The Winx Saga is the dumbest show... 

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The Hunger Games is kinda dumb...
Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one
Princess Protection Program is hilariously dumb
Bridgerton is a kinda dumb
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3. feb. 2021

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Ella Shankland
Ella Shankland Pred 3 urami
WAIT so they turned a kids cartoon into a live action 15??? What’s next are they gonna turn peppy pig to a fucking 18? 😭
Robert Bench
Robert Bench Pred 7 urami
Is it just me or the male characters in this show was very underdeveloped? Like we barely see Sky, Riven, Dane and Sam and we didn't get enough scenes from their suite. Heck we didn't even see where Sam sleeps and where does he stays! Does he have other friends other than the main female characters? We never even see him interacting with other students!
Jacqui A Comics
Jacqui A Comics Pred 16 urami
Yeah... I really wanted to like it but... nah...
Lydia Benn
Lydia Benn Pred 22 urami
This show is an insult to the cartoon. 😑
Noura El
Noura El Pred dnevom
When you mentioned shadowhunters in the end i remembered again! In shadowhunters they have changelings like that too, like fairies switching mortal kids with fairy kids! Is that saga like a common thing?!
Jariel Morales
Jariel Morales Pred dnevom
Yes buts It’s not supposed to be anything like the animated series they made that pretty clear dumbass
Prod. LUNA
Prod. LUNA Pred 2 dnevi
5:12 me being a kpop stan... he ain’t wrong tho
Prannti Agnihotri
Prannti Agnihotri Pred 2 dnevi
It's based on a cartoon WinX club
Dexter Bululu
Dexter Bululu Pred 2 dnevi
Girl: OMG YOUR I CHANGLING!! me: did you just dare steal my little pony character names?
Die Monster
Die Monster Pred 2 dnevi
I honestly feel bad for the actors, they shouldn’t be put up to such suffering...
it'sYoBoy BC
it'sYoBoy BC Pred 3 dnevi
I've watched the original as a kid. Watching this show now, I honestly thought that it's a whole different series. This is nothing like winx club.
BOOk_Wolf_19 Pred 3 dnevi
Ok, originally this was a kids show but they somehow dumbed it down because Aisha didn't originally have blue hair
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Pred 3 dnevi
What the hell happend to Sky 😂 Wow
Trisha Nicole
Trisha Nicole Pred 3 dnevi
The way she ran PPFFFTTTTCMON
Gabrielle Hudon
Gabrielle Hudon Pred 3 dnevi
Because obviously girls could never be badass if they wore dresses
Dessy Pred 3 dnevi
not even ms griffin got me feeling this salty
Chaos Bringer
Chaos Bringer Pred 4 dnevi
I LOVE YOU!! you are amazing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise keep doin what you are doin
David O.
David O. Pred 4 dnevi
So, funny thing, I'm rewatching the Winx Club after watching Winx Saga and they really forked up with Fate! I mean, to name a few things: 1. Bloom is a princess, not a changeling! 2. Stella is a supportive friend/fashionista, not a Diaspro clone! 3. The characters in Winx Club are of a diverse background, and not 90% whitewashed! 4. Techna isn't around, and she was like my favorite of the originals! 5. Flora is replaced by Terra. 6. Riven is even more of an asshole! 7. Red Fountain and Cloud Tower don't make any appearance whatsoever. etc, etc, etc...
deanna scott
deanna scott Pred 4 dnevi
Okay. I was already not very impressed but then she said "mansplain" and then I hated this. lol
Bot Auto
Bot Auto Pred 4 dnevi
This show was really confusing for me. And some of the stuff doesnt even make sense like are the people who have no powers just regular humans? Im still confused about what a changeling really is because was bloom able to find one of the burned ones because she is part burned one ???? Or what? And why tf were there only three teachers teaching the damn school??? I didn’t watch the Nickelodeon version which might explain why im confused.
Changing Mind
Changing Mind Pred 5 dnevi
Soo...they kept names and elements, everything else is cringey fanfiction for 13 year olds?
miki scott
miki scott Pred 5 dnevi
Ok the remake was so ridiculous but it’s really addictive
Justlov4 Pred 5 dnevi
The little baby Alex saying "Do you get it?" killed me. LOL
Farah Gonçalo
Farah Gonçalo Pred 5 dnevi
Netflix f*ck*d my Winx Club
Ana Julia
Ana Julia Pred 5 dnevi
I want a brigadeiro
Ana Julia
Ana Julia Pred 5 dnevi
Haha I found you
PumpkinMozie Pred 5 dnevi
To be fair though I didn’t get the impression at all that Bloom was supposed to be “not like other girls.” She was just portrayed as edgy (without succeeding) which is still cringy but not nearly as bad
PumpkinMozie Pred 5 dnevi
I think whoever wrote this script didn’t realize that mansplaining is when a man explains something a woman ALREADY clearly knows. Not when he tries to help a girl who clearly needs directions. Ugh
Xenomorph Pred 6 dnevi
As soon as bloom said "mansplain" i felt my memory wipe and had the sudden urge to watch twilight until it killed me
Luna Coleman
Luna Coleman Pred 7 dnevi
Why have they made all the British actors have the same British accent, we have more then one
Мими Шумарска
Ok but everybody loves the original winx series😻
Kvon Pred 7 dnevi
Harry Potter
Love Senerio
Love Senerio Pred 7 dnevi
Damn it's nothing like the show, the actual one
Darna Maslov
Darna Maslov Pred 7 dnevi
On a more serious note, cartoon is actually really good (well, first 4 seasons actually) so instead of watching this crap try watching the cartoon first and see if you're gonna like the netflix show (although I very much doubt that)
Darren V.C
Darren V.C Pred 7 dnevi
I once watch the animation show for 2 years. I hate it but i loved it
Animation Generation
I used to love this cartoon!! Why did netflix have to ruin it...
Kenneth Adjati
Kenneth Adjati Pred 8 dnevi
If you think fate was dumb i don’t want to know what you think about winx club because it’s what fate is inspired from
friday night friking
This movie sucks assss
Neo-Xgray87 Pred 8 dnevi
Thank God for me, I chose not to watch Fate: the winx saga and just stick with the original Winx Club animated series.
Sachithri Kuruwita
Sachithri Kuruwita Pred 8 dnevi
The fact that I watched the original show religiously when I was like seven and still remember all the characters and the plot and got super pissed off when I saw how much they changed it amuses me.
SalusFuturistics Pred 9 dnevi
We want actual "The Boys" Season 3
dxfne _
dxfne _ Pred 9 dnevi
omg-its the winx- that one animated show on rainbow?!
Gracie Bee
Gracie Bee Pred 9 dnevi
I actually really enjoyed it 😭
Anjal _Does_Art
Anjal _Does_Art Pred 9 dnevi
Ok now the hand scene was Boring
Sarisha Das
Sarisha Das Pred 9 dnevi
why do they attempt to sound empowering this is not feminism just offensive to all parties involved
krabbypattyy Pred 10 dnevi
Wouldn't parents be happy that their 16 year old daughters aren't out doing god knows what??
Spela O
Spela O Pred 10 dnevi
I'm the only one who thinks every time about winx=same movie that I was watching when I was 3?
Jiaye Myers
Jiaye Myers Pred 10 dnevi
Ok, when I first heard of this show, I was just looking through tv shows, then I saw Fate. The picture that goes with it, I thought it looked cool, so I watched it. I've never read the Winx Club, but this remake, was absolutely horrible. It was very slow.
Thandeka Zulu
Thandeka Zulu Pred 10 dnevi
I feel like they could have come up with a better name than the “Burned One” if it had such a stupid name why not just call it “The One That’s Burned? 🙄
Bebba Pik8
Bebba Pik8 Pred 11 dnevi
Pause at 7:19 This is what I've been seeing for the last ten minutes.
Elene Khvichia
Elene Khvichia Pred 11 dnevi
i mean, netflix just took my entire childhood and made it into this.
Izzythegamster Pred 11 dnevi
Sorry but honestly...all this dude does is hate on shows...this man loves negativity! Don’t let him spread it to you.
SirMrDany Pred 11 dnevi
If a movie or series has the word mansplaining in it it is an immediate writeoff.
Jupiter Almighty
Jupiter Almighty Pred 12 dnevi
I don't like the fact that they left out Tecna and Flora & the other dudes, and they made Musa and Riven date other people.
kyle resse
kyle resse Pred 12 dnevi
Do “the one” 🧐
Aashi Abhi
Aashi Abhi Pred 12 dnevi
Ya the plot sounds weird but that’s cause it was based off a KIDS CARTOON. I hate this adaptation soo much. WHERES THE SPARKLES?! WHERES THE WINGS?! WHERE?!
Strawberry Funding
Strawberry Funding Pred 12 dnevi
Netflix makes this show look like they were all forced to go to some fancy boarding school that’s run over by popular rich kids ☠️
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Pred 12 dnevi
remember how colourful the original Winx series was and in the Netflix version they made them look like grandmas?
Itz Kara
Itz Kara Pred 12 dnevi
This show is basically shadowhunters
Andreas Petromata
Andreas Petromata Pred 12 dnevi
I remember when my friends forced me to watch an episode of the original
k a z u k i
k a z u k i Pred 12 dnevi
I only watch shoujo anime live actions (j dramas)
k a z u k i
k a z u k i Pred 12 dnevi
Is her name a-ischa or leyla
k a z u k i
k a z u k i Pred 12 dnevi
This is a dumb show, but I'm still gonna watch the whole thing
k a z u k i
k a z u k i Pred 12 dnevi
They ruined my ships Like wth are stella and sky together??
Ashley Galaxy
Ashley Galaxy Pred 12 dnevi
Aisha/Layla's name is pronounced Ai-e-sha Edit: or like remove the A and its like spelled I-e-sha
Ariunsetgel Pred 12 dnevi
when i was young winx was my role models now look at them that show is just so dumb and cartoon become terrible after s6 i guess
Truely greg
Truely greg Pred 12 dnevi
"in order to not be like the other girls is to dress like the other girls" -some dude said it before me.
Machi Pred 13 dnevi
I actually like this show. I’m an og fan of winx club, so I didn’t like how they executed certain parts of it. Like turning stella into a bitch, or merging the two schools, or how they changed flora from light-skin to just white. I also didn’t like how they literally had one black girl and her hair was a mess, like I could do better. But it was interesting enough for me to enjoy and finish😅.
Fifth Season
Fifth Season Pred 13 dnevi
This show is such a big insult to the original Winx Club
Just a Guy That Doesn't Look Suspicious
If they just followed the original TV series, this would've been better. Netflix always makes the mistake of tweaking it.
Amiel Balagtas
Amiel Balagtas Pred 13 dnevi
K-letters Pred 13 dnevi
You cannot judge like that but fair for you as you haven't watch winx club
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Pred 14 dnevi
Ngl I watched winx club so this show makes me a lil mad
Silent_Soul Pred 14 dnevi
Is this Winx club Netflix adaptation
Maddy Cordaro
Maddy Cordaro Pred 14 dnevi
I can see that most of these comments are negative regarding the show but tbh I thought the show was quite good. Of course It’s not going to be the same as the cartoon as that would be weird. The only thing that I found disappointing in the series, is that Tecna and Flora weren’t in it, as I was looking forward to seeing all of the characters as I grew up with Winx. Hopefully they’ll be in the second season 🤞
DonaldsVlog S
DonaldsVlog S Pred 14 dnevi
I will always be a Winx Club NICKELODEON fan because that one was amazing
Lucille Greatfeild
Lucille Greatfeild Pred 14 dnevi
Is it really that bad I liked the show? XD
Monika Suresh
Monika Suresh Pred 14 dnevi
I just noticed this was Winx club
Raijin Impact
Raijin Impact Pred 14 dnevi
i used to watch the cartoon when I was younger and my dumb ass actually liked it 😂😅
Amy Edwarb
Amy Edwarb Pred 15 dnevi
This show is nothing like winx like what even is this
Alyssa Brhyte
Alyssa Brhyte Pred 15 dnevi
I’m literally crying, they messed such a perfect show up SO MUCH!
Random doggie
Random doggie Pred 15 dnevi
You outdid yourself alex this is hilarious editing!
Muhammad Gidado
Muhammad Gidado Pred 16 dnevi
They had the whole Winx series to guide them and yet they ruined it. Oh and rip diversity, remember when Musa was Asian and Flora was latina.
Muhammad Gidado
Muhammad Gidado Pred 16 dnevi
They had the whole Winx series to guide them and yet they ruined it.
Isabella Hoppen
Isabella Hoppen Pred 16 dnevi
I really don’t know how you’re supposed to like bloom when she almost burned her parents to death just because they took her door out like wtf
Isaacb B
Isaacb B Pred 16 dnevi
5:45 I don’t even know who you are. You will
alexandra Pred 17 dnevi
this show had potential....
alexandra Pred 17 dnevi
The cartoons are better 😃
Olivia Evans
Olivia Evans Pred 17 dnevi
This series hurts my little glittery pink Y2K heart. 😭 I miss my girls, ESPECIALLY TECNA. Ignio, how could you let them do this???? ALSO, MIKE AND VANNESSA WERE THE BEST PARENTS A GIRL COULD ASK FOR, NETFLIX DID THEM SO DIRTYYYYY
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Pred 17 dnevi
Im sorry im so confused so she switched places with a human in the womb? and exaclty what connection does she have with this burned one
bonny feng
bonny feng Pred 17 dnevi
this story is uh yea... off the actual show winx club winx club is so much better sorry winx saga fans
Fatma Abdullah
Fatma Abdullah Pred 17 dnevi
for someone who did not watch winx is this show good on its own ? the girl's story reminded me of a novel i read called keeper of the lost cities
WiseGuys Gaming
WiseGuys Gaming Pred 17 dnevi
Have you seen the cartoon it based off winx club?
Chloee Ng
Chloee Ng Pred 17 dnevi
I hope they can fix these problems and here it is sltv.info/label/p5hgscWTj6pweq4/video
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Pred 17 dnevi
Hahaha lol I was an extra in this show. And yeah...we were all cringing on set at the "pedo" scene
Invisible Pred 18 dnevi
"But on her way back to the magic school something spooky happens" Ad: SHE HAS HER PERIOD!
ASMR Toast
ASMR Toast Pred 18 dnevi
Me having watched Winx for like 5 years now is like *huh*
AngieWinchester338 Pred 18 dnevi
The funniest thing for me was how Stella and Sky's relationship was called codependent and toxic multiple times without showing us actual evidence of that but Sky and Bloom's relationship was portrayed as this 'epic romance" when its not just toxic but abusive too.
RLNoodles Pred 18 dnevi
Trying to be woke using "mansplaining" in a netflix show
Mary the Baddie Stuart
Sky is so hot so don’t even start 😎
Mack Pred 19 dnevi
They did the of winx dirty
DUAA NAEEM Pred 19 dnevi
this person roasted every movie and Netflix show I have liked... like chill bro. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!! :)
Bridgerton is kinda dumb...
After 2 is hilariously dumb...
Feeding a City in Need
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