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Mt Prevost on Vancouver island is so epic! This place is so great for DH shuttles, Thomas Shaw showed us around and we rode the best trails there! They get steep, and kind of loose. There are some big gaps sprinkled about as well. In this video, I prove to myself that I am back better than ever!
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Jordan Boostmaster is a mountain bike rider and filmmaker who embarks on exciting mtb adventures including freeride, downhill, dirt jumping and slopestyle.
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11. mar. 2021

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TMD ECLIPSZ Pred dnevom
i would hit so many trees
DMB0085 Pred 4 dnevi
New to mountain biking. Are these types of trails only suggested for bikes with suspension?
Philip Kelsey
Philip Kelsey Pred 6 dnevi
The 94 Gym Bunnies who disliked this vid because the big lad is a better rider than they'll ever be!
deckayed Pred 6 dnevi
"Wanna do a *warmup* lap?" "Yeah sure." Goes onto a fricking like BLACK
Ethan Woods
Ethan Woods Pred 9 dnevi
My prevot is so fun I ride their almost daily great spot
Remy Pred 10 dnevi
If the GoPro makes it look steep you know it’s steep
Max Dailey Mad Dog
Max Dailey Mad Dog Pred 11 dnevi
I thought you were the bushmaster what happened no boosting their ha
Halfpipe Freak
Halfpipe Freak Pred 12 dnevi
damn id love to hit those trails!! Looks awesome ...
Max Gower
Max Gower Pred 13 dnevi
great to see some progression on jumps and technical trail lines
CRYSTAL6 Pred 14 dnevi
400th comment
Ghost_Control Pred 15 dnevi
squeek on the rebound of the forks normal? almost sounds like fluid being forced through tiny holes
Eurico Rodrigues
Eurico Rodrigues Pred 16 dnevi
What is the name of this park (2021)
Max Gammy
Max Gammy Pred 16 dnevi
am myself a bit of a biker fan!! ^o^
BBRRAAAAAAPP Pred 17 dnevi
Those trails remind me of some of the dirtbike trails up at vedder. Raw, tight, technical. Super fun. It’s been over a decade since I’ve had a mtb but I just got back into a dirtjumper. I was on the fence on a DH or Enduro but the accessibility to ride on a DJ bike is just so much more readily available. I don’t need a shuttle with my ktm, but I do want to get an enduro or DH again. Love your videos man I’m from chilliwack.
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson Pred 20 dnevi
Hey Jordan was just wondering what your favorite trail at Burke Mountain is??
Rhythm Pred 22 dnevi
I love the way he says woah
ELC_Birdy Pred 24 dnevi
how many time you say dialed in one vid???
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby Pred 27 dnevi
These trails are beautiful 🤩
MrBeast6000 Pred 27 dnevi
Do you recommend doing the warm up trails with no brakes??
Janez Žlebir
Janez Žlebir Pred 28 dnevi
Whats intro song, that rock one?????
Rick The Dick
Rick The Dick Pred 29 dnevi
19:33 green trail? Bc sure has high standards lol
KR4NK MTB Pred mesecem
Your vid makes me miss riding BC SOOOOOO MUCH. Awesome channel🤘🏽
Neil Garcia
Neil Garcia Pred mesecem
Guy with red pants was so sick!!
Matt A
Matt A Pred mesecem
Yo dial in that minty rust yooo
Nick C
Nick C Pred mesecem
Props to your guide man, that guy can really ride!
Bluewave 168
Bluewave 168 Pred mesecem
The thing I love about Jordan’s channel is that it’s very motivating to get into mountain biking. Though of course it takes years of experience and the ‘go pro effect’ doesn’t help
XMAN GRIFFIN Pred mesecem
Creek gap @12:01
The Three Bros
The Three Bros Pred mesecem
That guy in the white long sleeve shirt sends, holy shit!
GEORG134 Pred mesecem
beauty!))) not like me ha ha ha)) author, look at my rabbit, please. tell me your opinion. Россия))
Conner flips and tricks
question: if you go on those trails do you have to put on the stuff that makes it for you to be able to ride on trails? like the stuff that helps your tires with thorns called like rhino or somethin?
Tanner P
Tanner P Pred mesecem
Oddly satisfying listening to the suspension working
Darrell's Moto Diary
i hate to ask but what jersey are you wearing?
Pingisl_MTB Pred mesecem
Seriously that big dude tommy is freaking good rider
Pingisl_MTB Pred mesecem
That big dude with big tummy man. I reckon i can do it as well. Damn he’s good though.
Gašper H.
Gašper H. Pred mesecem
Goes on chill warm up ride, rides faster than I ever will :D
Dokimochi ,your favourite guy.
hus suspension be huffin and puffin. it willl blow the pigs home right off
Rick Pred mesecem
imagine tripling that creek gap to the back of that bump 😳
Lewis Sheldon
Lewis Sheldon Pred mesecem
I loved this video good riding brother
Travis Meyer
Travis Meyer Pred mesecem
Tommy boy!!!!!
Travis Meyer
Travis Meyer Pred mesecem
the big dude crusshed it! my hero!!!!
Theorist Pred mesecem
GoPro effect hits hard here!
Austin Pred mesecem
How you hit the big ass road gap but not that step down
A Smith
A Smith Pred mesecem
If I had a dollar for each fist bump I’d be able to buy all of their bikes
Martin Blaine
Martin Blaine Pred mesecem
Ahhh. I my fellow canadian bikers. Hell yeah bud send it!
Ben Hack
Ben Hack Pred mesecem
That fist bump noise, though...instantly annoying.
dont ask
dont ask Pred mesecem
The new geo on some slack enduro bikes is crazy good. Geting that seat tube super low is amazing. Simple mullet and its the uber sled.
Wayne Dela Cruz
Wayne Dela Cruz Pred mesecem
big boy gave me hope that I can clear gaps too!
Lewis Cole
Lewis Cole Pred mesecem
nah the nostalgia of seeing you ride through the lense of a hero 4 just sent me back to the wilson days, mint video lad !!!
trialsrob214 Pred mesecem
that big dude gives me hope I might actually be able to jump and get air one day. dude can send it
keir farnum
keir farnum Pred mesecem
“Oh my good...!” Commercial. Doh!
StopANDgoFAST Pred mesecem
5 min north of nanaimo has a mountain with over a thousand trails and a mogul part at the bottom.. way better than these trails I find... you should go try.. I think its called Dumont mountain.. it has a motocross park near the top and a lot of cool looking mountain climbing trucks always attempting the coolest shit at the very top... you can also get a trail map at any close by gas station to that place.. it'll show you all the paths and difficulty.. wjat your riding in this video would be like a 3 out of 10.. wjat they have there would def push you to your limits.. giant gaps, tree launches, high up tree wall rides, huge drops, a million wooden obstacles and jumps... def worth a shot man cuz I think you got the skills to nail down most of the big trails... to me its literally a step down from whistler..
eric smith
eric smith Pred mesecem
why are bike trails always so skinny. every time I go riding I always clip my handle bars and end up barrel rolling into briars yeah I suck I get it but it would be a lot funner for us noobs if the trails were a bit wider
Stg_senders Pred mesecem
Super siiick🔥🔥🔥🔥!
P.L Sports Diary
P.L Sports Diary Pred mesecem
Soooo sick!!🤩🔥🔥
Warkop RBT
Warkop RBT Pred mesecem
rubin kingma
rubin kingma Pred mesecem
as a chubby guy, i now understand my state of chubbiness is no excuse to not shred. Mr. chubs in this clip is friggin HAULING on those trails, what a legend. Also i guess hes the guy who at the end of the day when all the others are down for the count is at the grill makin some grub to make sure the rest is up to the task the next day.
Joon Cashmere
Joon Cashmere Pred mesecem
One of the few POV youtubers with actual sending skill!
Athan padayhag
Athan padayhag Pred mesecem
Dude can you give me a bike
MrPijus123 Pred mesecem
Everyone needs a bro like Josh
Donal Fitterer
Donal Fitterer Pred mesecem
Just saw the back tire down landing!! Whoah! Then Wesley nailed it. Sweet!
Donal Fitterer
Donal Fitterer Pred mesecem
Fun to watch. Great to see that even good riders like you don't always send it. Great decision making.
Ride it! production
Ride it! production Pred mesecem
what gopro do you have and what settings are you filming with?
Zgamer42 Pred mesecem
Your videos Are awesome do you have merch?
OFCR Pred mesecem
What GoPro mount were you using? Chin??
Jordan Boostmaster
Jordan Boostmaster Pred mesecem
yes chin mount
Nick Peluso
Nick Peluso Pred mesecem
Sick video
Innogroup WW Hong Kong
WTF... i got sweaty watching
Patience Nilsson
Patience Nilsson Pred mesecem
what type of shin gards does he wear
Pharaoh Zoll
Pharaoh Zoll Pred mesecem
Jordan you should come to mt Abriel in Nakusp
Nate Fast Bikes
Nate Fast Bikes Pred mesecem
Man that looks amazing!
RegamusMaximus Pred mesecem
I wish videos could truly convey how steep stuff was, because the fact that looked like a kinda steep hill on a video, means it most of been insane
ElectriX Pred mesecem
Ethan Priest
Ethan Priest Pred mesecem
Can’t wait for mtb season !
Vaclav Hanselka
Vaclav Hanselka Pred mesecem
Would you ride this on trailbike?
SEMBALAP PRO Pred mesecem
Nice jumping
David Thompson
David Thompson Pred mesecem
That gap you were looking at earlier, made me smile when you hit it. Love it, take care dude
SONNY FUNG Pred mesecem
Tyler Erickson
Tyler Erickson Pred mesecem
Tubs guy rips pretty good
Thomas Pred mesecem
Damn i just got my first mtb cant wait to test it in a mountain it’ll be my first trail riding i new to the community!!
Geddy V
Geddy V Pred mesecem
Man, Tommy was hitting everything. You don't usually see the big bois go for the huge sends, props to him! These trails are siiick
SuperLitherland Pred mesecem
you rode round jumps ....unsubcribed
BMX For life
BMX For life Pred mesecem
Is the fotg the bomber 58
Tsolaris Pred mesecem
Those trails are Raw
cxltures-Macros Pred mesecem
Yo bro love the videos what do u think the best 27 inch small frame all suspension bc I’m 13 and I really want a new mtb and me and my parents are looking but we can’t find any good ones so plz let me know thanks
Gabi Fernandez
Gabi Fernandez Pred mesecem
where is this trail mate?
Kalum Rios
Kalum Rios Pred mesecem
Hell yeah!
ROBBIS TV Pred mesecem
Preplay, Replay, Freeplay! I felt like I was right there with you guys, but man I wish I really was xD. And cheers to Josh for shuttling, he seems like a cool dude I love the stoke!! :D Get well soon Josh! Cheers Boosty and Friends, and cheers to everyone watching that loves to shred and get stoked! :D \m/
Topi Hintikka
Topi Hintikka Pred mesecem
I always have a HUUUUUGE gopro effect on everyones videos but i can safely say that when i watch jordans videos thats definitely not the case
navingo Pred mesecem
Доброго ранку, Україно!
Corrie Pred mesecem
damn dude.. im still not allowed to leave my house because pandemic.. fucking miss this
Bernard Kovac Bizjak
Poor josh
Colorado Bikers
Colorado Bikers Pred mesecem
The great thing about watching this channel is when you do you feel like you are there riding the trail
123dexter321 Pred mesecem
Everytime I watch one of you videos I ask myself how awesome it has to be to live in mountainbikers paradise aka B.C., Canada. Those trails look amazing and fun to ride. Greetings from Germany.
oofy on blitz
oofy on blitz Pred mesecem
If anyone came here for the thumbnail: 12:15
NotMyName Pred mesecem
To anyone watching this that doesn’t ride but is interested, THIS is what it looks like and feels like to ride. The little nuances of throwing the bars down just before a landing, pulling hard left or right to catch a berm, hearing his pee my pants excitement ( wish there was a better way to say that ) and just the overall. This is a GREAT video to show your wife and kids what we do when we go out, to show WHYYYYY we go out! Great video man, thanks so much for the upload. Great trails too, awesome trip. Thanks for taking us!!!
Jordan Boostmaster
Jordan Boostmaster Pred mesecem
glad you like it!
MrSanDiego Vlogs
MrSanDiego Vlogs Pred mesecem
You should do a hard tail build / giveaway
Kyan Sellars
Kyan Sellars Pred mesecem
When ever he’s riding he sounds like a sound board
Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson Pred mesecem
What a sick days riding buddy 🤟
Timothy C
Timothy C Pred mesecem
Josh the real MVP of the video for all those shuttle returns!
Jordan Boostmaster
Jordan Boostmaster Pred mesecem
Vinícius Pred mesecem
cara esse vídeo foi simplesmente incrível, parabéns 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Simon Saldana
Simon Saldana Pred mesecem
1:43 spoken like a true injury prone shuttle driver
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