smooth Mixes
Smooth Mixes Pred mesecem
every time I wear my curry's I tweak my ankle
Inaya Rauff
Inaya Rauff Pred mesecem
Bro stephs shoes ranked second in sales jus behind jordan
Vum HuH
Vum HuH Pred mesecem
John Lai
John Lai Pred mesecem
Hope it works out.
Johnny Madrigal
Johnny Madrigal Pred mesecem
Same reason Dwayne wade shoes we not popular the brand under armor converse come on
Cardboard Hero
Cardboard Hero Pred mesecem
I think it needs more improvement on the Shoes Design. Looking for improvements on the next version. I make NBA shoes out of cardboard guys and wear em..Check em out..
alex zander
alex zander Pred mesecem
Imagine how much money Nike would have made if curry was signed to them.🤦🏽‍♂️
Ł3M3ŁØ Brooks
Ł3M3ŁØ Brooks Pred mesecem
Y'all taking about Currys not for fashion I be rocking those White/blue currys all the time You gotta be creative
Dax O
Dax O Pred mesecem
Curry is adorable but dem shoes aren’t so appealing as Nikees They are basically just for playing basketball. They should try and put out designs that could be worn off the court
Jason Wiercinski
Jason Wiercinski Pred mesecem
As great as Curry is, his basketball shoes will never rival Jordan's.
Big larry morris
Big larry morris Pred mesecem
Curry shoe designs are weak I’m sorry🤦🏿‍♂️
NLMBB_PROX Pred mesecem
qua B
qua B Pred mesecem
Cause u can dress up in Jordan sneakers I’m not dressing up in basketball sneakeds
BIONG RENN Pred mesecem
Im still waiting for the nike scalabrines.
GOAT777 Pred mesecem
Dylan Patterson
Dylan Patterson Pred mesecem
I actually heavily fucked with UA’s hoop shoes
Batman Pred mesecem
I don't care about shoes.
H.B.K J.D Pred mesecem
5 milli milli
Mr Gainz
Mr Gainz Pred mesecem
accordracer1 Pred mesecem
Curry’s! Finally a shoe for nurses who also ball after their shift.
Feelz Pred mesecem
They ugly
Twisted Illusions
Twisted Illusions Pred mesecem
Nice idea, but to compete against the Jordon brand is going to require better colorways and something to catch your eye. Not to mention Jordon brand has been around for eons. Under armour hasn't even been around that long!
Sunil M.
Sunil M. Pred mesecem
It's cuz the warriors suck rn. They definitely weren't a dynasty last season, and Steph was either out or playing it easy that entire time.
frzspillz Pred mesecem
They don't look that great.....his earlier shoes were better....the last 3 years look very basic....
Danish Khan
Danish Khan Pred mesecem
The reason Curry’s shoes aren’t selling as well is because it’s Under Armour. If Curry was with Nike, his shoes would be a whole lot popular.
Nick BigTime
Nick BigTime Pred mesecem
I'll wear curry's
Guillaume Semaan
Guillaume Semaan Pred mesecem
under armour basketball shoes style isnt really attractive or pretty
Jericho Samuel Prastono
308328928 Pred mesecem
Bunch of dam haters
Lootroq Pred mesecem
Who remembers KD single-handedly dropping the value of Under Armor as a company with his comments?
D Shawn
D Shawn Pred mesecem
The price
Limbo Himbo
Limbo Himbo Pred mesecem
Let’s go my boy gets his own shoe brand :D
Jack Sheppeard
Jack Sheppeard Pred mesecem
My friend moved from Curry’s to Kyrie’s and he predicted that Curry would make his own brand
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
If he was with Nike his shoes would be out of stock. It is what it is...
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan Pred mesecem
I think they need Klay also in Under Armour
Yandy Baeza
Yandy Baeza Pred mesecem
I would not buy currys shoes I would go with Jordan’s
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Pred mesecem
Ua messed up lol. Even the logo is uninspiring
Erickz0n Pred mesecem
Share the clip
Sergio Chavez
Sergio Chavez Pred mesecem
From now on all I’m buying is Currys !
DJ Johnson Jr
DJ Johnson Jr Pred mesecem
Some currys are fire 🔥
IAN GAN Pred mesecem
the price too high
Kenny Lo
Kenny Lo Pred mesecem
Danm UA 11th😂
Hi Guys
Hi Guys Pred mesecem
Gottabean Pred mesecem
Everyone just launching up threes
Quest Pred mesecem
i just got new basketball shoes so *I NEED SOEM MONEY* bc I am a big boi fan of Curry
Ron Mayott
Ron Mayott Pred mesecem
It won't work unless they change the look. Generally the Curry line historically has been very average looking.
KuvYogPov Pred mesecem
there is a gap between his teeth so that correlates to his sneaker sales
John Wilson
John Wilson Pred mesecem
If you have a great looking shoe they will buy it but above all is customer service 😉, if you have a great customer service I will be back and I will spread the word, another important factor is price, make it affordable, there is reason for shoes to cost over one hundred dollars, even if the shoes were made in America, it would cost under one hundred dollars. It is just pure greed that these prices are put on these shoes. Back to the Curry Brand, you can make shoes look similar looking just make it better looking 😉
Handsome Gunner
Handsome Gunner Pred mesecem
I think Curry Brand shoes will sell just as well as his under armour. I was honestly shocked to hear UA is 11th in shoe revenue. I think 11th is pretty high for them.
Tri 7 Mafia
Tri 7 Mafia Pred mesecem
That's dope
Lemance Moss Jr
Lemance Moss Jr Pred mesecem
Shoe damn near up to your knee. I know they high top but damn
Nathan Kayhan
Nathan Kayhan Pred mesecem
"Under Armour" is just a lame brand name.
Shelton Rabena
Shelton Rabena Pred mesecem
Very great video,two days ago I buy the best quality product from replicaclubs..ru
Caleb Nwaobia
Caleb Nwaobia Pred mesecem
Under Armour tryin to pull a Jordan
Millie Puppy
Millie Puppy Pred mesecem
Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven worldly rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it
Jonathan irakoze
Jonathan irakoze Pred mesecem
His shoes look goofy
YJL Pred mesecem
Tampa Bucks
Tampa Bucks Pred mesecem
Just being honest I only copped the curry shoes cause ross opens early on the way to the gym
Daryus P
Daryus P Pred mesecem
when i think under armour, football comes to mind
i think cops
Nia Sims
Nia Sims Pred mesecem
Giorgos Loukisas
Giorgos Loukisas Pred mesecem
So inspirational
Kevin Koerner
Kevin Koerner Pred mesecem
I'm just wearing currys
fightnight14 Pred mesecem
Coco Ichibanya should have launched a Curry brand
Bryan Seay
Bryan Seay Pred mesecem
Those shoes ugly ass hell.
Big Dog
Big Dog Pred mesecem
All look at Curry Brand, doing amazing things in the world
YBL WAN Pred mesecem
look at curry man
Jeffrey McCombs
Jeffrey McCombs Pred mesecem
Well most of his shoes don't translate into street wear. LeBron and Jordan shoes translate to street wear. And then the owner had some words that hurt UA as well.
islandgal onelove
islandgal onelove Pred mesecem
I agree with Jordan's but do wear lebron's as street wear?
Look at curry man so inspirational
Jay Pred mesecem
If it ain’t Nike, adidas, or puma, ain’t nobody buying it
Cold Marino
Cold Marino Pred mesecem
They aren’t doing better because they are ugly
Osama Binlackin
Osama Binlackin Pred mesecem
So if I’m 4’1 and I wear lebrons I have a higher chance of dunking
Eazy_100s Pred mesecem
not going to be as big as jordans
Rees Montana
Rees Montana Pred mesecem
It could have worked and it's a great idea but the shoes are ugly and the logo is ugly sorry
virusyete Pred mesecem
Well curry shouldve just signed a deal with Adidas instead of UA if Nike was an asshole
ShordyMoney OFFICIAL
Cuz it’s too much about the shoes n not about people actually liking curry
Curry 8 Flow
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