10 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth 

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10 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth
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5. maj. 2021

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JaggedBlade Pred dnevom
Why was I expecting Area-51 the whole time???
Eric Jay
Eric Jay Pred dnevom
It’s so crazy, idk why but I thought only people who lived in the US thought Area 51 is hiding some serious shit
Ellie Passmore
Ellie Passmore Pred 2 dnevi
did anyone hear how he said derbyshire at the start 😂
nem nem Pg3d
nem nem Pg3d Pred 2 dnevi
i have been thinking abt something like what if the guards are the aliens but they just morph 🤔
Fort Knox holds 4175884,75631KG of gold. Over 250 billion USD$.
mwmas 3159
mwmas 3159 Pred 4 dnevi
Josh Pedroza
Josh Pedroza Pred 4 dnevi
The call sign is marine one
Jordond _fifa
Jordond _fifa Pred 5 dnevi
Can I just say I live in derby and you can easily get into that car park in town it’s not nor should it be on this list at all
Confusíon I am
Confusíon I am Pred 6 dnevi
**military person in the back with possible war around with Vik smiling in-front**
Confusíon I am
Confusíon I am Pred 6 dnevi
Title: Most Guarded Place In Earth **vik smiling in the thumbnail*
Crimsix Ghost
Crimsix Ghost Pred 6 dnevi
You know Vik made this when he sticks 'Roach' from MW on the thumbnail 😅
kyle mcmillan
kyle mcmillan Pred 7 dnevi
My uncle is working on the new airforce one
noisy gamer
noisy gamer Pred 7 dnevi
i know what they hide in area 51 . . . . . . . . . Ethan's DAD :)
Real Woody
Real Woody Pred 8 dnevi
Area 51- thought I heard something about it being 30+ years ahead of what’s actually known based off insider knowledge of the 60s or 70s
That guy Dexter
That guy Dexter Pred 9 dnevi
Just a side note on what might be hiding in Area 51 is the TR-3B anti-gravity spacecraft. Take a look at that.
👀 Pred 11 dnevi
A car park? The list is fucked 😂
Viktor Uhre Andersen
Viktor Uhre Andersen Pred 11 dnevi
The number one most protected place is the basement that i have all the children in
Henro _hadders
Henro _hadders Pred 12 dnevi
Step one:bring a tool to cut through the 27 inch vault Step 2:hold all staff hostage and get codes or kill them Step 3: be rich
Forth Corn
Forth Corn Pred 13 dnevi
Josh Finley
Josh Finley Pred 13 dnevi
OMG my brain is now dead, the one about air force one my man said the aircraft landing lights are missiles or what ever he said I want to die
Eric Bender
Eric Bender Pred 13 dnevi
One of my dads friends was an air force pilot for a long time. He actually flew into Area 51 as a part of a mission to drop off cargo. He said a bunch of guards walked to the plane and said if you step past the wings of the plane we will shoot and kill you without hesitation. They took some cargo and the captain and were gone for 2 days. Captain came back without saying a word and they just left
Blubla lyrics
Blubla lyrics Pred 13 dnevi
Hailie jades room??
BonesMcWelch Pred 14 dnevi
Who is using a missile on a seed vault
squiglio Pred 14 dnevi
With the US president planes are called Air Force one and helicopters marine one. For the cars it’s called the beast. And the code name for the president is podes.
Justine Kent Hernia
Justine Kent Hernia Pred 14 dnevi
The most guarded place is the one we didn't know
Ash Sharma
Ash Sharma Pred 15 dnevi
Whenever I watch your videos guys , I just assume it’s raining outside in UK and you guys are just chillin and texting each other’s saying “ yo let’s make a vid since it’s raining outside “ 😅😅😅
Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 Pred 16 dnevi
The thumbnail that’s Roach from Modern Warfare game
Its Jangles
Its Jangles Pred 17 dnevi
is the first place the bunker where the XRP ledger operates. i think it is
Gecko Pred 17 dnevi
in the seed vault u reckon they got pot seeds in there
Fwoppa Pred 18 dnevi
I’ve literally just watched 100000000 of these
nightforce33 55
nightforce33 55 Pred 18 dnevi
#11 the room where the sidemens editor keeps sidemen censored moments
Ryan Pred 18 dnevi
area 51 is not even used much anymore it has the same protection as most military bases.
Vanilla drop
Vanilla drop Pred 19 dnevi
What ever you can think of the us military made it or has it
Amar Patel
Amar Patel Pred 19 dnevi
Oh yeah just letting ya know that the sr71 blackbird was real and was the fastest fighter jet at the time
Dream SMP NEWS Pred 20 dnevi
Where’s the sidemen Sunday ar
Kaleb Brigham
Kaleb Brigham Pred 20 dnevi
People cut off the nose so there ka can’t live on in the after life so they die in the after die
jack mac
jack mac Pred 21 dnevom
I live near that car park
[TBI] Liam
[TBI] Liam Pred 22 dnevi
A helicopter with the president on it is called marine 1, the president is only allowed on either of those two planes, the one with him on is air force one and the other is the dummy
Hadia Rashid
Hadia Rashid Pred 23 dnevi
I walk past bold lane everyday and it ain't that great
samuel kamigwi
samuel kamigwi Pred 23 dnevi
Ever thought of how everything in the world was going fine till some people tried to storm area 51😂🤔
Scythin _
Scythin _ Pred 23 dnevi
They said fort knox is overkill but it does hold priceless artefacts that can not be replaced
DoubleTapThatDotty Pred 24 dnevi
Fort Knox isn't even a place of relevance anymore. There's fuck all gold there. It's all in the new York federal reserve.
Seth Pred 24 dnevi
Hide and seek but if you get spotted you get shot
Prometheus Pred 26 dnevi
I can guarantee you some fucking parking lot is not one of the most heavily guarded places on earth
B30WULF Pred 26 dnevi
Air Force 1 is the code name used by the Secret Service, military, etc. in reference to any plane (and only planes) that the President is on. It usually refers to the plane that is usually pictured as Air Force 1. There is a similar situation with the helicopter(s) the President uses, which are called Marine 1. If the Vice President were to be one either of them instead of the President they would then be called Air Force 2 and Marine 2. Another little tidbit, the armoured limo used by the President/ Vice President is known as The Beast.
BigTuna Pred 26 dnevi
Imagine someone meeting with an area 51 worker and then hypnotising that bastard for info leaks. He won't even know he told it to anyone and everyone wins.
Cassian Ali
Cassian Ali Pred 27 dnevi
the presidents helicopters are called marine one marine two and marine 3
Danny Mastar
Danny Mastar Pred 28 dnevi
5:25 Even mine?!? 😳
Ray Perez
Ray Perez Pred 28 dnevi
Why isn't 69 on here 😂😂 just a joke
BobLarson98 Pred 28 dnevi
Area 51 Hide and Seek is only second channel content XD
NadiaR. Pred 28 dnevi
I cant wait for whatever is inside Area 51 to be reveiled at some point and it being nowhere near as impressive as everyone expected 😅
Tom Sewter
Tom Sewter Pred 28 dnevi
shoutout derby
Houssem Abbassi
Houssem Abbassi Pred 28 dnevi
0:33 accually Napoléon blew it away, HISTORY!!!
𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪c Pred 29 dnevi
10 most heavily guarded places on earth (that we know about)
Xeno Pred 29 dnevi
0:33 the french took it
Bruh Pred 29 dnevi
Area 51 is disguise to Area 52
B Kumar
B Kumar Pred mesecem
Sealand is the smallest unknown country in the world!!!
Hell O
Hell O Pred mesecem
Why ain’t brain on there
Allofthenamestaken Pred mesecem
Bruh you can just see Sealand off the cost of felixstowe I've seen it too many times xD
OliB123 Pred mesecem
1. My bedroom
funny guy
funny guy Pred mesecem
Bruh most guarded place is a bottle of beer that you have to open with out a bottle opener
JudicatorJones Pred mesecem
It’s obvious no one keeps up with news in America but the government came out revealing that Fort Knox is empty of gold. Just FYI
Boogniche Pred mesecem
"where's the nose" Ahhh shit, here we go again.
Nick Van Rens
Nick Van Rens Pred mesecem
Area 51 HAS aliens, the US government made an agreement to tell the public this summer. I’ll keep you updated. So far, two F18 pilots have seen one flying above them going much faster than “humanly” possible.
Arian A
Arian A Pred mesecem
All it takes a elliot alderson to take the whole thing down
Shivansh Rana
Shivansh Rana Pred mesecem
Gilberto Marcial
Gilberto Marcial Pred mesecem
Still not as heavily guarded as the krabby patty secret formula
wavyfnr Pred mesecem
from derby bro it's not like that it's barely guarded 😂😂
Ankit Sd
Ankit Sd Pred mesecem
The most heavily guarded places are those which you will never find out about.
RKD Pred mesecem
Vik: thinking of breaking in in a safe place Mr beast: made video inside one of them
Alex Chen
Alex Chen Pred mesecem
when a car park is more heavily guarded than the US Capitol 💀
boomer Pred mesecem
They forgot Fort Zancudo in Los Santos
Macmore Pred mesecem
RUNESCAPE! Still plsying. ;p
Shahbaz Ali
Shahbaz Ali Pred mesecem
Let's be honest that was boring af
littlemandan 97
littlemandan 97 Pred mesecem
Top ten heavily guarderd places in the world fort knox area 51 car park in Derby
Brandon Pred mesecem
A President's helicopter is called Marine One, I believe.
Art_Skully 714
Art_Skully 714 Pred mesecem
Y is vik always in these he really dosnt need the money
GamingTime Pred mesecem
How is this 8th trending on gaming Loved the vid but a bit confused
D B Pred mesecem
I live in derby and that car park I’ve been in it many times. When you park up there is a number on a sign in front of every parking space and before you leave the car park you have to scan the card and put in that number. The amount of times I had to go back to the car because I forgot the number 😂. You actually can’t get in the building without having the card so there is no way into the car park with out the card or following someone in. Haven’t been in it for a while but from memory there was like a tank at the exit pointing towards the exit.
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Pred mesecem
when the earth fails hit by meteors - Cant use the seed bank because no electricity or lock combo no - defeats the purpose .🤔 no ships planes to travel with .
Jamy Dojer
Jamy Dojer Pred mesecem
in area 51, they have the iphone 20, but it is just bigger than the iphone 12 and no longer has a charging socket
Lea cutaya
Lea cutaya Pred mesecem
Damn 5 days later 7th on trrending
Kyle Brady
Kyle Brady Pred mesecem
Bruh... the pentagon?
Team Arc
Team Arc Pred mesecem
Honorable mention: Vikks diary
Pranav Jagadeshan
Pranav Jagadeshan Pred mesecem
10:55 is that Distin from the "Sidemen guess the Millionaire" video ?
Eyuel Yiferu
Eyuel Yiferu Pred mesecem
I lived in Las Vegas for 3 years.
Jack Herer
Jack Herer Pred mesecem
The US president has a helicopter its called "Marine 1"
wassim juju
wassim juju Pred mesecem
these are definitely not the most secure places, except are 51 and maybe one or 2 others
Malakai778 Pred mesecem
Car park lmao
FroggerbobT Pred mesecem
Has some shitty car park. Doesn't have things like Kremlin armory, NORAD, etc.
Ben O’Connor
Ben O’Connor Pred mesecem
ram gamer
ram gamer Pred mesecem
Oh my god I live in Derby
Mandy Pred mesecem
“Where’s your nose” ~Miniminter 2021
James Hurley
James Hurley Pred mesecem
I can't believe the Kremlin wasn't on here, thought it'd be near the top for sure
YBW mojo
YBW mojo Pred mesecem
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Phoebe Jardine
Phoebe Jardine Pred mesecem
the car park in derby is just down the road. its so secure that a Bentley is constantly parked on the ground floor.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Pred mesecem
I know for a fact that when the guy mentioned seed JJ would say stuff like “Aight cool, they can contain my seed there”
Ryan Piest
Ryan Piest Pred mesecem
I hoped alcatraz would bo on here
Techno kid gaming videos
No.1 vicks sweet sash