How Fast Do Pros Cycle Uphill? | Beginner VS Amateur VS Pro: Hill Climb Edition 

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Cycling fast uphill is the often considered to be the ultimate test of a rider's strength on the bike, climbs are where the biggest races are often decided and its where no amount of spending on gear can make up for a lack of strength in your legs! So what really marks out a world class climber? We've brought a beginner, an amateur and a pro to the bottom of a local climb to find out!
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How do you think you'd fare against each of these riders? Let us know in the comments 👇
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22. nov. 2020

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Global Cycling Network
How do you think you'd fare against each of these riders? Let us know in the comments 👇
fingerstyle for JESUS
Wow nice insight 👍
Wofford Wolf
Wofford Wolf Pred 6 dnevi
Im pretty fit and very skinny so my guess is id take around 8 minutes.
tjlazr Pred 7 dnevi
Got my first road bike a couple of months ago and though I'd say my base fitness is a bit better than Freddy I am definitely in the same category, some pros near me use the same routes and I can honestly not understand how they can sustain such amazing pace
Bjorn Arnesen
Bjorn Arnesen Pred 10 dnevi
Andrew and Ollie would leave me in their dust, though I'd be slightly faster than Freddy provided I have my metric to US Customary Units conversions right.
Bart Wellisley
Bart Wellisley Pred 12 dnevi
Stupid example. This is pure endurance, nothing to do with skill.
Spencer McKinney
Spencer McKinney Pred 4 urami
I'd liked a discussion about how to maximize gear changes related to gear ratios math, sequence of gears and gear strategy! I think we know pros vs. Joes, maybe not the kids though. Like the beginner he really thought he was in a "race"......LOL
Nino Bustos
Nino Bustos Pred 5 urami
Been there. "I taste blood." Also, after a very long climb, "my junk is tingling. I can't feel it!"
Garrett Weiner
Garrett Weiner Pred 7 urami
I think you need to have everyone at relatively the same weight. If you put 30kgs on the pro I’m sure he’d be much slower too
OSCAR 100 Pred 8 urami
Mary Diaz
Mary Diaz Pred 21 uro
tinyurl.com/snaplove6hn94 Le conclusioni preliminari sono deludenti: il concetto high-tech dell'ordine sociale è una fase qualitativamente nuova nell'esecuzione tempestiva del super compito. Ecco un vivido esempio delle tendenze attuali: il percorso innovativo che abbiamo scelto parla delle possibilità di nuove proposte. Come è stato detto molte volte, la nanotecnologia, cercando di sostituire la produzione tradizionale, è stata sottoposta a tutta una serie di studi indipendenti. La pratica quotidiana mostra che innalzare il livello di coscienza civica ci impone di analizzare la priorità della ragione rispetto alle emozioni.😍 Tendo em conta as taxas de sucesso, a fronteira da formacao de pessoal oferece amplas oportunidades para novos principios de formacao da base material, tecnica e de pessoal. A importancia desses problemas e tao obvia que a implementacao das metas planejadas fala das possibilidades das tarefas estabelecidas pela sociedade. A proposito, muitas personalidades famosas ate hoje continuam sendo o lote de liberais que estao ansiosos para serem declarados violadores das normas universais de etica e moralidade. O alto nivel de envolvimento dos representantes do publico-alvo e uma prova clara de um fato simples: a consulta a um amplo ativo e um nivel qualitativamente novo de requisitos de prioridade.
yamamancha Pred 21 uro
What an awesome experience for Freddie.
Carlos Kusnier
Carlos Kusnier Pred 22 urami
I not need to see the video. When I watch France' s tour I can" t believe the speed in the mountain hills. I"ve been in Chile 3 years and I know how costs to climb a mountain hill like this in a bicycle.
Chris Pawlus
Chris Pawlus Pred 23 urami
Ridden pushbikes all my life, never felt the need to wear lycra
RUFF RYDAZZ Pred dnevom
Pro's tip: Don't start too fast. Beginner: OK, I'm just gonna start with an all out sprint.
Paul A Nurse
Paul A Nurse Pred dnevom
The way Freddie was out of breath at the finish is me in the first 10 yards of a climb, as I suffer from emphysema, which means I just cannot ride up any decent climb without having to walk up. Worse still I live very near the south downs which have some great climbs and spectacular views.
Anv2308 Pred dnevom
Sadly it prooves that "clean" athletes can't win tour de france
Zane Xyxer Oswald Alegre
They could have brought a low bmi beginner so the weight to power ratio won't be a problem.
Zane Xyxer Oswald Alegre
Because freddie has a sprinter bodytype and not a climber body type
Kelly Mckenzie
Kelly Mckenzie Pred dnevom
Not a hard guess when you show ollie getting dropped in the intro footage.
lewisnbeans Pred dnevom
How much difference did the bike make? Not saying he wouldn't win still but put Freddie on the pro bike and see his time
Christian Joseph Mondejar
not the same weight of course the beginner has no chance at all
Kazeyo Pred 2 dnevi
bruh that pro is like cruising that uphill easily
Judith Kelly
Judith Kelly Pred 3 dnevi
Put Fred on a expensive bike and you guys one mid and cheap bikes
Georg A. Pflüger
Georg A. Pflüger Pred 3 dnevi
It would have been nice to see the heart rate, power level (watts) and hight (meter) and time etc. of the three bikers in comparison. Also to tell people how you can get to a different level. But anyways, thank you, great idea and nice clip! Inspiring!
Phil Gray
Phil Gray Pred 3 dnevi
Great effort Freddie. I've seen a few pukers in hill climb races. One guy with a similar build to you could almost tear a bike apart and he could climb and sprint. Never had enough brain power to be a contender though.
lai khengsoon
lai khengsoon Pred 3 dnevi
Freddie, you are too heavy to do cycling.
mtb grandpa
mtb grandpa Pred 3 dnevi
j pg
j pg Pred 3 dnevi
How could I forget that tush in voltaggio, stop tripping the du ca ti
D Huck
D Huck Pred 3 dnevi
I'm no pro but i get my kicks from racing the highend cyclists up hills on my fixie wearing my charharts. Gotta say I rarely lose to my fancy carbon counterparts and when I do I think I have a valid excuse lol
william carson
william carson Pred 4 dnevi
just here cuz i thought that was lance in the thumbnail
MoMadenU Pred 4 dnevi
I'd love to know how much they all weighed after the climb. I bet Andrew lost more grams than the other 2 combined. That's the whole thing; how much of your mass can you convert to energy and how fast can you do it.
edbro Aotearoa
edbro Aotearoa Pred 4 dnevi
Needed a Freddy that weighed about the same
Peeticek Pred 4 dnevi
Nice to see that some pro is wearing short socks..
s34nVideos Pred 4 dnevi
I was wondering about the hardware. I was surprised that it wasn't discussed. Surely the pro has a way better and faster bike, no? I was hoping to see everybody on the same bike
Phil Gray
Phil Gray Pred 3 dnevi
No good chasing a bike that weighs 500 grammes less than everyone elses if they weigh 30 kilos less than you. Same with Moto GP.
Ian Hatch
Ian Hatch Pred 4 dnevi
Freddie went off too fast, a steady pace and using the gears to increase the pace rather than speeding up his peddling would have suited him better. As an ex mountain bike amateur, living in Wales by some of the best tracks we have to offer, a Sunday morning outing would have us cycling uphill for 2 hours for a 10/15 minute downhill blast.
Marvin Moldez
Marvin Moldez Pred 4 dnevi
Lmao even the name is lightweight
Juilo Rodriguez
Juilo Rodriguez Pred 4 dnevi
They really do look the part too don’t they
beuttenmuller Pred 5 dnevi
amazing how he makes so easy ! nice video guys, ! thank you
don christie
don christie Pred 5 dnevi
There isn’t a hill that I cannot push my bike up😬
krzaku1983 Pred 5 dnevi
I hate you🤣. Love it
Buck Tarbrush
Buck Tarbrush Pred 5 dnevi
Also I wouldn't agree with your statement that 92kg is a normal and healthy weight. Thats 14 and half stone FFS!
Buck Tarbrush
Buck Tarbrush Pred 5 dnevi
So basically, no matter how good you think you are, there's always some smug git who's better than you. Which is the reason I don't compete in sport any more. Just do it for fun.
Lothburke Pred 5 dnevi
Seen a video about Andrew's bike, it weights about the same as a box of cornflakes 🤔 surely this is a huge advantage.
Darren Jackson
Darren Jackson Pred 5 dnevi
Depends on how much drugs they choose to do.
reubs91 Pred 5 dnevi
Removing bar tape will make 0% difference
Nikki Hill
Nikki Hill Pred 5 dnevi
miniurl.es/snapxhot5fanh Essendo solo una parte del quadro generale, i paesi in via di sviluppo attivo del Terzo Mondo sono uniti in interi gruppi della loro specie. D'altro canto, la consultazione di un'ampia risorsa è cruciale per analizzare i modelli di comportamento esistenti. Le conclusioni preliminari sono deludenti: l'agenda economica di oggi parla delle possibilità di ulteriori direzioni di sviluppo! È gratificante, cittadini, vedere come la ricerca approfondita sui concorrenti sia solo un metodo di partecipazione politica e sia chiusa all'interno dei propri vincoli razionali.💋 このように、内部構造の強化と発展により、緊急のニーズを満たす人材育成システムの重要性を評価することが可能になります。これらの問題の重要性は非常に明白であるため、既存の理論は影響の形態の可能性について語っています。
Youtube Account
Youtube Account Pred 5 dnevi
This reminded me what I love most about e-bikes. Every time somebody blows me away uphill, I can tell myself they must have an e-bike.
memyselfundeye Pred 6 dnevi
After cycling for the better part of 2 decades in flat boring florida and thinking i was a decent cyclist, i moved to Seattle and thanks to the cascade mountains and hills everywhere, i have become Freddie! When you pop out of your driveway and the street immediately is a 8 degree incline, it tends to dampen your expectations for the rest of the ride😁
Joshua Beconi
Joshua Beconi Pred 6 dnevi
I used to eat, breathe and sleep moto and mtb. I haven't pedaled serious in 10 years @((( I'm ashamed of myself @((🚲
We need more freddie.
KP Schlov
KP Schlov Pred 6 dnevi
lets take 30 kg more on your back and after that try the same test!! then will be much more suitable and rightly! You dont inform us what bikes are used i.e. what is their weights?
North Speed Cycle
North Speed Cycle Pred 8 dnevi
I see Freddie coming back one day and stomping that 13 minute climb 😎
lindsay seabright
lindsay seabright Pred 9 dnevi
Like to have a go. I look for hills on my ride. average 1000 ft per 10 miles. Climbing hills is more fun than going down them.
SceneYoTu Pred 9 dnevi
MiKe Pred 9 dnevi
Why all thumbs down. Must be men living in moms basement and can’t afford a bike.
MrMrzlcu Pred 9 dnevi
The challenge was to be between athletes of the same weight
monsiuer smartypants
How much is 68 kilograms translated to english
chocksaway100 Pred 10 dnevi
Absolutely fascinating video well done to the 3 of you.
Trevor Key
Trevor Key Pred 10 dnevi
Think we all knew that would be the result more or less it would have been nice to know what cassettes and main rings were did the pro use the big ring all the way up etc etc Trevor K
Brad Clifton
Brad Clifton Pred 10 dnevi
How would that look if you were on identical bikes?
Frank Raucci
Frank Raucci Pred 10 dnevi
What was the mph or kph for the riders I don’t know how watts work.
Claus Lindemann
Claus Lindemann Pred 11 dnevi
I used to be in that kind of shape, at 96 kilos and 50 of years I would be happy to that climp in half an hour. Well done guys!
Bernie Wiebenga
Bernie Wiebenga Pred 11 dnevi
I'd be curious to know if you and Andrew had a weight vest and you were all the same weight as Freddie?
Stephen Soltero
Stephen Soltero Pred 11 dnevi
Damn, inviting a 202lb 90+kg dude to ride up a steep pitch like this is brutal. That's like putting a fish in the Sahara and seeing how far it can make it. I know this is more in fun than anything, but next time picking a beginner who's more in your weight range maybe a bit more informative. Or, you don 60lb vests for good measure. Also, 385W up that climb at 65kg IS professional climbing output. They just sustain that output for 20-50 minutes!
Bernhard Fischer
Bernhard Fischer Pred 11 dnevi
Try this again and add weights on the lighter boys. Wonder how much difference that will give.
Spangas Pred 11 dnevi
Now do it without the lycra
Jean-Paul D'Oria
Jean-Paul D'Oria Pred 11 dnevi
Hey think you should get all with the same weight as the heaviest Freddie and make a comparison then. Would interesting and funny too😃. That means maybe putting some weight in a backpack... then I think we can at least remove the weight handicap of Freddie! What do you think ? We do want to see Freddie’s progress too in other vids 💪
Brian K Kinney
Brian K Kinney Pred 12 dnevi
What, you went a picked the heaviest rookie you could find??? Way too large for climbing.
Nikhil Shikarkhane
Nikhil Shikarkhane Pred 12 dnevi
What abt differences in bikes?
Very simple investing
Very simple investing Pred 12 dnevi
Unfortunately one of the biggest things to separate the top cyclists from the rest of us is amount of money they can spend on enhanced substances which can’t be detected by simple tests.
udubidub Pred 12 dnevi
don't even need a hill just turning 53/11 on the flat would sort it too.
Viktor Sarosi
Viktor Sarosi Pred 12 dnevi
the challenge should be repeated with 30 kg add-on weight on the pro and the amateur guy's back for fair play
Pat O'Brien
Pat O'Brien Pred 12 dnevi
should have all used the same style bike. Freddies bike looks like it weighs a lot more
E McDowell
E McDowell Pred 12 dnevi
I like it 🤗
Global Cycling Network
18magicMARKer Pred 12 dnevi
The pro probably has a $10k bike and the beginner sub $1k... let's see them switch bike
Logan Daniels
Logan Daniels Pred 12 dnevi
Damn it Freddy, he said not to start fast
Douglis Wener
Douglis Wener Pred 12 dnevi
The greedy freon principally head because answer biologically desert amongst a wet sarah. plastic, sour orchid
real Aussie
real Aussie Pred 12 dnevi
Get off the public roads! You wonder why you get killed when a 2ton vechicle travelling at 100km/h hit you. Its not rocket science. No point being right and suing someone if ypur dead or in a wheel chair. #DARWINISM@itsbest Idiots.
alex Pred 13 dnevi
Pros are on another planet.
Alex hogg
Alex hogg Pred 13 dnevi
Would be good to hear your and the "pro's" option on how you could improve with technique etc then try again in 6months time and see the time improvement
Jason Monks
Jason Monks Pred 13 dnevi
Great video guys. What gearing were you all using ? Hope you all had the same !
ns671fr Pred 13 dnevi
Isn't a beginner to some range extent also an amateur
Panos B.E.P
Panos B.E.P Pred 13 dnevi
carrying 30kg more is a serious drawback for the stopwatch ;)
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy Pred 13 dnevi
Well the difference in the elites is genetics and the drug program as well. Crazy genetics though let’s not get it twisted.
Roy Evans
Roy Evans Pred 14 dnevi
I'm about the same weight as Freddie and he looks massive compared to those two lol. He did amazingly well and it must have hurt. Nice one. Andrew is phenomenal. Just shows how much can be achieved with hard work. Ollie is my target to aim for. If I could get as good as that I would be well happy. Long way to go.
Lorna Gray
Lorna Gray Pred 14 dnevi
24kg weight difference between Oli and Freddie - strap a sack of coal on to Oli's bike then go again!!
Stuart Crabbe
Stuart Crabbe Pred 14 dnevi
.... been watching all these GCN videos and I completely thought Ollie was pro, albeit not competing international races anymore. I’ve ordered a new bike for the spring and now I’m going to feel even less of a beginner 🤣
Leptotila wellsi
Leptotila wellsi Pred 14 dnevi
Okay, nice video, really strong, fit & above all young riders. Would love you to do this climb with three older gents. Say, 70 - 80 year old. Might they have to walk. I am 78, took up road cycling at 73. Over 6ft. weigh 73kg very keen & determined but much over 12% will struggle. In my next life I would smash that little bump!
Pamela Heiligenthal
Pamela Heiligenthal Pred 14 dnevi
But what about the HOW? Give us more details on HOW to improve our performance, and HOW Freddie was able to achieve this goal. What has he done to prepare for uphill cycling, and what were some of his key takeaways and challenges to get to where he is?
Dr 2Stroke
Dr 2Stroke Pred 14 dnevi
i thought all pros use performance enhances though
Matthew Hortop
Matthew Hortop Pred 14 dnevi
92kg isn't a normal weight! I'm 6'1 and 99kg and I'm being told I have to get down to 85kg to just get in my healthy range (BMI - Bullshit Measuring Indicator). I haven't been that weight since my teens! haha
CptD D
CptD D Pred 14 dnevi
Freddy Krueger
Mike Kobb
Mike Kobb Pred 14 dnevi
What is the elevation gain of this climb? If it was mentioned, I missed it.
Hallie Pred 14 dnevi
Freddie wants 30kg to lose.
CMSgt Jason H
CMSgt Jason H Pred 14 dnevi
On Your Left
On Your Left Pred 14 dnevi
As Mark Twain once said most eloquently, “Comparison is the death of joy”. Ride on Freddie!
Johan Du Plessis
Johan Du Plessis Pred 15 dnevi
Freddie needs to lose 30kg.
Boyo Bane
Boyo Bane Pred 16 dnevi
I wasn't expecting the pro to be so noticably faster than such a dedicated amateur.
Mike Burke
Mike Burke Pred 16 dnevi
You should all ride the same bikes better comparison
GoWikus Community Production Channel Official
Kelkschiz Pred 16 dnevi
The biggest thing that separates the best cyclists from the rest of us.... PEDs.
You are soul
You are soul Pred 17 dnevi
I like the music.
Tom Weis
Tom Weis Pred 17 dnevi
Damn I just ordered fresh bar tape...
Ultimate Basses
Ultimate Basses Pred 17 dnevi
Bring Freddie back in September. Betcha he'll knock at least 5 minutes off his time. "You can do it".
Carlo Pampuri
Carlo Pampuri Pred 18 dnevi
92kg? It's not a different level comparison... it's a DIFFERENT SPORT comparison ahah